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  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    The same McInnes who got his side to finish 9 points ahead of our own club as well as two cup finals with a fraction of the budget we had and this was before we spent 8 million? It's easy to look at one game and say "look he's shite" but his overall record up there is fantastic.
  3. Pena

    He is a skillful player no doubt, but his lack of fitness is an utter joke at this point. He's also painfully slow.
  4. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    Thanks a lot.
  5. Motherwell semi-final

    I'll be up for this. Looking forward to it.
  6. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    Think the fact it's Motherwell is in your favour re the support they carry compared to others. Not sure about public sale but worst case scenario I think you'd pick some up on the day. There's also hospitality option if you can stretch a wee bit further. And keep an eye in the tickets section in here. Good luck👍
  7. Pedro: Time to go?

    This the same McInnes whose side recently got pumped 3-0 by Motherwell ?
  8. We need an enforcer

    This attitude is why Scottish football is in the pits. We didn't lose because we lack an 'enforcer'. We lost because they have better footballers than us. We need better footballers.
  9. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    So many topics to choose - and every thread got to bring in a change of manager. Gies peace ffs - we'll be unmanageable soon with many of our fickle support. I'm sure those manu fans of the 80's are pleased they hung in.
  10. We need an enforcer

    We need to stop having the same conversation every season, I'm sick of it. Not a dig at OP btw.
  11. Are celtic really that good?

    There manager has proved they have a team able to take apart any team in Scottish football, They are able to kill games off Quite easily in Scottish football, But I can see that Belgian mob actually beating them by one or 2 goals on Tue/Wed whenever it is they play. We should be around the same strength as them and giving them a challenge, But put simply we are not..
  12. We need an enforcer

    Mentally strength is the biggest problem, doesn't matter who we play if we loose a goal we fold like a deck chair you can see players losing confidence in front of your eyes. That's why there's this perception by Pedro that teams are more physical against us its total nonsense they just know that it gives them a better chance of getting something against us. I thought a corner had been turned against Partick as we seemed to stand up in extra time and looked braver on the ball. Then on Saturday it was back to the usual apart from a two minute spell after their opener.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

    I'd be quite happy with a McInnes appointment tbh.
  14. How did the scum

    Too true. I was behind goals when that tarrier ran on when we were playing the Israeli team at Ibrox and tried to handcuff himself to goalpost. Stupid taig cunt. I'm sure we got fined for that and it wasn't even one of our own.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

  16. Motherwell semi-final

    Beat Motherwell, And hopefully a bit of luck in the final.So close to a first trophy for Pedro.. WATP
  17. Am I watching a different game

    To say 100% not a penalty I wouldn't agree with this at all, the defender didn't touch the ball but he did present a large obstacle to get by and stopped Morelos any chance of picking up the loose ball. Some refs would of given it and some wouldn't, I can guarantee if you take the same tackle to the half way line then its a free kick. Thought McCrorie had a decent game considering it was his first start and didn't,t look any more out of place than some so called experienced players in recent old firm games. Agree that Pedro getting involved was embarrassing but I think he was pissed off at the lack off fight on the park. For me that was the biggest let down I admit that they as a team are technically and tactically ahead of us but there are ways to overcome that and it usually starts with hard work and bravery. That was sorely missing on Saturday, Hodsons pathetic attempt to clear the ball for the first goal was a case in point Rogic simply kept his on the ball to make sure of connecting with the ball while Hodson looked to have his closed and hoped to connect with the ball. It hurts more because it comes after what feels like a trend in refs not giving the correct decision in recent games, what will happen is that we will end up getting a penalty or a red card in our favour for nothing and the media will go into melt down about it.
  18. Aberdeen at Ibrox

    I hope so. Do you think the chances of getting tickets for semi for me and him would be realistic as I gave up season ticket years ago because of shift work. There's not usually a public sale for us is there.
  19. How did the scum

    They deserve it though - as the actual immigrants were 6 to 7 generations ago - most other races of the world would have merged into mainstream society by 2 or 3 - not our fucking timmigrants - beyond rancid, lowlifes.
  20. We need an enforcer

    Beginning to look like we've been sold a pup, I thought about him on Saturday too. We're badly lacking in the midfield actually. Looking at our squad at the moment, got a number of players but no one who really stands out. None of our current midfield would get anywhere near a half decent team. I think the shite thing about Saturday was looking at the squad we were basically beat before we started. We don't have the players to put out a solid team which can keep it tight, grind out a draw, maybe even a win... Drift into cliché territory here but a Walter team. Our lineup was lambs to the slaughter and it showed. For me the dream scenario would be Sam Allardyce with a few bob to spend. He'd put together a solid team to grind out wins. Be boring as fuck to watch maybe, but we doing a lot better than those pathetic cowards which have been bowing down to the scum all to often over the last few years.
  21. Motherwell semi-final

    Ffs, i'm on holiday and miss this. The plus side is i can start one of those is there any Rangers bars in Spain threads..
  22. How did the scum

    it's a hate crime to persecute these poor immigrants don't you know anti Irish Catholic racism
  23. Pena

    I'm looking at him though and not seeing it. I'm by far never one to judge players or managers too early. This guy needs a salah type progression in the next few games to change my view on him.
  24. Are celtic really that good?

    A bench that combined maybe cost 100 grand a week, our starting 11 might struggle to be that on sat
  25. We need an enforcer

    I said we should release him at the end of the season he's never been fit his whole career.
  26. Motherwell semi-final

    Hard not to be pessimistic. Even if we get through, Hibs aren't beating the scum, and we certainly won't be any time soon.
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