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  2. I don't see how nutter is really that much more offensive than ninja. I guess I'm just outta touch.
  3. Don't worry though - the action is all at my end for a change. 1. Secure 12 free Stadium Passes from Rangers Charity Foundation, for Erskine Bishopton Residents 21/05/19 - Done 2. Book and pay for 12 Argyle Lunches (and 12 pints) for the Residents for after the stadium tour - Done 3. Hassle Erskine Staff for those photos they promised me ages ago - Not done 4. Confirm all 7 Residents who asked for a new Rangers Shirt have now received them. Any photos? 5. Confirm that Rangers FC will be happy to renew the 2 free Season Tickets that they provide for Erskine each season at our request. They are of course more than happy to support us supporting them! - 2 Season Tickets now renewed. 6. Renew our other 4 Erskine Veteran Season Tickets, and our 4 Combat Stress Season tickets. That will be a couple of thousand quid. It's a good job our Members have been so generous with their donations all season, so we already have that covered. 7. Sign those 8 Season tickets up for the CCCS for all Home Cup Games and Friendlies - Meaning that we will then be reliant upon donations from our members next season to pay for all those cup tickets! 8. We won't need to worry about the 4 Erskine Bishopton season tickets, because they are now fully looked after by Club 1872, so they'll look after renewing those 4 and signing them up for all home cup games & friendlies btw - I thought I'd better check with Combat Stress just to see if they still wanted their 4 season tickets. Here's the reply... So that's good news. 9. £100 donated to Rangers Charity Foundation Raffle in support of RCF Armed Forces Fund. You can support it too. Here's the link... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/322323-win-a-signed-morelos-shirt/ 10. I haven't heard if there's going to be another "Champions League Final" night at Ibrox. I do hope so, cos it's always a braw night oot!. If there is one, then we'll need to scrape up another few hundred quid to send the Veterans along, because they certainly enjoy that night, and it's also one of their most fruitful sources of signed shirts. So yeah, a busy time coming up. And probably several things I've forgotten. Like - the Annual RM Erskine D-Day Whisky Rations - we've got that to deal with soon too! Gonna need your help on that one Bears. Luckily, we have managed to finds something else to hopefully keep you mildly amused over the next few weeks - the long-anticipated Return of the RangersMuddia Quadruple your Money Ultimate Erskine Fundraiser - it's guaranteed Cheap, Easy and Quadrupally Effective!!!! Stay tuned for details (or put me on ignore if you prefer!)
  4. Aye yer probably right,let's change make 3 changes and lose any momentum we had
  5. btw folks, if you do decide to buy a raffle ticket from Rangers Charity Foundation, please consider adding "RM" on to your name (as others have done) Then I can point to all those generous RM donations when I chap on their door in the very near future looking for a big favour that may or may not involve a big dug.
  6. Lots of evidence of drug abuse. Nice guy though according to Kneel lel8n.
  7. Does the Blueteeth quip come with a new member's donation to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund?
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  10. Ah good - I see they've finally started the aversion training. Seems to be working well so far.
  11. I had to cancel a driving lesson to watch us beat them. I'd love for Defoe to get a hatrick against them.
  12. Reeks to me. Has anyone evidence he was at any of our matches? Nah. Tad harsh. He only hiz 30 wains.
  13. Surely a bunch of utter drongoes with no mind of their own who've been taken in by the likes of the stalinist marxists who want the cream for themselves while we the people are fed crumbs from their loony left elitist fenian fuckers. Not an overly violent man but hope these cunts get a kick in.
  14. Replacing Fergie was tbh,an almost impossible task, but Man U are ripping the pish out of it .
  15. Anyone with brains was saying give him till the end of the season and get Pochetino
  16. Someone please keep an eye on @born a blue nose worried he might be suicidal with Hazard being excluded from PL team of the year.
  17. Aye and 100000 😂 have to march later than the authorised time due to the flight schedule of these imaginary folk.
  18. How many of these guys went on to be capped at full international level by their respective countries?
  19. Goal difference will mean nothing unless City lose a game and Liverpool draw one. Find it funny how OGS getting a deal is now funny after people were wax lyrical over him a month or 2 ago.
  20. Some coming from NZ Canada etc for a march that won’t fkn affect their livelihoods, absolute selfish cunts
  21. Steven Naismith played against Rangers in 2004 final for Killie
  22. The snp run Glasgow city council, they hate anything British, so the thought of curtailing thousands of marchers, flying Union flags is right up their sleeve, the objections could come from a dodgy,looking for trouble priest, or an Irish Republican supporting call it out, means fuck all to them,any excuse.
  23. He would have been 17 at the 2017 final, but it was an U20 tournament that year and he didn't feature
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