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  2. I have seen this crop up a lot recently... Andy King is bang fucking average, he might have been part of the squad that won the league with Leicester but he played a combined total of 950mins that season in over 25 appearances, hardly the beating heart of the team. Hes done nothing to show he deserves to play when he has had the chance and is a complete waste of a salary!
  3. Bronzy


    How can he miss Candeias, he never ever beat a man imo
  4. Del


    Such is modern day football! The days of a solid formation or teams attacking in their formation are gone, defensively teams will get into a shape and Jack is excellent at covering the right side when Tav goes forward, which btw isnt an accident, its something we have set out to do, but we missed that yesterday as Kamara/Aribo just never done that. Look at the Liverpool Man Utd game at the weekend and the positioning of Robertson and Alexander Arnold, I dont think they were in their "official position" for more than 20% of the match and when they have the ball they arent defenders any more. I wonder how many Liverpool fans arent happy about leaving a lopsided formation or being exposed at the back... You have mentioned Candeias in your post, like a lot of other people have, but we almost set a new record at the end of last season (of winning all post split fixtures) whilst playing our best football in the games Candeias wasnt involved in! Ironically the only game we lost was when Tav never played, Flanagan was at RB and Candeias was back in the team. The difference between then and now isnt the formation but lack of form, back then we had an on fire Ryan Kent on the other side and if you watch those matches back, even just the highlights or goals, you can see we spread teams as we attacked down both flanks and centrally, but yesterday our only attacking outlet came from the right hand side. In my opinion we dont miss Candeias we miss any sort of threat on the left hand side, although Barasic has been playing well Ojo is horrific and the sooner Kent is match fit again the better!
  5. I meant in terms of wins.
  6. A second ball is introduced at the start of extra-time.
  7. Pathetic reply, exactly as expected. ................................................. Reference XXXXXXX Dear Mr XXXXXXXX Thanks for contacting us regarding our reporting on the emergence of new evidence suggesting Rangers FC covered up the reasons why a former youth coach (Gordon Neely) accused of child sex offences left the club. We’ve received a range of feedback about our coverage of this story across our news output. Keeping in mind pressures on licence fee resources, this response seeks to address the key points. We’re sorry we can’t reply individually but we hope this will address most of the points raised. In choosing which stories to cover each day and where they appear in our output, our editors base their decisions on the editorial merits of all the stories at hand, looking at various factors including whether it’s breaking news, follows on from a recent event, changes our understanding of things, is unusual or attracting interest etc. We accept that not everyone will agree with each decision. We’ve reported extensively on child abuse allegations in Scottish football. As with our other reporting, this story was reported accurately and with due sensitivity and we stand by our journalism. We can also assure you that, contrary to what’s been suggested, the BBC is not biased for or against Rangers FC. Our reporting is undertaken fully in line with the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines and with the Broadcasting Code which is laid down by the independent industry regulator, Ofcom. Thank you again for your comments which have been shared with news teams and senior management. Kind regards Deborah Dawson BBC Complaints Team www.bbc.co.uk/complaints Please note: this email is sent from an unmonitored address so please don’t reply. If necessary please contact us through our webform (please include your case reference number).
  8. I won't hold my breath mate Gerrard strikes me as the kind of manager that sets us up to contain the opposition rather than go after them from the off well away from home in Europe anyway.
  9. McGinn will move to a top 6 club easily
  10. Let's be honest. He's obviously not shite and the reason most on here were saying he was is mainly down to him being a tarrier. If Norwich go down this season they'll take McLean with them. If Villa go down other clubs in that league will be all over McGinn.
  11. Be astonished if he's dropped for Thursday, maybe change the captain and give him something to think about, let him concentrate on himself and getting into some better form.
  12. I agree mate i just dont think for the most part this squad has the winning mentality. Or maybe they are just not as good as some people think they are Time will tell.
  13. They’ve been able to score in their last two games there. We haven’t scored in five.
  14. He might only play there for one season but so far he’s showing that he can do a job in that league (John McGinn is too who was another player that everybody on here said was shite for years) and that you don’t have to be half as good to play in that league as people on here make out that you have to be.
  15. Tav is our captain and yes he has not hit the form we expect from him this season. Same applys to Arfield and Ojo. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  16. Davis was horrendous at taking corners the last time round. Unless he spent his whole time at Southampton practicing them then I dont want to see him anywhere near dead balls.
  17. Rfc52

    League cup

    Yes mate we enter the round that starts in January. Think it's our first game back
  18. He probably would. He's just a poor example to use to justify Tavernier being able to play in the Premier League when he's probably only going to experience it for one season himself.
  19. We still look like a team who on a good day is really good day but on a bad day will struggle to win and unfortunately that sort of team always struggles to win things ... I do think if we could just get the first bit of silverwear in the cabinet would make a big difference although I would also have to say that a better more resilient captain wouldn't go a miss
  20. It seems to me that its done so the tall guys can knock it down quickly for the likes of Morelos. Like our goal yesterday. Also means that if the player goes straight for an attempt then just getting the correct connection on it should put the power on the header to beat the keeper. I prefer it to be honest. In swingers also give the keeper a good shot of coming for it which is frustrating as fuck. Out swingers make it almost impossible for the keeper to come for it so in theory should lead to more goals/attempts on target. Fuck, Davis almost scored a diving header from the edge of the box yesterday 😂
  21. I'm sure another change was that a player being subbed had to leave the field of play from the nearest route and walk round the pitch, which I'm sure will be fun at old firm games.
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