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  2. Never heard of the guy tbh but he certainly looks full of enthusiasm for our club - like a big kid - so he's ok in my book.
  3. I trust SG to know whether these two players have something to offer as we move forward. If he does then I hope they grab their chance when it comes...... otherwise I hope we can at least earn back the money we paid for them.
  4. Think we will make money on Barasic based on caps alone, a decent agent will move him on on that basis alone. Grezda also has had a decent amount of games for his country so could possibly break even, no way we payed £2m for him.
  5. 9 games we played from 1st May to 24th May, we finished our season v QoS. Sellik finished their season in Japan one week later playing naecuntamoto
  6. Any we did lose weren't worth keeping. I believe the young team now will be the foundation for a new era of hardcore fans. There may be less due to the EPL influence or our lack of success, but they've been with us through these years of horror and when we do get back on top, they will never take success for granted. They've seen the hatred for us and the corruption in all the infested organisations. They then won't allow their young ones to idly support some other team from England or worse, the tarriers just cos their wee pal does or whatever reason. I hope and pray the divisions in our support leaves with the older generation, because the young team are galvanised. Nobody likes them, they don't care.
  7. I don't think so. If you were brought up right it dosn't matter. I remember the early 80's and it only made it better when success came along. Imagine how young Bears are gonna feel now after all this shite when we get back where we belong?
  8. They've struggled a bit recently
  9. Ross County making a cunt of wrapping up the title.
  10. think both would be better suited to Italian football though would like to keep hold of barisic, at least until January
  11. Na he's never come.back mate. Now lives in America
  12. You must have a good memory he's been gone a while. Probably still here under a different name right enough.
  13. A decent bit of footage of the games on the official site would not go amiss, Elfs reports are excellent and in infinite detail and prob all most of us have for updates but it would be good to catch up on the action.
  14. Well, we didn't have a waiting list in 2013
  15. Fair point, at least it's subtle, and I was too lazy to go back another decade or so for both.
  16. Miller has returned another adverse sample. New opponent for Joshua announced next week.
  17. People that choose English teams/foreign teams are worse than tarriers, weirdos.
  18. Hope to fuck we don’t sell them for less than we paid. If no one offers us decent money for them then at least give them some time to hopefully improve, we waste far too much money bringing guys in to sell for half the price or pay off completely.
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