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    A football legend who does not need the approval of our embarrassing, shameful football association.
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    Well done Gazza...the bigger man. You're the greatest player to play in Scotland in a generation or more, you won multiple titles and multiple individual honours in your time with us. As an Englishman, you're lauded by your own country (England) as one of their greatest ever talents and you've been inducted into their Hall of Fame. .Off the pitch, you're the man who continually gave to charity and others less fortunate (over £1m I believe) without ever really telling a soul...you just did it. That should be enough... ...but you told a "racist" joke once...something I'd say we've all done. Your joke was an off the cuff, low level, silly attempt at humour, without malice and without intention to offend, the kind of joke or silly remark that most of us have made at some point...but this time offence was taken and elevated to criminal status. What did you do? You acknowledged it was wrong, you accepted that someone could take offence so you admitted guilt and took the punishment. Crime of the century? Hardly. You also played a flute once and sang a song once or twice. Like every football fan ever you sang apparently distasteful words, but in a private environment. We've all done that too, other high profile players have also done this in public environments too . But again you apologised for any offence, in your eyes it's banter, but you can accept some may take offence. Crime of the century? Hardly. I don't believe you don't have a bad bone in your body, you have an illness which you constantly fight, you're illness needs constant support. love and help...your friends and family all rally round to support...but that doesn't stop you falling occasionally....all that really upsets me is that' you've lashed out at a loved one... Crime of the century? Not good, but a you're a man with mental health problems (no excuse)and you know that was wrong. You've sought help with that and been through the courts for that. You've been punished. Recuperation continues though. But for Scotland, and Scottish Football in particular, they want to shun you, pillory you, deny you recognition for your contribution as a footballer and erase you from the Scottish Football history books. You say, in your own words, that you played some of the best football of your career when in Scotland, and us Rangers fans will 100% agree with that. And that, Paul, is the problem. You were too good for them. You made them look silly, you teased them with the ball at your feet, and you joined in the fan banter to wind opponents up. And then you compounded it all by scoring a wonder goal against a country's national team, that, outwith Rangers fans, didn't like you anyway. Now that just wasn't on, and that brings us to where we are today. It's not because you sang a song or two, it's not because you wound up opposing fans, it's not because you told a "racist" joke and it's not because, unforgivably, you hit your spouse...it's because you were a thorn in their side, it's because you played for Rangers and it's because you were English and scored against the Scotland national team that they've held these grudges against you that's resulted in this insult. This is their revenge. Nice people eh? Gazza, remember, we are the people. We are the people that lauded you, appreciated you and will forever hold you dear. You'll always be loved in Scotland by the people that matter to you. You're OUR and your countries Hall of Famer. We are the people and you don't need anything else!
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    Which reminds me.....
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    Didn't see it posted anywhere else. Nice feature on Rangers. https://youtu.be/phF5IZQtSEc
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    A legend in the game himself and classes Gazza as his hero, the guys an icon Scottish football should feel privelliged that he played here no vilifying him, bitter tarrier bastards.
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    Critism is always a valid thing when it is good and well thought out however some of the comments people on here and social media are making are straight up ludicrous and are in need of a reality check. We’re 5 months into Gerrad being our manager and he’s brought up good success in europe and he’s made Ibrox a fortress. It is pish we aren’t further up the table or in the league cup final but that’s to be expected of a fairly fresh team with a manager learning the ropes of the game. Already we have people accusing it of being another Warburton and Pedro era. But the thing is is like or dislike it we need to grind out poor results and standings, else we’ll find ourselves in a terrible situation where we’re bringing a new manager in every season and that does set back progress. We need to squash the negativity for now and just get behind the team and the manager. People criticised Gerrad for making late changes or the wrong changes, well last might that didn’t appear to be the case. The only thing wrong last night was creativity and our final ball, things that can and will be adressed with another transfer window. This shit takes time, Look across the city. Rodgers didn’t buy the majority of his players a lot of them are still Deila players but the thing is is he’s had a basis to build on. That’s what we’re doing right now and truthfully it’s looking good, we have fewer passengers and our bench is looking decent. Keep the head and back the Manager. He needs time and support above all else. I was appalled by the crowd last night, much more effort put into negativity rather than singing and getting behind the squad. Opposition come to Ibrox and will play on that mentality as it actively hurts the team. TL:DR Stop being moaning cunts, keep the head and back the gaffer. We’re not going to be greats in 5 months alone so stop expecting it to be that way. Should shit still be shit this time next year after two windows then yeah it’s poor and very serious questions need asked.
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    People who record it should get there baws toed. Well done durrant I fully agree with his views on the situation
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    People seemed to be annoyed that the 21-year old midfielder we signed from Hamilton for £600k wasn’t the finished article and didn’t step into Murty’s disaster and immidiately dominate. Strange one. I’m looking forward to seeing what a season of first team football down south does for him.
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    Well done to everyone at Hamilton for playing their part in the applause for young Grant Armitage, the PA guy for informing the punters before the game and announcing when it was the 28th minute, my wife said the cameras scanned the Hamilton fans and everyone to a man were applauding, I saw three of the Hamilton players joining in the applause - so well done Hamilton 👏👏
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    Ten years and tonight's 18's game report https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2018/10/19/ten-years-of-the-youth-blog/
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    https://daviesleftpeg.wordpress.com/2018/10/13/big-tam/ ☺️
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    He wasn’t that great today but that’s harsh as fuck that. 😂🙈
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    I'd expect that to be more front page news than somebody saying "fuck the pope"
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    Where do these timmigrants come with the term "h*n"? See they're calling Alex McLeish "a h*n". They attempt to steal everything and believe if they say it often enough, it will become factually correct. The Liverpool fc anthem - what's all that about - you'll never walk alone, (unless we can join in & steal your song, pish) Back to the "h*n" - when I was a wee kid, 70's & 80's and since 1914 in fact (WWI) the timmigrants were referred to as the "h*n" every Rangers game against those homesick oirishmen (even tho' they'd never actually been there) - it was belted out, "Go home ya' h*ns, go home ya' h*ns go home" - because the kaffliks fenians supported the German's during 2 World wars. So there you go any fenian's reading in or any Rangers supporter/Protestant that may not know. They're the h*ns - We Are The People.
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    Not seen a thread on the boy this morning but I honestly thought he was unplayable at points last night. If the rumours that 2million quid van secure him then I'd make that a top priority for January. He was gliding by players for fun last night. His turn to get in between the two players in the second half was different level. The cushioned control and cut back for Grezda at the end was superb. In the last few weeks the boys really came onto a game and it's one of the best performances from.a winger at ibrox in a European night since dalcio v progres (well i made that bit up but certainly in a long long time)
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    Spastic. He dominated that game along with Ejaria.
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    At other times, it’s really fucking good.
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    He will be titled The Loan Ranger I assume.
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    Fucking hell. Wonder if I can get people to chip-in for my morning rolls and milk.