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    What an Ibrox introduction for my boy, really couldn't have panned out better. We were running late due to an accident on the M77, so the pre match ritual I had planned was abandoned. But this minor blip was quickly forgotten once we got inside the ground. Really can't explain the pride I felt as the goals rained in and you see for the first time your son's reaction to the roar from the crowd.
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    Been asked to start this thread by one of their boys. Tommy Robinson offered 1k for anyone who could help identify those tarriers in the video about Lee rigby. Well the imperial bears identified some of them and true to his word Robinson gave them the 1,000 quid. The imperial bears rejected the money and got it donated to the Lee rugby fund instead. Superb gesture from.them.and Robinson.
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    My hands were painful from clapping, my throat sore from shouting and cheering and my head ringing from the noise around me. Painful but in a good way. I sat at Ibrox last night with a lump in my throat, not my Bar72 chicken curry, oh no, this was an emotional lump. A strange feeling had came over me and hard as it was to keep telling myself "it's only fucking Dunfermline" there was a change in the wind, a weird sensation I tried to fathom, a sensation I have not had in way too long a time. It's hard after 5 years of shite to trust anyone and that includes players and managers. We have had to put up with cheap fakes, powder puff and managers who were just not good at their job..... Charlatans, shysters and con-men, taking a wage and giving fuck all back. It's also difficult to leave 5 years behind, it's ripped us apart so I can see where folks are wary and sceptical and not trusting, but do you know what, this just feels different, in my heart and head it feels different - watching Pedro and those players last night, fighting, organised, clever, I think finally we can move on - never forget - but move on. This is gonna be some season ahead, I can tell you that for sure Stick that on your fucking Birthday card
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    Apologies if this journey appears a tad confusing, I can assure you none of it is my doing. It starts with Rangers player Andy Halliday receiving a red card against Morton for a goal celebration which officials deemed had the potential to incite a riot. Further along the road we have a security guard gesturing a 5 - 1 sign whilst posing for a photograph with Hibs manager Neil's Lennon. A gesture the Edinburgh club described as "insulting" and which merited a complaint. Our journey ends at Ibrox with Neil Lennon aforesaid, gesticulating a GIRUY to the Rangers support during a match Police Scotland had expressed concern about. Despite all of the foregoing this incident was deemed neither insulting nor likely to incite a riot, apparently it could be categorised as "banter" I have read and listened to several comments from bears in response to the Club1872 statement regarding Lennon's conduct. "Ill-advised" "Misjudged" as well as the suggestion it has deflected from other matters e.g. the very one-sided refereeing display. If any of you think Beaton's performance would have been subjected to forensic examination by the Scottish media you are clearly more optimistic than me. For example. Keith Jackson's Monday column appeared to have been prepared based on the ongoing boycott of the Daily Record and the introduction of a camera to the Rangers press conference, both subjects which have attracted his ire. There is almost a suggestion of Rangers fans having temerity and audacity to choose to boycott a newspaper which has been shown to print lies about them. His own newspaper’s lies in respect of Rangers supporters is something Jackson's fails to mention in his column. Furthermore, as he sets out to compare our club to the North Korean regime, hinting that the presence of a camera to record proceedings is some kind of "sinister sub text" he neglects to mention its primary purpose is so that our manager can analyse his performance at press conferences. Those of us who had undergone even the briefest of media training will know such practice is commonplace. The only sinister element at play here appears to be the very selective presentation of facts in a manner befitting a totalitarian despot regime. There has also been the suggestion the club itself should have taken the lead on the response and highlighted the refereeing. I refrain from using the term “bad” or “abysmal” refereeing as it would suggest it was consistently bad across the board – it was anything but. But as someone who has been particularly critical of “dignified silence” from Rangers’ boards I find myself in a strange place. However, the issue of the refereeing performance is a matter for the club to pursue and they appear to be doing so courtesy of the appeal of Jack’s red card. Would it be appropriate to comment prior to the conclusion of the judicial proceedings which will determine the outcome of that appeal? “Unlawful Tom” appeared to be concentrating on the “indignant” nature of Rangers fans regarding Beaton’s performance rather than offer any analysis of it. (As a side note, a few have contacted me regarding the initial response from the BBC regarding complaints. My suggestion would be to escalate if you are not satisfied with the response – if they refuse to do so I’d suggest addressing your concerns via Ofcom) When Butcher/Woods/Roberts and McAvennie were deemed to have fallen foul of the law Sheriff Archibald McKay was unequivocal in his summation at the end of the trial. “A large percentage of supporters are readily converted by breaches of the peace into two rival mobs. That they were not so transformed is no credit to you. You must have been aware of your wider responsibilities and you failed to discharge them” There is a clear message within that summation of both the standards of behaviour and responsibility of those on the park. If you think Neil Lennon satisfied either on Saturday then your opinion is different to mine. A person does not require to be offended to recognise irresponsible, reckless and provocative behaviour. Of course the easy option for Club1872 would have been to remain silent, to say nothing, to ignore all the foregoing. And in doing so they would have fulfilled the brief provided recently by others :- “Know your place H** scum”
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    A work mate and friend of mine passed away during the week....his first love was Rangers....then his other love Hamburg A geat gesture to a great guy who will be sorely missed
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    Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon Club 1872 would like to commend the restraint of the Rangers support following a clear attempt by Hibernian manager, Neil Lennon, to incite trouble at yesterday’s game at Ibrox. Rangers and Club 1872 are always keen to remind our supporters of their duty to act as ambassadors for our club but that duty is not one that applies only to Rangers supporters. ... Mr Lennon has previous for abusing and goading both Rangers staff and supporters. He seems completely unable to control himself at Ibrox. We can only speculate as to why. His actions in the dugout yesterday - where he made various inflammatory gestures to the supporters sitting directly behind the Hibernian dugout - were not becoming of any football manager, never mind one who likes to play the victim when things do not go his way. It is inexplicable that the fourth official chose to take no action against him at the time but, against the backdrop of possibly the worst refereeing performance ever seen at Ibrox, perhaps we should not be surprised. Mr Lennon has been extensively quoted in the media as saying that he “didn’t make a gesture”. If that quote is accurate then he is not only irresponsible but a liar. Had a Rangers supporter reacted to Mr Lennon’s actions yesterday then we would no doubt have been treated to further dramatic headlines about the persecution he has to suffer. Instead we have seen several media commentators make jokes about Lennon’s conduct. It is only because of the good sense of our supporters that they are in a position to do so. Police Scotland categorised this match as high risk due to the behaviour of Hibernian supporters at the Scottish Cup Final in 2016 when Rangers players were attacked on the pitch. Neil Lennon knew that and he knew he had a responsibility to act in an appropriate manner. He shirked that responsibility and reverted to type. We hope that Police Scotland will speak directly to Mr Lennon over the coming days and at the very least give him a warning over his future conduct at Ibrox. We also expect the SPFL to take action against Mr Lennon over his failed attempt to incite trouble. Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company.
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    None of those clubs are Rangers, so who gives a fuck.
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    Saturday's shocking refereeing performance undoubtedly cost us the game. This should not just be about the one incident. Stokes should have been red -carded twice, McGeouch sent off and quite possibly Darren McGregor as he brought down Morelos when he would otherwise have been through on goal. Also Lennon's antics were a disgrace. The SFA has a compliance officer who could and should have acted on Lennon, Stokes and McGeouch subsequent to the match. This constant dignified silence simply does not work. There is no dignity left in Scottish football and in fact very little left in society in general. Dignified silence is taken as weakness by those who hate us and they exploit that to the maximum.
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    IPSO and BBC Complaints Club 1872 would like to inform members and the wider Rangers support that in the past day or so we have submitted several complaints to both the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) and the BBC. These complaints are regarding the coverage of the final result in the ‘Big Tax Case’ and also the recent decision of the SPFL to draw a line under the calls from Celtic and other vested interests in Scottish football to further penalise Rangers for ...use of an Employee Benefit Trust scheme. Some of these complaints are for lack of accuracy and others, specifically regarding BBC Scotland, are for what we consider to be biased reporting in favour of the previously mentioned vested interests. These reports are in our view designed to misinform and prejudice the general public against Rangers and have contained none of the balance required of the BBC. We hope and expect these complaints to be upheld but do not envisage having a definitive outcome to any of them for several weeks or months as we work our way through the complaints processes. With respect for those processes we won’t make any further comment until the outcome is known. It will not surprise anyone in the Rangers support to know that the IPSO complaint is for an article which appeared in the Daily Record newspaper. We would like to thank the Rangers community for the fantastic support we have had for our #ChangeTheRecord campaign. We intend to continue this campaign into the new season and hope that more and more Rangers fans are becoming aware of the need for us to fight for fairer coverage for our football club. Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company.
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    I knew the reaction on here would be this dramatic, there's far too much "I told you so" going on about Pedro, because we lost a game that if we're being honest, dominated until we got wrongly reduced to 10 men. The pendulum swung and the momentum was with opponents after that, plenty of teams would have lost in the same position. I'm not going to make excuses for that second half performance though, that was dreadful, but a sense of injustice and a team consisting of Kenny Miller as centre-mid and a target man winning headers just for no-one to run on to them? What chance did we have really? Dorrans had an off day but we know he's a good player, losing Jack just ruined the entire game plan which was working. Before their equaliser, Miller hits the post, if that goes in then the game is won, the sending off doesn't happen. Yet I'm reading RANGERS fans giving up on the season already and spitting utter shite about the manager and team. I'm not giving up the season yet, there's a team in there, the signs are there to see, we need a couple of quality signings added. The players will learn from today like they learned from Progres, don't write everything off yet.
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    Up until Jack getting sent off, I had no reason to believe that we couldn't have bossed that game. We scored early, we looked lively, whenever Hibs did make a move it was swiftly dealt with. That all changed with Jack getting sent off and with Beaton being completely biased. Now I hate bringing the ref into the equation but he did have a massive say in the game. I firmly believe we have strong players who can put in a tackle and can hold their own, however they were effectively rendered useless in that department by Beaton who would give a free kick against them for the slightest of challenges. and hibs used that to their advantage, especially with their goals. The defending at the goals were awful, but if the defenders put a tackle in then there's a good chance it would've been either a booking, free kick or penalty and personally I think Beaton was itching to send another Rangers player off. Going into the Hearts game next week, I won't be concerned. I still believe in the team and manager.
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    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” (Sun Tzu – The Art of War) Those who have followed both the reporting and coverage of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding Rangers use of EBT’s could probably hazard a fairly good guess guess as to who the enemy is. It would be inaccurate to say, “they broke cover” as many entering the fray would be filed under the category of “the usual suspects”. Perhaps my favourite observation at the time came from not within our support, but from the Head of Sport at the Herald, Stuart Weir who reflected via Twitter “Still folk out there who've only watched Kavanagh QC (while evidently downing bottles of QC sherry) arguing with real QC's Pass the popcorn” Stewart would probably have required an extra-large bag if the dogged stance of Tom English was anything to go by. The latter’s debate with QC and Tax Specialist Joylon Maugham was the twitter equivalent of “death by a thousand tweets” as the assertions of English were ceremoniously and clinically lanced as if the BBC reporter’s line of reasoning was little more than a septic boil. Of course, that didn’t stop BBC Scotland running with the erroneous and inaccurate “unlawful” accusation in their news bulletins. And its at this point I would respectfully suggest our enemy recognition becomes somewhat clouded. Who approved the inclusion and creation of the word “unlawful” and who, with editorial responsibility deemed it appropriate and accurate? It is refreshing that this inaccuracy will not go without challenge, and Club 1872 have already intimated that this will be subject of a complaint. I suspect those of us who have previously trodden this path could predict the pattern – rejection and escalation, rinse and repeat until it is eventually deferred to Ofcom for a ruling. (From 3 April 2017, Ofcom replaced the BBC Trust as first regulator) When it does arrive on their doorstep I hope Ofcom reflect that it is not the first complaint from Rangers supporters regarding the accuracy of the organisation’s output north of the border. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-22951447 It didn’t require tax experts and QC’s however to punch fairly large holes in BBC Scotland’s adopted stance. Frankie from Gersnet skewered BBC Scotland’s Chris McGlaughin to the point the latter was unable to form a reply to some probing questions. However, as with Tom English , Frankie makes a critical observation in response to Joylon Maugham. “What you may not realise Jo, is that BBC Scotland's default position on Rangers has to be maximum negative. Tom merely carrying that baton.” Might I respectfully suggest that there is a very large ball about to land in the court of Ofcom. Merely adjudicating on the matter is not sufficient, not given the previous failings of the organisation as alluded to earlier. The role of the unnamed, unseen baton carriers needs to be examined thoroughly, including systems and processes which allowed inaccurate and erroneous broadcasting to once again pass as acceptable, accurate and impartial. Sometimes adjudication like a medical diagnosis is not sufficient, merely identifying a septic boil is not enough – it requires to be lanced and cleansed.
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    Don't know if this has been posted
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    Pedro out Chance after chance, not.good enough. Nearly 8 mill down the drain. Get someone in to fix this shite king. This is on you and Robertsons head
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    Club 1872 right on Lennon August 15, 2017 By Tom Macintyre | Guest Contributor This is apparently a controversial opinion in some corners of the echo chamber that is Twitter but Club 1872 were absolutely correct to raise the behaviour of Neil Lennon at Ibrox on Saturday. The reaction of much of the Scottish press pack to the incident has completely vindicated the statement put out on Sunday despite the misgivings of some Rangers fans. It might be helpful to establish a few facts first because, social media being what it is, some important points have been lost in the hysteria. Club 1872 didn’t report Lennon to the police. That had already happened within an hour of the end of the game when police had taken statements from a significant number of Rangers supporters in the Enclosure and Main Stand at Ibrox. Lennon wasn’t celebrating a goal. That’s something you do with your players, staff and your own fans. If your first thought when your team scores a goal is to turn and gesture to the opposing fans then it’s not about the goal. Had a Hibs player done exactly what Lennon did then the chances are they would have been sent off - although not perhaps if the referee was John Beaton. The game was classified by the police as high risk due to previous issues, particularly the cup final. Lennon would have been spoken to by the police before the game. His club would also have been asked to warn their players and staff to behave responsibly. Now you can cry and moan about what on earth has football come to that this had to happen but those are the facts. It was a certainty the police would get involved after the game given their advice and concerns prior to it. Predictably, the reaction from Hibs and Celtic supporters to Lennon being publicly called out has not been good. You can sense the horror that someone has actually had the gall to point out that Lennon spends most of his professional life acting like an idiot. Not just at Hibs, but at every club he's managed including Bolton. Guess who else didn’t like it being raised? Graham Spiers, Tom English, Barry Glendinning and Angela Haggerty. Are we seeing a pattern? It has been the reaction of some Rangers supporters that has been puzzling and arguably incredibly naive. It is a very noble position to take - that we should all just man up and hurl abuse at each other at the football and then go about our business. Wouldn’t that be great? Sadly it totally ignores the environment in which Rangers and Rangers fans find themselves. By now, after all the concocted stories, outright lies and twisted facts you would think people would realise that. There seems to be a school of thought that somehow Club 1872 prompted the media to defend Lennon. Or that mentioning Lennon has somehow taken away from the horrendous performance of John Beaton. Neither of these theories stands up to any scrutiny. The Beaton issue will take care of itself. Rangers will appeal the red card and should certainly be informing the SFA of their displeasure with his inexplicably bad display. The press were never, ever going to criticise him to the same level that they have when the refereeing mistakes have been against Celtic - simply because Rangers were never going to make a public issue out of it the way Celtic have. You can argue back and forward whether that is the right approach but it’s a fact. As far as Lennon is concerned, by Sunday morning and prior to any Club 1872 statement, Lennon was already being painted as the victim of his own actions. Derek McGregor, Mark Warburton’s favourite chew toy at the Scottish Sun, had written a back page defending Lennon’s actions and claiming that objects were thrown at him. He’d effectively accused the Rangers backroom staff of being funny foreigners who just didn’t understand Lenny’s wonderful banter with the crowd. Neil Cameron of the Herald had tweeted some justification of Lennon’s inflammatory gestures. Lennon himself had raised and justified his actions in the press conference after the game. Lennon, his club and his press cheerleaders knew he was in trouble. His actions were clearly inflammatory. They were always going to attract police and SPFL attention. So the deflection had begun. From a Rangers point of view, Pedro Caixinha was the first to mention Lennon’s behaviour. There were further press reports that Rangers staff had spoken to the police about Lennon, although it appeared more that the police had been prompted to move towards the dugout by Lennon’s idiotic behaviour. All of this happened prior to Club 1872 saying anything. And here we get to where they possibly did make a mistake. They were ahead of most people in realising precisely how this would pan out. The police complaints and Rangers’ staff reaction to Lennon guaranteed the press would cover the story. With that also came the certainty that most of them would rush to Lennon’s defence. Club 1872 could probably have waited until Tuesday or Wednesday when the inevitable opinion pieces would have been out, defending ‘Lenny’ and blaming the terrible persecution he has to suffer. By that time the same Rangers accounts now criticising them on Twitter would have been screaming for someone to intervene at the injustice of it all. Instead they quickly made the point, correctly, that Lennon’s behaviour was inflammatory and in the context of everything that had gone before, irresponsible. It wasn’t about being offended - Club 1872 never mentioned being offended - although clearly the fans who reported Lennon to the police were. And to those who say we should just shrug at Lennon’s behaviour? Why should someone’s daughter, or wife, or child be subjected to some ginger idiot firing ‘get it up ye’ gestures into their faces from yards away. Particularly someone who has previous for acting like a ned and being censured for it. And what if someone in the crowd had reacted? It’s not like they haven’t before. Do you think there would have been any mitigation from the press that Lennon should not have been acting how he did? In certain quarters, although by no means all, the statement has been met with a slightly hipster, ‘against modern football', stiff upper lip reaction. Well guess what, this is modern football in Scotland whether we like it or not and as soon as Lennon made that gesture this chain of events was guaranteed. Club 1872 have to operate in that environment whether we like it or not. They at least stopped it being a completely one sided love-in about poor, helpless Neil Lennon versus the big bad Rangers support. They should be commended for stepping up to the mark and at least putting across a view that nobody was ever going to see in the Scottish press otherwise. And if you still don’t get that then where have you been the last six years? 0 Likes Share
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    1. We'd have lost or drawn that last season. 3 points in the bag and we move on to the next game. 2. First game of the season and we played some nice football. We have lots of new players and there's signs they are gelling 3. Fabio Cardoso. Superb. Won us the penalty, strong and solid throughout. 4. Dorrans is the best midfielder we've had since Davis. 5. Windass has rediscovered what a football is. Faded a little in the second half but a MUCH better performance from him It's always a little nervy at the end when there's only a goal in it but we should have been ahead earlier (and Moult should never ever have still been on the pitch). With experience, our game management will also improve - Tav having a shot on goal in the 92nd min from a FK? Stupid. Candeias down the right? Poor. Windass up the left? Silly again. Get it down the corner, get up the pitch, dominate the ball (Warbiola cliche but this one is required in these situations). Fans again - excellent. Onwards and upwards Bears. Happy Sunday.
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    I have just read an article written by 'The Dude' entitled "Is Scottish Football on the brink of hating itself into oblivion". I know the Dude got a lot of criticism on here because he was writing a blog for a publication that are totally 100% anti-Rangers and the feeling was that he would be under pressure to write from a Rangers perspective which would be totally opposed by the head Rangers hating bigots of said publication. Now I don't know if this article will be allowed to be printed by TDR, but if not, then I applaud the Dude for writing such a piece, which I totally agree on and could end Scottish Football as we know it. I've C&P the article here. Do you agree with the Dude? or do you think he's talking shite? For as long as anyone can remember there have always been certain areas of Scottish football which, to most right-minded people, is utterly ridiculous, however, the last few weeks have taken a very sinister twist and it’s getting to the point where it’s causing damage to the game that just might be irreparable. Now, anyone that has read blogs I've written in the past, heard me on podcasts or even seen my stuff on social media will find it hard to disagree that I am genuinely passionate about Scottish football.I started my 'career' covering youth games across the Central Belt for nothing more than the occasional free pie and a Bovril. As garbage as the 'product' on the pitch can be, I love it. There's, unquestionably, better football available all around the planet but, at the end of the day, Scottish football is what I watch most of and what I enjoy most but the sheer hatred aimed towards Rangers over the last few weeks is reaching a point where it can't be ignored any longer. Over the best part of the last decade, one of the main topics of discussion has been the issues over the use of Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) and the long-term dispute over whether they were loans or taxable as part of the players' contracted financial package; the details of what has gone on are easy to find so I'll not go over them again but since the Supreme Court's decision that EBT's were contractual and therefore taxable, Scottish football has been on the brink of ripping itself apart. Supporters groups have released statements demanding investigations and stripping of titles, Celtic have demanded an independent review of an independent review they spearheaded in 2013 and fans of clubs across the SPFL Premiership have threatened boycotts of their respective clubs and sponsors. There's also a slew of petitions online (one of which, comically, has more people signed up than 8 of the 12 Premiership clubs get through the turnstiles on a typical match day). Later today, the SPFL is expected to release a statement confirming that there will be no new investigation or new sanctions in light of the Supreme Court's decision and I half expect some fans, and I don't mean Rangers fans, will go supernova when their worst fear is confirmed and it's announced that the findings of the 2013 Lord Nimmo Smith commission that they rushed to convene is binding and there is no change in the SPFL's position. I don't even mind the nonsense about Rangers apparently 'cheating' and somehow having an unfair advantage over other clubs; it's an easily dismissed point and just makes its proponents look ridiculous as they argue a company's tax efficiency is related to sporting performance; Arsenal also used EBTs at a similar time to Rangers and I've yet to hear the argument they had some sort of advantage by doing so. The problem is the almost life-or-death aura that's surrounded it all in recent days and weeks. Over the last 48 hours or so I've seen it compared as a 'cover-up' in the same manner that the Hillsborough disaster was proven to be. Aye, that's right. Someone put the deaths of 96 people at a football match on the same level as NOT PAYING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF TAX! Honestly, this isn't something any rational person should even think privately never mind publicly state on Twitter. I'm by no means a 'high-profile' member of the online Scottish football 'community' but I attract a fair number of utterly bonkers Celtic fans but, by and large, they are all harmless enough and probably feel a wee bit empowered by some of the anonymity provided by websites like Twitter, Facebook and various forums but there is an ever-growing number who seem to struggle to remember the relative seriousness of the 'offence' they spend so much of their time and money on in the name of 'justice'. The only vague explanation that I can come up with is that the most vocal have spent so much time and money being peddled nonsense by various Celtic bloggers that they simply NEED whatever fairy tale they've been spun to be true. Whether it's a 'Club Stand' season ticket holder; an Irish resident 'tarred with a sickening sectarian brush' or any of the others who've made more than a few quid off people's gullibility, many have spent five or six years making 'donations' and won't accept they've had the wool pulled over their eyes. Even now their preferred bloggers will be cooking up their latest fantasy to grab as they ask for their readers' hard money. Some of them are so entrenched in their positions that they'll argue that tax expert QC is wrong on the legality of EBTs and they, from their learned position as a part-time delivery driver for the local Chinese, are in fact correct. At one one point they even took out an advert in a Swiss newspaper bearing the tagline 'Persistence Beats Resistance' however, in reality, you can persist in telling the world that the sky is red and you'll always be wrong. When the SPFL's statement is released later today it won't change a thing. With a section of fans proposing crowd funding a judicial review of the Lord Nimmo Smith decision, which the then-SPL members insisted upon a full four years before the outcome of Rangers' tax case, it's not going to get better any time soon either. What comes out of Celtic tomorrow once will also make for an interesting reading. I'm not convinced that Peter Lawwell stepped away from the SPFL board for any other reason than he can dispute it as Celtic Chief Executive despite having been a participant in every meeting involving the SPFL board to come to their stance. Celtic have as much an obligation as anyone to move on, realise they tried to get their pound of flesh in 2013 and accept that Rangers have already been punished. If Celtic and the fans of other clubs don't, and they continue to push what should be a non-existent issue, they might just end up with victims of their own hatred.
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    Over the last 10 years the Union Bears have been proud of our rise from a small group in the Copland Rear to having our own section at Ibrox, becoming the heartbeat of the stadium on matchday whilst creating many of the best visual displays ever seen in Britain. We have been involved behind the scenes working to help other groups and RSC's within the wider Rangers support in countless ways during our existence. Aside from all these notable achievements, our group has also dedicated much of our time to developing our aim for the future and ultimately attempting to convey this to Rangers. In the past few years we have worked hard to develop a detailed proposal for a safe standing section at Ibrox, which included meeting with architects, companies who have implemented rail seats in other grounds and a dedicated football crowdfunding platform who have achieved success with projects around the country and in Europe. We also conducted our own research to establish the level of interest among Rangers fans to both see a safe standing section installed and actively be a part of one. During this time we met with representatives of Rangers, including current Board members to discuss our vision for the future and how this would have an extremely positive impact on the fan experience at Ibrox, the image of the club and most importantly the backing we can offer the players. In all instances we were told that the Club was very much in tune with our thinking and that follow-up meetings would be arranged to discuss further. They never were. At our most recent meeting with the club hierarchy there was numerous options discussed for firstly expanding our current section in a more prominent part of Ibrox and we were told there would be a follow up meeting ASAP, as soon as the options were explored further. However, to our dismay, at the time of writing the Club have cut off all but essential communication with our group, especially when it comes to safe standing and an expanded singing section. Our prior research has shown that there is huge desire within the Rangers support for fans to have the choice of sitting or standing at Ibrox. We believe there are thousands of season ticket holders and RSC members who would take great pleasure in being able to stand with their friends and vocally back their team for 90 minutes, to recreate the fantastic away support at Ibrox and to generally enjoy the experience much more than they are now. We believe that a safe standing section at Ibrox, large enough to accommodate all supporters who wish to participate is not an issue which should be pushed to the back of the queue but an absolute requirement. As Rangers supporters, we have all seen how the Ibrox experience has been in terminal decline for many years and shows no signs of improvement. Unfortunately it seems that the Club are simply unwilling to listen to ways of improving that in the short to medium term, as it's much easier to ignore and rely on the unwavering loyalty of the Rangers fans instead. That's not and never will be good enough, and the Rangers support must come together and show just how much we want to affect positive change at Ibrox. We all want our passion to be showcased to the world, our flags to fly high, our children to get a buzz like no other when they walk through those hallowed gates. Lets be clear, this is not about the Union Bears, RSC's or individual supporters. This is about Rangers fans working together to achieve together a lasting legacy, paving the way for Rangers to become an intuitive Club willing to make the effort to improve the fan experience at football and reaping the rewards in doing so. Safe standing can be those first steps, a tangible achievement which we can all tell our children and grandchildren we helped to create. The Union Bears urge all RSC's and supporters to lend your voice to our fight for safe standing to be introduced at Ibrox so that collectively the Club cannot ignore us. As has been proved many times in the recent past, together we are unstoppable. Union Bears - No Surrender
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    The memorial plaque was unveiled on the 22nd July,only three weeks ago. To the scumbag who went out of his way, in a quiet corner of Wales, and attempted to erase the name of our Founder Peter Campbell and that of Rangers Football Club from the inscription. Did you even for a second consider that this memorial is a dedication not only to Peter Campbell but to every soul who perished when the St.Columba went down? No, your brain capacity obviously couldn’t stretch there. Let me assure you now that your pathetic efforts were futile. Our restoration work will continue with greater pace than ever before. We will continue to place these memorials , re-erect and repair those fallen and forever celebrate the names of those who made our club the world’s most successful. These men will stand tall long after you and your like are gone. One thing in life that we do share and that’s the fact that it’s it’s all about the Rangers. Note: The plaque is made of Welsh slate, we will be seeking advice today on how to repair the damage done. Russell Calderwood of the Cardiff RSC will report the vandalism to Penarth Police today and will talk to Penarth Council about having a perspex cover fitted.
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    Putrid club from top to bottom. Quite literally the worst club in the world. If they aren't shagging weans and covering it up their roots are steeped in sectarianism dressed up as charity and embracing Irish Republican terrorism. If ever a club and their fans were suited to each other then this would be it. This weekend seen them peak - walking 2-miles to be offended, start a fight then get their cunts kicked in and have the media make every excuse under the sun from Tommy Robinson's Twitter posts, to the wee England flags on the shop offended them, to Tommy Robinson was wearing a Rangers top and them being ambushed by right-wing thugs. The last couple of weeks has put the spotlight right on them but you know what? it's not enough. It's never enough. Their latest stunt (12th UEFA disrepute charge since 2013) seen another small fine, the media in Scotland print this stuff because they've no choice now, teams in England still seem to welcome them despite Lee Rigby singing, IRA singing about bombings and Brits out while in Scotland the only thing anyone wants to do is accuse Rangers of being cheats due to a payment scheme that was/is perfectly legal and allowed under SFA/SPL contractual guidelines. We are not paranoid Protestants. We never have been - it's just some of us seen it starting to unravel before it was obvious to 99% of the people like it is now. Fenian cunts.
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    Last week we were absolutely thrilled to receive an email from the Granddaughter of Rangers player George Gillespie. George joined Rangers in 1875. The family were researching his story and found themselves on our website. They’re coming from British Columbia in Canada to visit Glasgow at the end of this month and we’ve arranged to meet and take them around town telling George’s wonderful story. We’ll visit Burnbank, Kinning Park, West of Scotland Cricket Ground, George’s house on Radnor Street, his Pub in Finnieston which today is the Tap House, his final resting place in Lambhill Cemetery and take them on a Tour of Ibrox Stadium. It’s these events which makes working on the Founders Project a real joy. George Gillespie. George was a member of the legendary 1877 Scottish Cup Final team and gave great service to the Rangers. He started his career as an outfield player but is remembered more for his goalkeeping skills. He appeared for Scotland 7 times during his playing career, never on the losing side. He was a very successful business man in the license trade. George lived at Radnor Street facing Kelvingrove Park and sadly passed there in 1900.
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    FABIO CARDOSO admits he is loving life in Light Blue as Rangers look to hit the ground running in the Premiership this term. The defender has enjoyed an impressive start to his Ibrox career as he has made an immediate impact at the heart of the Gers back four. He started alongside compatriot Bruno Alves at Hillsborough last weekend as Pedro Caixinha’s side rounded off their pre-season schedule with a 2-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday. The trip to Fir Park on Sunday will see Rangers face Motherwell in their first league outing of the campaign. And Cardoso is determined to give the Light Blue legions something to shout about as he continues to settle into his new surroundings. “I know and everybody can see that the team is getting solid and we are understanding what the coach wants from us,” he told the Official Rangers Podcast. “We are improving game by game, step by step and we are ready for Sunday. “I have no words [about Alves]. For me, he is very good, one of the best defenders of my country, he is very experienced and very talented. “I know and I feel that I will learn a lot with him. For me to play with him is very good. “It is a beautiful city. The weather is not like Portugal but it is good to play football and our supporters are from another world, I have never seen anything like them. “I am very happy and I will do my best to make history together. “I have never seen anything like [the fans] anywhere in the world. It is amazing and I am very happy to be at Rangers and be part of the family. We will do our best to make them proud. “[The Motherwell game] is the most important one of the season because it is the next [game]. “We are very confident, we work very good and we go to Motherwell to win.”
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    David Murray looks more comfortable on the ball than Kiernan.
  28. 40 likes
    He hasn't improved any since the last thread on him
  29. 40 likes
    Since Progres I've wanted Pedro sacked but the last x3 friendly results I've seen a response from the players. Ill get it out the way that a lot of people who defended Pedro after Progres and the initial friendly results, they said friendlies don't matter but they still enjoyed today? Of course they should enjoy today's result, as have I, but im someone who takes all results seriously and into consideration not just when it suits me. I think I made a similar point after Marseille last week too. Anyway I thought we were superb today. That's the way a Rangers team should play, with confidence, composed, bold and with an air of superiority. If these past 3 friendly results are anything to go by I'll happily be eating my words on Pedro - I'd love fuckall more. Make it happen ! The Miller critics - today's he's capable of they finishes. Why do we want rid of him so much? windass was brilliant too - perhaps a system that works with better players? In the final third we seemed to have a new dimension to our play - runners, dropped shoulders, overlaps etc However Lets not start the wank fest yet tho - please. Hate false dawns. Enjoy it for what it is not what it might be. one game at a time and we have a chance. #tommyrobinsonbearsden
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    I honestly dont think so. We got off to a cracking start. Knocking the ball about well, pressing high up the park, got the early goal then the game settled and evened out a bit but up until that red card we were on top. Jacks sending off is a disgrace. If anything stokes should have walked. The referee was in a great position and clearly saw stokes hand on jacks throat and then he presses his head in to jack. This fucks up our game plan far to ealy on in the match. We at least dug in and were getting into tackles that you would not have seen last season. We had fight. I felt the extra man they had made a few of our players for example dorrans, cover far to many yards on the pitch. We had a few decent chances to equalize and thought we were a bit unlucky at times. Pedro made changes at time and tried to change the game. It didnt work but at least he tried to change it up. We need to get behind the manger and the team. Its early days and we already look much better thsn at any point last season.
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    Slowly but surely we are getting more and more like the tarrier support everyday. offended by everything and cheated not defeated. The only way to put Lennon, Stokes, Griffiths et al back in their cardboard boxes is by winning on the park..
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    I think it's Taigy as fuck going for they titles tbh
  33. 38 likes
    At the risk of ruining it, he's been the signing of the summer so far.
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    shite thread. Starting a thread just to call the manager a cunt is sad as fuck.
  35. 36 likes
    I was guilty of buying in to these accusations as well after the McKay interview... But the way the players are on the pitch and in particular the way they celebrate goals together would suggest he very much has the dressing room on side. I think it's safe to say the stories of him "treating players like dirt" were perhaps blown out of proportion, vicious rumours from bitter players because they were deemed not good enough. One of the things that's stood out so far is the bond between the team. And Alves sent a message with his celebration last night, straight to Caixinha.
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    I was hoping you were gonna say you didn't get it because you realised you're older than 10
  37. 36 likes
    I sincerely hope that's the beginning of him ramming my opinions down my throat.
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    Brilliant mate. Get that pic framed, he'll be able to show his kids and their kids it in years to come when they're preparing for their first Ibrox trip. A cracking lifetime memory right there.
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    If English, Mcglaughlin or Spiers continue to make shite up then it's about time the club went after them. Time to make an example of one of the haters..
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    Dear Non-Fund Member. As you've probably noticed, You've been reported to Admin. You'll probably see a wee notification in the top right hand corner of the page. This is because you have consistently refused to donate to the RM Erskine Fund, and therefore we've come to the only natural conclusion, which is that you're a taig. The only way to remedy this, redeem your reputation, and continue posting on RM is to join the RM Erskine Fund... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/306989-rangersmedia-erskine-fund- Don't say you haven't been warned.
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    As a new Scottish football league season starts once again, I'd like to take the opportuniy to welcome back all our fellow Scottish SPL clubs, their players, management and directors, and their fans, and most especially all those who offered us help and support in recent difficult times and..........err hold it. That should have read: As a new Scottish football league season starts once again, I'd like to take the opportuniy to wlecome all our fellow Scottish SPL clubs, their players, management and directors, and their fans back. and sincerely hope we royally stuff the lot of you as a a GIRUY for your years of unjustified disrespect and hatred towards the greatest and most successful team in the world. Onwards and upward.
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    I've been critical of Pedro Caixinha, but he deserves a chance this season. It doesn't do the club, or us as fans any good if he fails, or, even worse, if he doesn't stay too long. A case has been made that the European game may have come a bit soon in terms of the team etc; I don't necessarily agree with that, and it doesn't take away the fact that it was quite possibly the worst result in this club's history; however, if that was the case then our season starts now- he has his players, well most of them, and on paper most of them appear to be good players who could make us better. If we go into this campaign with a huge question mark about the manager it won't help, it could in fact impinge on our efforts, because without the support of the fans, the players and the manager are a man down already. With the players now getting fitter, and finding their feet as a team, maybe we should see this as a fresh start, and back them. Where there positives from the last match, during the week?; as hard as it was to find them, I think there were- defensively we look solid, and by defensively I would start with the midfield; so there is always that at least!; especially when we were so easy to score against last season. We could do with one or two additions, I think there is a consensus on here that we need that, and quite possibly that may well happen; hopefully it does. This isn't a rallying cry, I'm talking to myself as much as anyone else, but I think the manager deserves the chance, with all his signings settled etc, to have a "fresh page" to start again as it were, and the chance to get the job done with us having an open mind as to how it will end up. Hopefully we come good, and hopefully this manager proves to be the right man to take us forward. As the titles suggests, it's time to back the manager.
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    Travelled up to Sheffield yesterday with the Plymouth True Blues! Great bunch of guys and girls and all visitors were made welcome to the extent that you felt you knew the people for years! The bus went out of their way to pick people up at various stops and a brilliant day was had by all! Cheers guys for a brilliant day out and your hospitality! We truly are the People! 🇬🇧👍🍺
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    A selection of today's meltdown for your viewing pleasure. They keep coming btw so check out Twitter, my personal favourite "This decision stinks of racism" https://twitter.com/KerryFail
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    Met this Gentleman in Ayr today , he is not looking too well ,his hearing is diminishing and he looks rather frail my Daughter was one of the nursing staff attending to him at his recent Hospital admittance , what a fine ,fine man , he just will not give in to resting and that is the mark of the man, the amount of people who stopped to say hello to him speaks volumes for the man , the work he has done over the years at all levels of football in the AYR area is magnificent ,he is very quietly spoken and hard at times to make out but all in all a man truly worthy of LEGENDARY status .
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    had we got pumped, would you have said the same thing?
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    We are still a Scottish club, and while our club is built on good Scottish Protestant values and our support largely comes from that community, we have never been a club exclusively for Protestants. The beggars brought religion into football in Glasgow not us.