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  2. Cedrick

    Left back

    Hope he turns the corner with his goal mate 👍🏻👌🏻
  3. Hearts have won something like 4 league games in 2019. They are terrible
  4. Not sure he has anybody else if the Israel RB and Simunovic are not fit. Hearts player needs to break no necks leg.
  5. Bluebell bar in Los Cristianos and the Ibrox bar in Costa Adeje. Haven't been to the bluebell but the ibrox bar is a cracking looking bar. Amstel and Fosters on draught. Both rank though Stick to the bottles or the vody
  6. Oddly up until the late 60s this was common in Manchester. Fans of City and United would go watch the other and vice versa when there their own team was away from home.
  7. Go fuck yourself Jim White.
  8. That’s a dodgy button as well, he played well but 100%.
  9. Should be a given that within 50 yards of a Pub/Offie you have a takeaway, and a Bookies.
  10. Jim Whyte is Sycophantic wanker. This would be a first for him to say anything negative. He's always sucking somebody off. Used to love Talksport in the mornings until this prick took a job there
  11. Algeran

    Left back

    I thought he had a good game today even apart from his superb set piece. Honestly any player is always going to be restricted/lacking confidence if playing with the 'general' level of the team performance today which wasn't good!
  12. These decisions are not a fault of VAR its the EPL and the officials refusing to go against the refs. EPL and English refs are the problem here.
  13. Ach we'd have just gone straight up the park again and scored.
  14. I take your point. There are, I think from visits in recent years, some parts of north and western Scotland where the Sabbath is the Sabbath for the full day. Changed days right enough. They'll change even more and probably at a faster pace than I can readily accept in losing what was tradition for so many years but is now no longer thought to be right for the age we live in. Best we stick to football stuff though and even that nowadays is controversial enough.
  15. Still not right even if buying them , 2 fair enough , that’s 6 bears sitting in the house
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