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  2. Us being away from the premier league has allowed that slanty eyed bag of shite to rule the roost hasn’t it? Only one team bringing in the real money for the SPFL for years and they’ve used it as bargaining power to get exactly what they want. From placing people they know are pro celtic strategically within the organisation itself, to pressuring other teams never to go against them. Games a bogey
  3. True, but I believe that mainly comes down to the fact that trains are operated on behalf of the government through various franchises. Although I was more just using trains to continue to analogy used originally than to compare the specific legalities and consumer rights.
  4. We were robbed with the Kent figure, he was worth 4m max which should have included add ons. Hickey is nowhere near good enough.
  5. Sorry to but in and be pedantic, but train fare refunds like that are an explicit statutory right found within the Consumer Rights Act. Not getting all the games of a football ST is, as you know, a grey area.
  6. Surely the case for refunds should be stronger for someone getting handed a title they havent even won rather than null and void. Least null and void would have been the fair option under these difficult circumstances.
  7. Why would anyone expect anything different? You would expect the all powerful dictator running Scottish football to be at these talks - and that is exactly what is happening. I'm more shocked that anyone is shocked tbh.
  8. No. Falkirk's chairman confirmed it to me. I'm more than happy to take him at face value
  9. Funny enough you claiming something I've not said , that's a new habit you have ,
  10. Cool so you have a copy of their terms and conditions that state n+v equates refunds , but league being finished early doesn't?
  11. Nor has any league when 80% of the games Sky got exactly what they paid for. Its really not hard to grasp, Sky would not win that case in court. 20% legally owed, not the other 80%.
  12. Because they've lost almost all their live content they are paying a goodwill to customers to stop them cancelling their sports packages. Sky haven't breached their contract with you.
  13. So Season tickets include games which aren't fulfilled every year? To continue your train ticket analogy, if you bought one from Edinburgh to Glasgow but had to get off in Cumbernauld, you'd be entitled to a partial refund.
  14. Funny how I'm getting a £35 odd refund from them each month for Sky Sports and BT...
  15. You know fine well that has nothing to do with the null and void debate. I could twist that by saying if I pay a contractor to do a job up front, he completes 80% of it and dies or his business collapses, do I get a full refund? Its pretty simple, three scenarios. 1. Null and void = Sky owed 10m 2. As how SPFL decided = Sky owed 10m 3. BHD - Sky owed nothing or a small fee.
  16. I'm gonna start buying a train ticket for further away than I need then claim a refund for only completing 80% of the journey
  17. Theres no unnamed club. You're conflating three different things.
  18. If it wasn't us and another club had that in their T&Cs I'd be interested to see the outcome if a fan challenged that in court.
  19. As long as Sky continue to provide your TV package, you've not a leg to stand on if a programme isn't available.
  20. So this unnamed club were facing paying full refunds for n+v because of an incomplete season but have in their terms and conditions a stipulation that suddenly gets them out of an incomplete season as long as it's not n+v
  21. Try 50% still 2 taig games to play which Is all they pay for.
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