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  2. @KAI from here has some spare tickets for the home end next week if anyone is looking get in touch with him or PM me and I’ll pass on his number.
  3. Fucking annoying. Two years in a row I’ve had a LC game on my CCCS which Rangers have put out to other sale because of this.
  4. Goals and assists being brought into a discussion about which central defender should start for us is absolute peak RM.
  5. just pure bad refereeing,i would not say it was cheating.
  6. Aye am beelin we are winning and no conceding goals
  7. I heard Gerrard is going to manage Rangers while playing for Liverpool?!
  8. Fs. Cheers. I'm not quick enough these days
  9. Barisic goal against St Josephs will be the extra goal part.
  10. Came from a few reputable sources mate. I doubt the club or the manager was gonna make an official announcement. It's not really anyone's business is it?
  11. According to the pinned thread competitively Goldson has 2 goals, one assist. Katic has 1 goal, one assist. Goldson has played about 1/3 more than Katic, so it's actually fairly close. Cant remember what I had for breakfast let alone friendlies weeks ago if thats included in your stats, just think both are much of a muchness attacking. He's beelin, almost hysterical himself.
  12. Where was that quote from mate? I've never any official article saying that was the case, all I ever read was it was a rumour started online. Gerrards comments about Katic in December last year never suggested any off field issues.
  13. His old man was diagnosed with a terminal illness mate. 2 months after I moved out of my parents house my old fella was diagnosed with cancer, it was horrible not being there and I literally only lived a ten minute walk away. Can't imagine what it would be like to be the other side of Europe when I got that news.
  14. He found out his dad was terminally ill IIRC.
  15. People say Katic is a bigger goal threat than Goldson as well, but Goldson has scored 3 goals with 2 assists and Katic has 1 goal. Also, Rfc52 is clearly raging in this thread btw.
  16. ....and that's the prob Slim,Dallas didn't blow the whistle,whether it was a freekick or a penalty,he simply let the defender away wi one. Poor show indeed.
  17. I accept that but these clubs would rather have half empty grounds than sell tickets to a huge away support in case it feels like an away game to them. Starving their own clubs of much needed cash which they need to buy better players to progress their clubs.
  18. Today
  19. Cant see us getting up to 15th this season, too many leagues ahead of us. Could well happen next season though and get 2 CL spots for 22-23
  20. A lot of people won't see how much Goldson adds to the defence by marshelling it and keeping the rest of the defenders right. I do think he will be dropped against livi tho
  21. Watson and Price out for the rest of the tournament. I know Scotland are pish but they never seem to get any luck with injuries.
  22. Said it yesterday and I’ll say it again but the entire argument that most people seem to have is “aye but Goldson”. There’s not many managers who are going to drop their vice captain and the player they consider their leader from the back in favour of a younger player.
  23. It wasn’t change for changes sake against Feyenoord though because Katic and Goldson had both been pish against celtic and Livingston and as the less senior player Katic was the one who dropped out.
  24. I’ve got 2 child tickets available
  25. Class day out on Sunday and result. Think I sprained my ankle celebrating 1st goal. Still rough as fuck, roll on Livi tomorrow.
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