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    This is like somebody watching the twin towers collapsing live in front of their eyes, and wondering why you cant get Creamola Foam anymore.
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    Think it's a mistake to gloat about this at this particular time. Folk at Hearts and other clubs will lose their jobs/have their salary cut at a time when it will proper fuck them and when there's more than enough to worry about anyway.
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    Not interested in 1 penny back
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    ...... please just fuck off away from our club and never, ever come back. Hearts looking at cctv to identify coin throwers in the Rangers end yesterday. We don't need shite like this.
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    Imagine they didn’t let Dundee United up?
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    Nine in a row cancelled. Dundee United Promotion cancelled. Artur Boruc with Coronavirus.
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    Sporting Integrity means that if the season cant be completed, it just has to be voided. If that means celtic miss out on a title and Dundee Utd dont get promoted, then so be it.
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    No need for them to say anything it’s job done. Star striker off the boil after the onslaught from the media and racist chants which they claimed never happened, some cunt trying to put a tracker on his car all while his wife is expecting their first child. Rangers staff attacked verbally in the media and assaulted while walking their dogs. The club questioned about anything they say and the coaching staff handed out punishments far above the standard while other clubs are given a slap on the wrist. Don’t get me started on the Refs. Welcome to the Fenian Republic of Scotland, Operation 10iar back on track.
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    Shaun the Labourer from Coatbridge on saying that the World Health Organisation have this wrong.
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    I just wanna say thanks to everyone, pretty lost for words at everyone's kindness and generosity
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    At the end of the day A league system has to be fair. In the SPFL we play the same teams, the same number of times to earn our right into the portion of the 'championship split / Relegation split'. This league has been suspended prior to us having played the same number games, played the same teams the same number of times. We have not even reached the split. With this inherent unfairness, it cannot be allowed for one club to be crowned the 'champions' as it has not been played over an even playing field. Sporting integrity was banded about plenty in 2012, and as much as we moaned, we in the end had to accept it and have dealt with it. Now it is time that 'Sporting Integrity' is put to the test to see if it was purely about the jealous punishing of one club, or if it genuinely does mean something to the Scottish game. We are not playing Football Manager here. We cannot and must not accept clicking on the 'Go on Holiday' button and allow a league title to be gifted to anyone without it being won on a fair playing field.
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    Never disliked a captain like I do him. Mentality of a squib and one of the Warburton shite bags that's managed to wing it all this time. Can't have a captain who's been involved in so many failures like he has. It just radiates to everyone round him
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    We really are going peak RM.......
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    This should be plastered on the gates into Auchenhowie, where the players door entrance is
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    I'd not be surprised if he preferred to leave. He came into the team at a stage when we were challenging for the league title and Scottish cup, being told of this great style of football we try to play. He then watched us completely bottle it and discovered not only was he our most creative player but he would be sitting on the bench so Davis and Kamara could have a run around on the grass
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    So he publicly backs the senior player who should have the experience and character (considering he’s vice captain) to handle the criticism while he has publicly hung out the younger, less experienced defender to dry when he probably needs an arm around the shoulder. How arse about end is that?
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    Hopefully most of the clubs go bust and we’ve no choice but to fuck off to another league
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    Isn't the problem. We came up against a side far superior in quality to us. The problem is why we can't exercise the gulf in quality when we play Hearts, St Johnstone, Aberdeen & Co.
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    Seriously, this guy deserves more respect than he gets in here.....any man of an age that has seen the greats to the dross should be listened to....far to many whipped snappers who think they know better
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    celtic radio station is offering a world trip to whoever can come up with the best word that's not in the dictionary but can be put into a sentence. A Wee Glasgow Rangers fan calls in and says "ma word is Gaun, spelt g.a.u.n and ma sentence is: "Gaun fuck yersel". The celtic DJ hangs up and apologises to his listeners. 5mins later Glasgow Rangers fan calls and says "Ma word is Smee, spelt s.m.e.e. celtic DJ says ok, what's your sentence. The Glasgow Rangers fan says "smee again, gaun fuck yersel"🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🤣🤣
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    Mon the corona hope this boggin cunts lungs collapse
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    I have now amassed the great number of 1690 likes (thanks Sweetheart) small beer compared to a lot of you but I would like to dedicate them to all at Rangersmedia for keeping me entertained and informed through the years I have been a member. I dedicated my 1690th post to the memory of the great Sandy Jardine so I think that the likes should be dedicated to the Brothers and Sisters on here who make it feel as if you are part of a big family. Special mention to Govanblue and all associated with the fundraising for our veterans. Before any one says it 'Bear's Den'? aye dead right it should be. Stay safe all, NO SURRENDER. (my name is not Rab by the way!)
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    I am one Bear who is hoping to hell that Gerrard doesn't walk at the end of this season (or before). If he does, I think we will lose ground and may even enter a period of several years where we are scrapping for 2nd with different run-of-the-mill managers. As it stands, the disappointment of this season is so great because we have actually been toe-to-toe with the scum, we've surpassed them in Europe (with a more difficult route), and pretty much everyone in Scotland and beyond has stopped talking about "the gap" and now EXPECTS us to be challenging them for the league title. That was obviously NOT the case under Warburton and even less so under the sham that was Pedro. The fact is that Gerrard has refreshed and added kudos to the Rangers brand (helping us financially), made us more attractive to players, and most importantly he has (until recently) given us back the genuine belief that we can again be the best team in the league. Gerrard coming into Rangers told the rest of Scottish football that the banter years were over and the lame cries of "you're not Rangers anymore" only served to highlight our detractors bitterness and low IQ (not to mention inferiority complex). Up until January everything was going to plan. We had made clear progress last season and built on it this season. We could go up against the scum and fancy ourselves to turn them over. We were getting back to where we belong - on top. On any other day (and with better refereeing) we would already have the League Cup under our belt. And if you want to talk about character, look at how the team bounced back from that disappointment to dominate them at the piggery. And look again to Europe and the way our team and our manager turned around a seemingly hopeless task to win against Braga with skill, flair and resilience both home and away. Yes, of course results and silverware are what matters for Rangers. But if we keep faith with Gerrard I personally believe they will come. I believe Gerrard can get it right next season and bring us 55. Even at his lowest ebb being interviewed on Saturday evening he conducted himself with class, took responsibility, and apologised to the fans who he said have been incredible from day one. It was obvious that he was genuinely devastated (for himself and for us). My reaction was to support him. There is still a defiance and a pride to Gerrard as the Rangers manager. I believe that this is more than just a stepping stone to establish himself for the Liverpool job. He appreciates our passion and unswerving loyalty to our club and he desperately wants to lead us back to the top. I think we should show that same loyalty to him now.
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    As you will have read on here @ger4life_1872 recently has been through a particularly challenging time. I'm sharing this with his and the families consent. If you can help please do. Even liking and sharing the tweet is useful if you cannot contribute. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/claretaggart?utm_id=60&utm_term=MDV6BxEag Cheers
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    Fucking hell man there's about 300 threads on this shite
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    We are between a rock and a hard place. The losers now need weeded out. That piece in the Rangers match programme screamed Mark Warburtons Rangers for me from Tav. I just can not imagine gough, Ferguson, ricksen or the like ever penning something like that. If that's the captains words then how can any teammate be inspired? I actually like Tav and think bar a poor 12 months or so overall with us he's done OK. But there are a few in the squad who seem comfortable at Rangers but can't cope with the demands of Rangers. Ancelloti, Gerrard of Jim goodwin, to me it won't matter, if the squad stays as is then no manager will turn it round. Tav basically admitted we choked under the pressure thaf a 2 team 1 City league brings. Thats not good enough at all
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    We cant cope with one mid season break. I dread to think of how shite we'll be when we return after two.
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    Another game with no away fans when will our fans ever learn that these songs are unacceptable...
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    http://www.newsbiscuit.com/2009/08/17/tragedy-as-deodorant-covered-man-drowns-in-his-own-sweat/ Close thread.
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    I just wanna say thanks again and honestly the threads could be locked up now and I will be forever grateful to anyone who donated or just sent their wishes , it really is so appreciated, I'm not on ff but it's not a surprise to see that message , sad that dingwall is supposed to be a brother but my own lodge will be there in good numbers I'm sure
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    How can they talk about Coronavirus? Thought they were only allowed to talk about football topics?
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    Sounds like just the fellow we need. Releases Corona to get the league cancelled then comes in and gives us a warchest to win next year! Guys up for the fight.
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    A celtic blogger who never blogs about celtic.
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    Well done Bayer Leverkusen. But who'd have thought a few years back, we'd even be trying to compete against the top European teams of this calibre ?. Even though we lost it was the same way as I enjoyed our 3-1 defeats against Ajax with Cruyff in 1972, and Valencia with Kempes in 1980. Two of the best teams I was privileged to see grace our Ibrox turf. Those Germans are at the top of their trade, seasoned internationals, playing in one of the toughest leagues in Europe with squads worth a few 100 million.They could play against any of the top teams and succeed. And I've got to say even though we lost. quite simply Bayer were different class. A joy to watch and amazingly for 15 minutes in the early stages of the second half we played them off the park, even dragged ourselves back into the game until the gulf in class prevailed. But respect to the players and Gerrard, against one of the top teams we gave our all, beaten only by the difference between our curent status and that of world class performers.
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    Just wanna say thanks again, honestly overwhelmed with the support from this place, we really are the people
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    If the poster wants something from the club from his young boy, i will sort him something out 👍
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    Hi Shaun what’s your opinion on Sanitizer. Shaun - I prefer Fanta Lemon pal
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    Nah mate. Lost my Mum to cancer and struggled to deal with it as an adult. I’m lucky to be in a position that i know a few folk so if i can do anything to put a smile on the wee boys face i will do it. well done to everyone who put in what they can to donate. We are indeed the people.
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    1. Win more games 2. Draw less games. 3. Lose less games. Champions.
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    I’ll get pelters for this but I think we are right to stick with him for now.
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