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    To raise your glass to Sandy Jardine,during this whole farce of the last few years he was the one true Rangers man who really cared about the club,kept us unified and did it unconditionally,he loved our club and we loved him,while others were in the boardroom robbing us blind he rallied our support more than anyone,to Sandy,true legend
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    Chanced it on the off-chance he might reply .... he did! His reply translates as ...... "Hello friend, we are finished with the visa issue, everything is ready"
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    Currently he is returning to Portugal for international duties! However after that he will be joining the Queens 11 for pre-season and season 2017/18!
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    There's a famous quote, popularised by Mark Twain and erroneously attributed to former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disreali, that says, "there are three kinds of lies; lies, damned lies and statistics". At a time where everyone is falling over themselves in the rush to canonise Brendan Rodgers and his 'Invincibles', the quote has never seemed more suited to Scottish football as Rangers fans are left wondering if they simply imagined the treble-winning 1992/93 season that saw Rangers go an astonishing 44 games unbeaten in ALL competitions. Read more: http://www.gotthebattlefeveron.com/2017/5/31/15718242/lies-damned-lies-invincibles-spfl-rangers-celtic
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    Or, how about we pin you up outside the stadium and smash you to pieces like a piñata?
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    IN Bruno Alves (Cagliari) - £500k Ryan Jack (Aberdeen) - Free Dalcio (Benfica B) - Loan Fabio Cardoso (Vitoria Setubal) - £1.3m Daniel Candeias (Benfica) - £700k Alfredo Morelos (HJK Helsinki) - £1m Eduardo Herrera (UNAM) - TBC Carlos Peña (Chivas) - TBC OUT Jon Toral (Arsenal) - End of Loan Emerson Hyndman (B'mouth) - End of Loan Clint Hill - End of Contract Philippe Senderos - End of Contract Joe Garner (Ipswich Town) - £1m
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    this is a fucking carlsberg closed season.
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    Ferguson is a cunt who has always been more full of praise for the vermin than us whenever i have heard him speaking. I know he grew up a bluenose but i think he must be bitter about the way he was perceived to have been treated whilst here. Calling us them is just him. Wanky. Henderson had no place there and should have declined the invite. Celtic are shitting all over us just now all over the place on and off the park and it's fucking heartbreaking watching it unfold before our very eyes. The Ferguson brothers too, Finbar and Derek, both working for Rangers hating scum and talking utter nonsense into the bargain too. To answer you, no, ex players clearly do not get it. That hurt, that heart break, that anger that we all feel watching our club be humiliated in public., whether it be through the media or on the pitch. Look at our idol, our club legend, Mr McCoist and the way that bastard treated us. The players who walked away in our hour of need, rightly or wrongly. Our club was wounded, our family was hurt and we needed support from them and they couldn't walk away fast enough. McCoist himself, couldn't make enough money from us. We made so many useless cunts multi millionaires, gave them their lavish lifestyles and wonderful careers and to a man they have all fucked off and left us to it. Some even taking liberties. Our club have been smashed from pillar to post since i can remember. It started way back when Duncan Ferguson got the jail, maybe even earlier when Souness stood upto the SFA and since then it has been one big fucking jolly hate filled conspiracy of shite against our club. Non Rangers fans will do and say anything to damage our reputation. The lengths that some folk have went to, to blacken our name has been embarrassingly extreme. We've been attacked by every single cunt in the country from every single sector of society it feels. From the Catholic Church to the judicial system, to the police force to the government to the media to the fucking fans of clubs outwith Celtic, everyone has had a go. They have all had a right good kick and it must, it simply must still kill them that they couldn't kill us off. We may be on the ropes but we are still fucking standing. This is the summer where we fight back. This is the season where we get it right up every single one of them. One thing is for sure, the party that will follow title number 55 will be the biggest party this country has ever seen. And we can all get it right fucking up every single bastard who took aim at us when we were weak.
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    Anyone else absolutely buzzing about Rangers right now? We've been through some absolute shite on/off the park the last 5 years but things seem to have finally turned a corner: New Manager Significant funding put into the playing squad; Mexicans, Portugese & Colombians to replace League 1 rejects. Back in European competition New retail deal that will massively benefit us, shelves being emptied as a result Mike Ashley no longer a share holder Investment from overseas Close to 40,000 season tickets sold Taking aberdeens captain & a highly rated youth keeper from celtic Rangers fan group becoming the second largest shareholding New DoF who spent the last 7 years as acadamy director at Man City Cannot wait for the new season to start. Bring on the hibs, the hearts, the celtic!
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    McCoist cancelling lower league games as we had players on international duty.
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    Lionbrand confirming admin next week??
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    Both seem to be doing what we require this season to compete and maybe even win(here's hoping). The Flurry of Transfers is almost too much to handle and hopefully get us back to winning things this season. I'm not a big Board Fan but still can Admit they seem to be stunning us all this season with their positive actions.
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    That's how I imagined my life ending up. What a fucking disappointment reality is.
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    He failed to successfully put a cross in the box.
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    I feel very proud that we always go to play in NI. Other clubs go on glamorous pre season trips but we as a club have never forgotten where a number of our support come from.
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    G-Y-S-T-F Get Yer Self Tae Fuck.
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    You are heavy rapid at that fair play ya wee virgin.
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    I miss Ibrox, can't wait to go back!
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    K.A.I raised about £800 for Wee Josh by raffling off his own tickets! He can do no wrong in my book!
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    Was Dave there for our first home game in the Third Division? If not, I guess he's just a fan then....
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    When big Jock won his second treble my Dad was the president of the wee Gers club and after the game my Dad, Mum, Bro and myself & wife and mate & his wife went to the club to celebrate. When we left we walked back to my Mum & Dad's in Drumoyne where we stayed the night. The next morning my Dad went along to the club to do his usual Sunday stocktaking and about 12:00 he phoned the house and told my bro, mate and I to get to the club asap and to walk there & not drive. When we got to the club it turned out that big Jock had agreed for the three trophies to be brought along to the club. Off went big Wallace Watson along to Ibrox to meet Derek Johnstone and bring the trophies to the club. Imagine Wallace walking along Edmiston Drive with one in each hand and Derek the other one. When they arrived as expected the place went mental & as much champagne as the club had was put into the trophies and everyone in the club had a sip from them. Could you imagine that happening now you would be charged a fiver just to have your picture taken. Unfortunately in those days there were no digital cameras or phone cameras so to the best of my knowledge not one picture was taken. Big Jock a true legend always thinking of the fans & when fans came to the club from Canada, Ulster, Australia etc., and wanted to present their player of the year trophy my Dad used to phone Ibrox and arrange it. The conversation went along the lines of Hi Jock Hi Tommy what can I do for you? I have some visitors wanting to present Jardine/Greig or whoever with their POTY. OK fine how many do you want to come along with them 1 or 2 would be alright. Invariably there would be about 5 or 6 of the team sent along to meet the fans. The only rule was that if pictures were to be taken there would be no drink on any of the tables. As Jock used to say a glass of water in the press becomes a straight vodka, a coke is a large Bacardi & coke etc.
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    I'm sure Sandy is sitting up there with a wee half smiling from ear to ear like the rest of us at todays result. God bless him.
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    RANGERS are delighted to announce the signing of Benfica attacker Dalcio on a season-long loan deal. The forward player, who has played in a variety of positions during his career, passed a medical at the Rangers Training Centre and will immediately join up with his new teammates. He joined Benfica from Belenenses in 2015 before having a spell back there on loan, where he gained experience in the Europa League, playing against Lech Poznan and Fiorentina. He has represented Portugal at under-19 and under-20 level and last season he spent the bulk of his time with Benfica’s ‘B’ team, making 33 appearances and scoring three times. He becomes Rangers’ third summer signing as Pedro Caixinha rebuilds his squad ahead of the new campaign Speaking exclusively to RangersTV.tv on his arrival, he said: “What attracted me was the history of the club, the size of the club, and mainly, the supporters – the amazing fans the club has. “The gaffer was a real influence on me too. I know he is really competitive and ambitious, and that was the reasons I wanted to join him. “The manager has said he is here to help me and to improve me. On the club, we need to put it on top where it belongs.”
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    Few goals against Killie and Ross County and this boy could be worth £40 million.
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    Had the privilege of being invited as a guest to Largs RSC dinner dance last night to celebrate their 50th anniversary. what a night. In Ibrox , Thornton suite, food was fantastic and the speakers were great. Sat at table with Davie Wilson and Tam Forsyth, two absolute legends of our great club i hope Largs go on to celebrate another 50 years and wish them and their members all the best. A proper run bus
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    I hate your posts, your threads and think you're a wanker. PS - no.
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    Kenny McDowall's interviews as caretaker which resembled a man being held hostage, chained to a radiator in 1980's Lebanon
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    He'll have to speak to my agent first.
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    Yawn this stuff again. Let's look forward rather than backwards again. Feel optimistic about our new signings, league etc
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    People on here are miserable as fuck. Just dying to see the negatives about any attempt to enhance the matchday experience.
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    Good to see clubs from here have no time for shitty republican agendas. DR shot down in absolute fucking flames there.
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    We sold more home tops on a Thursday morning than that
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    Who has just been awarded an MBE in HRH Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Honours list. "It is just a huge honour for both myself and my family," the father of two said. "I was shocked and taken aback when I was told about it. I thought it was a joke at first. "It was just something that had never registered with me, that I might receive something like this. Now, however, I think it's unbelievable. To get recognition like this when I'm still playing is a massive thing."
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    The second summer signing is another good one! This time ex Aberdeen captain, Ryan Jack! Welcome to the famous Glasgow Rangers! Also looks like our next signing is on his way too!!
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    Maybe he had a backpack on.
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    Moses McNeil’s mother Jane Louden Bain(Bean) was born in 1815 in Downpatrick County Down. Her father was a Henry Bain(Bean) a grocer and general merchant,his parents came from Kilmore. They came to Glasgow and Jane married a John McNeil from Comrie Perthshire on the 31st December 1839. The rest as they say is history. Jane Louden Bain McNeil and John McNeil rest with their sons Peter and William in Craigton Cemetery Glasgow. The Bain/McNeil family story forms part of our Founders Presentation which we took across to Newtownards a couple of years ago, an event which was organised by a good friend of the project Alan Ferguson from Ballynahinch. Alan was intrigued by the story of Moses family link with the Downpatrick area and has spent the last couple of years researching their story but unfortunately ran into the usual problems of lost records and names being misspelt on documents Just last week Alan contacted us full of joy as he’d finally made the breakthrough. He’s located the final resting places of the Great Grandparents and Grandparents of our Founder Moses McNeil in the grounds of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick. Both graves are only yards from the plot of St.Patrick. On top of this another mystery may have been solved. Moses brothers and sisters had fairly ordinary names, Peter, Elizabeth, William, John, James, Henry, Isabella and Alexander and then along came Moses, who’s name was a break from the mould,this has always intrigued us. Alan’s research has discovered that the family minister back in Kilmore in 1833 was a MOSES Black. We’d like to thank Alan for his research which he stuck with through periods of frustration. This has added another layer to what is a wonderful story.