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  2. Players we nearly signed...

    Stefan close
  3. Players we nearly signed...

    I was trying to remember who it was, I remember reading about an Italian player we had on trial when he was 17/18 but we turned him down, sure it was someone that went on to have a pretty good career and reach a high level, escapes me who it was though, ring any bells with anyone?
  4. Morelos missed chances Yesterday.

    Have to say some of the saves their goalie pulled off as well were sickeningly good.
  5. Pena

    Hardly surprising when the board have no clue about football and therefore sanction such ludicrous deals.
  6. Pena

    Sure. Anything but all these unsubstantiated rumours. Or perhaps the rumours are true and they are too embarrassed to admit it.
  7. Pena

    Certain senior dressing room figures id imagine have had words with murty. There's no way he offers less than dalcio, nemane, niko etc.
  8. Pena

    You want a statement telling us he’s shite?
  9. Players we nearly signed...

    Pretty sure Ginola was close before he went to Newcastle. I think we went for Stuart Pearce as well at one point, don't know if that was ever likely though
  10. Pena

    We bought a player who was unfit and four months later he is still doing ' extra training ' to get up to speed?? Shambles !!
  11. Just listening to Daily Record podcast (I know) and Alex Rae mentions that Paul Ince was close to signing for us instead of Liverpool when he left Inter Milan. Also heard Murray met Frank Lampard several times but he wasn’t interested in playing at some of the shite away grounds in league. Anyone heard any others not mentioned regularly?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Scottish cup draw

    As long as it doesn’t follow 2 wins we’ll be alright
  14. Rangers In Name Only

    This is the problem we are now facing! My brothers kids can name more players in the scums first team than they can ours because they no longer identify with them, no one is outstanding, no one is a role model or a stand out, no one is playing for Scotland or had a good night in Europe, no memorable goals, skills or even a personality!! We had the tin man with arms everywhere, big duncan, Gazza, Butcher and even earlier in the 70's we knew every single player on the pitch as they were there week in week out being worshipped making us proud. Apart from miller I reckon most of us will not even be able to recall most of the names of the current crop in about 5 years but could still name a full squad from the 70's!!
  15. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Bills getting served up a 50 burger in LA.
  16. Burst the Bank Dave

    I can not see Rangers winning a title under King's control.
  17. Mcleish

    Its going to be eck ain't it, depressing stuff.
  18. Possession based football

    Although celtic have enjoyed great success with their possession based 4-3-3 I'm a fan of a big physical team and direct football. I think we as a club should pursue the more physical, combative, and direct route as it's often cheaper to buy those type of players than the little silky ones. There's merits to any system the main thing is to implement them properly and we have failed to do that. At this point we just need to a manager who can get something working no matter what it is.
  19. Pena

    I can’t believe we spent two million on this guy :anguish:
  20. Pena

    There’s a lot of ifs buts and maybes at the moment so maybe he is putting in the work or maybe he’s downed tools. Either way Murty isn’t playing him and that leads me to believe he’s not meriting a start therefore not training well. So a new manager might ge able to get the best out of him through motivating him to get back to his level of a few years ago. I was in the supporting Pena camp until the Motherwell performance, can’t keep expecting it to miraculously change overnight.
  21. Pena

    I find it baffling why he is not even been on the bench once under murty he is our 3rd top scorer this season, I would much rather have him come on to try and get a goal than have nemane or kranjcar to rely on off the bench.
  22. Rangers In Name Only

    We give wan a megaphone and they jump about to pass the 90 minutes haha
  23. Mcleish

    Del now 3/1 on Paddy Power for anyone wanting a wee flutter. If it's Eck I might top myself.
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