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    Absolute fucking warrior Today we showed what has been missing against them for years - passion and desire and nobody epitomised it more than Ross. Fucking battled the ENTIRE game won the ball soooo many times to set us off again That's the potential and talent we all saw a while back hopefully he can stay clear of injuries and continue to improve
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    Hahaha right ye are pricks best Ibrox atmosphere in years.
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    That's what we were today, snapping into tackles, launching into balls that had no right to be won and winning them, booting cunts up in the air and arguing about every decision right or wrong, went in dreading the worst and floated back out that stadium a proud man, fucking brilliant today Rangers.
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    He actually said "we are a few results away from having had an almost perfect start to the season" I take it he's meaning Aberdeen away, Motherwell away and hibs twice cause if as our play deserved in those 4 games we got the victory then we would be sitting pretty right now. Suppose you could throw in the spartak double header. I got What he meant without getting upset tbh
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    How many times over the past few seasons has this label been attached to a player we've signed or a player we've been linked with? Who the fuck would have thought that man would be Scott Arfield? What a shift today. Absolutely outstanding. They all were actually!
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    Never let they cunts get the full stand again.
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    Almost forgot Jordan Rossiter NHS
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    ALFREDO MORELOS starred in a tribute match in his honour back home in Colombia alongside a team full of players wearing Rangers strips. Just a day after starring in Gers' Old Firm victory the striker was the star attraction in his hometown of Cerete as local club Aquel Atletico Cordoba played a 'friends of Morelos' select. The match was the centre-piece of a day of celebrations in honour of the Ibrox hero. A tournament involving regional teams kicked off the day before Morelos was honoured by the mayor with a medal to salute the town's "illustrious son". The 22-year-old was also pictured with his proud parents Martha and Alfredo snr. Then a little over 24 hours after he came off the pitch at Ibrox celebrating a crucial Premiership victory over celtic Morelos was back on a football pitch. He lined up with a team of friends all wearing the light blue of Rangers with the keepers sporting the orange goalie top. Cordoba hold an annual reunion match for their former players, and pay tribute to footballers from the area who have gone on to play professionally. Morelos has played in one of these games previously, having taken part in the 2016 reunion match while still a HJK Helsinki player. The South American is now on a winter break and won't return to action with Gers until the Scottish Cup clash with Cowdenbeath on Friday January 18. Not included the bit that Sutton says he should have had two reds or any the other shit at the bottom of the article. Good wee read and hope to fuck he stays till the summer. We've either got four weeks of alfie or 6 months. Hope it's the latter
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    Yes, after almost 8 years, the tide has finally turned. And it wasn't just a tide, it was a fucking tsunami. An unexpected yet totally enormous force that pushed us right to the edge of existence. And what is nowadays colloquially called "the journey" was no straightforward journey, but a whirlpool path that pitted ourselves against bitter enemies stopping us moving forward or sideways, and always stabbing us in the back. 2011 had been a good year for us. In March a Jelavic inspired victory against the tims in the league cup final led on to a 5-1 victory at Kilmarnock in May for our third title in a row. .With expectations high, new manager Ally McCoist went 15 games unbeaten leading in to 2012. But then in Feb 2012 came the shock. Administration. And what followed was worse than any reasonable Gers fan could have imagined. The distancing from us and increasing jealous hatred being expressed by a majority of fellow clubs,many of whom we had helped in the past. The organised contempt and punishments dished out by the football administrations. The humillties of corrupt ownership by robbers and charlatans, the threats of title stripping. Then the politics against us within the football authorities, city council and national Government. We were inches from being destroyed by corrupt and self seeking political interests, all the way from the SFA and SPL administrations through corrupt city councils to the those most influential at the the top of nationalistic and socialist elite. (Oh. the irony of a Scottish national socialist elite, how fitting it is many within of them prefer a football team with a support that favours the Palestinian and Irish causes over British ones......) I strongly believe there was just one thing that saved us. And that one thing was a constant that could not be challenged or threatened, even destroyed, and would never surrender or allow our club to die.......our magnificent support. 8 stormy years we have had, and during that time our mainstay was the fans, fans who have waited and waited for the time when we are strong enough to fight back and then march onward and upward with renewed belief and confidence. Now as we step onward in 2019, almost 8 horrible years since administration, we are no longer the threatened, or the underdogs, we are confident again. We now have our best foot forward and our haters are the threatened ones The tide has indeed finally turned, and we look forward to sailing toward our future success, but most importantly........... we know our magnificent support is invincible to any storm. Full steam ahead........
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    Buy a season ticket then and they wouldn't go short. Fucking cheek
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    Not a fan of Beaton but thought yesterday was a blueprint on how you manage an Old Firm. There was no need for any dramas and he didn’t cause any or allow any to happen. If that was an ego maniac like Thompson or Collum there would’ve been cards flying out everywhere, play stopped constantly. Arfield and Brown would’ve probably walked for that drop ball. If we’re going to slate these refs when they’re useless then you’ve got to praise them when they have a good game.
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    Been watching quite a few videos of the weekend antics on a calm level, videos before, during and after, before my days viewing I was quite sceptical of how much a crowd could influence and affect a result in sport, 12th man talk couldn't be explained any better than the way we behaved as a fan base on Saturday, take a bow fellow bears, outstanding.
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    May you all continue to rest in peace!
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    I was at the game and lost my brother, he and the other 65 will always be remembered.
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    A special mention to the manager and staff today, their tactics were spot on, I mentioned in the match thread that due to the walking wounded that the subs would be crucial today, they definitely pulled a rabbit out the hat today with both Arfield and especially Kent, I bet the sainted one didn't expect that, and TBF I bet none of us did either, nor did I expect them both to last the full 90mins, the substitution with Coulibally was IMO very clever as I thought the scum were begining to show signs of getting a hold of the midfield at that point , and although Coulibally isn't very popular ATM I could see the reasoning behind SG's thoughts, (another body in the middle), but who to take off? I fully expected it to be Kent and was surprised it was Candias, but he got it spot on again, he very often gets stick for his substitution decisions so it's only fair that he gets credit when he gets it right.
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    Merry Christmas to bears worldwide. Lets hope we get the results we expect and demand and go into the new year on a high. Wish you all health and happiness. We are the people.
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    Deserves a lot of credit today, as they all do, but he put in an immense performance. You'd be forgiven in thinkng LB was his natural position. Played it so well today. His corners and dead balls were a thing of beauty. Under pressure he cut inside so well like those with more recognised better ability. He done it. Like many others, took no prisoners and stood tall. He cares and it was a good feeling to see the lad do so well. Chuffed to fuck for him.
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    Happy New Year folks...... hope you have the best year ever! Here's to 55!
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    Special mention Deserved his day off.
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