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  2. Disappointed in the choice of whisky, Glenmorangie is a poor choice for such a ceremony. A good Islay malt would have been more fitting and better tasting.
  3. I don't think our board members are completely spineless, Part of our tradition has always been playing the game on the park, no matter what the adversity, It is getting to breaking point though, we can't sit back and let the lies we'll controlled authorities fuck us over any longer, Milne on his departure had a pop at lieswell and his influence in the game, Maybe it will be King who comes out now and gives them both barrels, he like Milne is on his way out so has nothing to lose, Any charges should be appealed all the way to the CAS, get the whole cabal exposed, get them forced out, You can cast your mind back to the days adter the game, we alleged racism against Morelos, all we have had since us a mealy mouthed comment from Nil By Mouth about the clubs making a joint statement, been very quiet since, The fact the SFA have not citied the taigs yet charge us for trivial shite needs exposed in any further statements, The whole governing body needs cleansed, Lieswell needs all influence removed., For that we do need other clubs to back us up otherwise the complaints get lost in allegations of whataboutery, aided by the hollicom affected media
  4. The same team we needed an injury time winner against earlier in the season? The side we struggled to a 1-0 win at home recently? What about the two defeats there and two draws at home against Killie last year in the league? That's all without mentioning the key points made earlier in the thread about 8 games in 26 days in Feb. The attitude of some on here that we can start first 11 all the time or that not getting easiest draws in cup helps is complete madness.
  5. If Patterson continues to play, does well, then Gerrard will be praised for having faith in him. The door swings both ways.
  6. PWhy the fuck would the countries top team need to rest players before playing the likes f Kilmarnock 3 days after they have a tough game away it Aberdeen?
  7. Guaranteed the Saturday, hopefully a late game
  8. Ok we will bring in say 40k at 25£ a ticket so 1m. From that we take off costs of putting g the game on let's say 100k and then split the balance with Hamilton. So we get an additional 450k but may result in us playing 4 games in 8 days and costing us the league.
  9. They've been really poor and bailed out by Messi again. Had 2 shots on target before the red card. Granada were unlucky not to be 1 up, hit inside post and came out not long before the red card. Got the win but Barca fans will demand much more from new manager.
  10. Fuck sake Poor cunt must not have any friends or family members to be honest and tell him it’s fucking shite
  11. They absolutely thought 10 was in the bag, they ain't dealing well with things at all, It was the same last season after we beat them at Ibrox the 3 week break allowed the media to go after Morelos. This year they have the media and SFA to gloss over a defeat, I would love us to draw them in Europe with a fair ref and watch the excuses flow
  12. Which has zero relevance when it comes to us having the chance to rest the full first 11 if we got Clyde or BSC Glasgow at home instead!
  13. Why are Wolves at the door. And why are they demanding money ? I thought they were doing okay financially in the EPL.
  14. Trent Alexander-Arnold from the starting 11 today.
  15. GTA V. Still play it every other day online. If it was just on storyline Red Dead or Red Dead 2 would be there but Red Dead 2 was let down by online being dreadful.
  16. Either one of the 3 play St mirren and hearts game, no problem with whoever Gerrard picks.
  17. They love to play the victim mate. It's in their DNA. What we're seeing more than anything is fear. 10 in a row is all they care about, beating them at the chamber of horrors showed 9 is in jeopardy. Not because of some made up conspiracy but because we have a better team on the pitch now. They can't accept that and if 55 happens this season get ready for a nuclear level meltdown. The biggest in our lifetimes for sure. The last 3 weeks was just a starter.
  18. My initial reaction was fuck, mainly because of the pitch but it certainly could have been worse so we will have to get on with it.
  19. Ian Rush was an Everton fan and he is Welsh not a Scouser. I think Aldridge was a Liverpool fan, yeah.
  20. Wtf, with the haircuts on these young boys from the development squad? Ano, I'm getting auld..... 😉
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