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    No it’s not a clickbait title- for once! So after 6 years of fundraising, I’ve finally decided that it’s finally time for me to finally hang up my gloves, and finally start to draw the curtain down on my overly-long involvement in what was actually only supposed to be a one-off fundraiser. There are lots of random, unrelated and non-controversial reasons behind my decision, the main one being health-related, so that’s the end of that discussion! I’m sure many of you will be delighted at the news of my retirement, because let’s face it, I’m an annoying cunt, even on a good day. What I don’t want to do though, is leave either Erskine or the many Loyal Fund Members suddenly in the lurch, so I have hopefully come up with a workable exit strategy… We have already just recently paid £2500 for 10 Erskine & Combat Stress Season tickets renewals for the coming season, and we still have a few hundred quid left in the bank to cover Europa and Cup tickets for the next couple of months, plus our previously promised donation to Bravehound, so we’re good for a while. We will shortly launch the RM Erskine Fund 2019/20 New Season Membership/Donations thread just as we had planned to do. But this time, it will run only for about one month, giving any members who wish to continue their support into next season an opportunity to do so. After which, we will stop accepting donations into the current Fund account. The money raised from that fundraiser, added to the money that we already hold in reserve, should mean that we will have enough money to maintain our spending for the rest of this season (albeit on a reduced budget), and also still hold enough money in reserve to pay for next season’s season tickets, which will be approx £2500 and will be due in May 2020, which means we will be providing continued support using just our existing (plus next month's) resources, until May 2021, which I think is not a bad exit strategy. Of course, that’s using just our existing (plus next month’s) resources. After I end my fundraising involvement, it doesn't mean that other Members can’t keep things going in all sorts of ways – it just means donations won’t go through my bank account, so you’ll need to work something out yourselves for that side of things. (off the top of my head, I can think of loads of options, so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with some fully workable ideas). I will of course be fully available to the Fund in an offline advisory capacity for as long as my input is needed. So may I take this opportunity to thank Everyone who has so wholeheartedly supported our efforts over those many years. I only made the outlandish demands I made, because I knew there were People like you there to meet them. And together, I think we made enough of a difference for it to have been ultimately worthwhile. So there you go – that’s the plan. Keep your eye out for the season 19/20 Membership Fundraiser thread which will be along soon, and let’s make it a good one. Oh and don't forget, you've got a Dug to feed too!
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    He's nearing his 200th game for us, just checking his stats there and he's been directly involved in over 100 goals for us. That's fucking outrageous numbers for a full back
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    Ambling through Formby this morning, wearing my Rangers polo shirt of course, couldn't believe my eyes to see SG walking towards me. He was going into one of the main street's restaurant chains with his daughter. Shaking my hand before they went inside, we did manage a brief chat - he is confident this year we'll see 55 Can't understand why a 60 year old can feel like a 6 year old again though
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    All the best to him. Tried his hardest and that's all you can ever ask for.
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    Probably rather go for a bath with my toaster mate. Thanks anyway
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    Who cares what tarriers think on a podcast?
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    'Derek McInnes is a bottler and Rangers dodged a bullet' Ewen Cameron lets rip at 'raging' Aberdeen fans The DJ slammed the Dons boss and their supporters during comments made on his latest podcast. Ewen Cameron has launched an incredible blast aimed at Derek McInnes, Aberdeen and their supporters. The radio host has let rip at the Dons boss in an all-out attack and claims the 47-year-old is a "bottle merchant" and he isn't a "big club manager". McInnes is revered at Pittodrie for his telling impact at the club where he has transformed one of Scottish football's sleeping giants since his arrival in 2013. During his tenure, Aberdeen have won the League Cup and finished best of the rest behind celtic in four consecutive seasons, before a fourth-placed finish in 2018/19. McInnes has also earned signature scalps in Europe. Famous wins over Rijeka and Groningen live long in the memory among the Reds faithful. Last season, Aberdeen dumped Rangers out of both domestic cups before coming up short against celtic. His enviable CV has led to offers from elsewhere. Both Sunderland and Rangers made moves for his services in 2017 but McInnes rejected their interest to remain at Pittdorie. The Dons boss has added 10 players this summer as he deals with the loss of key duo Gary Mackay-Steven and captain Graeme Shinnie. But Cameron is not a fan of McInnes and made that abundantly clear with his barbed comments on his podcast alongside Grado. He said on Football Daft : "He didn't go to Rangers because he bottled it. "He's a bottle merchant. He isn't a big club manager. "He knows he isn't a big club manager, Derek McInnes knows his place. "It turns out, in my opinion, that Rangers actually dodged a bullet with Derek McInnes. "Why? Because Aberdeen have won one trophy during that spell and that was when Rangers were on a world tour of Scotland, playing the likes of Peterhead. "Hearts and Hibs were in the Championship and still Aberdeen could win just one trophy when those three teams were playing in the lower leagues. "Since the return of Hearts, Hibs and Rangers, Aberdeen have found themselves going from second to fourth in the league behind Rangers and Kilmarnock." It wasn't only Aberdeen's manager in the firing line with supporters also getting it in the neck from the DJ. Cameron claims the Dons faithful care more about fierce rivals Rangers than their own team and they should "know their place" within the Scottish football landscape. He added: "Aberdeen fans cannot accept they are nothing special. They have to accept who they are. "And what is really pathetic, in regards to Aberdeen supporters, is they hate Rangers more than they love Aberdeen. "Their fans are raging that Rangers have gone from League Two to the only club that has a chance of ending celtic's dominance. "For me, Aberdeen fans have a chip on their shoulder. "They were once a force, particularly in the 80s, they are not now. "They are not a force within Scottish football. "That's the problem with Aberdeen fans, they are living in the past and can't accept that they are nothing really special. "My message to Aberdeen fans is this, take a page out of your manager's book and know your place. "Also, see the p*** you've been sending me on Twitter, up ye." https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/derek-mcinnes-bottler-Rangers-dodged-17395934.amp?__twitter_impression=true
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    Very harsh. His close control is fantastic, no chance he'll be in our first team but he'll offer something different to us for sure. Weird post considering he played well tonight.
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    Didn't know a thing about this boy but he looks like and plays like a fucking tank, strong, aggressive and seemingly an excellent finisher, was expecting another lightweight not up to the challenge but the lad is impressing me so far.
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    Good to see Danny Wilson still doing his bit for the club.
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    The “stain” of administration? What about the “stain” of abusing kids and saying and doing nothing? What about the “stain” of paying the head abuser £1 million? What about the “stain” of the separate entity claim? What about the “stain” of hiring a PR company to deflect the stories? You dirty taig bastards. You are the fucking “STAIN”.
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    Last centre half I said I had a good feeling about was Cardoso so I’m gonny shut the fuck up.
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    Good write up by Chris Jack in the times Sam Ricketts with big praise for his performances last season really hope he can make the grade he’s got great attributes. “IT is on his ability that Greg Docherty will be judged this summer as Steven Gerrard decides whether he has a place in his Rangerssquad. But Sam Ricketts knows there will be no questions over his attitude as Docherty looks to make the most of his second chance at Ibrox. Ricketts inherited the 22-year-old when he was appointed as Shrewsbury Town boss in December. By then, Docherty had already scored six times in League One and had firmly established himself as a fan favourite at New Meadow after leaving Ibrox on loan last summer. As Shrewsbury battled for their place in the third tier of English football, the midfielder was more than playing his part in the fight. Come the end of the campaign, it was one that proved successful for Ricketts as relegation was avoided. Docherty could therefore return north of the border with a sense of satisfaction at a job done. And he has left a last impression in Shropshire. Ricketts said: “He did really well. I came in halfway through the season and I didn’t really know of Greg before I came in. “But what he has got is a fantastic attitude in terms of wanting to be a footballer at the highest level and he does everything he can to put himself in the right place to do that. He looks after himself, he does extra work in the gym and he is outside doing extra practice every day. “That is what I loved about him. On the field, he had an excellent season and to get ten goals and 11 assists is excellent, no matter where you are playing or who you are. “That is a very good return and I was delighted to work with him on and off the pitch. “He came away and played a full season of 50 games, which is no mean feat for any player. The exuberance he has to want to do well is brilliant. I never watched him play at Rangers but he came here and worked so hard. It is not just his running, it is excellent, but his goals and all round game were terrific. “When you have got a player that is willing to put that shift in, that will run you 12km in every game, but also do it at his intensity, that is a major asset to any team. “With Greg, you have his quality at the end of it and that is what makes him a special player.” Ricketts may have known little about Docherty when he first arrived at New Meadow but it didn’t take the former Swansea, Hull, Bolton and Wolves defender long to become a keen admirer of the Scot. Docherty would score another four times in the second half of the campaign. The match minutes were just as important on a personal level as his time away from Ibrox proved more than worthwhile. “He is very driven and he wants to be as good as he can be and have as good a career as possible,” Ricketts said. “Greg saw coming away to Shrewsbury for a year as an opportunity to impress everyone. “Most importantly, he bought into what we were doing at the club, certainly since I came into the club. He bought into everything that I asked of him so he wasn’t like a loan player that had half an eye on being back home. “Obviously he still followed Rangers and he wanted to impress them, but he was fully committed to what we were doing here, which was really important. “He is a really good lad, a great lad to have around the place and I had no problems with him in that respect. He is very professional, he acts and behaves and looks after himself in the right manner. “He is level-headed as well, so he doesn’t get carried away when he is scoring goals or assisting goals and he wasn’t off it when things weren’t quite going his way either. That impressed me and is the temperament that you need to be a top player.” With a full season at Shrewsbury under his belt, Docherty returned to Glasgow this summer determined to impress boss Gerrard. And Ricketts hopes the former Hamilton Accies star gets his dream chance at Ibrox as Rangers bid for domestic success this season. He said: “The whole idea of taking lads in on loan is to give them a platform to perform and to improve and I think that is exactly what happened with Doc, which was brilliant. “I will follow him and I will wish him all the best and I hope that he can go and impress again this season and do well. We are really keen for him to go on and have a great career and then we can say that we helped, that we were a very small part, of helping him achieve that. “You won’t learn from anyone better because Steven Gerrard was one of the best players that the Premier League has ever seen. “He was a phenomenal talent but he could get box-to-box, and Doc can do that too. He can score goals, he can assist goals and Doc has not got anyone better to learn from. “Doc would be of interest to a lot of people and I wish him the best. I hope he goes on and does really well this year. If he was available, then obviously we would be keen. But that doesn’t mean that it would happen. I think he could be out of our reach because he performed that well and he could be beyond us now.”
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    🔟 All the goals from the first qualifying round of the Europa League.
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    Let’s give the guy a good fucking 10 games before we make any comment, I remember cunts this time last year lauding Coulibaly like he was Makalele ffs.
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    Honestly can’t get my head round so much of our support being against him. 100% he deserves to lead us to 55. No matter what people think of his abilities as a captain, the players and management seem to believe in his application of the job. Guys instrumental to all we do right now.
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    WITH almost a month to go before the start of the new Ladbrokes Premiership campaign Rangers can announce that season-tickets sales have again reached record levels. Last year’s figure of 45,419 was itself a record but, as of today, 45,757 have been sold and we have a waiting list of close to 14,000. These numbers not only reflect the undying loyalty Rangers supporters have for their club but also demonstrate the strength of belief they have in the present management team. No one is more conscious of that than Rangers chairman Dave King, who said: “Once again Rangers supporters have stepped forward and reminded us that we, the directors of this special club, are in a fortunate and privileged position to be able to work for them and with them. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/gers-season-tickets-hit-record-levels/
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    I've only met the great man once,in a petrol station in Newton Mearns,had Rangers top on and waiting in queue when got grabbed into the tightest Bear hug,then Fernando appears grinning over my shoulder,cherish that memory more than ever now
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    Let's post positive pics bro
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    11 minutes into the season and players are being written off already. Oh how I've missed this.
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    Morelos cannot be allowed to go anywhere this summer. He is absolutely critical to us winning the league.
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    I had 7p left on my Ladbrokes account and stuck it on 5-0 at 3-0. 46p up. Good day today.
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    I didn’t even know they were seeing each other
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    Just downloaded it over 100 times then deleted them for a laugh. Cheers for posting mate.
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    @ForeverAndEver This was some response to that "Gay, straight, transgender, fridge, dining room table it doesn’t matter, if you’re a fenian I will still hate you"
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    We can all laugh and be faux offended but see to be honest it is starting to get beyond a joke. They are making our brand seem less important than them over the city. Neutral people actually watch/read BBC and when headlines are always negative about us and positive about them then people do tend to believe it because it mostly goes unchallenged. We should be complaining about it because as the OP said they are supposed to be neutral.
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    Good positive thread after a 6-0 win .
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    Bhoys mentioned first in the link nitcham also in the link. Fucking disgrace. This forum has lost it and honestly think I’m for chucking it. Lets allow cunts to advertise blogs that will have at least 50% tarrier input.
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    Another quality addition to our team. Tell you something,no one will be bullying this Rangers team. Gerrard seems to have taken the Souness quote of “we will have better players but if they want a fight we will win that too” to his purchases. Better and stronger than we have been in a long long time.
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    Also the 3-0 against Lyon in the group stage in the Manchester season
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    This shit just blows your mind ...... the act was ... is .... and will be forever illegal and is a crime punishable with imprisonment ... as has been proven. The immoral facts are .... that the persons at CFC who indisputably knew these negative life altering despicable acts were being carried out against innocent children .... did absolutely nothing about it .... and by ignoring their moral duty .... allowed it to continue unabated ..... the continued covering up of the incidents over the past decades to the present ... are to anyone of sound mind ..... incomprehensible. No one ....who has a shred of decency .... would try and wheedle their way out of this whole scandal by condoning this pathetic excuse that it was not a legal requirement to report crimes of this nature to the police. It really is fucking mind blowing .... and in the case of this instance with Clyde .... just more confirmation of the mindset that is endemic at CFC .... and the paedophile enablers running the show in this country. Most definitely this sorry saga is the worst crime to be committed against innocents .... and no one with political or legal power gives a flying fuck about the kids who have been abused and still suffer the nightmares. May they all rot in hell for their scandalous behaviour and inaction ..... fucking snakes the lot of them. 🇬🇧
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    "Popcorn teeth" shouldn't even be named in the same sentence as Gerrard. Not ever. Polar opposites, ones a model pro, achieved everything in football, driven by passion for the game, a national hero. The other's lennon.
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    You need too admire backups ability to just plough on no matter what shite he posts
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    Do not know. I have not been to a place called Columbia. There is no celtic pub in Colombia though thank God.
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    I won't accept a shitey cup as progression. Fuck that. Celebrating some prick of a cup when they are doing 9iar? Nah The league, nothing more nothing less.
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    Oxford and now Cambridge. We’ll be entering the boat race next year.
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    Uh oh, the web is untangling. sash tap and big katic signed up from almost identical email addresses. Big katic signs up within 24 hours of Goldyboy from the same IP address. hammertime.
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