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  2. As a younger fan he is one off my hero's. Kept our traditions and standards when many others turn their back. Yeah footballing wise he isn't one off the greats but for the contribution alone he is a legend. Class act.
  3. I'm.good mate eh na I just recall something about hearts releasing a strip to.commemorate their fallen during WW1
  4. Ffs 52 ,the info ye gave earlier on n now this ,gotta change yer name to Oracle RFC 52 mate
  5. If he gets bail he better top himself, he’s safer inside.
  6. Thank you Lee Wallace, would like to see someone making these runs & taking shots from outside the box like this.
  7. What’s your story mate, how you a Rangers fan from the Faroes?
  8. And as is their way they're now trying to make the abuser the victim, this time due to health concerns. They really are a repulsive lot.
  9. I reckon they'll really struggle next season. Certainly bottom 6. Which will be pleasing.
  10. Jeffrey


    Dont start backtracking now No problem mate will tell Kirk you were asking for him
  11. Nobody ever should be released due to health reasons, especially for vile crimes like this.
  12. Rfc52


    Sorry mateb forgot that cause I'm back in the UK
  13. It's a good insight into another era of the game. £30 a week & a Ford escort! & that was probably triple what the old timers earned.
  14. Nothing would surprise me with us especially with that fat wanker Traynor involved.
  15. Sorry to hear that.
  16. I would extend that cunts sentence for trying to play the system.
  17. Really have to be waiting until his contract expires, surely?
  18. Really enjoyed that......... I don't remember him very well, I was too young but my older brothers raved about him and Colin Stein. He has some scoring record v them...... wish we had a player like him in our squad today.
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