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  2. I know we should get it right up Billy Bowie but if we're offered 8000 and rocking the place as per full of bears then fuck it. One of the best away days imo Tat for tat, don't gee a fuck. Just want more bears for a sing song Killie will be bottom six.
  3. Think I know him, decent guy IIRC, how's he been getting on recently? Sure I heard that he had skin cancer, did he fully recover from that? Next time you see him, send him my best wishes mate.
  4. I think the message they're trying to make is "accept handjobs from men" @sexgays
  5. Just like to mention that I've now blocked everyone who liked this post.
  6. Today
  7. He gets to play in the league cup and knows he is an injury ( or suspension ) away from playing in front go 50k every second week. That's hard to walk away from. And also, he is more than capable enough to perform and he knows it.
  8. trying to think of the Goram performance to select really.
  9. Goram away to Leeds and then the tarriers within the space of a couple of days . World class at that time would be an appropriate description .
  10. I do not care as long as they can play the flute.
  11. Yesterday
  12. And do the teams coming to play us still not know how much of an allocation they are getting?
  13. Nice jukebox. Where’s the pc?
  14. The games shit Jimmy FIFA is pish but PES is literally the maggot living in the shit
  15. Arguably missed him just as much as Morelos when he was missing last season.
  16. I think we’re a far better team when Arfield plays, certainly causes problems for any defence
  17. @govanblue I simply salute you and wish you well
  18. Hope yer auld man tells you how good it was the morra Great babn tip durrant btw
  19. Mae myself a cup of tea, and said to my da I'm gonny watch it in the room, sat down on the bed and forgot all about turning it on Raging.
  20. It was shit hot from the word go man, seriously what a game.
  21. Last time I played I got into a group with an American and an aussie who helped me get billions of money on it.
  22. Not a fan of his anyway but I don’t understand why anyone would have a go at him for leaving. A longer contract on more money (could be the last contact of his career), and probably been given more assurances of playing regularly than he would’ve got here. The replacement players are still pretty questionable at this stage but that’s the kind of decisions that will either make or break Gerrard and the success he has here.
  23. Where can I get tickets for this?
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