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  2. Should be a given that within 50 yards of a Pub/Offie you have a takeaway, and a Bookies.
  3. Jim Whyte is Sycophantic wanker. This would be a first for him to say anything negative. He's always sucking somebody off. Used to love Talksport in the mornings until this prick took a job there
  4. Algeran

    Left back

    I thought he had a good game today even apart from his superb set piece. Honestly any player is always going to be restricted/lacking confidence if playing with the 'general' level of the team performance today which wasn't good!
  5. These decisions are not a fault of VAR its the EPL and the officials refusing to go against the refs. EPL and English refs are the problem here.
  6. Ach we'd have just gone straight up the park again and scored.
  7. I take your point. There are, I think from visits in recent years, some parts of north and western Scotland where the Sabbath is the Sabbath for the full day. Changed days right enough. They'll change even more and probably at a faster pace than I can readily accept in losing what was tradition for so many years but is now no longer thought to be right for the age we live in. Best we stick to football stuff though and even that nowadays is controversial enough.
  8. Still not right even if buying them , 2 fair enough , that’s 6 bears sitting in the house
  9. This is the newspaper article that this journalist is quoting. Nothing in that says they were swopping kids, it’s twisted and immoral what this cunt has done for a few cheap clicks. Kids were abused for fucksake, it riles me.
  10. Trust me I miss them, plus the obligatory chicken wing burger bar next or close to them.
  11. Someone posted,C'moan Hearts,intae the paedos,that above was his reaction.
  12. VAR just doesnae make sense, can chop a goal off for a slight hand ball or an armpit being offside but misses a stone wall penalty? 😂😂 get it too fuck. 3-1 city.
  13. thought he was actually saying borna barasic when scrolling down
  14. The players don’t get them all for free mate. They have to buy them as well. Only get a couple of comps each.
  15. Algeran

    Left back

    Aye but you must have seen that many times before as indeed I have .
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