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    Well done Rangers and Ryan jack

    A few weeks ago a close mate of mines @Mr Sopranouncle passed away suddenly and this left a young boy without a father. Rangers have found out about this and have issued him with an invite to be their special guest on a tour of the stadium with no cost. Ryan Jack has also hand signed the letter and from.what I hear when these things have been done in the past the player will be there to meet the person they've invited. So for that young boy that will be immense meeting one of our arguably best and most consistent performers who also scored a winner v them. It's not much and won't take the boys pain away but what a gesture and when I was shown the letter then hand signed non generic print signature actually give it a pretty sincere feeling. We get slaughtered for a lot of things but for me that was a pretty moving thing to do for a young boy who'll be feeling pretty lost just now. Well done The Rangers 🇬🇧
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    Reducing Their Allocation

    Best thing the club have done in years, hopefully still in place next season.
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    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Nailed It
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    Jordan rossiter

    Bury fan here Been following this thread for a while and thought i would give a honest opinion on what I have seen of Rossiter I have been at every game Jordan has played and he has been absolute class for us. Reads the game brilliantly and his positional awareness is fantastic, got a great engine on him and despite only being small in stature he is rock solid in the tackle. He breaks up play very well and has provided a defensive shield we was missing. If he can stay fit you potentially have a serious player on your hands Comparisons to Gerrard are way off though, totally different players. SG was a box to box savage and had everything, Rossiter on the other hand is very defensive minded. He is not going to be spreading 50 yard balls and creating much but as a defensive midfielder he is everything you want I cant say if he is good enough for Rangers or what you need in midfield but he is far to good for league two in England. Would comfortably be a solid Championship midfielder IMO I had a quick chat with him after we won promotion at Tranmere ( he was immense again and probably had his best game for us) and he seems to have his heart set on going back to Glasgow injury free and making a good go of it. He actually said he owes Rangers after the way he has been treated up there on and off the pitch. He could not have spoke higher about Rangers than what he did. Lovely down to earth lad aswel Wish him all the best. He has played a massive part in our promotion and will always be more than welcome by everyone at Bury F.C
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    Tav was fantastic

    Excellent game from Tav today. Genuinely don't think he will be appreciated by some until he is gone.
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    Good to know that UEFA have suspended their investigation into the clubs who harboured paedophiles long enough to address this critical issue. Kids taking it up the arse is all very well but UEFA have to get their priorities right when a badge on a strip is non-compliant.
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    eejay the dj

    Now that's the Rangers I know

    Fucking immense performance from every Rangers player today .Every one of them delivered So fucking proud to be a Rangers fan today
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    Dorrans attacked

    Don’t victim blame. Absolute scum that do this to anyone.
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    Where's Rogic Off To?

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    You're in for a treat when you hear the Hearts score.
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    From his twitter account.
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    Anyone know this cunt?

    This idea that we as a support have, or should have, homogenous opinions on everything is so fucking bizarre. Most people's politics aren't dictated by their football team. Is there a culture that a lot of our support share? Of course, and that's good for them, but they don't have exclusivity over the club. At Ibrox, on any given match day, there will be people who are Protestants and people who have no religion, people who believe in the Union and people who don't, people who backed remain and people who backed Brexit, people who voted Labour, Greens or Lib Dem and people who voted UKIP or Tory. It doesn't matter, we are all there for Rangers and Rangers is theirs as much as it is mine or anyone else's.
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    Prso's headband

    Niko Katic

    Starts in my team next season. An absolute animal in the air especially and like we’ve said all season, a threat in the opposite box. Best defender at the club which makes his 4 month exile even more baffling.
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    Niko Katic

    I love Gerrard, and don't think Worrall is as bad as he's been made out, but splitting the Goldson/Katic pairing has been the mistake of the season for me.
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    The Best Thing About This Summer

    Is that we don’t need a massive overhaul. We only require tinkering and adding from an already solid base which is such a change from the past three seasons where it’s been a completely new team lining up for the first game of the season. Things are absolutely looking up for us now and there surely can’t be anybody who questions whether we have made progress under Gerrard now?
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    Courtyard Bear

    Minute’s Applause.

    The club can kiss my hairy arse if they think I’m applauding that harbourer of child rapists.
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    Appreciate all the lovely words boys. Family have been through an absolute cunt of a time for about 6 months with me losing my own father and now the wee fella losing his (my uncle) Rangers have been incredible with the wee man and he is delighted to have received what he has.
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    Well done young Bears. 👏👏👏👏
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    The Dude

    Anyone know this cunt?

    Meh. Who cares. It's not really a surprise that in a fanbase of millions(?) there are more than a few different political opinions.
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    Big Jock Knew

    For as appalling as this email is, the most disturbing thing about it is that few will be surprised by its content. It will come as a shock to no one that SNP are prepared to minimalise the trauma of child abuse, ranking it so low on its scale of crime, that they rank it alongside a tax loophole that took 3 different panels of the best legal minds in the country, to establish that it was even illegal. They are truly despicable and an ugly scar on the face of the country.
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    Bet 365 😂

    Definitely run by a bear😂
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    So I bumped into Carol & Colin from Erskine today, and they told me something interesting... Erskine Park Care Home have missed 2 Home Games this season. 2 Games. That's including friendlies, Cups and Europe. 2 Games. Which brings two thoughts to mind: 1. Imagine if the team (and the rest of us for that matter) could achieve that level of consistency. 2. Isn't that a great example of money well spent by the Members of the RangersMedia Erskine Fund. We'll be renewing those Erskine Season Tickets again tomorrow, so if you haven't already made an end of season donation, or any donation at all for that matter, then there really isn't a better time than now. For donation instructions, PM @Zetland or just ask here, and one of the Many Loyal RM Erskine Fund Members will help you through it. (we prefer to keep the bank account number and paypal address secret, so you need to ask privately for it) Also, Carol says she's got loads of recent photos, and will send them on shortly. So in the meantime, here are some old ones... And when asked what the secret to their high attendance was, apparently, it's all down to those salopettes that we bought them during the Winter. So there you go. Support Our Veterans Supporting Rangers. Support the RM Erskine Fund.
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    How fucking good was it..

    To see this guy back on the pitch
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    never in a million years as people are maybe forgetting that the guard of honour is where we applaud them onto the park and these cunts deserve fuck all. If it happens I want the whole stadium chanting ‘Peados’ so everyone watching will be reminded of what they are complicit in
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    Bobby Hume

    Big Jock Knew

    👍 The hypocritical tramps would be all over it like leprosy ..... 24/7 candlelight vigils at George Square .... Seville calculator style petitions (170 million names all from one street ... Kerrydale) presented to Holyrood .. Hampden .... UEFA and FIFA .... along with 45 gallon drums full of their childrens' tears as a mark of "respect" to the victims .... then the highly overplayed media frenzy to outdo each other .... like the attention grabbing parasites they are ... including all the newly qualified chid abuse experts and social services experts ( the same ones who held degrees in corporate tax and EBT's ... from Lidl and Aldi ) and irrelevant second rate bloggers all vying for the attention they never received growing up .... whining like stuck pigs. All with little or no regard for the victims' feelings whatsoever ...... screaming loudly for the demise of RFC ...... hypocrisy "on an industrial scale" never to be seen again would be the call of the day .... and all with the blessing of the catholic church .... that bastion of truth and decency .... 🤮.... not. Yes mate regardless of the "rules" ... if it were us .... the noise would be beyond belief ..... just like the deafening silence with known facts are being played down at every turn just to protect the good name of one despicable club. 🇬🇧
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    Had Morelos ....

    Because his 29 goals this season hasn't helped us at all 🙄
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    Stevie Clark’s a Protestant

    Fuck knows why our support seem to care about the cunt
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    Gordon Smith

    The hearing did not “overturn” a 2 match ban. There was never a 2 match ban in place. The hearing upheld the decision of the referee, which is exactly what they’re bound to do unless there is clear evidence as to why they should intervene. It sounds nit-picky, but it is important in situations like these.
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    Moody Blue Legend

    Gareth McAuley MBE

    Charles. “I’ve sorted Flanagan’s appeal”.
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    https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/seething-Rangers-issue-stinging-sfa-15842346 A club spokesperson said: ‘Once again, there seems intent to change the decision of a Referee in a match involving Rangers. There seems to be a steady erosion of respect for Scotland’s Referees and the authority they are meant to enjoy under Rule 5 of the Laws of the Game. The decisions of Referees regarding facts connected with play are meant to be final but Referees are now routinely invited to change their decisions after a game has finished. It is particularly shocking that another Rangers’ player has been singled out for retrospective action and issued with a notice of complaint while Jozo Simunovic, the celtic player who used an elbow to fell Jermain Defoe, has escaped any kind of censure. Why did one incident escape punishment while the other is now deemed worthy of a red card? We cannot understand how these two incidents could be studied yet only one be considered worthy of punishment. It seems as if Rangers’ players are being held to a different code of conduct from players at other clubs. We shall vigorously defend Mr Flanagan and have also asked for full transparency on what matters are brought forward for retrospective action. Are those decisions being made even-handedly?’
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    Stevie Chalmers deid tae

    You can now fit the Lisbon lions reunion in a taxi
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    Absolutely fucking marvellous. What a composed and astute player. Does get the typical cunts at Ibrox moaning at times for passing sideways or backwards but he is safe as houses. Fights for everything too. I geniunly think he's a class apart.
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    Moody Blue

    Europa League

    I would swap any success in the EL to win the league next season.
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    Lee Wallace Banner.

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    With chances limited he asked to go out on loan. Good attitude He's went out on loan, done great, and its recognised by those who watch regularly. Again, impressive. He's got it all to do in pre season to prove to SG he's ready and should get a first team squad slot here ahead of others. If his attitude and performances over the last 8 months are anything to go by hes got every chance of succeeding. And good luck to the lad in doing so.
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    Our founding fathers built well

    There can't be a better sight in football than walking down Edmiston Drive with the sun high in the sky
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    This blog is excellent - IF anyone needs reminded - the concerted, vicious and utterly over the top ‘punishment’ was because we are Rangers, not because of any ill-advised tax arrangements. No bridge building, no respect, definitely no guard of honour! They and the rest of their venomous bottom feeders can go fuck themselves.
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    It's sad how much this triggers people.
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    Well done Alfredo

    Finishes top scorer with 30 goals to his name. Could have been more with some being wrongly ruled out and for the games he missed due to suspension. If he stays then I hope he screw the nut and scores the goals that fire us to 55, if not, all the best wherever you end up.
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    love the big mans passion what a guy
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    The Manager

    There's been some question marks this season, has been saved by the Europa League success? Is he really any better than Warburton/Pedro was? But I think those can be put to bed now, he seems like the man to take us forward. This season hasn't been perfect and we should have made a better title challenge but I think the improvement is now clear. - Finished 3rd the last 2 seasons, now we're in 2nd place by 24 points. Huge huge difference. It is now firmly a top 2 again in Scotland. - Top scorers in the league this season and last season, but last season we conceded 50 goals, this season only 25. - 29 points off them, then 12 points off them, now only 6 points off. - Immense European improvement. From getting knocked out in the first qualifying round to minnows to feeling hard done by not making it to the knockout rounds. - No Old Firm wins before this season and Gerrard has now won 2 in his first season. - Not along ago there was a huge thing about us not winning 3 games in a row, we're currently on a 6 game winning streak. - Big increase in player assets. Something I had been thinking about for the last couple seasons is a lack of value in the squad, other than Morelos and Tavernier. Both of those have increased even further and now we have Goldson, Katic, Kamara and Jack who are all young and values increasing. Even Arfield in his 30s is being linked with big money moves. Also other players with potential if they can make it in McCrorie, Jones, Middleton and maybe Barisic As said, it's not been a great season, but definitely significant improvement. We should have done better in the cups and in the league but it's Gerrard's first season and if recent signs are to be believed we are starting to really click and find some consistency. Hopefully a few extra additions and lessons learned and we'll be ready to go next season.
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    PFA POTY Awards

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