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  2. The timing of his goal at parkheed will never be beaten , great player that captained us to the greatest day and title win of some of our life’s , absolute mad man to boot 👍🏻😂, huge loss , RIP
  3. He was scarily good, for Scotland as well as us. The OF 3-0 win is probably the best full back performances I’ve seen from someone in a Rangers jersey.
  4. The notion that any of our fans should join in with them singing that song, or even that we should be silent or applaud them singing it is ludicrous. If they want to sing it as a show of respect then they can, that doesn't mean we can't drown it out with our own tribute.
  5. It is something UEFA fine clubs for. It was one of the things AIK were sanctioned for when playing them. Comes under their health and safety responsibilities. Petty, but Rangers need to be seen to be addressing any perceived issue.
  6. I was only offering an opinion 😂😂
  7. Pretty sure one Fernando Ricksen will be sung loud and proud on the 2nd minute drowning out any mongo singing ynwa.
  8. Oh I bet we have moaning cunts telling folk to sit down.
  9. Mcgregor tavernier goldson Katic Flan (if fit) barisic if not davis jack aribo arfield ojo morelos
  10. I know what you're doing...stop it No they definitely should not, haha!! Today is going to be a riot. I hope Rangers find their inner Fernando warriorism and tear these guys a new bumhole. That's it.
  11. If they have recieved complaints about it then they need to act, its the cunt's that are complaining I would be more worried about.
  12. FFS you watch the absolute bedlam in grounds around Europe every euro night and we are getting all OCD about some folk not sitting down.
  13. The main BBC covered the rugby 7’s at Ibrox a few years ago. I remember the start of the programme and they couldn’t have been more complimentary about the Stadium and Rangers. The media up here eats itself up in the hatred of our club
  14. Union Bears should be banned for more games imo
  15. I know it’s hard not to bite and people don’t want these bastards getting away with the pish they spout and write but I would love to see the fan base stop all interactions with these arseholes. Dont follow your English’s, Spiers and the likes on social media, don’t buy daily papers, dont watch that utter shite Sportscene. A large part of our fan base keep these cretins going by engaging with them. Social Media is huge these days and it gives these shite writers and pundits a platform to make themselves relevant. Block them, mute them, don’t click on their links, take fuck all to do with BBC Scotland. The media and pundits in Scotland are a laughing stock.
  16. I wouldn't sing the song, but if they want to sing it in tribute to Fernando, I wouldn't get up in arms about it. I would simply stand there in silence. As long as it's not meant in malice and I wouldn't want to hear it all through the game neither. Once is plenty.
  17. It's a piss take as far as I'm concerned so they can go to their taig counterparts and say 'look what we done'. They don't make any secret of their relationship with the unwashed. Drinking in some Glasgow IRA pubs as well last night. Ignore them and sing our own songs over them.
  18. Where's Traynor and the Rangers press team in all of this? They are like some long-forgotten fire extinguisher tucked away in a remote office at Ibrox so that when they are needed they don't perform or nobody bothers to tell them to get their finger out and start generating bite-back responses. Fire with fire and all that. No point in having media bad story fire extinguishers if they don't do the job. Ignoring patently crass articles like the one written by Forsyth and leaving them unchecked or without robust response is, imo, an unforgiveable insult to Fernando Ricksen and to Rangers. Fire with fire is what is needed out of the Rangers press office.
  19. That flag is the flag of Rotterdam the city I believe.
  20. Aye I’ve this CL group thing being thrown about a few times. Feyenoord have only been in the group stages about 3 times in 25 year
  21. At least down here the English press have shown more sympathy and understanding - as in the Guardian article in other thread
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