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  2. So we sat on it for five weeks only to come out with that pile of shite of a statement. So Garry of two r's renown, down south of.... a jesuit ridden bastard and we take it up the arse! I truly fucking despair.
  3. An end to this fucking drawn oot saga is what he'd bring.
  4. Dave king and the board are plants from Liewell Iam sure of it .
  5. We get all of that and can see the blatant fucking hypocrisy from the mutants in the east end and their fan bhoys in the media but it simply doesn’t matter what we think. UEFA have told us it is banned and are now hammering us for it so it has to stop. We have no choice unless some wish to see us eventually kicked out the competition altogether.
  6. I know the feeling mate, it used to be the football that pissed me aff now it’s off field shite just shows Stevie G is doing something right at last, dunno how lucky we are
  7. He's not a supporter. Why would he say we?
  8. Has this been taken? Edit: I’m smashed and see there’s more than one 😂 will pm
  9. And get accused of ‘point scoring’ 🙄 Why not just sing songs about Rangers and ignore them entirely.
  10. If it is for fenian, then i hope the tims are pulled up for their banner the other week. The club shoukd be clarifying exactly what we have been done for, this woukd clear it up for fans, and also set the marker in the ground if anyone else uses the word.
  11. Yip first game in group stage after we qualify, after today anything is possible
  12. No chance of that lol Either another section is closing or it's just about made up the numbers
  13. Shite position for him to be in but thought he dealt with it well in the press conference, better watching that than reading it via Twitter etc. Ridiculous question regarding what school he went to, fucking arsehole journalist
  14. The clubs mouthpiece (4lads) saying that it’s not just the word Fenian. Billy Boys Flute for 50 pence No pope of rome Anything with Fuck the pope and the IRA
  15. Don’t know if already posted but the o’Hagan guy is apparently training to be a uefa delegate. He was at our game along with the official Norwegian delegate and it was o’H who reported it to the official. Rangers were made aware of it at the time.
  16. Place will be dead and god forbid the Legia score first.
  17. What a load of shite this thread has turned out to be. He's not one of us cause he said they.
  18. Ahh the football thank fuck...should be an easy 3 points this week hopefully, 3-0
  19. Rapid Vienna was the third best atmosphere last season in the EL, 5th in general for me.
  20. You cannot possibly be serious?
  21. Getting took over by cunts that only want you to sit on your arse and clap at the appropriate moment. Probably guys that got told to fuck off from watching Rugby for being a shower of bellends.
  22. We could sing a non-offensive song about him...
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