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  2. Can we also have a charity boxing match organised please? @govanblue (raising cash for the Erskine fun) vs @The Dude (raising funds for 50% Rangers charity and 50% celtic charity)
  3. Chelsea's new away kit is inspired by the Mod scene Decent
  4. Which two players do people think will miss out of the squad for the Progres tie? Will Candeias come back in? Will Helander be brought in? If so, who misses out?
  5. Yes but we can't get Partizan as they play Kilmarnock.
  6. So in theory we'd need one of these to get seeding for the play off round: Loser of PSV vs Basel Loser of Olympiacos vs Plzen Sparta Prague Braga Legia Eintracht Frankfurt Steaua Feyenoord Espanyol Malmo Partizan Belgrade Standard Liege Wolves Maybe Spartak or Torino depending on results Could take a few of those over 2 legs in my opinion.
  7. Read a similar article a couple of weeks back. Just like with Aribo, had Man City wanted either player, he would be there and sent out on loan.
  8. No easy ties at this stage. We pulled some pretty decent ties out last year so it can't be that long until we get a stinker. Saying that, I reckon we'd give even the big boys a pretty even game.
  9. Just adapt @Creampuff thread in transfer forum.
  10. Boyd took a fair share of criticism for his lack of goals against the taigs. I don't see why Morelos should be any different. 30 goals is huge and would be really hard to replace but he has to score against them this year if he is still around. The game is watched worldwide and would only increase his market value. The longer it continues, the more it will be discussed.
  11. All sounds good @Bears r us The photograph below shows how Ottle o’ Oxna looked when he arrived! Happy to support Pam after all she has done for Broxi.
  12. This thread really isn’t going anywhere. It’s just going round and round in circles with people having the same argument over and over again. It’s run it’s course. Time to lock it.
  13. Sensationalist headline in the Herald claiming they’ve beaten Man City to some Ecuadorean U20s player. Article goes on to say he “caught the interest” of Man City (i.e. no actual move for him) and Scotland has more lax work permits laws. So they’ve beaten Man City to fucking nobody. Hoardes will still eat it up. Dented their ego big time losing out on Aribo.
  14. As things stand currently Wolves are the final seeds in Q4 with a coefficient of just over 17. Should 1 or 2 of the seeded sides in Q2 go out they would be replaced by Spartak Moscow and Torino.
  15. Do it yourself and ask the admin team to pin it...?
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