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    My letter to the rat: On the morning of July 2, 1937, 30 coal miners lost their lives in one of England’s most tragic mining accidents at the Holditch Colliery in North Staffordshire, England. A number of fires and explosions below ground accounted for the lives of the men who had returned into the mine in an effort to rescue their colleagues who had been attempting to extinguish fires that were burning at the coal seam. News of this tragic event reached Scotland, hardly strangers themselves to mining disasters, and, in an act of solidarity, Scottish football League Champions Rangers FC travelled to the Victoria Ground to play Stoke City in a benefit match for the victims of the disaster. While the match ended goalless, it raised a much needed £2,000 for the relief fund and families of the lost miners. For their efforts, Rangers FC were presented with a limited edition Loving Cup from Stoke City President, Sir Francis Joseph, one of only 30 that had been made to celebrate the silver Jubilee of King George V. Identical Loving Cups were presented to the 22 English First Division clubs of the time, with the others going to the British Museum and various organisations. Sir Francis Joseph had only request, that the vessel should be used in perpetuity to drink to the health of the reigning monarch prior to the club’s first home match of every year. And so it is to this day, the New Year toast is celebrated in the Blue Room at Ibrox by the assembled directors and guests of Rangers FC and the visiting team at the first home game of the year. It is then with some surprise, and a not inconsiderable level of disgust, that I find you, Deputy Leader of Glasgow City Council, openly mocking the tradition, the ceremony and its significance on social media platform Twitter comparing it to an episode of Only an Excuse. Scotland has seen more than its fair share of mining disasters over the years since coal mining first began and there are many accounts of the horrible conditions these men worked in and the horrible deaths they suffered and the loss and suffering experienced by the families they left behind. Yet, you see fit to mock that ceremony. Could it be that your judgement is perhaps being clouded by your contempt for coal miners? Further observations on your Twitter account would suggest an association with a certain Mr Phil Macgiollabhain . Mr Macgiollabhain, (not his real name) was once a staff journalist with An Phoblacht, a newspaper published by the IRA and author of the contemptible anti-Rangers FC blog entitled “The Incubator”. Could it be that he despises coal miners as much as you? Mr McDonald, you and I both know that you and Mr Macgiollabhain probably don’t dislike coal miners but what we both know, and is very apparent from your Twitter account, which after your numerous vile sectarian tweets were exposed you hastily set about protecting and deleting your previous posts, is that you do share an apparent and delusional hatred of all things associated with Rangers FC and from your many Tweets, an unhealthy adoration of celtic FC. So much so that you used you abused your position at Glasgow City Council to influence your colleagues at Glasgow Life, to circumvent due process and to overturn the decision to allow a “Fan Zone” to be established at Ibrox. Perhaps you might advise me of any other entertainment licenses you have used your position to have revoked. Strange how so called “Fan Zones” would only enhance the supporters experience if they were established at Hampden and in the East of the City I believe your behaviour is unbecoming of an individual within an organisation of Glasgow City Councils magnitude. You have been elected and installed in the exalted position of Deputy Leader of the Council that you may represent all of your constituents not just the ones who share your apparent love of a particular football team and your political party. I look forward to your response.
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    My wee boy will now see a group stage. Fucking love yees Rangers up the vollies
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    From the manager down to the players, unbelievable achievement getting to the group stages where nobody gave us a chance. How do we get there I don't know How do we get there I don't care All I know is we are on our way WE'RE ON OUR WAY WE'RE ON OUR WAY TO BAKU WE'RE ON OUR WAY
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    Around three weeks ago, Club 1872 received formal confirmation from Rangers that the proposed Ibrox Fanzone pilot has been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the direct intervention of SNP, Glasgow City Councillors Stephen Dornan, Susan Aitken and David McDonald. Very serious questions now exist over the actions of Council Leader Susan Aitken and her deputy David McDonald in this process, and that is something on which we are seeking urgent clarity from Glasgow City Council (GCC). We recently submitted an FOI request to GCC in an attempt to discover precisely what role these two councillors played in ensuring that the Fanzone application had to be withdrawn prior to a scheduled licensing hearing even taking place. We have also written to them personally to ask them why they intervened in this case and what track record they have of intervening in similar public entertainment licence applications. Having seen Mr Dornan’s public comments, as well as his submissions to the Licensing Board on the matter, it is clear that he has taken every opportunity to misrepresent the purpose of the fanzone and the excellent work which Rangers do to support the local community. Mr Dornan’s attitude towards Rangers and our supporters shows a level of ignorance and malice which does not reflect well on him, either personally or in his role as councillor for Govan. However, our understanding is that his lobbying efforts had been unsuccessful until the late intervention of his colleagues. Despite council officials and Glasgow Life - who have vast experience of holding major sporting events in the city - being fully supportive, these individuals appear to have used their positions to circumvent due process. In recent days Rangers have received support on this matter from across the political spectrum. This has shone a light on these activities and we thank those involved for having the integrity to speak out publicly. Having been in close contact with Rangers regarding the Fanzone for a number of months, and having ourselves provided a submission as part of the licence application, we are pleased that the club is refusing to accept the situation as it stands. We will continue to work closely with them to ensure that facilities for our supporters at Ibrox improve over the coming months and years, regardless of any attempts to hinder that progress.
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    From playing league games against the likes of Annan and Elgin to qualifying for the Europa league, the only one who's been there through it all. Even though he was on the bench glad he was there tonight.
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    I wish i never had eyes just now.
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    And our much-maligned board gave us one. Tomorrow he leads our team into the lions den with 59,200 fans against him and desperate to inflict his first defeat. The hatred levels will be cranked right up but I trust no-one else more just now than our Steven to get our players in the right mindset and to prepare them for battle. Even if we don't take anything from the game tomorrow, I have complete faith in Steven getting us back to the top in this shithole of a country, brushing aside all the teams who kicked us when we were down. No Surrender Steven Gerrard
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    The main reason seems to be it would tire them out. If they go through they stay in Europe, keeps their fans happy for now, generates them a lot of money, gives them a good chance of one or two glamour ties, and an opportunity for their players to impress in Europe. If they go out they lose the money, lose any chance of a glamour game for the season, and probably cause their players to lose interest, some might even want away. And of course their fans would go ballistic putting more pressure on their team, manager and the club itself. They would have fewer games,but the attendance would plummet in those they had. Anyone still want them to go through ? I certainly don't.
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    Last weekend, Motherwell away, late sucker punch. Performance to be proud of, given they are still gelling as a team. UFA away....what the fuck can you say? Stunning backs to the wall effort with a wonder-save from McGregor. Followed by a long flight home. Today. Hangover. Poor, but if I was Gerrard, I would tell them to let those wankers have their day in the sun, we'll be back. They still have to come to ours with a handful of support...let's see how the cunts cope then!!! As for the here and now, I would cut out the hysterical shite.....this is a marathon, not a sprint. Today was a write-off, with few bonus points. But we all knew that trip to deepest Russia might knacker them and it certainly did. NO SURRENDER!
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    It’s not ridiculous it’s about time we started putting pressure on Referees like this. The players and manager just never had the balls to do it before.
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    We lost an away game to them 1-0 after a massive away trip in europe where we played a big chunk of the match down to 9 men. Im not losing much sleep over this.
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    As we all know we've been down in the lower leagues for seasons, now had 2 shite seasons back in the Premiership finishing 3rd both times. On top of that we've spent a lot of money (whether you like King or not) on building a team from scratch 3 times to get us back to the top. We've had no European football for years, we've had no major transfer sales in years and we've been pumped in almost every Old Firm game we've played. For years the only team in Scotland to play in Europe has been celtic, Aberdeen and Hibs never have a chance of qualifying it's just how it is. Today is significant for so many reasons. Today puts us back to the top. We've put ourselves back in the prestige above Aberdeen and Hibs etc and we're now back to being a European football club, where we belong. Not only that, this was one of the most important milestone steps in the journey back. We get promoted to the Premiership, we qualify for Europe. We've just crossed that big milestone today. If we want to get back to competing with celtic we need European football the money it brings. Europa League isn't megabucks but it's an extra £8m or so minimum, it gives us a stage to expand the Rangers brand again, put our name back out there in Europe and will do wonders for sponsorships, recognition and increasing the values of our players. Today wasn't just about making the group stages, it was a big step in our return. Great achievement.
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    Far from an embarrassment,the players are clearly knackered after battling like lions on Thursday. We'll beat them at Ibrox.
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    To be fair, the rats probably have more right to claim that the stadium is infested with pedophiles.
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    I was embarrassed. couldnt give a fuck if you don't like it. We as a team were embarrassing today sitting back like cowards for the majority of the game. We give those cunts too much respect its no wonder they Lord it over us
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    Fuck the record it's on the Rangers website Great news Now screw the heed ya mad bastard
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    Reporting Scotland. They never let you down do they, opening with Rangers and hmrc chasing players for tax payments whilst scandal hit Scottish government take supporting role, you would almost think they had an agenda !
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    If only there was some other news around which their journalists could really get investigating into, say child abuse at catholic run institutions, child abuse at catholic run football clubs, or political sex scandals involving ex first ministers................
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    Now before I begin, I'd like to say that this is a serious study. More will become clear as I go on, so if you keep an open mind and read on hopefully you'll see what I'm getting at. You see, it stands to reason there are certain attributes which make a particular group of people successful in certain areas and less successful in others. Just as footballers have attributes meaning they are more likely to be successful as a defender or attacker for example. We all know this. This can be stretched beyond players to managers. Certain managers have been able to motivate players beyond the norm, ordinary players suddenly come alive with a fire in their belly. Individual players become united and move toward a common goal with an attitude that nothing or no one will get in their way. A lot of people say you can tell a lot by looking into someone's eyes. I look into my granddad's eyes and I wonder what fucked up shit he's seen, he has an obvious astigmatism and lazy eye. But we all know what this man has seen; This man has seen great success at Rangers, managing us once wasn't enough - and managing us twice wasn't enough for us the fans! But what can we tell from his eyes? Perhaps it would be easier if we compared him to another legend and winner within the game... There is an unmovable intensity there, both pictures show someone completely in control, extremely serious, and well... you wouldn't want to piss them off would you?! Aye, Gerrard is a winner, and he has already been compared to Walter Smith in the press, which for a manager so young and so inexperienced is very impressive. Do you see the similarities? It's ok, I'll help you out. A lot of you on here don't actually know this, but I'm very talented with Photoshop and Premiere. I don't like to blow my own trumpet so to speak. What I've done is I've used fractal interlacing techniques built on a 3D HD polyhedron model to transfer a portion of Gerrard's facial features onto Smiths and from Smith's onto Gerrards. I think you'll be quite surprised with the outcome, and I hope it leads to some very interesting discussion about other peoples eyes and what they convey about a person. These are the images, it was quite a painstaking process, but I was even surprised at the results;
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    Never understood this “might take a couple of years” talk. You take away the smoke and mirrors, the false mystique created by the Scottish media about a bang average celtic team and they are there for the taking. I’ve seen us thrash far better scum teams than this lot. Tierney, Ntcham, McGregor might push for a place in our team, the rest would be in the stand beside Scott Fucking Allan. Our biggest weakness is depth of squad. It is clear that other teams will be given the green light to kick fuck out of our players and that every minor offence we commit will get a card so my only worry is around injury and suspensions. Another benefit of bringing McGregor and Lafferty back is the stories they will share about hammering the scum. Even guys like Arfield, Halliday and Jack can chip in how great it was even as supporters, if not players. Contrast that with the deadwood shipped out over the summer who only knew how to lose. Our best first team squad, fully fit with Gerrard and McAllister in the dugout against theirs and there is only one winner. Fuck your “couple of years”
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    Personally I wouldn't want any of our players in the squad. Extra games, travelling, more chance of injury, etc and all just to represent the Tartan Trannies. Hopefully they keep being overlooked.
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