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  1. Anyone know if he's eligible to play today? If so, he should start.
  2. Stinker of a thread and, obviously, a nothing rumour. But Ladbrokes have just suspended betting on him joining...
  3. Absolutely mental rumour. Doing the rounds, but obviously pure nonsense.
  4. All three of the subs will score. Watch this space.
  5. Not very Impsressive.
  6. Our best, and most exciting, signing in years if it goes through. Didn't think it was likely - but over the moon to be proved wrong. Not only is it a coup for us to secure a player who could've easily made it into a number of EPL sides next year, he also happens to have a lot of the attributes we so sorely lack just now in midfield - tenacity, dogged determination, a bit of bite. Couple Barton with the other three signings - and we're off to a very solid start. Just need a couple of defensive options and a striker, in my opinion.
  7. Wouldn't want to give them a penny - even if Cummings was a far better player. Let him rot at that shit club.
  8. What happened to that tweet of the guy saying he was feeling 'a bit exuberant at the Barton signing...', etc.? Was going to share it with some Hibs fans at work.
  9. Can't say I'm not massively hopeful, but some of these potential signings defy my expectations so much I just can't believe them.
  10. I still think there's very little chance this or the Barton deal will come off. Happy to be proved wrong.
  11. As the sole Rangers fan in an office of Hibs fans, this is making me look forward to Monday!
  12. It would be a ridiculous start to the window. Rossiter alone is a fantastic coup. I just can't fathom the Barton move.
  13. No chance.
  14. Striped kit is an absolute belter.
  15. What an awful start - whole team looks exhausted. Wouldn't mind losing this one if we weren't handing them a two-leg break and therefore making the cup final a bit harder for us. Also, working almost exclusively with HIVS fans, this hurts.