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  1. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    What an awful start - whole team looks exhausted. Wouldn't mind losing this one if we weren't handing them a two-leg break and therefore making the cup final a bit harder for us. Also, working almost exclusively with HIVS fans, this hurts.
  2. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    I can't feel my arms! Feel like I'm about to faint! RRRAAAANNNGEEEEEEERRRRSS!
  3. Suggestions.

    More of a speculation than a suggestion. Three young guys have just left Brentford - Ryan WIlliams, Josh Laurent, and Montell Moore. I don't know anything about them, and they don't seem particularly impressive, but if Warburton knows of them, something might happen.
  4. *** The Official Rangers V Cowdenbeath Match Thread ***

    Wouldn't mind seeing Forrester given a run out today.
  5. Scottish Players Too Weak.

    It's got nothing to do with height - it's physicality.
  6. ***the Official Rangers Vs Hibernian Thread***

    In a pub in Edinburgh that's absolutely crawling with their fans - loving this now.
  7. ***the Official Rangers Vs Hibernian Thread***

    What the hell happened to our really season form and why the hell isn't Ball starting? Need to make some major defensive acquisitions in the window.
  8. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Fucking hell.
  9. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    One of these chances will fall to Waghorn and he'll take it.
  10. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Wes has been some signing. Need to make our dominance count soon or we'll pay.
  11. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    A big win for us today - three or four goal margin.
  12. Weiss Again

    Can't really understand the mentality behind this complaint. Journalists keep asking him, he keeps answering. A foreign player with no prior ties whatsoever to our club or country suddenly becoming fixated on us and talking us up at every opportunity is a good thing. Obviously it's a bit boring to hear repeatedly, but hardly worth getting agitated about. I say good on him.
  13. Kevin Nolan

    Enjoying how definitive he was in shooting this down, "wildly inaccurate". Don't mind us bringing in some experience, but this isn't the sort of signing I'd associate with our new squad.
  14. ***the Official Rangers Vs Livingston Match Thread***

    Useless, ugly, violent scum. Happy to get out of this with a narrow win and no injuries.