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  2. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    The sea winds usually mean they don't get much snow, and it's not that heavy when they do. The low is -1 degrees Saturday and Sunday, fingers crossed it's fine.
  3. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Ah sorry. I was up in the highlands a few days ago and the snow was crazy. Assumed it was similar further north.
  4. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    I was up at Forres yesterday evening and it was fine. The forecast for Fraserburgh for Sunday is rain. No snow forecast for Saturday so may well be OK.
  5. Tav

    Thanks, so don't get too excited .. yet
  6. Murty Presser

    It's in his hands. If you had asked me prior to his appointment I'd of been against it. Thus far his record has been inconsistent, some good results and performances and some pretty crap ones. Having said that he's been in interim mode with other managers players until now, it's only now he's getting a chance to put his own stamp upon the squad. He's basically now in a five month job interview for the position longer term. If he gains a measure of consistency of decent performance and results and he closes the gap on the taigs and we have a good showing in the cup, at least to the final. Then the job is and should be his for next season. I like the way he conducts himself, I have some reservations about his experience tactically but again that's something he can work to improve.
  7. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Nice try, Scottish, British & proud. Multinational & proud. We are truly a Club of many people, as long as you are a Bluenose, whatever your colour, faith or gender, it matters not.
  8. Today
  9. Murty Presser

    That's what I originally doubted about him thinking he was too nice and soft but I'm starting to think he's got it and might have more steel than we imagine. I think it's more passion that makes him look emotional rather than being soft. If anything I think he's determined as fuck and seems to have a good idea of what he wants on the pitch. It's just that he's decent and not arrogant like a lot of managers at big clubs that we maybe mistake it for a lack of bite. I think the harder image type of managers often rub players up the wrong way now anyway as clubs don't have the same power over players careers. I think he'll learn to cope with the press as he's very articulate and smart when answering questions. It will be results and the fans that decide when he goes as always. If he was to win 55 from being a youth coach he will be a massive legend and I will love the cunt like you do a wife and maybe more to be honest. Just hearing his name will make me feel happy. Go and stake your claim for top table status in the history of Rangers Murty son. You have hundreds of thousands willing you on. Wee message to him just in case the staff at the club who monitor these sites ever show the staff messages of support.
  10. Tav

    He’s said he isn’t leaving, that’s all we know right now.
  11. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    We are a Scottish football team, playing in Scotland, followed by a Scottish support, these threads baffle me.
  12. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    I just love this. Make no apologies for posting again.
  13. Murty Presser

    Murty saying Cummings can come in off the right is a bit worrying to me, he’s a striker and that’s where he has to play.
  14. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Blue is the colour.
  15. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Dan the man said to me, boy I'll hope you will see...
  16. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    It's a shame Williamson converted to Catholicism or he'd have been all over this.
  17. Murty Presser

    Hearing the comments about Jason Cummings is really positive. Cummings wants to play football, he wants to perform on a big stage, he's perfect for us. It's a shame we didn't buy him a few years ago but just glad he's here now. I'm certain he'll bang in a lot of goals and provide plenty of entertainment.
  18. Tav

    Can somebody confirm if Tav has agreed to sign a new deal or just confirmed that he's not leaving THIS window but says nothing about the summer ... very big difference ?
  19. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    I'm a Broncos fan, with our quarerbacks I've lost count of how many times I've said amen this season.
  20. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Bangers n mash.....
  21. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Many thanks, I do try.
  22. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Worst attempt at a sash bash thread in history
  23. What happened to the Friday night Sash Bash?

    Was buried in the past where it belongs, we're a football club, not a political party, Neanderthal.
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