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  2. I fucking hate social media
  3. Here’s another, his wife and Jack’s wife were arguing with a Dundee United fan and he was the ‘peacemaker’.
  4. Also, the amount of people on Twitter raging about that video of Jack being blootered at the pool is cringeworthy as fuck. He's on holiday ffs, that's what you do on holiday.
  5. So in the space of 24 hours the stories we've had (on here as well as Twitter) are: Dorrans was bottled. Dorrans was punched. Dorrans was attacked from behind and laid into while he was on the floor. Dorrans was steaming and fell and banged his head. Dorrans was pushed from behind. Jack was arguing with a Dundee fan and Dorrans was pushed to the ground after stepping in and banged his head. I've also seen it being blamed on taigs, Dundee Utd fans, Dundee fans and, for some unknown reason, Falkirk fans. In other words, social media is full to the brim of like whoring, lying bastards and nobody actually knows the full story except those there at the time.
  6. 😂 I love your posts... And that sporting memories room. I don't admit to sneaking in that room on my nightshifts there at all 😉
  7. Well said. He will develop over time with the right coaching too. Defo a player we want to keep. I don't think SG plays him enough though. He'd be my frst picked CB every time.
  8. Our support ain't tailing off anytime soon,banner at 1.40 Peterhead 4 o clock club😆
  9. No need mate, it's all good
  10. Because I’d rather money intended for youth development stayed within youth development if that’s all the same to you rather than going towards fixing the stadium. The charity does a huge amount of work for not only our benefit but grass roots football across the country. If it’s come out a different pot then it’s quite ambiguous, the tweet has come from the Rangers youth development company. That’s my point.
  11. Him diving and the ball looping over him. How many times man.
  12. I must admit mate . I still have a suspicious mind about them, but fair dos . If they are risking this kind of stuff and they are both beggars . What does that tell you about many of our kind high up in the fuckpigs .And if there is any of us left at the top of Scottish football . Sitting on their fucking arses.
  13. I fucking hate Motherwell and their wee group of bandit wannabes in the corner near the away end but if they cunts think their answer is not turning up and still giving us less tickets then let them go for it.
  14. They can't fill their ground as it is 😂
  15. Both him and Daly have hopefully got the right security people in place as I’ve no doubt as this progresses they will need it.
  16. ***Breaking News*** Rangers fans are fully behind a move to the English Conference. 100% of a poll said they'd rather play Kidderminster Harriers than Kiddyfiddling Tarriers!
  17. Then I'm glad he did....
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