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    I’m delighted to announce that Wee Josh and his family will be in attendance, and hopefully making an on-pitch appearance at Ibrox on Saturday 1st April. It’s not been easy to arrange, and would not have been possible without some very specialized help. Rangers were always happy to invite Wee Josh to Ibrox, but the problem was that after a mascot appearance, Wee Josh can’t just take a regular seat in the stand like most mascots do, and so he would require some hospitality seats (8 in fact!!). But all the hospitality is sold out for the remaining games this season, so it would have to wait until next season, which was not ideal. Luckily our very good friends at Specialized Security heard about this and stepped in with some awesome solutions… First of all, they put the word round their friends in Club Europe, and managed to persuade 8 Good Bears to give up their seats for Saturday’s game. So that’s 8 hospitality seats arranged for Josh, his brother, his mum & dad, his gran & granddad, a Carer. Oh, and little old me. (His Gran and Grandad were keen to be there too, but were struggling to get two tickets for the game, so we thought we may as well add them to the party too. ) The only problem now was that it’s a pretty long drive from Stockport to Glasgow, and the day would end up being exhausting more than anything else, so we needed to sort out some accommodation. Once again, Specialized Security stepped up, and have booked 3 rooms at the Glasgow Hilton for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday). Meaning everyone can get a good night’s sleep and be Ready for the long day ahead of them, and then get a good night’s sleep after the event too. Specialized Security have even laid on some drivers from the hotel to the stadium, and back, to make life as easy as possible for the family. So fingers crossed we have a nice sunny day on Saturday, and I hope you’ll all give a big cheer for the Wee Man when he makes his brief appearance. In order to try to capitalise on the occasion, we had hoped to combine the day with a large-scale leafleting campaign, but due to a mix-up with dates (my fault!) several of our Staunch Volunteers who I would have been relying on will not be at the game, so we would not have had enough help. So we’ll maybe try to arrange that for a later game – if any of you want to volunteer to help out with an hour’s worth of handing out leaflets before the game? Oh and one last thing – I’ll be popping in to the Megastore to get Josh and Ethan a couple of souvenirs – so if anybody wants to chip in towards that, please make a donation via the RM PayPal and then tell me that you’ve done so. Here’s the PayPal link… http://www.rangersmedia.co.uk/paypal.html
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    Absolutely love this picture, we were due a big goal this season!!
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    This is exactly the type of thing that sums that scummy rhag up. They've been doing it for fucking donkies now. Why don't they take a look round Facebook, Twitter or even the wee chalkboards at the pub doors at the Gallowgate and comment on the rebel fests the tarriers will be having? Sash bash in a Rangers pub on the day of an Old Firm game wow - fuck me - whatever next Scummy, desperate, anti-Rangers, bigoted, fenian bastards at the Daily Record.
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    Took my son, turned 4 last week, to his first game today. What a day it was. Got him the seat next to my own as my mate sits there. Holding him up as we both sung The Blue Sea of Ibrox is a moment that will live with me til I die. Close to tears I was, and thankfully he loved the day and wants to come again. Proud Dad and Bear.
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    Sky reporter asked him to elaborate on why he thinks hes joining the biggest club in Scotland, his answer "2 facts, 144 years old and 54 titles"
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    Said it to the three of you privately and will say it publicly - the 3 of you have shown absolute integrity and should be proud of yourselves. I stand firmly behind you all.
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    As you will be aware following the announcement from Club 1872, all 3 of us have resigned as directors. We considered it an honour and a privilege to be voted to serve on the board of Club 1872 by our fellow Rangers fans, and those of you who know each one of us personally will understand how painful it was for us to leave an organisation we firmly believed in and worked tirelessly to establish since our election. We feel it is incumbent upon us to outline to members the reasons why we felt our positions had become untenable. As anyone who has served on a board or committee will know there will always be differences of opinion and varied interpretations on matters and the Club 1872 board was no different in that respect. However, throughout our tenure we found the conduct of one director particularly challenging, causing all of us to make considerable personal compromises at times. However last week a situation arose, which we felt compromised the organisation rather than ourselves, and that was one compromise we were not prepared to make under any circumstances. As many of you will be aware Rangers have recently advertised two job vacancies in respect of a Social Media Officer and a Supporters Liaison Officer. At Club 1872 we were informed recently that the latter of these two roles would be our main point of contact at the club in the future. Word subsequently reached some of the Club 1872 board members that one of our directors had applied for the position of Supporters Liaison Officer. However, as no notification had been received from the director in question this matter remained as nothing more than a rumour. Matters came to a head when the director in question intimated he, in addition to two Club 1872 directors who had already confirmed their attendance, would attend a meeting at Ibrox facilitated by Rangers Security personnel. This meeting was in respect of the forthcoming Old Firm fixture at which both Police Scotland and Club 1872 were invited participants. As persons present at this meeting from Rangers were to be involved in the interview and recruitment process for the vacant Supporters Liaison role concerns were raised within the Club 1872 board. As nothing had yet been received in writing to the Club 1872 board this necessitated a phone call by one director to the director in question at which time it was established he had in fact applied for the role of Supporters Liaison Officer. On such confirmation, the director in question was advised that it would not be appropriate for him to attend this meeting. In essence, we had a Club 1872 director who had applied for a job at Rangers, attending a meeting where persons from the club who were not only involved in the interview and recruitment process, but would also have direct line management responsibility for the post in question, were present. Despite such advice and the concerns of fellow board members, the director in question attended the meeting. We tendered our resignations shortly thereafter. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies to all members, and in particular, those who voted for us. However, all 3 of us believe that by resigning in such circumstances we were reflecting the standards, values and principles which saw us elected. Laura Fawkes Joanne Percival Iain Leiper
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    He's absolute pish, but if you done this you really should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Stepped up to the plate and has us battling like Rangers again.
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    Chew on that Walker, Hartson and Sutton ya horrible bastarts
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    chose brushing your teeth, washing your face, sleeping with people who arent your family..................
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    An incredible interview with 96 year old Jimmy McKillop from the Rangers News 5th January 1972.
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    Ironically we would have more money if he didn't leech off us for the best part of a year. Hope he never darkens our door ever again,spiv.
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    It's a sign that we have appointed a new manager
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    You'd think he burned down an orphanage ffs, all he did was kick him in the arse.
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    Was a rocky spell but today he did us proud and can go with his head held high. All the tim talk during his spell, you seen when the goal went in what it meant to him. That wasn't a Tim in that dug out trust me. Thanks for your efforts - a couple of bad results don't get me wrong but you did us proud.
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    On the radio just now, they're on their high horse because Clint Hill said that the team put pundits etc in their place and proved them wrong after their performance today. Now, ok, let's look at this a bit more closely. Pundits etc, especially folk like Sutton, have been absolute cunts to us at times. The things being said - eg we would be beaten eight - nil are completely disrespectful and inaccurate. The pundits on the radio are going off their head saying the players should be so touchy, emm... what are you being? If you cant take it don't dish it out you little bitches. You were wrong, the players showed character, and if they used a little bit of motivation from what you said then get it right fucking up you. It doesn't matter what motivates the players to perform that little bit better, to find something that gets that little bit extra out is good enough. What a bunch of pathetic arsholes.
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    I've sat trying to articulate how embarrassed for you I am after reading that but nothing seems to fit. This'll have to do. You should be very embarrassed right now.
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    Penny Arcade should be kicked to fuck
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    Shut up. We all know fine well that just drawing isn't enough. Stop trying to prove your staunchness.
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    Worst Rangers team ever, yada yada yah. The last 'worst ever Rangers team' must be delighted. And, no, I've never hated any of our teams.
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    Since we lost Davie cooper. I only saw him afew times and I was very young, but everyone knows how good he was and how much he loved our club. One of the few times I've saw my father cry was 22 years ago today. Rip Davie.
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    25 Davie Cooper Quotes That Every Glasgow Rangers Fan Will Love On the anniversary of Davie Cooper's death, here are the best quotes - by and about - the Rangers legend. Legends on Davie Ray Wilkins: "He was a Brazilian trapped in a Scotsman’s body." Walter Smith: "He was always a tremendous player for this club but when Graeme Souness and I moved into Ibrox he was transformed. There is no doubt in my mind that was because he was surrounded by better players." Stuart Munroe: "Davie could have made a fortune by moving down south but he resisted the temptation because he was a Rangers man through and through." Terry Butcher: "He was second to none in terms of delivery of the ball, and I’d rate him better than David Beckham in terms of free-kicks and corners. He was a magnificent talent and a wonderful character. He could moan for Scotland, right enough, but was basically a lovely lad. I still miss him terribly." Craig Brown: "This country doesn’t unearth all that many genuinely world-class stars, but Coop came into that category without a shadow of a doubt." Graeme Souness: "His nickname ‘Albert’ which stemmed from the Coronation Street character Albert Tatlock who was always moaning. I could tell if Coop was going to have a good game if he came into Ibrox and was moaning even more than usual!" Derek Johnstone: "From a playing point of view there is no doubt in my mind that he was one of Europe’s greatest players." Ruud Gullit: "Davie Cooper was one of the best football players I have ever seen." Gordon Smith: "When I later moved to the continent to pursue my career I saw lots of fine players with marvellous talent. But none better than Davie." Walter Smith: "Davie’s pet hates were referees and coaches which meant I got my fair share of stick because I referred some training games and I also did a lot of the coaching!" Rod Stewart: "I played against him in a charity match some years ago back up at Firhill. I reckoned I matched him for speed, but that was about it. He was just so tricky he tied me up in knots!" Sandy Jardine: "His goal in the Drybrough cup against Celtic was one in a lifetime and it overshadowed me because I scored one of my best goals that day and it hardly got a mention." Tommy McClean: "He wasn’t the quickest in terms of pace but he was the quickest thinker I’ve ever seen. He saw things so much earlier than anyone else." Gordon Strachan: "Davie would hug the left touchline. He was the best ball player and wide man I've ever seen. He wasn't fast; he'd just get past defenders with an amazing change of direction. He was also a superb passer of the ball and his crossing was second to none." Charlie Nicholas: "Apart from his footballing ability which was second to none he was also one of the most down to earth guys you could wish to meet." Andy Roxburgh: "Football is not about robots or boring tactics. It's about excitement, emotion and individual flair and imagination as shown by Davie Cooper." Ally McCoist: "Even now I find it difficult to believe he’s gone. We were friends and teammates for a long time and his death had an enormous effect on me." Graeme Souness: "I always believed that Davie Cooper was a more naturally gifted player than even the great Kenny Dalglish. And that is high praise." Walter Smith: "God gave Davie Cooper a talent. He would not be disappointed with how it was used." Davie on Davie On his loyalties: "I only support two teams; Rangers, and whoever is playing Celtic." On beating Celtic 3-2: "Jock Wallace told us in no uncertain terms that Celtic had scored two unlucky goals, so we had better go out there and score three bloody good ones." On the first time he played against John Greig: "He waded in with the kind of challenge Jack the Ripper would have been proud of…and then he growled “If I get another chance, I’ll break your leg." On the Souness era: "I do feel a little bit frustrated that these good and exciting times at Ibrox have come a little too late for me. But against that frustration is the realism that I have enjoyed a marvelous career that others would give their right arm for so I can't be greedy." On joining Motherwell: "I hated leaving Rangers, but I wanted to go somewhere where I could keep playing." On Rangers: "I played for the team I loved."
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    Canny wait for this to decend in to the "lets criticise the only people in Ibrox who actually care about improving the atmosphere" thread.
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    An old mate of mine gets laid to rest today. Bob served with the British Army in Aden and followed Rangers into Europe on many occasions. He was a keen bowler and loved his bingo. He leaves a wife and family and many fiends behind. God bless you BOB, may you rest in peace.
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    I'm critical of their flags and banners and displays but their thank you to Murty was a nice touch and well said
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    Get this tae fuck out the BD and into the weans game section
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    Scott Brown has been a protected species for years.
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    Has made the DR for having a sash bash.. for the game on sunday well done and let the haters hate
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    Right guys, the man is in position now and fully deserves to be backed to the hilt by all connected with the club. Let's put any reservations aside and put our faith in the man in control. I just hope the board will back the guy with the finance needed to get us back on track. Onwards and upwards starting fucking now and especially tomorrow. Bring it on. WATP.
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    Funny how there will be so many people who couldn't make the game today, dying for a ticket.
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    I don't think you'd need to be Jessica Fletcher to work out who's applied. D'art you're probably the best Rangers blogger we have. You were the one that gave a lot of us hope. With you gone I'm glad I didn't restart my contributions. I've seen how hard on here you've tried to be positive about c1872 and your hopes for it to work. So I can only imagine how hard you worked in your official role. all the best mate.
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    I'm no fan of Senderos but her poofy wee YES voting disgrace of a partner Foster was truly one of the worst Rangers players I've ever seen. But maybe she's biased.
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    We're all in denial, he's rank rotten.
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    Choose Pacific Shelf 595 Limited. Choose Fake Film Companies. Choose 10 Fines in 5 Years. Choose Deodorant. Choose Shit on the Walls. Choose Life Without Chicken Suppers. Choose Murderers. Choose Terrorism. Choose Scum. Choose Lego. Choose Yellow Teeth. Choose Chicks with Dicks. Choose Dembele Dollars. Choose Bankrupt Players. Choose Tours of Japan. Choose Broken Roofs. Choose Plastic Paddies. Choose Jimmy Saville. Choose Bottling Kids. Choose Ambulance Chasers. Choose Playing the Victim. Choose Cover Ups. Choose Sweeping. Choose Obsession. Choose Hate. Choose Immorality. Choose Denial. Choose Delusion. Choose Help. Choose Shite.