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  2. Fod is rubbish. No thanks as back up keeper.
  3. McGregor as first choice for at least another season. McCrorie out on loan to keep him getting games and experience as he's possibly going to be the long term successor to McGregor. Sell Foderingham. Alnwick as a back up keeper. Firth as backup to Alnwick when McGregor is out serving the suspensions he'll inevitably pick up throughout the season.
  4. Can't believe some people actually still rate Foderingham.
  5. Some of McGregors distribution last season was tremendous for me. A game at Ibrox he made a 60yrd pass out right which for me was pass of the game. However was getting steadily pissed off with his drama shows & general madness as the season came to an end.
  6. How does he hold the team back?miles and I mean miles better a keeper that fod that’s a fact ,clueless
  7. Between Napoli n Arsenal now ,for a reported ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................... £25 Million
  8. McGregor a throw back like Davis to when we still had quality players and they are both still good enough.
  9. Just one of those things, Was sitting with a Dundee Utd fan and he juse looked at me and said don't say a word when Gazza scored one of the best goals you will ever see 😂,. Would you just sit there and say nothing if someone called any our players an orange bastard etc ? And we wonder why we get treated like bitches ? If he called him a English cunt or something as that's who we we're playing then you can accept that, but all the H** cunts and orange bastards of the day ? How many orange bastards were playing for a good Scotland team that day,? with Hendry also ready to sign and McAllister also in the team ? We have fell away from the national team for 20 odd years now,. Who knows maybe once there are 5 or 6 bears in the team we might go back to supporting them,
  10. I would not say they are worse, I think they are just a fraction below the abusers mate, but you make some good points in this post. I am sure since we are just about on the same page we can agree to disagree on the level of 'evil' they that knew but did nothing are.
  11. Wes has been leaving for what, two years now yet he is still here. I've went off McGregor a little bit.
  12. As in Ross........ Has never put a foot wrong in when playing in goal.
  13. This is about opposition msp's failing to directly challenge the snpee, not about the snpee. With the best will in the world, even I can't blame the snpee for the gutless approach of their opponents.
  14. Kennedy said....What we want is for players to be hungry The famines over pal.
  15. I am looking forward to the first penalty shootout involving VAR it will take about an hour with all the fucking around.
  16. Quite a few options available for under £300 so just gonna wait
  17. In my opinion they are worse , knowingly allowing children or anyone for that matter to be abused,be it for in Savilles case raising money for charity ,allegedly money being washed through the Trophy Centre by celtic. Where money is concerned you will always find scum like them willing turning a blind eye.,losing the power of speech,selective deafness all sets in. Every inquiry held into abuse or worse the murder of Children throws up the same answers. Who knew what. What did they do In all of them there is a trail of people who knew , from Social Workers, Doctors,Police ,Managers ,Chairmen , Players ,Teachers,Work Colleagues the list is endless. In most of them they chose to do nothing,pass the buck onto someone else usually a low level employee will end up being the fall guy. Then out comes the usual platitudes ,we have learned from this and all our wonderful recommendations will prevent this from happening again. Bullshit. The SFA/CFC actually had the gall to praise them for introducing a safe guarding officer. When are the ones who are at the head of the facilitating machines going to face a court of Law for their inaction. As Blue Avenger said what are they afraid of , Civil Disorder ,loss of votes,the new Ira or whatever . Iam pretty sure no one wants to see disorder on the Streets of Scotland but through the appeasement and cowardly stance taken by the Politicians in this Country to step in and take the right course of action because their afraid is beyond contempt. Kick them Out.
  18. The sellick-minded are rooted so deep within the fabric of Scottish governance that there simply isn't the appetite to bring justice to the countless victims of the systematic abuse carried out at Parkhead over many, many, many years. So sad. And so indicative of modern Scotland.
  19. Today
  20. The SNP know what side their bread is buttered on, The majority of the jacobites tend to lean towards the sceptic side of life, anything that looked like an attack on the knewcamp or cafflick institutions would lose them votes. Why headliners from the other parties are not asking questions is a mystery right enough.
  21. You on a professional piss take here? Yes he can be a bit of a loose cannon at times but hes a fucking outstanding goalkeeper who saved our arse on a number of occasions last season....non more so than in Europe. Mcgregor is the no1 end of story.
  22. Mcgregor is vital for a title push next season, lost count of how many heroic saves he made last season. Wes and Alnwick will depart I believe. Firth or McCrorrie as number 2
  23. Then no shout anything when McGregor takes his time
  24. So... perfect for a Rangers team featuring the likes of Gascoigne, Laudrup, Hateley, Gough etc....? Praise indeed.
  25. I think that’s what will happen too and we’ll probably pick up some cheap journeyman keeper to be third choice.
  26. I reckon Wes and alnwick will be off. Mccrorie will be loaned out again so expect Firth to be no 2 unless we sign a new keeper.
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