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  2. Morelos dropped?

    Pena not making games because he can't be arsed!! Hopefully morelos stays away from this absolute waster in future!!
  3. Hearts Stadium

    Aye fuck that. Shadily done overnight and a brown envelope to the council in the morning.
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Is it not Penn State they cunts are twinned with?
  5. Morelos dropped?

    Why do dobbers even make shite like this up? Fucksake we’ve had enough headlines to last years without fans making pish up.
  6. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Cove arenae Rangers on that line. Theres yer burster right there.
  7. Morelos dropped?

    I watched the friendly between France and Germany does that count.
  8. On Remembrance Day.

    Please PM me the PayPal details Z ..... thank you.
  9. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Have you studied that or is it a shot to nothing
  10. The price of football 2017

    Easily 100 quid down before you even get to game usually.
  11. Hearts Stadium

    30 point deduction if the game doesn't go ahead
  12. Hearts Stadium

    Probably still safer than paedodome
  13. Morelos dropped?

    Ever watched a game of football Smile?
  14. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    You heard it here first lads
  15. The price of football 2017

    Money has flucked the game, when you look how much money some players are on is disgusting. Also games shifted all over the place to suit Sky /Bt.
  16. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Never been sounds awesome though.
  17. The price of football 2017

    Ah, now I see it.
  18. The price of football 2017

    Pissing Fetish.
  19. The price of football 2017

    Not going (surprisingly). Next home game for me will be the Aberdeen game. Meet me at the JG statue and I'll happily slash your face.
  20. Derek McInnes

    After four weeks without a manager we will get to the interview process? That speaks for itself. This is getting dressed up as some kind of well thought out strategy, but it could be anything but, and looks more like indecisiveness every passing day.
  21. The price of football 2017

    I’ll square go you at the wrc tomorrow
  22. Wes Foderingham

    Fenian are taking the piss outta him and rightfully so. Boy is a mong
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