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  2. Do you think Lampard deserved the Chelsea job based on his Medicare time at Derby? Absolutely not. He got the Chelsea job because no elite manager wanted it because of the transfer embargo. And now look at him until today). He is doing a fantastic job and I love him because of his belief in Billy Gilmore. Gerrard will one day coach Liverpool. Of that I have no doubt. Whether deserved or not will be up for debate.
  3. Yes I agree, first and foremost we need to win, no doubt about that but times have changed as well. A manager needs to be a marketable commodity. Look at Klopp, Pep or Mourinho and Ferguson of past years. They sell jerseys just as much as players. That is where Gerrard has always excelled. However, as a successful football manager goes, it has still to be determined.
  4. People said the same thing about Lampard and yet he went to manage Derby because he knew it was a good stepping stone to the Premier League and more specifically the Chelsea job. Bristol City would be a very similar opportunity for any young manager with aspirations to eventually manage in that league. At the moment Gerrard isn’t getting a Premier League job because he isn’t good enough for a start and secondly I don’t think he could bring himself to manage a team against Liverpool. If Gerrard was or is serious about leaving us and he got offered Bristol City I bet he would 100% consider it, not only for all the reasons I mentioned, but also for the fact that it keeps his family life easier than it would be if he was on the continent for example. People act like certain things are beneath Gerrard because of his name value while forgetting that but he nearly took the MK Dons job not long before he came here.
  5. We don't need a marketing guru/icon mate - we need a winning manager who knows what it takes. We're a successful (or were) football team first and foremost.
  6. I agree with your first paragraph. I also agree he can be a little stubborn at times. I'm hoping he has learned. Like I said, these conversations become magnified if not explosive come December if all is not well.
  7. I don't think he was pish at AC, just a young manager still learning his trade. (like SG) He seems to have found his groove of late at Napoli. If not him, then the only suggestion to replace Gerrard if it goes horribly wrong in the next few months seems to be GVB. Yes we need to win the league right now but from a marketing point of few there will never be a better public figure than Gerrard. That point gets overlooked because of the starvation to win and I understand that.
  8. Love my hols mate The Tory Government are paying for them at this minute 😄
  9. He needs to win the league cup first and foremost, the majority of the support imo will absolutely turn on him if he fails for the third year running, then again we did have spackers clapping for him on the 8th minute against Hamilton, a game which we lost. Right now imo he's not a good manager, his man management is all over the place, too quick to throw players under the bus, tactically inept and can't motivate players for bread and butter domestic games,record against utter shite like Aberdeen and Kilmarnock is embarrassing. I was very supportive of him up until our last game at Tynecastle, so to suggest that there's underlying issues as to why I don't want him here is nonsense.
  10. I will tell you why not... David Beckham played for clubs above his weight. A good player but not good enough to play for the best teams around the globe. He did so because he was a marketers dream. Gerrard is similar. He is a world icon, albeit still learning his trade to become a successful manager. He is NOT going to manage Bristol City. His agent could find him twenty better offers within half an hour.
  11. He was pish at Milan was he not? he was crap at Sion too. He's managed about 20 games with Napoli averaging 2 points a game. Don't think he's anything special tbh. You might be right he's one of the most sought-after managers in the game. That happens. The amount of big clubs and job opportunities guys like Sven Goran Eriksson and a few others in recent years get offered or accept is mind-blowing despite being average managers. In my opinion anyway.
  12. Genuine question, why not? They’ve been there or there abouts in terms of the playoffs for a few years now, have one of the best owners in England, are building a new training ground, fairly recently redeveloped their stadium, hw would probably get more more for transfers than he will get here and Bristol is an “emerging” City within the UK and it would only add to it’s reputation if it had a Premier League club too. If he decides he wants to leave before he wins anything then he will not get many better offers than Bristol City.
  13. Serious question.... if Gerrard wins 55 will you and the few others actually say he is a good manager? I ask because I have my doubts that there may be more underlying issues like you don't like his personality, don't like scousers etc..
  14. Gattuso was a shite manager for Milan tbf.
  15. Bristol fucking City. Fucking hell.
  16. Robster


    Haha pish my arse easy money for the club no gun to the head sign up or not ur choice so stop the negative pish as in life we have a choice so again stop the pish up to the individual yes or no 🇬🇧
  17. An awful manager at Milan & Napoli? Are you kidding? He is one of the most sought after managers in the game. Maybe we need a manager with his temperament. He was a huge success as a player playing with such passion. I'm still on the Gerrard bandwagon however.
  18. If he is seriously approached for that job I think he would consider it a lot more than some people on here think he would.
  19. I find our lack of success and ambition under him and this board tiring as fuck. No Rangers manager should ever survive not winning anything in 7 attempts, fucking February
  20. Gattuso is an awful manager IMO. He'd lose the plot in this environment as a Rangers manager too.
  21. Not exactly sure why but I have a bit of a feeling there’s something in this. Echoes of Warburton if another manager leaves us for a Championship side and many or most of our supporters are indifferent or even pleased.
  22. GVB and Gattuso are the only two that are worth a mention. Can we get them ? I'm not sure. But it is you and only four other members who constantly throw the Gerrard digs on a daily basis. I find it tiring as fuck. Like I said, if it all goes to shite come Feb, I will join your brigade. Until then, I'm 100% behind Steven Gerrard and so should you. And he ain't ever going to Bristol City ffs.
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