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    Meet BROXI – RM Bravehound Dug. Mrs B r u and I went along to the Armed Forces Day at Erskine today. Part of the day is a dog show which is run by Bravehound, and we were hoping to maybe see Broxi. At first after speaking to Fiona the lady who runs Bravehound it seemed that Broxi would not be there. She explained that the family who have him for about 10 months puppy training might not make it. With that news we thought we would head down to the parade ring and have a look at what other dogs were being shown. After about 10 minutes we heard the announcer say “We now have Broxi making his first appearance at a dog show at 11 weeks old” We both looked at each other and headed closer towards the ring and saw this beautiful pup walking with a lady handler and when they happened to stop close to where we were I did not miss the chance to say “Is that Broxi the RM Bravehound dog?” she said “Yes it was” and although they were still inside the ring she was very happy to get a quick picture. As you can see he looks fantastic and seems so laid back for such a young dog and she said he is like that all the time. In about a year or so someone who needs him is going to get a wonderful companion. We hope to get a chance to see him again before too long when he is along at the Bravehound centre at Erskine so that I can get more pics and post them on here. They are keen for everyone on RM who helped pay for him to be kept up to date with his progress.
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    BBC have uploaded a proper video for this and you can hear the add ons clear as day Wonder if he was stood thinking what was going on
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    Looking pretty.
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    Glad to see we aren’t getting carried away.
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    This is a copy and paste from brigton loyal rsc Facebook page. In recent days it has become clear that we now have a situation where due to the actions and utterances from his father( Robert Marshall) we feel the current SLO Gregg Marshall's position has now become untenable and we are now calling on the club to ask for his immediate resignation. For those of you not aware of what's been going on, over the last few months some of our members have been involved in meetings and the setting up of a supporters working group whose main aim was to secure an greater allocation of away tickets for all RSCs, the group has requested meetings with Stuart Robertson And each time been instructed in the first instance to speak to the SLO. At the first meeting which was also attended by Susan and Gordon from the ticket office, we attempted to put our case across for the increase in allocations. From the outset it was clear that the SLO had his own agenda, and was more concerned in promoting Club1872, than seriously considering any of the points we tried to put across. Following this a second meeting request was sent to Stuart Robertson along with notification that we were not happy with the input or outcome of the previous meeting. Stewart Robertson again declined to meet us, though we did meet again with Susan and Gordon, and with all due respect to both, zero progress was made. Along with the general dissatisfaction we felt when meeting with the SLO, we now have the situation where his father in recent days, has been posting on the Louden Bar Facebook page requesting members for a new supporters club he has set up, he outlined his idea that if he could get around 2000 people signed up to the CCS, even if they had no intention of attending away games this would allow him to get access to cat +a ticket allocations, as a sweetener for signing up he would also give preferential access to events being held in the bar. As this whole process is totally against everything the working group was set up to achieve, and is nothing more than a money's making exercise which potentially reduces the allocation given to hard working RSCs, we feel that due to these actions and the involvement our SLO has with this bar, there is a clear conflict of interest, which perceived, or otherwise removes any trust we had or have had in the SLOs ability to be objective and fair minded in dealing with our working groups aims. In our opinion we are struggling to decide who actually is the SLO at Ibrox, Robert and Gregg appear to have identical ideas, indeed by his own admission Gregg informed us he is, or was the Secretary of the Louden RSC, and although they attempted to set up this "ghost club" have demonstrated no understanding of the hard work that goes on week after week to obtain tickets for RSCs the length and breadth of the UK As such we are calling on all like minded RSCs to support us and to use the various social media forums to garner support which hopefully will ensure RSCs are properly represented and supported at the highest levels of our club. Bridgeton Loyal Rangers Supporters Club
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    Why should you. What have you done to deserve it?
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    Not a thread I really want to be in or around, but since I've been mentioned a couple of times, and since there will be folk looking in who aren't fully familiar with the Fund workings, I guess I'd better throw in a disclaimer... The RM Erskine Fund S/T Scheme is not a formal scheme; it is an informal arrangement, currently tolerated by the Ticket Office. I guess they're currently happy to tolerate it for a few reasons: 1. Our scheme is voluntarily VERY limited in scale and scope - We usually only make use of 3 or 4 unused Members' seats for each game, even though we often have many more offered. 2. We only ever deal with Home games. We don't ever ask our Members to apply for anything on our behalf, or for our benefit, or try to use their details for anything other than stated (a ticket for a Veteran for a game). 3. Our tickets go to Erskine Veterans, Erskine Bungalow Residents, Combat Stress patients/former patients, BRAVEHOUND dog companions and other (I think) deserving recipients. 4. The Members donating their seats are doing so for the benefit of our Fund and its aims, and gain nothing other than self-satisfaction. 5. Nobody has complained to the TO about it - yet. 6. We keep quiet about it, and try not to bring it to anyone's attention, because you know what some people are like.
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    Because we are British and our brave servicemen and women have fought and died to ensure we maintain the right to fly it . I for one our am proud to be Scottish but just as proud to be British and those who feel this way should never be wary or afraid, to display the Union Flag. Too often it is decried as inflammatory or politically offensive, well, I am sorry it is the flag of our small group of nations and I for one feel pride when I see it flying . Let it fly high and often, not to offend but to identify what and who we are.
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    Even at his peak I thought he was shite.
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    Took the wean to his fifth game last night. The previous four he’s no been good for Infact, I took him to Hearts at Murrayfield and he was terrible screaming and bawling, he has autism and loud noises didn’t help. Took him last night expecting the worst and he was brilliant, first goal he put his hands over his ears for about two seconds then just started cheering and he was brilliant for the rest of the game, so maybe time to start taking him now. anyway, the important point five games for him and five wins, the lucky charm. Who’s got a ticket for the piggery for him?
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    The wummin version of you ya moon unit
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    For context, Ronaldo scores 1 in every 6 shots. https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/comparing-the-conversion-rate-of-the-top-10-scorers-in-europe/ Morelos gets far more abuse than is warranted.
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    I'm actually getting angrier the more I think about it. As you say, guys than run these buses basically have a full time job trying to sort the bus out with tickets which is getting even harder as demand is ever increasing. Now, he wants to get 2k STH that don't have any interest in away games to apply so he can nab their tickets making the demand even higher. It's an absolute disgrace and it's unbelievable that neither of them seem to be able see how bad it is. Somebody at Ibrox should be having a word.
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    28-minute long version on celtic TV with extended highlights, studio analysis and legends reaction.
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    Guantanamo Barrie would be horrified
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    He gets a clean slate, hopefully he can find the form that saw him burst on the scene at Liverpool.
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    One of the best players on that pitch tonight, he stays fit he'll be a massive player for us this season.
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    King is a lying prick and brings shame on us almost every time he opens his mouth (couple of decent recent statements aimed at the SFA aside) This is a man who took the huff with the administrators when he couldn’t get on the creditors list to get his 20 million back and encouraged creditors to knock back the clubs CVA He called for a boycott to starve the club of funds and also drive the share price down for a hostile takeover he’s continually since been in the job been responsible for bad appointment after bad appointment and lied about investment. every single year weeks before the renewals come out there’s stories of investment that don’t materialise and this summer is no different our net spend is the same as last summer and it wasn’t almost enough then either ...the guys a grade a lying bastard and some fans are either stupid or have short memories or gullible or all 3
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    I was at the Renfrewshire/Ayrshire/Argyll parade in Johnstone, was absolutely mobbed and a very vocal crowd
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    Imagine wasting 30 seconds of yer life posting that honkin effort at patter.
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    Aside from anything else, he claims he's a Baptist. He claims to be a Christian. Orange Walks are not illegal. Is it his job as a journalist to mock people for their appearance? Or is your appearance only mockable if you're taking part in a march he disagrees with? Either way his employers should be made aware of his particular brand of "journalism". We all take the piss out of people for being overweight, etc, especially amongst mates, I'm as guilty as anyone. That's different from someone like him, who repeatedly claims the moral high ground, using his platform to ridicule someone for being fat. He's a creepy weirdo.
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    Hundreds of cunts tweeting him telling him they love him. Some of our fans make me sick.
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    I'm not sure why I've been brought into this but thanks for thinking of me. When we do try for kids I'll find out how the wee ginger swimmers are. For all we know yours could be shite. However as far as I can tell the only woman you might get a sniff at pumping is your auntie
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