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  2. Some of the comments in there is beyond reason. Ambulance chaser?? Did that bastardised football club warp the supporters or did the supporters warp the football club?
  3. Apologies for this blog but thought it was interesting what they are saying after what was not even a very good article.
  4. Report on this tonight's U18 game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/05/21/18s-finish-with-win-over-ayr-united/
  5. Utter fucking wankstain. That sectarian schooling must be fucking brutal. Embarassing to say yhe least. The only way to change the system is to get every taig and their appeasers to fuck out of authority.
  6. Julian Brandt going to Dortmund for £22m is an absolutely fantastic signing for them. With Bayern likely bringing in a couple marquee signings this summer and possibly a change of manager, and Dortmund starting strong already off the back of a good season, I hope the latter can add some even more quality and we see a return to 2013 levels of Bundesliga quality.
  7. They are getting banned for looking like a stinking jakey not for wearing fake merch.
  8. No benefit to anybody to remove that rule? I am going to have a wee think and see if anyone could benefit for not being able to pick up a phone.
  9. See if that was actually our top you would get some amount of jakey bangers sharing that on Facebook going ‘aww man thats pyor class hahaha’.
  10. Fuck him and the tartan trannies. They deserve each other and hope they get pummelled every game they play.
  11. These tops are howling but sure we've all owned unofficial club merchandise at one point or another so banning folk for wearing it would be pretty counterproductive.
  12. His agent/reps will know more about who's after him than Gerrard so him making out like clubs are lined up will not do anything other than to make the fans believe we have a highly sought after asset, then if we don't sell next season and he continues to make the same mistakes, we'll turn on the club for not selling him for £10m+ like we're led to believe. Gerrard is quite transparent, I prefer knowing how the land lies rather than be spoon fed PR via Traynor.
  13. I know the other year when there were big doubts on where the money was going to according to a lot of posters o here. I think at the time they were selling them on the basis the profit was going back into the club. I suppose now we have our retail side sorted they are looking for another way to make money? I don't have any insider knowledge but others on here for wise than myself on the matter seem to think they aren't doing what they are suppose to..
  14. I seen they were selling the Fernando Ricksen tops but then folk were saying that Lion brand weren’t giving him money etc.
  15. Over there next month. Will investigate.
  16. Today
  17. This, All day long mate, Even people with no real interest in motorsport I think would marvel at his courage.
  18. Wee Jay doing a bit of modelling?
  19. Don’t take notice of Jeffrey pal, he’s a Partick Thistle fan who’s only on here due to being a relative of an admin member. He’s a troll
  20. Oh dear the wee yes voting UB isn’t happy that the vile SNP are getting shown up again 😂😂
  21. So, the emailer didn't check his email even to see he's sent 'paedophile ringcat celtic'
  22. I know that pal. I’m talking about if folk are kicking about Ibrox with that on.
  23. Wouldny be seen deed in a fake tap. Real tarrier behaviour.
  24. Change the Toxic Brand name. Catholic Church bad, Christian Church fine. Its still them running the show.
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