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Rules -

Overall Information:

RangersMedia, is a Rangers website aimed solely at the fans of Rangers Football Club. In order to keep discussion relevant and orderly, fans of other clubs registering without valid or credible reason may have their accounts suspended for any reason the RangersMedia team deems appropriate.

The RangersMedia team will do its best to attempt to keep all messages on this forum within a reasonable standard. Unfortunately, due to the size of the board it is impossible for every message to be reviewed. All messages expressed on this website are views of the specific poster/author and RM will not be held responsible for the content of any message. By viewing or joining this website, you agree that RangersMedia are not responsible for the individual views of its members.

The RangersMedia Team reserves the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread, avatar or signature for any valid reason. The RangersMedia Team also have the right to edit or ban any account for any reason deemed valid by the administrators or moderators.


Specific Information:

Sectarianism and discrimination

Sectarianism and discrimination is not tolerated on this forum. Discrimination can take the form of the use of specific words or phrases or can be in the form of a general attitude towards an individual or group of people. Discrimination can be on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or political persuasion. The RangersMedia team reserve the right to remove any content which maybe deemed sectarian or discriminatory.

Baiting and accusing fellow members

RangersMedia actively encourage debate and differing opinions. Baiting and bad mouthing of forum members will not be tolerated and offending content maybe removed. If you have a complaint about another member please private message a member of the RangersMedia team, or use the report button below their post.

Accusing fellow members of being fans of other football clubs will not be tolerated, and the offending content may be removed or edited. If you suspect another forum member to be posing as a Rangers fan, please private message a member of the RangersMedia team, or use the report button.

Promotion of other sites

Members are not permitted to promote another site on RM without the permission of an administrator via the personal messaging system.

Ticket sales

The sale of tickets on RangersMedia for anything greater than face value is strictly forbidden.

Forum Signatures

Members are given the ability to create their own signature. To preserve the forums aesthetics and readability, signatures should not be more than 110KB in size, 500px wide and 200px high. The RangersMedia team reserve the right to remove any signature for any reasons deemed appropriate.

Enjoy the website! We are the People!

*Please be advised that your personal information will never be shared with an outside source