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    And before the wank stains start its Rangers related as it was done by Ballieston True Blues RSC before today's game and part of a 3-part set saying watp and no surrender Might be discussed in other threads - no idea so here it is in its full glory
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    Garner and Wallace getting married? Well I suppose it is the 21st century.
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    Tonight I lost my best friend in my dad, iain jarvis. My dad was 62 and died from a stroke. When he was 8, he moved too Yorkshire due to his dad working in the police. He was spotted by Leeds United (who in the 70s were the best team about) who watched him for 4 years. Leeds then decided too offer him a contract and only to be told, no....I want too watch rangers every saturday and that he did. We have experienced some great times together going too watch rangers and too him I thank him for bringing me up supporting rangers. I will be going on Wednesday and it would be great if we could have a minutes applause on the 62nd minute. Thank you 🔴⚪🔵
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    All this scrambling for tickets to see a new club that doesn't exist (or whatever they're choosing to believe this week) seems very odd. Obviously The Breath of Fresh Air One taking his galacticos around the country just wasn't interesting enough for some punters.
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    The way any of the Old Firm managers should act when quizzed on ref's. As I've said a few times on here there's only one ref I thought was a cheat and that was Thompson that one season in 2-games against us. That was more than just poor officiating. Outwith that there's poor refs and average ref's who each have good days and bad days. The tarriers have made success for themselves off the back of intimidating ref's, putting pressure on them, shouting about conspiracies and whatever else. They even caused a referee strike for fuck sake and actually complied DVD's and sent them to UEFA for clarification after a match in Europe. They're going to win the league by almost 40-points, good chance they will do it unbeaten (which will be a great achievement, I must admit) and favourites for a treble and they are that worried about this shite wee sevco team with nae history, shite players and nae money that they go to these lengths. They're literally the most shameless club in the world. Wean raping bastards.
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    I had to pop into Waitrose to get a card for my mums birthday, anyway if the bold Pedro wasnt there trying to scan a vienna loaf!! Usually a fairly shy chap but i went over, shook hands and to said 'best of luck on sunday' & 'get stuck into them' and probably some other incoherant shite!. He was really friendly and said 'thank you my friend'. If i knew how to work my phone i might have tried taking a pic with him...ha ha Quite surprised he used to be a goalie as he is maybe only 5ft 9 and pretty slender. Hopefully he can relay my motivational speech back to the team and you can all thank me on Sunday afternoon once we gub the tims.
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    he should be judged when he brings in his own and not working with this shite.
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    Hello Bears, I know some of the younger generation won't remember him,Trevor played for us while Souness was manager he has lost his wife to cancer, thoughts with Trevor and his family. RIP
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    I would suggest that it's the players who have issues. 2015 was the last time we put together a string of genuinely dominant performances. Pedro isn't the reason the players have been weak, gutless and pathetic for more or less the whole of 2016.
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    Anyone else with a kid with ASD (or any other challenges) will agree this is great news from the club. Places are only just starting to implement things like this and i'm glad my club is one of them. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/broxis-den-launched-ibrox/
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    Brown's correct re Warburton but I can't take him seriously when the likes of him and Goram refused to say the same about their chum McCoist when he left
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    gonae stop calling they tarrier bastards the tic
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    These cunts are the lowest of the low. They'll do anything they can to try and influence a game. A despicable club, with an inbuilt victim culture, who've been lying, cheating, crawling, and backstabbing their way to the top. They're always trying to take the moral high ground, with their whataboutery shite. They're never defeated, and always cheated mentality has got them this far. The RANGERS ARE BACK! AND THOSE BASTARDS ARE SHITTING THEMSELVES! WATP!!!!
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    look at that last line FFS
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    Give me a 37 year old Kenny Miller over duds like Waghorn and Garner every day of the week!
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    Mindless fucking vandalism and theres no need. All anyone who does this is doing is costing US a fucking fortune. I'd rather my season ticket money was spent on the squad than giving Aberdeen a free toilet renovation. When we scored yesterday, there's rows of us falling about celebrating, and one wee poofy geeky fud just standing stamping on a seat. Oooh you're hard. Just gives the media a reason to nationally embarrass us, and give Aberdeen freebies. Cuntish behaviour. I fully expect to take a pile of stick for this post.
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    Garner and Jack Incident Miller 1st Goal Miller 2nd Goal Dodoo 3rd Goal From pFx95 on reddit.
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    Has to start on Saturday. Guy has skill, pace and can at least hit the target.
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    I can't thank the bears enough,what a great day and weekend, Just to see Fernando's face light up was all worth it, Also Sarah ,Ryan Bairds fiance presenting the man of the match trophy was heart warming , We are the best fans in the world there is no doubt about that, I was speaking to the England select team after the game,they could not believe how good our support was, All the fans that turned up are a credit to our club,
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    Pathetic for people to already slate this manager. Wait until he has his team first for a season
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    Naismith can get to fuck, that prick should not be allowed anywhere near Ibrox for the rest of his days. McGregor, Davis, Lafferty and the rest of the walk-away cunts can fuck off as well.
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    I don't think there's anything wrong with what Ferguson has written here. I also don't think he's suited for the position.
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    Good. The pre season last year was a joke. Going to America to play a college level team and letting our biggest signing of the summer fanny around going to festivals whilst the rest of the team were training. The season starts early this year because of Europe. In order to be prepared for that we have to start early. When do the players want to start? The week before we play in Europe? Wouldn't suprise me. Hope this forces some of these shitebag, useless, pish poor players out of the club. The fucking nerve of them to moan at this and run to the papers after the season they've gave us.
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    This "shite" permeates the game in Germany, Spain, Portugal so and so forth. Meanwhile in Scotland we get snidey remarks whenever its mentioned. What's Scotlands first game at the next World cu----aw wait nevermind
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    Why be so cryptic? Say who or just don't start the thread in the first place I despair
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    'He's just about past it'. Do yous clowns who say this stuff even watch football? Or just read messageboards and go with whatever seems the most popular view? His 2 goals at the sheepshaggers 2 weeks ago prove he still has something to offer, as did his volley at inverness, winners at motherwell, goal against the taigs. Zoomers man.
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    That's how I feel after watching that. I feel very little. Its gotten that bad and I dislike this group of players that much that performances and results like that don't surprise me anymore and it's more of a meh feeling when it happens. That is what hurts. The fact it's gotten this bad.
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    Waghorn, Garner and Halliday should not play another minute for us.
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    Young lad got himself into the SPFL team of the week
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    I take on board the things everyone says on here about the majority of that team needs cleared out but what annoys me is that we are more than capable of results and performances like today but we don't play that way as often as we should. For all we need serious investment to challenge Cetic, I honestly bellieve that some of our guys that don't even play that much such as O'Halloran, Dodoo, Forrester etc would be first picks for any team in Scotland outwith Celtic. The players have shown with the games against Hearts and Aberdeen at Ibrox, the first half against Celtic at Ibrox, Celtic away a couple of weeks ago and today that we can put in a performance but it bubbles down to consistency. Pedro was totally vindicated in dropping McKay and Halliday today and I thought we looked a bit more clinical from middle-to-front. For all Beerman and Bates are rough round the edges and probably not Rangers-class, you've also got to acknowledge that as defenders they've came in played 2 games and helped keep 2 clean sheets at away venues - with the help of Fod, granted. Good days work. Shame with the Motherwell and Kilmarnock results it might just be too little too late for second.
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    Should make the enclosure standing again.
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    When it becomes about the betterment of the club and not about the financial gain and influence certain individuals have then that will be a starting point. I can't see that happening anytime soon so your wish is a bit of a pipe dream. Unless these individuals leave or are forced out then you're looking to build on sand. By way of contrast, look at what Govanblue puts in for the support and what he gets out of it. Compare that to Craig Houston and Chris Graham. Consider how these 2 "fans " have manouevered themselved into such positions of influence / prestige, and their links to tell current Board. There's your key problem, unlike with Govanblue, it's about themselves, it's toxic, and it's insurmountable for uniting a fan base.
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    Hopefully this isn't another Bartley/Healy scenario of our fans getting a hard on over a challenge that means absolutely fuck all considering we lost both games!
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    Everyone on here is a fucking wanker of the highest order, i got 16/1 on a rangers win tomorrow and i'll fucking rip anycunt that says otherwise P.S ive lost my phone so this isnae me
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    Against taigs lost hearts lost twice Aberdeen lost once St Johnstone drew Hibs lost twice Falkirk lost twice. Under MW we took 1 point against those sides away from.home. Between Pedro and murty theyve already taken 4 points between them against the galacticos and the sheep. Two of our hardest games in a season The points we've gained have been due to decisions both managers made during the game, reacting to the situation. For me mw had all the right buzzwords and stats but at the end of the day you want your manager to react. As Aberdeen went on the front foot and we were penned in. He made changes to reflect the spaces he could see and with players he believed could exploit it. Between them dodoo and windass played their part in the three goals. For me I'm still unsure about Pedro and whether or not he's the best fit for us but he isn't rigid and set in his ways. His subs aren't like for like in the hope that plan a will work better. In 6months time we might all want Pedro out but my gut now tells me with his own players in and when he properly implements his philosophy he may just surprise us all. it's been a breath of fresh air to see changes due to the game situation rather than change for changes sake. It didn't work at killie and we are far too shot shy but hopefully a striker who just scores goals appears in the summer. It's not always an amazing performance that impresses the support or gives us hope. PC done that today. Let's hope we can beat St Johnstone up there and start to look like we can go to these tougher away days and take points. As it stands its 4 points out of 6 against MWs 1 point out of 27
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    You know what annoys me about Rangers? The terminally depressing fans who canna just enjoy an away win at the Sheep shaggers without fucking moaning about something..... fuck me we have plenty to be depressed about... i am enjoying this result.... try to find some enjoyment somewhere ffs... otherwise whats the fucking point
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    I’m delighted to announce that Wee Josh and his family will be in attendance, and hopefully making an on-pitch appearance at Ibrox on Saturday 1st April. It’s not been easy to arrange, and would not have been possible without some very specialized help. Rangers were always happy to invite Wee Josh to Ibrox, but the problem was that after a mascot appearance, Wee Josh can’t just take a regular seat in the stand like most mascots do, and so he would require some hospitality seats (8 in fact!!). But all the hospitality is sold out for the remaining games this season, so it would have to wait until next season, which was not ideal. Luckily our very good friends at Specialized Security heard about this and stepped in with some awesome solutions… First of all, they put the word round their friends in Club Europe, and managed to persuade 8 Good Bears to give up their seats for Saturday’s game. So that’s 8 hospitality seats arranged for Josh, his brother, his mum & dad, his gran & granddad, a Carer. Oh, and little old me. (His Gran and Grandad were keen to be there too, but were struggling to get two tickets for the game, so we thought we may as well add them to the party too. ) The only problem now was that it’s a pretty long drive from Stockport to Glasgow, and the day would end up being exhausting more than anything else, so we needed to sort out some accommodation. Once again, Specialized Security stepped up, and have booked 3 rooms at the Glasgow Hilton for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday). Meaning everyone can get a good night’s sleep and be Ready for the long day ahead of them, and then get a good night’s sleep after the event too. Specialized Security have even laid on some drivers from the hotel to the stadium, and back, to make life as easy as possible for the family. So fingers crossed we have a nice sunny day on Saturday, and I hope you’ll all give a big cheer for the Wee Man when he makes his brief appearance. In order to try to capitalise on the occasion, we had hoped to combine the day with a large-scale leafleting campaign, but due to a mix-up with dates (my fault!) several of our Staunch Volunteers who I would have been relying on will not be at the game, so we would not have had enough help. So we’ll maybe try to arrange that for a later game – if any of you want to volunteer to help out with an hour’s worth of handing out leaflets before the game? Oh and one last thing – I’ll be popping in to the Megastore to get Josh and Ethan a couple of souvenirs – so if anybody wants to chip in towards that, please make a donation via the RM PayPal and then tell me that you’ve done so. Here’s the PayPal link… http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/paypal.html