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    ..as The Gers have just lost one of their biggest diehards.ma da just passed this morning.we were only ever happy together at ibrox.never made it up with him after a stupid row which lasted 18 years.fuckin sufferin terrible now.hope we can raise the roof on sunday for big Robert Wilson snr. RIP Dad! No Surrender Rab
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    No matter the weather, Ibrox always looks incredible
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    A big thanks to everyone involved in getting RM back up so soon.
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    ...but did the stadium tour today.the host norman was magic by the way.ive never been inside the doors of the marble halls.i was like a wee boy.we have that massive bit of class that sets us apart from any other club.a wee tear was shed watching the tape all about us at the start.walking down the tunnel my heart was thumping and seeing ibrox in all her magnificence at ground level was quite overwhelming.even as a season ticket holder i never realised how massive ibrox is. But the blue room really got me.the mural of davie cooper finished me when norman started talking about him.started weeping like a wean for my all time hero. Trophy room absolute majestic. But norman, the guy who told me not to change the words to the songs whilst there or we would all be in trouble, thanks very much for being a great ambassador for our unique club and portraying it in such a way ., that it left this big cunt feeling 10 ft tall when he left. No Surrender Rab
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    When Cummings was being interviewed there the commentator mention there was a huge roar in the the dressing room when the draw came up and Cummings said yes because that's what we wanted. That's what we want to hear, full of confidence and no hiding from this mob. WATP
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    This guy is arguably the best midfielder Scotland has ever produced. An absolute hero of mine. He knew exactly what it was all about. Single handedly won us game on his own.
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    Hahahahahahaha get it up ye ya wee wank
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    Shut the fuck up ya miserable, pessimistic twat. Until it's mathematically impossible to win, it's entirely possible.
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    We're gonae win the league we're gonae win the league we're gonae win the league Bertie auld won't see 8 in a row. Mon the fucking loyalists Btw Bertie auld won't see 8 because Rangers will stop it nothing to do with death or the likes focus Lots of love rfc52 x
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    You should be banned from here for going on P&B
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    Fantastic news and a big statement by the club. Time for him to get his head down and find the net even more. Also perhaps to learn the offside rule. He’s got a big future in the game and once capped by his country, he’d be worth even more than the figures quoted from China. Big move.
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    Everyone had their hopes up yesterday because we were in good form and a win would have given us a proper title race. We lost a game to a team who have 3 times our wage bill, to a manager who took them to a treble last year and went a season unbeaten domestically. Even up until the sending off, it was a pretty even game. After the sending off, we should have won, but didnt. The team and Murty need to shoulder the blame for that. I cant help but feel that people calling for Murty's head are being premature though. We are in danger of changing and swapping managers every 6 months and hoping for a miracle rather than giving someone the time required to actually build something. Yes, Murty made mistakes, but he is a young manager and is still learning. Even though he is a young manager, he is IMO miles better than anyone we have had since Walter. The improvement in form under him raised expectations and gave some false hope. He needs time to continue to improve the squad. He has to the end of the season to be judged. I think it is stupid to say that unless he wins the semi final, then he has to go. How can it be 'expected' that he go out and beat a team who have 3x the financial backing? They are the favourites. A win against them would be amazing, but it would be unexpected and him over achieving. If he consolidates 2nd place and gets us competing well against them, then I will be happy to give him more time. If we drop many more points to other teams, or get thrashed in the semi final, then it may be a sign that the progress he is making is stalling and should consider our options. What I dont want to see is our fans demanding that we bring in a manager to win the league instantly, and then start calling for his head if he does not look on course to do so after 6 months. It is just a perpetual cycle of failure where the gap just increases rather than closes.
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    http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqf5he?new_post=true I do like to keep this up to date and I have found 2 new and crucial pieces of evidence to show after 54 titles, we're still going strong. Please share far and wide folks. 1) The first reference I should point to is that HM Revenue and Customs, during the sale process, released the following statement. "A liquidation provides the best opportunity to protect taxpayers, by allowing the potential investigation and pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company’s financial affairs in recent years. A CVA would restrict the scope of such action. Moreover the liquidation route does not prejudice the proposed sale of the club. This sale can take place either through a CVA or a liquidation. So the sale is not being undermined, it simply takes a different route. Liquidation will enable a sale of the football assets to be made to a new company, thereby ensuring that football will continue at Ibrox. It also means that the new company will be free from claims or litigation in a way which would not be achievable with a CVA. Rangers can make a fresh start." The football assets being sold to another company allows the club to continue playing as is at Ibrox. The statement can be found in the UK Tax Gov archives here: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20130502100322/http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/news/Rangers.htm 2) celtic fans complained to the Advertising Standards Agency about how the club was advertising. The advert claimed that Rangers were the “most successful club” and this was the point of the complaint. The ASA ruled on this both in an initial finding and on appeal and wrote the following: “Whilst the ASA acknowledged that Newco had not taken on all of the debts and liabilities of Oldco when it purchased its assets and that that would normally preclude a business from trading on the reputation of a liquidated predecessor company, we noted, having read its report in full, that both an Independent Commission appointed by the SPL and the ECA had reached the conclusion that the football club RFC was a recognisable entity in its own right, and that it had continued in existence despite being transferred to another owner and operator. We consulted with UEFA, which explained that its rules allowed for the recognition of the “sporting continuity” of a club’s match record, even if that club’s corporate structure had changed. We also consulted with the SFA, which confirmed that its definition of a football “club” varied depending on context, and could sometimes refer to an entity separate from the club’s corporate owner. The SFA further pointed out that, following RFC’s transfer to a new corporate owner, Newco did not take a new membership of the Scottish FA but rather that the previous membership was transferred across to them so they could continue as the same member of the Scottish FA. We considered that consumers would understand that the claim in question related to the football club rather than to its owner and operator and we therefore concluded that it was not misleading for the ad to make reference to RFC's history, which was separate to that of Newco.” “given RFC's history, the claim "Scotland's most successful club" was valid and would not mislead.” This can be found here: https://www.asa.org.uk/rulings/the-Rangers-football-club-ltd-a13-224406.html It is very clear from the above the ASA in the UK determined through thorough investigation that Rangers FC were still the same club. 3) Moving on to Right Honorable Lord Nimmo Smith who during an investigation into Rangers FC use of tax schemes. The issue put to the Law Lord was this: “Paragraphs 2 and 6 of the list of preliminary issues advance essentially the same argument, which is that on 14 June 2012, when the business and assets of Oldco were purchased and transferred to Newco, Rangers FC ceased to be a Club as defined in the Rules, and is accordingly not subject to the jurisdiction of the SPL, and thus of this Commission, in relation to any breach or breaches of the Rules committed in the period prior to that date. “ His response, in findings, concluded this: “While it no doubt depends on individual circumstances what exactly is comprised in the undertaking of any particular Club, it would at the least comprise its name, the contracts with its players, its manager and other staff, and its ground, even though these may change from time to time. In common speech a Club is treated as a recognisable entity which is capable of being owned and operated, and which continues in existence despite its transfer to another owner and operator.” “While there can be no question of subjecting the new owner and operator to sanctions, there are sanctions which could be imposed in terms of the Rules which are capable of affecting the Club as a continuing entity (even though not an entity with legal personality), and which thus might affect the interest of the new owner and operator in it.” Lord Nimmo Smith is a top Law Lord with 40 years experience and this was his summary on the topic in a legal enquiry for the SPL who were the owners of the Football League Rangers played in at the time. He clearly states the club is a continuing entity in his legal and unchallenged findings. This can be found here: https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/commission-reasons-for-september-12-decision-2012-09-20/mediaassets/doc/SPL Commission reasons for decision of 12 September 2012.pdf 4) Next up in the quest of understanding if the club is the same or not was the Chief Executive of the Scottish Professional Football League. Essentially this is the guy at the very top of the tree in The football League organisation and he said the following: “In terms of the question about old club, new club, that was settled very much by the Lord Nimmo Smith commission that was put together by the SPL to look at EBT payments at that time. The decision, very clearly from the commission, was that the club is the same, the club continues, albeit it is owned by a new company, but the club is the same.” “The member club is the entity that participates in our league and we have 42 member clubs. Those clubs may be owned by a company, sometimes it’s a Private Limited Company, sometimes it’s a PLC, but ultimately, the company is a legal entity in its own right, which owns a member club that participates in the league. It’s the same club.” You can read his statement in the local press here: http://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/Rangers-same-club-existed-before-4904432 5) In another court case, the "Top" Lawyer "representing" Scottish Football who has represented SPFL, the SFL and indeed celtic Football Club, who are Rangers oldest rivals, under oath, as he was a witness made the following comment: "It was agreed that Rangers FC, NOW OWNED by Sevco Scotland, would play in the 1st division, but this didn't work out. The Club, with a capital C, had been sold to Sevco Scotland ltd." Rod McKenzie was the solicitor for the League bodies in Scotland and the guy closest to most of this and he confirmed in a court of law that the club was legally sold on and therefore continued. 6) The top footballing body in Europe is UEFA whom im sure you are aware of. Their stance on the issue is very clear and can be found by clicking here on their website. http://www.uefa.com/teamsandplayers/teams/club=50121/profile/ This is the profile for Rangers Football Club with all their recent scores showing however the main point is on the right of the picture where it lists their Club record in UEFA competitions going back before 2012 Won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1972 (40 years prior to when Mr Clark claims they were born) Biggest win: 28/09/1983, Rangers 10-0 Valletta, Glasgow • Biggest defeat: 09/10/1963, Real Madrid 6-0 Rangers, Madrid • Appearances in UEFA Champions League: 30 • Appearances in UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: 10 • Appearances in UEFA Europa League: 17 • Player with most UEFA appearances: 82 Barry Ferguson ( SCO) • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 21 Ally McCoist ( SCO) 7) In yet another recent court case which went all the way to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the UK, Lord Hodge also confirmed the continuing club by making the following statement “RFC 2012 plc which is now the name of the FORMER owners of Rangers Football Club” This statement has not made many headlines as it appears innocuous however what Lord Hodge clearly distinguishes here is that Rangers Football Club has been sold onto new owners and that the company RFC 2012 plc (in liquidation) are the ones on the hook for whatever he is describing as opposed to the new owners of Rangers Football Club which are Rangers International Football Club plc You can hear Lord Hodge make this statement at 5:22 in the following video: 8) moving onto the European Club Association (ECA) who are the sole, independent body directly representing football clubs at European level. It replaces the G-14 Group and the European Club Forum, both dissolved at the beginning of 2008. ECA are fully recognised by UEFA and FIFA. Again, having been contacted by rival fans for comments the ECA were forced to release the following statement on Rangers Football Club: "With regards to associated membership, the membership policy states amongst others that founding members are granted automatic membership. Taking into account that the 'new entity' also acquired the goodwill of the 'old entity', it was held by the ECA executive board that the goodwill, taking into account legal and practical arguments, also included the history of the 'old company'. Consequently it was concluded that Rangers FC was entitled to associated membership of ECA as considered to be a founding member." You can read the report on this from Scottish Television here: https://stv.tv/sport/football/clubs/Rangers/205975-european-clubs-body-downgrades-Rangers-status-but-recognises-history/ NEW* 9. The SPFL audited accounts have just been released and can be found here: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/SC175364/filing-history A note in the accounts stated "Aberdeen FC, who finished 2nd in the Ladbrokes Premiership and qualified for UEFA Europa League Qualifying Rounds where they were joined by Rangers FC who finished 3rd in their first season BACK in the top flight" NEW** 10. The best of them all though has just been released as the new 10 year rankings for UEFA have been posted on their website. http://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/revenue/index.html In these rankings you can see our points from 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12 are included in our total club ranking points. The same also applies to Derry City who found themselves in the exact same position as us. They too have maintained all their points pre administration and sale to a newco whilst oldco went "into liquidation"
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    We're 6-points better off, x17 more in goal difference and second instead of third?
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    I think the headlines are a bit sneaky ... I've seen them this morning but that's the first I've read the article and he doesn't say anything wrong. Maybe it's just me but the title-talk headlines makes it seem like he's bumping his gums about we're going to do this and that but all he's saying is never say never/it's not impossible and the fans deserve a trophy etc. Nice words from him in all honesty.
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    Hopefully that pish today puts an end to the embarrassing posts on here who tried to somehow claim we were catching up on them after a defeat at home against them last week. another loss to Killie, another home defeat and some muppets on here think we are going in the right direction??? these people are what King and co thrive on and ultimately will see the further demise of our club. Your standard are in the gutter! Get Murty so far to fuck away from the dugout and bring in someone who can change games and put in a decent title challenge....not some half arsed embarrassment like this season. we are catching up though eh....
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    The stub of the ticket has been ripped off for a start. He’s a tarrier. In this day and age and at his age who still has a credit phone? Also I take it mother of the year didn’t put credit in it before he went out? Also he didn’t have £10 to top it up at literally any shop in the town to then phone his mum? So mother of the year sent him 60 miles away with no money? Why didn’t he just wait on his apparent pals and go home with them knowing he had no phone credit The ticket office is 30 steps away from where he was, why not go there and kindly ask for a reprint. Fuck off. This nonsense and Van Hoijdonk pish the week of an OF as usual the big bad Rangers ripped his ticket, refused to let him in and sent him on his merry way. Absolute pish.
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    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Santayana) Allow me to summarise briefly. The Panel of Takeovers and Mergers ruled that the current custodians of our club did not act properly in their acquisition of same, determining they had acted as a concert party and consequently, having control of 30% of the business were thus compelled to make an offer to investors for the remaining shares. This was denied by Dave King who took the decision to the Court of Session where his legal argument was rejected by Lord Bannatyne. The Advocate for the takeover Panel highlighted during the hearing an e-mail from George Letham to Dave King which cautioned King about the consequences of exceeding the 30% benchmark. These warnings clearly went unheeded. Subsequently King was ordered to make an £11 million offer to the Club’s remaining shareholders despite the fact King’s lawyer argued that his client could not afford to make such an offer. If alarm bells are not sounding amongst our support – they certainly should be. When Laura Fawkes, a Director of Club 1872, challenged Dave King at the 2017 AGM with regard to the recruitment of a replacement manager, the timescales as well as apparent failure to put in place previous assurances given with regard to succession planning, Dave King responded as follows: “As far as the manager, I don’t accept the comment you’ve made. It’s difficult to put a time limit on it. The issue with Pedro was not one of succession planning, there’s maybe a perception that Pedro was doomed to failure. It wasn’t my view, I don’t think it was the board’s view, we continued to back Pedro. Ultimately results speak for themselves and having taken action we were extremely aware that this is going to be a 3 year appointment. We have got to be a careful we don’t let adverse results distract us from the process and I’m personally happy that we have taken the correct amount of time.” After 68 days we had still failed to appoint a new manager and eventually installed the youth coach Graham Murty, as temporary manager. That remains the status quo at the time of writing. Our club is one home defeat away from our worst ever series of home performances on record. In terms of assessment of our club’s progress, rebuilding and vision to reclaim the top spot in domestic football, it serves as more of an indictment than a positive indicator of continuous and steady improvement. I would hope by now the alarm bells are loud enough to suggest a major headache is imminent. Any honeymoon period which the current board deserved is now at an end. It is fine being beholden to them for rescuing us but they need to be judged by the job they are doing now and if that is deemed unsatisfactory or below standard then criticism should be forthcoming. Not silence.
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    His attempts to make Sutton laugh with piss poor puns is fucking tragic
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    he’s barely had a chance ffs
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    Aye I was thinking about that this morning at 0430 when I was sitting in my gritter on the m8 and a pair o fannies stopped their motor and asked me if I'd stopped gritting to get the beggars game cancelled. Fucking right bhoyos!!! #establishmentgritterloyal
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    Sorry if this has been posted but I didn't see it anywhere www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2267181/Rangers-refund-fraserburgh-bellslea-park-counterfeit-tickets/amp/ Rangers fans sent classy letters and refunded by Fraserburgh after missing out on Scottish Cup clash due to counterfeit tickets A number of away supporters with genuine tickets were locked outside the ground after fakes had been produced FRASERBURGH have refunded Rangers fans who were denied access to their Scottish Cup clash at Bellslea Park. Gers faced the Highland League outfit last month in the fourth round where they ran out 3-0 winners thanks to a Josh Windass hat-trick. However, the tie was plunged into chaos as a number of away supporters were locked out of the ground due to a ticket scam. While fans queued outside, the Broch wrote on Twitter: “The capacity of the stadium is now full and we believe this is due to a number of counterfeit tickets in the away end. “No further persons can be admitted. The club will hold an investigation and further details will be advised.” The Ibrox side later released a statement demanding answers from their opponents and Police Scotland And now fans have been answered after Fraserburgh chairman Finlay Noble issued a refund and an apology letter to those fans with genuine tickets that missed out on the game. Noble said that the events ‘saddened’ him and admitted that the club and police were surprised by the quality of counterfeits which duped security at Bellslea Park. I was passed on your details from Rangers FC so that we can forward on the refund of your ticket. Please find enclosed a cheque for £17. “It was very disappointing to learn that you hadn’t managed to gain entry to the game despite having a genuine ticket. We as a club want all our visitors to enjoy the occasion and hopefully go away with a good impression of not only ourselves but the town also. It saddens me that on this occasion it wasn’t possible for you to have that opportunity to sample football at Bellslea Park. “Due to a large number of counterfeit tickets getting access to the ground, the capacity of the away end was reached and subsequently the decision was taken in conjunction with Police Scotland and the Match Commander to close the gates for the away end in accordance with our Health & Safety procedures. “We take the safety of everyone who comes to Bellslea Park very seriously and as unfortunate as it was for your own circumstances, we genuinely had no alternative. “Rangers FC, ourselves and Police Scotland have been surprised by the quality of counterfeit tickets and there is only minimal difference between those and the genuine tickets. Despite putting measures in place to try and stop the counterfeit ticket holders gaining entry it proved impossible and we were defeated by the fact these high-quality tickets have been printed. “I hope someday that you will be able to visit Bellslea Park and if you are ever in the area when are at home on Highland League duty, please let me know and we can arrange complimentary tickets for you. “Once again, I would like to express my disappointment in what happened and hope that your team continues to rise to where it rightly belongs, challenging at the top of Scottish Football. “Regards, “Finlay Noble.”
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    I’m sorry no ones been more supportive of him but this can’t go on I don’t despise him like I did McCoist, Pedro and Warburton but am I right in thinking worst home season in a century? A lot of this comes from the top - the budget isn’t there to compete despite lying prick Kings promises but you can’t blame King for that mob not doing better in games against the utter shite false dawns galore - still getting mis managed at every fucking level saying it again that midfield Goss and Docherty are fucking pish ill also say again (as an edit) our team is made up of Swindon, Wigan, Accrington Stanley, Hamilton players - players that can’t get a game for Norwich, Nottingham Forest, Brighton and QPR (and I like Cummings and Murphy) and ended the game with Holt a Hearts reject - our players are fucking dreadful but what can we really expect until the investment from the lying cunts come
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    I'd near say with the games being called off tonight and us being able to cut the taig gap to 3 points that it's happening again. Higher Protestant powers are at work again it seems and Brendan Rodgers is starting to become aware of it.
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    It's boring now. 90% of games are shit unless you have a vested interest in one of the teams playing. It's a cynical game played by cheats and jessies that's hyper athletic, over coached and lacks characters, variety and idiosyncrasies in players. You get far more carbon copy footballers now. It's homogenized, basically. Less regional character to teams than there used to be such that you'd struggle to tell a team from Brazil from one from Russia now in terms of style. Basically a game that's been crapified by the amount of money at stake. All the best players being hoarded by a few teams doesn't help. Used to be that the top players were spread about all over the shop, rather than it being the same old elite few that have all of the best players and dominate year in, year fucking out.
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    1st goal Foderingham is beaten at distance again, never seen the goal at Ibrox from where I was sitting but just seen it there and fuck me man. His positioning is absolutely comical. 2nd goal came out of a big punt up the park and because Cardoso is built like the side of a fiver Dembele is through on goal, but why in the blue fuck does Wes come rushing out in the first place? 3rd goal is almost a carbon copy of our defending under Warburton, you knew that cunt was scoring before it happened. Two stupid goals to give away in the first half has fucked us today, should've been 2-0 at HT. Last solid centre back pairing was Weir and Bougherra seven years ago, it needs sorting out in the summer. Last but not least somebody needs to have a word with our Goalkeeping coaches as it's getting beyond a joke now the amount of times Wes is gubbed from distance.
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    For a week we managed to believe we had a chance of toppling those bastards. Wasn’t to be but tbf our squad only took shape during the January transfer window. They’ve spent more and we went months without a manager. We will be back to take our title next year with a few more signings and a permanent manager, whether that’s Murty or someone else. Point of the thread is there are some positives as we’ve been a fucking mess this season and still went toe to toe with them. I will never accept Rangers being second but there’s been genuine progress here and when you wake up tomorrow feeling like shit, youre still a fucking bear. No Surrender.
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    Na, fuck them. They’d have time to regroup. And those cunts wanted us dead. They rejoiced at thought of you and I having no club to support. They celebrated the prospect of our children and grandchildren having no Rangers. I want them to die and I want Tannadice flattened. Fuck them.
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    Quickly to be replaced with OBRFB. (Offensive Behaviour by a Rangers Fan Bill)
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    So assuming their game isn’t replanned for next week, we have the chance to cut the gap to three points next Sunday. That would be fucking amazing to put them under that amount of pressure next week.
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    Legend is used too often. This is the definition of a legend. 70 today
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    Will punch fuck out of cunts for fun in that league.
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    Lyn said: “For them to take Lee into their hearts is amazing. They’re helping our family do something positive out of his murder. They have been like a second family. “They’ve always been there for us. Lee would be over the moon. He was a Man Utd fan, but he’d be overwhelmed. There was no connection with Rangers before Lee’s death. “But their fans have since done a lot of fundraising. “We’ve made friends up there and we still visit them. Glasgow is like a second home to us now.” some fantastic words from his mother. Really hit home just how much being a bear makes me proud no matter the bad results and off field issues. What a support and club.
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    The SNP are rabid fucking bheasts as you can see from them falling over themselves to have a pop at Rangers and our support in that article. Yet some 'Rangers fans' still vote for them? The time has been for quite some time that you need to pick a side here - the SNP and their wee cause or Rangers. Of course there's people who vote for these guys and still claim to support Rangers but in my eyes they are no supporters of Rangers. If they vote SNP then they have made their decision and it's to our detriment. It's us and them. Literally is. Being ignorant to them and their ways is no excuse for any Rangers fan - especially when it's laid out like that in front of their eyes and they still choose to ignore the hatred for us.
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    https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=yvonnedorrans&pageUrl=4 From the page. My story As most of you are aware I had to defer my marathon 2017 place due to injury .. so 2018 is the year I’ll complete it, My target is set as £990.00 as last year I managed to raise £1010.00 which will be carried over to this year and go towards my target of £2000 .. however I’m hoping to completely smash this target and raise even more! Not only is this a huge bucket list tick for me this is all for a great cause. Our daughter Ava was just 3 months when meningitis strep b and septicaemia attacked her little body & within a matter of hours she was induced into a coma and her life in the hands of the amazing doctors and nurses in Birmingham’s children’s hospital. Ava was one of the very lucky few to come out of this coma with no side effects and no long term health issues she is infact a bright and happy 5 year old. However we know that this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ve taken part in a few meningitis fundraisers and met with people who have had lost relatives and friends to this illness or had long term effects.
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    The mum-of-five said: “My son explained to the security staff that he wasn’t from the area and they just left him to his own devices. I feel like there should be a duty of care. They should have contacted us and we could have organised a way for him to get home. If he's not capable of looking after himself why are you letting him go to Glasgow without supervision for a game of football ya stupid whore
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    Rangers Das getting the battle fever on.
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    The best attitude, confidence and spirit we've had in a Rangers team since Walter was in charge. Great to hear
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    It is cold and it is beautiful?
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