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    From VB Home page: Vanguard Bears Admin are pleased to announce that all monies donated to the Legal Defence Fund by our members and the wider Rangers support, both at home and overseas, has been distributed. A wonderful total of £7475.99 was raised – and we thank every supporter who contributed. When we launched the fund we stated that we would provide total transparency with regards to where any monies were going and today we can confirm the following: Out of all Rangers supporters that made contact with us, some only seeking advice, twelve were given financial assistance amounting to £4600. £2900 (figure was rounded up from the remaining £2875.99) was donated to Erskine – a cause close to all VB hearts. VB was established in 2007 to defend our own, we will not hesitate to offer support to our fan-base in the future should similar circumstances arise. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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    As I type this on "bears den" I am starting my second last round of chemo and getting updates from the official website (twitter feed from the junkies den) please let our beloved Rangers win tonight.
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    Attention grabbing headline I know - forgive me, but I need everyone's attention please. Read on......... Rangers Hall of Fame member Johnny "The Penalty King" Hubbard is currently in Ayr Hospital. Wouldn't it be great if we all took five minutes out of our busy lives and sent him a Birthday (He'll be 87 on Friday 16th), Get Well or a Christmas card? If you don't know who he was, ask your dad or grandad. https://Rangers.co.uk/club/history/hall-of-fame/johnny-hubbard/ Johnny was a regular visitor at Ibrox until just a few weeks ago. It's that time of year where we could maybe all do something for one of our own to cheer them up? Postal address is; Mr J Hubbard Station 16, University Hospital Ayr, Dalmellington Rd, Ayr. KA6 6DX Many thanks for taking the time to read
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    I've never been 1 to chase likes, or views, or subscribers etc etc. I've never been 1 to say .... "please like, please share, remember to subscribe" .... never have been, never will be. It's just a little "hobby" of mine, one that I'm glad others seem to also enjoy. That being said, it'd be kind of remiss of me not to say thank you for passing this milestone in my Youtube Channel .... so thanks bears. WATP!
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    ....Craig Houston and Chris Graham et al'... take a bow guys - you must be so proud of what you achieved in your vainglorious crusade in shoehorning King in on the back of a concentrated campaign against all others (and the personal promises made). Fucking self-serving egotistical wankers. By your deeds....
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    I'll give you my own list .. King is a criminal. King is a liar. Still no statement on the campaign by celtic and SPFL to reignite the title stripping campaign after the EBT tax ruling appeals. King trying to get on the creditors list for his 20-million back when we were in administration then coming out publically and encouraging them to knock back the CVA we had in - that's unforgivable. Paul Murray doesn't have a penny to his name. They were all a concert party involved in a hostile takeover having their goons organise protests and boycotts to drive the share price down at the clubs expense. Dave King failing to show up for the traditional tribute for the 66 dead in the disaster. They hung the fans out to dry for the Scottish Cup final. They've zero ambition. They are bridge-building bastards. King has said on record ideally he wants to share titles with celtic for the good of Scottish football. They have secured little investment from the outside. They don't have the finances to get us competing. Their decisions constantly baffle me such as the director of football but if that wasn't bad enough doing it arse over elbow and getting one in after appointing a manager. Giving Warburton too long to the detriment of our team. Appointing Pedro in the first place. 6-weeks and counting and we are still no closer to appointing Pedro's replacement. Ibrox still hasn't had any substantial cleaning/repairs or upkeep done to it. Joke statements put out on the official website that are embarrassing. Failing to persuade McInnes' a lifelong Rangers fan and ex-player to take the position of manager after initial talks. Failing to defend the club. Allowing Motherwell and Hibs and Hearts to bully us with reduced ticketing allocations. Unwilling to even consider giving the fenians a reduced allocation or the very least look into and explore our options. Still no NOMAD/stock exchange listing. Promising transparency with fuck-all transparency forthcoming. A manifesto pledge that no Rangers director will be involved in any business contracts with Rangers FC - couple of weeks later Park's have the coach contract. Giving Chris Graham, John Brown and Craig Houston jobs in an official capacity to reward them for their help in the boycott's, protests and hostile takeover (albiet Graham fucked it for himself) I've also heard from a few sources now that Dave King is impossible to get a hold off - sometimes the others can't get a hold of him for a week at a time while he's across in Africa. There's a lot, lot more. I'll edit and update as they cross my mind. They are fucking scum. Parasites. Inbcompetents. Runts.
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    ************************************* Update folks, my gran went for a scan a few weeks ago..after months of radiotherapy and in and out hospital.... CANCER IS GONE!!!! We were all shocked but at 80 years old she has gone from a diagnosis of terminal oesophegul cancer and having weeks rather than months to managing to get rid of it....Some woman!!!
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    I challenge anyone to disagree with this. Well said that man - he knows how to word how we all feel succinctly.
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    Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere but I just seen this and it made me laugh. Aberdeen fan raging after we scored and going to the police
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    Thought this thread was about lennon’s teeth tbh
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    Let' face it, it's been a disgrace ever since we got punted to the bottom tier. The players have been horrendous, the managers even worse then to top it off we go from one set of cancerous bastarts running us to another. Who's even surprised anymore? We are a diddy club now, skint and getting laughed at. Years of succss and breaking records and a few chancing bastarts have ruined it all
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    It's soul destroying listening to people say "we need someone to understand the Scottish game". Can you please think about what you're saying? If the Scottish game is so hard to understand why do our teams get put out of Europe at the preliminary stages each season? Apart from celtic of course, who were proud to play the role of punching bag for proper teams in the group stages. Why has the national team not qualified for a tournament in 20 years? It's utter nonsense. People are just regurgitating the drivel they hear from ex players in the media. We don't need a British manager or a "Rangers man". We need a competent football manager. It really doesn't matter where he's from.
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    I fear for our relationship with Aberdeen after this saga is over
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    Fantastic edit. Would love to see this more often, even if it was just for bigger games (that we win).
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    Excellent performance tonight, the young man shows a maturity and composure beyond his years, shining light of the season to date...
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    I hate the cringey overly positive posts that pop up for the sake of it/from people riding on a wee crest after a good result but I think this is a wee bit different. This was a much bigger 3-points than some consider. 1- Obviously the embarrassing not won 3 games in a row in over a year monkey off our back. 2- Went second again after Aberdeen's win away to Dundee last night. 3- Set ourselves up nicely for Easter Road on Wednesday. 4- Morelos back on the score-sheet. 5- Not a good performance by any stretch but like all good teams have to do we dug out a win. Usually scraping a win against Ross County at Ibrox I'd be the first to say fuck off - riddy - but I think this was different. It was a different game to the Aberdeen double header where we needed to show a lot more mentally. The diamond formation, however, isn't suitable in all games. It works like against Aberdeen but I feel against Ross County at Ibrox it shows them far too much respect and leaves a big hole in midifeld because of it. I'm not as harsh on Pena as some, but a diamond formation like today makes him look like a bit of a luxury to be honest.
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    Good article by Barry Ferguson following the sheep pumping and AGM. Long but worth a read if bored and have time to kill. "So there I am, lying on the settee. If truth be told, I’m a wee bit nervous. I’m not sure I fancy Rangers chances here - and I’m not particularly looking forward to it - but there’s no way I’m not watching it. You know how it is. I’m trying to relax, to stay calm and detached so I can study the way the match plays out tactically. It’s Aberdeen at home so I’m fully expecting them to make it a really tough night. And then it starts. All of sudden I’m seeing a Rangers team playing the way a Rangers team is supposed to play. People flying into tackles. First to every ball. Playing with an aggression - and a look in the eye - that I’ve not seen from them in such a long, long time that I’ve almost forgot what it looks like. Within 60 seconds I find myself sitting bolt upright on the edge of my seat, leaning in towards the telly. I’m loving every second of this. I’m having to fight the urge to run up the stairs to put my Rangers strip and my boots on! This is what playing for Rangers is meant to be all about. At long last, these guys seem to get it. Yes, I must admit, Wednesday night didn’t half come as a welcome surprise even if I did get ordered off my favourite couch and sent through to the other room to watch it. I don’t mind admitting it. I got a bit excited and a wee bit noisy. Let’s face it, it’s been a long time coming. I know I’ve been critical of the Rangers players quite a lot lately so it’s only fair that I give them credit where it is due. The performance they turned in as they dismantled Aberdeen was nothing short of excellent and every single one of them deserves plaudits for the way they went about it. From the centre backs to the full backs, from centre midfield to out wide and the boys up front - they were all over Aberdeen like rats up a drainpipe. And that’s the way it’s got to be whenever you pull that shirt on. I don’t want to pick any one player out but what I will do is give a special word to young Ross McCrorie. It’s early days for this young man but if he continues to progress and show the right attitude then Rangers are going to have a proper player on their hands for the next 10 or 15 years. As for the rest of them? I’m still not convinced by a lot of the players who have been signed recently but, after what I saw from them on Wednesday night, I’m starting to wonder if a few of them might be able to change my mind. No-one is expecting them to turn into Lionel Messi over night. But so long as the desire, hunger, application and aggression is right - so long as they are simply not prepared to accept anything less than a win - then they will do for me. I swear to God, when I saw Carlos Pena chase 50 yards back into his own half I almost jumped up and tackled the sofa. Now I don’t know if Pena is a proper player or not but I do know if he puts in that kind of effort every time he steps onto a pitch then he’ll be appreciated by the Rangers support. That’s all they’ll ever demand of their players and I know that from personal experience because I had more than my share of bad games for the club. But never once did I step across that white line prepared to accept defeat. And that’s the mental approach which separates a real Rangers player from all the rest. So, yes, I was delighted to see that attitude reflected in the eyes of every player the other night. It was the best performance I’ve seen from them in a long time. There was only gong to be one winner from the get go. Now the trick is, they need to back it up. They had laid down a benchmark for themselves and there can be no excuse for them to fall below it now. They don’t need to be world beaters - they just need to be winners - and the way the home crowd reacted to them must have made the penny drop. Ibrox was bouncing, the atmosphere coming through my TV was electric and that’s something I haven’t experienced since the good old days. It must have been a sight for sore eyes as far as Dave King was concerned because yesterday’s AGM was all set up to be an explosive affair had the team went down to a third successive defeat. But, by the sounds of it, it went off more like a damp squib. And that’s another lesson learned because the board will have seen with their own eyes just how much easier their life can be so long as everything is going right on the pitch. One result changed everything as far as the majority of those shareholders were concerned so just imagine how much stress will be lifted from the boardroom if they get the right man in the dugout. King said yesterday that mistakes have been made by the board and that’s a step in the right direction too - even if he then appeared to confuse everyone by saying that the appointment of Pedro Caixinha was not necessarily one of them. Obviously, I was critical of the chairman myself last week in this column because I was frustrated at the lack of urgency being shown in finding Caixinha’s replacement. So I’m glad he addressed the situation yesterday by telling the fans that they have identified a manager or managers who are under contract elsewhere. That’s all I was looking for, a little bit of leadership from the man at the top and some truth and transparency. Like the rest of the Rangers support will be, I am satisfied now that the board have selected a target and re moving down a certain path. Like them, I will understand if it takes them a little more time to get their man because the situation has been explained to us by the man at the top. That’s all that was required from the start as opposed to bland statements from a faceless spokesman. Be honest with the Rangers fans - give them all of your effort - and they’ll give you their patience and their support in return. That’s a lesson which applies all across the club from the boardroom to the dressing room because that badge deserves nothing less. And it’s an attitude which has finally got me back on the edge of my seat."
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    Already been posted in the Windass thread but thought it deserved a thread of it's own. The joy on the wee boy's face when he sees Wallace's video, Josh arriving at his house and when he finally gets to play his Xbox is both moving and beautiful. Well done to all involved.
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    Probably the best caretaker manager we’ve ever had, don’t think he has it to be our manager full time but will always be grateful for the point at the shithole and these games. Ma man.
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    We won with one of Mury's sub scoring not long after coming on thanks to some great work from Miller I dont like him but this obsession with him just now is absolutely mental
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    No because that would potentially have an impact on the team Would fully support a protest outside before or after the match
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    Any Rangers' fan who cannot see blame in the board needs to get a grip. This is their shambles and no-one else's. Yet again the fans blindly back the Club and we get a fucking school boy Manager who brings his patsy pals. I cannot wait for a second month of fannying about before we get our next failure. Total incompetence.
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    Take a bow whoever penned that poem, spot in 100%, the only supporters group who have remained loyal and selfless regardless. 👏👏👌👌👏👏
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    Where's the fan groups? Where's Craig Houston? Where's John brown? Where's all the protests? Where's the boycotts? because this board is every bit as embarrassing as the previous. This club is just as embarrassing as it was under the previous board. i await with baited breath.
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    It’s not just us though it happens with most clubs, Old Trafford is an absolute library but they (probably) have the best away support in the PL. It takes a different class of nutter to do every away game, the boys I travel with / used to travel with are about 10x more off their rocker than anyone I sit with at the home games. Also too many driving to / from games now so they can climb straight back in their Mrs handbags. In short - beer, tonic wine and cocaine are the factors that make our away support better
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    Congratulations mate.
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    Warburton - The Board backed him far too long then sacked him but didn’t sack him then proceeded to hang out their dirty laundry in public for everyone in Scottish football to laugh at. Caixinha - The Board waited and waited to replace Warburton only to appoint an unknown nice guy from a mid-table Qatari side that would go on to be responsible for some of the most humiliating results in the Club’s history for everyone in Scottish football to laugh at. Murty - The Board dismiss any rush for a new manager and place the burden onto the shoulders of a youth manager who can’t say no to take the team. He proceeds to do his best with entirely mixed results and is visibly almost brought to tears by the enormous responsibility placed on him, for everyone in Scottish football to laugh at. McInnes - The Board wait nearly 2 months to officially make a move for their supposed primary target for arguably the most important managerial appointment since 1872, only to have him reject them at the last second, for everyone in Scottish football to laugh at. Excuse me for not placing the blame at the feet of McInnes. This is entirely on King, Murray, Park, Robertson and the rest of the cunts lurking in the background. Their incompetency has turned the Rangers job into a poisoned chalice that nobody wants. They are toxic and it’s only going to get worse with them in charge.
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    Brown back scouting Barry Ferguson coaching, Goram as goalie coach, Walter as consultant. Miller captain and Butcher in as defensive coach. Just need Andy Cameron as DOF and Ally as groundsman/media/karaoke director and we're good to go.............
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    That has just made the next few hours just that little bit more bearable 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Stay safe fellow bears and always always tell your loved ones how much you love them because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.
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    Hard to miss a car with a dildo glued to it tearing down the motorway.
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    Given Freedom of Aberdeen: https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/king-denis-feeling-nervous-as-he-awaits-tremendous-honour-of-being-awarded-freedom-of-city/ ...and yes, Bears Den:
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    celtic must be the only team in Europe to score a consolation goal after a minute.
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    Gotta love the wee man
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    The best keeper in the league by a mile. Kept us in that big time.
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    I've no problem with Barry coming in in an assistant role at all
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