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  2. Tarriers at home on a Friday night would make for a fun evening in the Cty Centre
  3. They’re both before, just 2 different views of the room.
  4. - And I've still got 5 pin badges to sell. Buy one!
  5. I've had an email from RSEA thanking us for our support of the event, and letting us know how much they raised in total - but I haven't seen it announced anywhere else yet, so I'm going to sit on that for now. What I can tell you is that in total, The RM Erskine Fund spent: £360 on tickets for Erskine and Bravehound £120 on Giant Football Card entries for Erskine - Yes, of course we won the star Prize - we always do!!! £120 on Raffle tickets for Erskine. I'm not sure if we won anything or not. I was busy elsewhere. £30 on RSEA pin badges. £50 for the Bar. That might sound a bit skimpy for 12 Erskine Veterans, but they already had a load of free drink vouchers, and apparently, a Very Generous Bear approached Erskine when I wasn't there, and also gave them a wad of cash for the bar. So all in all, that may sound like quite an expensive night - but here's the beauty of it... Apart from the £50 for the bar, all that money spent goes back directly to Erskine and Rangers Youth Development Company - so basically every penny we spent is working double at supporting our Veterans and our Youth And the Veterans get a Top Night Out as well! Plus that Steven Gerrard framed shirt will raise Erskine a pretty penny at one of their Charity auction nights. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, I've also received a smashing donation from the Veteran Bears at Erskine Bishopton Care Home. Yes, you heard correctly. The Erskine Bears have been doing a little bit of fundraising themselves and have donated £270 to the Best Cause they could think of. Let that be an inspiration to us all!
  6. Think his wife died in car crash
  7. You do realise that in any normal society you are innocent until proven Guilty but as we do not live in a normal society ,Guilty until you prove your self innocent. Anyway they are fucked on both counts . Kick them Out.
  8. @oldbear @Sweettartangirl Apologies from @govanblue for his tardiness in reporting your donations to me for the updates.
  9. When are these taken mate? Before and after recently?
  10. how did arfield not get capped for scotland? answer me that ya rocket
  11. Today
  12. I was just going to reply to GB and say 'Z has a system? ' but you beat me to it. 😂 Whatever it is it seems to work so keep up the good work. 👍
  13. Should they start a benevolent fund for victims of sexual abuse due to the amount of victims at their club and separate entities .due to the industrial level of abuse Asking for a friend
  14. It's only taken a year or two, but I think I've finally figured out your system.
  15. For anyone who hasn't done the tour before. I looked at the door, and just imagined every ding was from an angry boss or player. Gave me goosebumps actually!!
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