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    Stunning banner from today

    Thanks for all the comments lads. This belongs to me, all the way from Leicester every game. 🇬🇧
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    Captain Hilts

    Stunning banner from today

    Hats off to whoever made this. Fantastic.
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    Walter Smith

    Happy Birthday gaffer.
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    Morelos New Contract

    Alfredo Morelos today said: “It did not take me long to agree this extension because my career has progressed quicker and better than I could have expected when I joined this great club. “I have come to realise just how special Rangers is and what it means to so many people around the world. Also, I feel a strong connection with the fans and they have made me feel special.” love the wee guy
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    Let's fight for our rightful ticket allocation. Let's call out the cunts that sing about our Ibrox disaster. Let's look for parity in how all fans are treated rather than look to throw our own under the bus all the time. Let's go to war with our haters in the msn, football authorities, politicians etc Let's support our supporters be it UB, away support, rather than alienate them. Let's get our Board remembering they are club guardians not petulant head master like dictators. Let's go forward as one and benefit from that synergy. Aye, let's fucking go.
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    Neil McCann has lifted the lid on the sectarian abuse he was subjected to on the day Dundee and celtic paid tribute to his late father. His dad Eddie passed away at the end of 2017 and both teams held a minute's applause for Eddie McCann before the Hoops' 2-0 win in the Boxing Day fixture. But McCann has revealed he was STILL subjected to vile taunts from celtic supporters at Dens Park during the contest and has suffered since the day he joined Rangers. Sectarian abuse is a hot topic in Scottish football with Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke and striker Kris Boyd victims of disgusting chants over the past eight days. Clarke and Boyd put on a united front at a press conference last week and Rangers boss Steven Gerrard and chairman Dave King strongly spoke out against the perpetrators and believe there is no place in Scottish football for such behaviour. The former Scotland international, who is a Catholic, believes he has always been a target for abuse because of his religion and the team he played for. McCann, who won nine trophies during his time at Ibrox, admits now is the time for things to change once and for all. The former Dens Park boss told BBC Sportsound: "Being Catholic and signing for Rangers was a big story. "It wasn't just myself but my family were subjected to lots of abuse. It is unacceptable, it's totally unacceptable. "I grew to ignore it and to be honest it's water off a duck's back, it doesn't bother me. "But now we are in a situation in life where people are not ignoring it anymore. That goes for sexual orientation, gender and race. "People are now saying 'enough is enough'. "Now I've been subjected to all sorts and some of the shouts which have come off the back of it are pretty despicable and shouldn't happen - they have no place in the game of football and no place in the general public. "There's not much you can do about it, it's difficult to turn when you're out with family - that's when it becomes beyond personal. "That's when it hurts when you're with a member of your family, especially your children. "Even when we held a minute's applause when my father passed away, we were playing celtic on BT Sport. "I was subjected to the exact same song that Steve Clarke got when celtic scored their first goal. "That happened then and nothing was said about it." McCann admits despicable chants and taunts have followed him throughout his career but says the abuse hasn't been limited to just celtic supporters. He added: "It's not just one club here, it's not just two clubs - it happens at other clubs as well. I've been called 'the H**' and an 'orange b******' and all the rest of it and I'm Catholic. "When I played football I had no interest whatsoever in the religious set-up or anybody's ideas or gripes. "I went to play football and chose to play for Glasgow Rangers and it was a huge honour to play for such a prestigious club. "I have everything - I remember saying at the time I wasn't a Rangers fan when I signed but from that onwards I would become one because when someone is paying you to play for them then you give everything for that team. "I would like to think the abuse that I take is purely for that fact that I have gone to Rangers, and I'm talking about celtic fans directly, because I'm a Catholic and played for Rangers and I have some right that I shouldn't sign for that club and further my career.
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    Well done the Dude

    Calling out Matt Lindsay on twitter on his ridiculous article that the sheep support ar "untainted by bile"
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    Referees have been the centre of attention over the past few months as everybody thinks there's an agenda for or against somebody else. But the last week has seen Scottish football dragged back in time with sectarianism rearing its ugly head after incidents involving Kris Boyd and Steve Clarke . Both were victims of sectarian chanting aimed at them based on their affiliation (real or otherwise) with one half of the Old Firm. However, only one seemed to cause widespread offence and spur the Scottish FA into some sort of action. READ MORE: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/sectarianism-Rangers-celtic-affects-beating-14037661
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    Brittany Held

    Not gonna lie I thought this thread was about Spiers getting arrested
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    Comparisons With Last Season

    Where to begin? We’ve earned over £20 million from Europe this season compared to last season where we had one home match and had our arses handed to us by Luxembourgish part timers. Just from watching games with my own eyes, the football we're playing under Gerrard is in the main, miles ahead of the previous two managers. It says a lot that Sean Goss, who was a first-teamer last season, is now out on loan at St. Johnstone. We lost ten league games last season and conceded over 50 goals. We threw away a lead against celtic at Ibrox and after that gave up on the season, which later saw us get pumped 4-0 in a semi final and 5-0 in a league game. That was embarrassing. I could go on. This season, although somewhat disappointing, is far from embarrassing. I really struggle to take anyone seriously that tries to compare this season to last in all honestly, it's night and day.
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    Scotland Tonight

    A very interesting arguement tonight from Professor Sir Tom Devine who is a historian and he puts all of the current sectarian uproar down to the media. It sells papers simply. But it has long gone from the days of where it refelcted something worse in society. That part has gone and all it is now is singing at a game and people go home to their families. The media want it to be a sign of a bigger issue as in west central scotland this type of fanfare fills shelf space. Good to hear the opinion of someone with a brain on the matter on the TV for a change.
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    There has been a fair few games where Gerrard can take the blame but he is in no way responsible for tonight. The amount of chances we have had to kill teams off this season have been criminal. Honestly hope we keep Gerrard for the next 3 years. He is a born winner, you can’t change everything in one season. He has given us a Europa league group stage run, he has given us a victory over celtic. He is going to make mistakes in the same way that all managers do but he will honestly get it right given enough time. He has helped turn Morelos into a 15-20m pound player. It’s frustrating as fuck. But Gerrard needs the full backing from everyone and the board. Certain he will bring us a title in the next two and a bit years.
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    Does your wife know you're up this late?
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    I think we should take their captain every season on a point of principle.
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    This cunt just won the internet for the day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Nameless Ghoul

    Blue Sea of Ibrox

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    It's unbelievable how we have been once again highlighted as being the big bad bigots who shame all of Scotland with our dark ages beliefs and songs etc, barely a mention of the shite that comes out of the east end or the many problems that comes from most of the club's across the country, I was trying to not get too caught up in the conspiracy and everybody's against us stuff but it's impossible now, we truly are hated and alone in this fucking arsehole of a country, I'm getting angrier by the day tbh, it's very hard not to, time for the club to stop pissing about trying to not upset anybody and come out with a decent statement that is strong and to the point, we are the majority and are currently being bitch slapped all over the shop, it's fucking shocking what we allow them to get away with.
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    The Media Agenda

    Right so this week alone we have had one set of fans, 1. Hit a player with a coin while subjecting that player to sectarian abuse due to his perceived religious beliefs. 2. Break hundreds of seats and have a mini pitch invasion. 3. Attack a elderly fan of Kilmarnock. 4. Sing songs glorifying a prescribed terrorist organisation both at home and abroad. 5. Video a what looks like a 5 year old boy singing about a Rangers employee being a orange bastard and 'hoping he dies' while around about 100 adults sing along and egg him on. 6. Fans group claim that they fire bombed a Rangers pub in Spain with pictures showing fire damage to the pub. 7. Fans filmed throwing bottles and chairs and even (strangely) shouting sectarian abuse at Spanish police resulting in arrests. 8. A fan arrested for possession of Crystal Meth in Spain. 9. Graffiti in the town centre calling supporters of another team 'H** Scum' (a weekly occurrence these days). 10. 3 supporters arrested for sending a ref abuse after their team lost a game. We have in the same week had another set of fans, 1. Sing the 'cheer up' song to a opposition manager once. Guess what has caused the bigger media and political reaction? Nobody in this country can claim with a straight face that there isn't a media or political agenda against one club and its fans. ================== Nail on head.
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    9 years ago today

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    #lads42 - Ibrox

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    Rangers Vs Kilmarnock - Video

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    I don't know any protestant or Rangers supporter that calls themselves a H**. Many scum take pride in calling themselves Fenians, they were Paddy McCourts Fenian Army not too long ago. There is no doubt they enjoy the label themselves when believing themselves to be republican terrorists, but when called exactly that they default to victimhood of Roman Catholic sectarian abuse. One term is entirely offensive, the other is dependent on who says it and whether the scum choose to be offended by it. Only the latter generates significant interest and condemnation in this shit hole of ours due to the influence of Fenian (republican terrorist) lovers in the SNP.
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    A meek leader granted but he actually makes some salient points here, gives some good insight into the BBC issue also. People moan when our board don't say anything and moan when they do, not sure they can win.
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    Gerrard : Post Match Reaction

    People are going to slate Gerrard but tbh what did he do wrong tonight? It's a shite result so he's going to cop some flak but what else would you have done different? Played McCrorie? Instead of who? Kamara has been one of our better players the last 2 games. Played Katic? Worrall has been excellent recently and I don't even like the guy. Played Halliday? We saw in the last game why we needed Barisic back in. Dropped Morelos? The majority of this board wanted Morelos to start He's the manager so the buck stops with him but the players are consistently letting him down now and he has no alternatives at this stage of the season. If Candeias plays a simple 10 yard pass to Morelos or Kent and we equalise it's a different story. Kamara doesn't play McGinn in and it's a different story. Arfield doesn't scuff his shot straight into a defender from 15 yards out and it's a different story Gerrard will carry the can for this if this bullshit continues into next season but I'm not going to throw him under the bus yet.
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    Morelos New Contract

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    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    😂😂hope someone’s put that there on purpose
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    There has been a rumour kicking around the last few days that if Morelos is booked against Dundee then he would miss the games against Kilmarnock and Celtic. I thought I’d clarify the position before everyone worries too much about it. The Rules The SPFL rules on cumulative cautions provide that a player misses the game 14-days after his sixth caution, and the two games 14-days after his twelfth. The rules lay out which competitions they apply to. The cup rules are slightly different, and there are additional rules to matches outwith the specified leagues and cups. Morelos Per a list posted in the Dundee match thread, which appears to be complete and correct, Morelos is on 9 cautions in the league; and is therefore 3 yellows from his two-match ban. Where I assume that this rumour started is that Morelos is on 11 domestic bookings, once you factor in the cup competitions. As it is, the rules group together certain competitions, but do not group together the league and the cups. Taking an earlier ban as proof, Morelos didn’t miss the game 14-days after his 6th domestic booking on that list (he actually scored in the 3-0 win over Livingston on 24/11). Morelos picked up his sixth (and seventh) league bookings of the season against Aberdeen on 5/12 and the Dundee game on 9/12. It appears that, in application, the first of those games is deemed to cover the yellow card ban (though I’m not entirely sure why). tl;dr If he doesn’t get sent off, he’s available to sink Steve Clarke’s current and future employers. He’s golden. He’s play all of those games and score at least another 12. Alfredooo
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    Courtyard Bear

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    I’ve no time for the man but FFS folks. We scream the beeb has an agenda Stuart Robertson comes right out and tells yes they do and we go aye and whit. He stops just short of saying the CO is only interested in hammering us the most the rest to a certain extent and leaves them alone. Just what more do you want him to say??
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    At the time Gerrard certainly wasn’t my choice, I wanted Bielsa, he was sitting in the house at the time. However I think Gerrard will win trophies here. This rinse and repeat nonsense won’t ever work. We need continuity and build on what we have and what we’ve done this season. We’ve improved but we need big improvements now and with that comes cash
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    Was brilliant. Actually stunned how hes turned his career around at us.
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    Interesting that SG was able to brush off having a nasty song sung at him, didn't try and use it to deflect from a dreadful performance, and isn't a pish stained, crusty bearded, alky, jakey bastard.
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    Kingkirk sitting in the corner, arms folded, Rangers scarf on, fucking hate you, a dont want no dinner.
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    Jakey Clark outburst

    Thank God for the ever whiter than white Chelsea though. Saviour of his children. God Speed Chelsea, God Speed.
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    Who should replace Gerrard?

    What the fuck is wrong with people on here? Chelsea have an oligarch bank rolling them in a league which is the biggest cash cow in the world and are now rank fucking rotten thanks to all the chopping and changing of managers, successful or otherwise. Why the fuck would anyone think changing our manager for the 4th time (i'm including Murty in there) in as many years is the answer for a club with fuck all money playing in one of the poorest leagues in Europe? Mental...
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    Rangers were the bigots for not signing Catholics but when we did the ones doing the complaining are the same ones abusing Catholics for signing for us.
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    Apologies if posted elsewhere. Traynor to give him credit is giving the biased bbc both barrels.
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    Bristol loyal

    Difference in PR

    Spot on. They are the masters at pr and it’s working perfectly. I can’t ever remember them even acknowledging bad or sectarian behaviour from their fans, just the usual deflection and turning it round on what big bad Rangers fans have done. You only have to look at when they smashed up seats at Kilmarnock and straight away a story comes out about Rangers damaging seats at Aberdeen 2 weeks before despite absolutely no mention of it previously. Whenever they behave in a sectarian way the sorts of stories you’ve posted come out again to take the heat off them, sweep their behaviour under the carpet and make out like it’s all Rangers supporters. As you’ve said we just back down and apologise giving their spin credibility. After the Clarke issue this week we should have come out on the attack asking why sectarianism didn’t seem an issue after Kris Boyd suffered sectarian abuse a few days before, by constantly apologising were almost admitting guilt. I’ve said it before but until we grow a backbone and start fighting dirty like they do the persecution of our club will just keep getting worse and worse.
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    Does anyone want Gerrard sacked

    Anyone voting yes at this point, is an idiot.
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    We moan that the majority of players don’t give a shit and then when one of them does we moan about that too 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    As I said on the other thread, it took a bit of courage to come out with all that and not long since he lost his father. There can be no denial of what Neil said, but he will be hated even more by the scumbags for telling the truth. I love the guy for what he is all about. He calls it, as he sees it. He is what they can never be. A man of substance, dignity and integrity.
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    Jakey Clark outburst

    Didn't want to talk about Kris Boyd or sectarian abuse in the pre match press conference. Interesting Stevie.
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    • Ive played football. I can tell you that these days dangerous challenges are punished, even if they are accidental. Doing a challenge with the intention of badly hurting an opposition player, but trying to make it look accidental, and getting away with it without punishment is just silly.
    • You said you never mentioned it. seems a daft lie to make as you did in two posts.
    • Im not sure what you are struggling with..... 42 minutes ago, @Dickie brings Brown into the conversation. 2 minutes later, you reply to him, stating that you would want someone to 'Do Brown but make it look like an accident' I then question you on this. You are now accusing me of making up a scenario and claiming I am bringing Brown into it. As you can see, @Dickie brought Brown into it, not me. You were the one who made the scenario up, not me. Not really sure how you are struggling so much here.
    • Aye, the one who got slaughtered for those bad results. If Murty had won 3 from 15 against Hibs, sheep and Kilmarnock there would have been uproar. There hasn't been with Gerrard.
    • I am fully aware why Broadfoot did it, that is what a CO should be looking at, won't make a fucking bit of difference though as the ref "didn't see it" and the CO wants Morelos banned for her own biased reasons.  When your entire team is sent out to try and wind up a Rangers player (all clubs in the Scottish Prem) and he gets abused and kicked about with no protection for over 90 minutes with little done, if anything, then yeah I think frustration may just slip into the mind. Some cunt raked their studs down my foot I would be swinging a haymaker and booting the fucker in the balls and may even lay one in the ribs after. Full Cantona on the cunt! However with our legal system it would probably be better to just kick the fuck out of him outside his house in front of his kids as the Scottish police won't do much.
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