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  2. So ok. mr investor says “ok Rangers can you explain to me your digital platform. Please include figures regarding website hits, global reach and innovation. This is important as we need our brand exposed as wide as possible “ Rangers - “ erm canni sorry “ mr investor “ come back for my investment when you can answer my questions because we rely on this kind of brand exposure “ Rangers - (penny drops)
  3. I bow to your superior knowledge mate, backed up by the footballing genius that is Andy Halliday 🤣
  4. There’s no way he takes in any tactics or information to do with games. Think getting his boots on the correct feet would be as far as it goes.
  5. Whether you're saying it in isolation, or as part of your wider issues, is irrelevant. The new club crest does not make our club unrecognisable. Saying it does is just silly.
  6. Ajer's a fucking diddy, delighted when I see his name on the team sheet against us
  7. This post is dead on, saw that Daily Mail article this morning and thought I was gonna pish myself laughing, Riseth really is a fucking cretin.
  8. Still cunts getting their pic took with him despite him fucking his chance up twice by being a wank.
  9. Majority of his goals are through poaching or power. Even many of his better finishes are still scuffed or not hit super cleanly. You can be a good striker and not be a good finisher, he's great at using strength and power to get goals and a good instinct and that has worked for him. But I don't think he is a great, placement, composed striker of the ball. I've thought that for ages and Halliday's comments about him being disappointed Morelos was taking the penalty before he even took it tells you a story as well. Also backing up everything I'm saying about him not being a great finisher
  10. Match Report. https://www.Rangers.co.uk/article/Rangers-step-up-preparations-with-win-over-accies/14oGxd5ioshd5JZUhQ64ja?fbclid=IwAR3yXiWuTsuqg6042nCKAiklDu_sv6d8cBVzhoPEFeTzGYN43HPzGDoYXvM
  11. They like slapping the 50 mil tag on their centre backs. Remember Boyata was worth the same? Ended up leaving on a free
  12. I’ve seen some outstanding finishes from him, also misses a few he should put away, just like all top strikers. Much would you value him at then, a striker who in your opinion is not a composed finisher and can’t hit penalty’s? should never have taking the penalty against the Tarriers at hampden but that’s a different outcome if he was already hitting them regularly and didn’t have the added pressure of not scoring against the Tarriers rammed down his throat on a daily basis.
  13. That is true. The best thing about the Barker one is you can actually see the question zooming around in his brain
  14. Mind he came back and the amount of cunts in the ground that sang his song Fucking christ
  15. Aye but Lafferty is a big Rangers man with 5 stars on his neck and spends his spare time playing the flute mate
  16. He’s not a composed finisher. Halliday even said on Si Ferry he is not a good finisher or a great penalty taker. I don’t trust him to be our main taker
  17. Not as bad as Brandon Barker not knowing what day of the week the fans follow 😂
  18. So sorry to hear this awful news. Get well soon Scott.......... all the very best big man.
  19. Wouldn't waste a second of my life listening to that utter fucking tool Silly cunt didn't even know when the club was formed
  20. Our marketing campaign I disagree with. They've implemented MyGers (an extortion scheme playing on fans loyalty) like the Bar72 price increases especially next year and then again next years fans being shafted from any sort of semi-decent away ticket they might have a chance of getting. Until the Ed House project is completed, paid for and starts turning profit no-one can say if it will be a marketing success (or failure) ... from what I understand, our long-term marketing strategy is to get big bucks from tourists from the likes of America and Asia who want to pay a fortune to sample Old Firm games and other big Rangers games and ticket-wise that will be at further expense to the average Joe that likes following his team. You can call all that good market or different level marketing. I don't. Not just yet anyway. The investment side of things is something I'll give you. The guys covering shortfalls and soft loans and wanting them converted to shares and trying to bring in folk from the likes of the Hong Kong markets has to be commended. I don't know how we handle the media different or what this David Graham guy has done? I don't see any tangible change there. I hear mumblings of non-cooperation but the media can still write what they want about the club, our fans, guys on BLM platforms calling us fascists, H***, that we an established Racist institution that needs to change. No statements on condemnation or changes behind the scenes regarding the one that was involved with that diversity campaign we've got - in fact, he's actually working on re-designing our corporate (according to folk who know him) No Ashley is a good one, but we've made a lot of serious and costly and embarrassing errors along the way with that. Making us look like amateurs. There's a new kit launch every year. This one is literally no different. We did not try for an independent investigation in regards celtic getting a title - we done it to try and remove a couple of individuals - which was, of course right. But it's distinctly different. There was no legal fight from us. I've heard a couple of intelligent folk say they don't think there was legal grounds on a sporting merit, but I've never heard one good reason why there wasn't one on a financial merit. We've lost the chance to get ourselves 20-25 million of CL monies when it was mathetically possible we could have. Our board do not give one fuck about the fans mate. Not one. There's no fight in them. You've seen that these last couple of months. Absolute wet blankets. I'm amazed some folk don't want to see it and make excuses for them.
  21. Our players had took the knee to remember George Floyd and Hamilton controversially played on and scored.
  22. He has talent tbf. The couple of seasons he hit a purple patch in the title run ins prove that. But being a good player is as much about consistency as talent. A fucking waster. Imagine getting the chance to play for Rangers twice and making a cunt of it twice?
  23. Think the ball is starting to reverse a bit. Credit to the Windies. They’ve batted really nicely.
  24. We did try and look what has happened since then. Blind agenda driven hatred of all things related to the biggest Club in the land is what has almost brought Scottish Football to it's knees and if all the things that are going on right bring about the demise of a few/certain Clubs then they only have themselves to blame.
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