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  2. We pay shite cunts too much money. No offence, Alnwick.
  3. He’s at a level where clubs can’t really afford to buy.
  4. £40m and I genuinely wouldn't swap Morelos for him Edit: in his defence re the international honours- he's Brazilian
  5. Do we have a connection there? Thompson, Hardie and now Alnwick.
  6. They punted it as soon as they got our cash.
  7. All the best with the future gb hopefully now you will be able to have a deserved rest and find time for yourself.
  8. Puzzles me as to why Israelis would play for a Palestinian supporting club???
  9. Got a big fat mongo 17 year old emo looking cunt started with us a few months back, turned out hes bi he said even though he's never sniffed a pussy or cock in his puff, think he's one of these fad cunts. I don't really say much to him but he gets a fair ripping. Just stuck one of the boys in who got a warning today for filling his work shoes up wae coffee, can't see him lasting very long. Cunt of a place to add that type of ammunition to the mix when you're already named luke Mitchel by the boys I'm no arsed either way man, very liberal, got more stuff in life to worry about than who's shaggin who
  10. 1 spare pm a number and I’ll meet on Thursday at the ground.
  11. We should have a bring your Catholic to work day.
  12. How long ago was this? People getting beaten up simply for being gay doesn't happen too often anymore.
  13. Giving out daft contracts that no-one else matches
  14. Been away so missed this initially. Nobody deserves good luck with health more than GB so I hope we hear future good news. Big shoes to fill, but i'm sure the brand has been set and the GB RM fund will be supported. Just make sure GB appears in the name.
  15. Hate the way commentators say Sel-tic instead of Pee-dos
  16. Speculation about a month ago then radio silence.
  17. What happened to Holt going to QPR? Thought it was a done deal at one point.
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