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    What a bloody disgrace that with an average attendance of 3,849 they can put a grass pitch down that's as good as any in the country, yet Hamilton Accies with an average attendance not much less than Ross County, and Kilmarnock with an average attendance of 6,894 continue to put down those fucking horrible plastic monstrosities that are an embarrassment to the Scottish Premier League. What makes it even more ludicrous is that Hamilton and Killie insist they have to have plastic pitches because of the severe weather conditions, which in itself is a total joke when you compare Kilmarnock and Hamilton against the Baltic weather in Dingwall. Full credit to Roy MacGregor and the board of Ross County for having a playing surface that allows good teams to show their skills with a ball at their feet. I wish them well and hope these other cunts get relegated along with their plastic bouncy surfaces.
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    Cos you’ve never seen them before means they don’t go regularly?
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    LOOK AT ME I’M STAUNCH I THINK NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH. Our midfield has been consistently good all season. Calm down.
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    Better option than Ojo or Barker. Looking forward to getting him back.
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    Us being above Porto and Feyenoord in a European group stage Have I woken up in the mid 90’s?
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    That's why you get the meltdowns on here you get regarding our games. The amount of people that had us waltzing up to tynecastle and taking 5 off of hearts like it was Elgin at ibrox was staggering. They then get themselves into a tizzy when we've not matched their moronic predictions.. Hearts are struggling for form and goals but on their day they're one of the best sides in this league and a difficult opponent as they get right in your face. Now levein has gone we may start to see them improve
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    Correct mate .... what you say suggests that we outed him for what he was and no other club would employ him ..... it also firmly suggests that The Rangers were not in the business of covering up nasty bastards like him. The polar opposite was .... as has been proven in a court of law ..... to be the order of the day at CFC and CBC ..... where the harbouring and reemploying of proven paedophiles has caused untold physical and psychological damage to the victims of the crimes committed against them ..... and Daly knew exactly what he was doing by attempting to tar our Club with the same brush ...... what we did was the right thing and they all fucking know this to be the case ..... the only ones covering up are the likes of Daly and the rest of the CFC season ticket holders at BBC Scotland ... cunts everyone of them. 🇬🇧
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    I reckon Halliday would batter you
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    Now get the fucking trophy. Let the bheasts see us with it in our hands.
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    It's Goram but the fact this can be asked shows how good a keeper McGregor has been for us
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    Just keep picking up 3 points in the league and I'll be ecstatic. Europa a bonus
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    We're good at getting shot of our europa league competitors managers 😂
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    Clever timing of the comments anyway. Easy to say this after a poor result and have it thrown back as sour grapes, but after a comfortable win, he’s just making a good point.
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    I think fans forget sometime that we can’t play with the foot on the pedal all the time in Europe. Key to getting through games is to recognise when to attack or to hold shape and passing sideways for a good few minutes is just part of the game. Fans don’t realise that when we win the ball we just can’t fly forward like we normally try and do in Scotland.
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    I have complained to the BBC as noted below and if I get the usual perfunctory response then I will certainly pursue it further. The initial complaint procedure limits the detail you can provide to back up the complaint but going forward will allow for a more comprehensive complaint. I will post any responses. With reference to the BBC Scotland News item on TV and web concerning the Gordon Neely issue, I wish to complain about what is targeted bias by BBC Scotland by omission and selective twisting of facts. The so-called news item was a disgrace to honest journalism and a very anti-Rangers re-hash of some old news. The Club and its management's integrity were basically slandered and libelled due to the very carefully manipulated content. The facts were twisted and there were serious omissions from this scandalous effort at journalism by Mark Daly and BBC Scotland. In fact there was so much missing from the item that all connected to Rangers FC must wonder exactly what agenda has BBC Scotland against that football club. Major points which remain unasked and unanswered by the BBC are: Why did the alleged victim and his parents not report the incident to the police? Did the alleged victim and or his parents accept that Neely being removed from the Club was sufficient punishment? Did the alleged victim and or his parents request that Rangers should not make an official complaint to the police? If the alleged victim and his parents weren't happy at the outcome at the time then why did he return to training? The alleged victim cannot state for certain whether or not Rangers reported the matter to the police. It was almost 30 years ago and Strathclyde Police no longer exists. It won't be the first time that paper work has been lost by the police. Other relevant points which were not highlighted were the facts that Hibernian FC apparently failed to inform the police of serious sexual abuse by Neely and failed to warn Rangers of his deviant ways. The BBC also failed to point out that Rangers FC had no inkling of Neely's history of abuse at that time. Like any right-minded person I abhor the very thought of abuse of minors but I think that this BBC article was simply re-hashed from previous news simply to try to blacken the name of Rangers Football Club.
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    Wid a fuck bet on the cunts lol, expected a bigger few bites tbh
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    If the board are just going to sit and twiddle their thumbs,while the bbc try to drag us into the Monstrous acts perpetrated on over 100 kids by a paedophile ring of 14 beasts (Gerry McSherry knew) Then you can bet that is what will happen. GET OFF YER ARSES AND SET A TEAM OF LAWYERS ON THAT SCABBY BUNCH OF REPUBLICAN SCUM AT PACIFIC FUCKIN QUAY AND DO IT NOW. TAKE THEM ON FOR FUXXAKE.
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    There was no “Cover up at Rangers” end of story. A cover up is doing nothing an pretending or denying It didn’t happen.. An allegation was made, it couldn’t be proven one way or another but we sacked the guy. The report to the police can’t be proven but we have several people prepared to state that it was. Daly’s and the BBC headline are a disgrace.
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    Please regale us with your view on how Rangers, a football club, could have any control over what a private citizen did or did not do in their private lives? We allowed him. Aye because we're the establishment. Its the police, the government, The Crown, God then Rangers at the top init. Fuck me gently.
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    Lost my Da a year ago yesterday. Something telling me he was looking down on me and us tonight. Gonny spend the lot on nonsense and consume it in your honour Saturday old boy Bawling my eyes out at full time like a big lassie
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    He's the guy who just calmly goes about his duty with consistency. Seldom has a bad game. Is always there at the vital time and never lets us down, and probably contributed most to tonights result. I give you Allan McGregor. Morelos was great, led the line, tried the tricks, great goal, rode the tackles, and smiled the whole time. Barisic is born again, consistent, hard tackling, tough and commited. Helander showed he will be a class act, read the game perfectly and got stuck in when needed. But the guy who guaranteed us a result most tonight was the goalie, Allan McGregor.
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    Rangers should be launching an internal investigation to establish once and for all whether the police were contacted. Nobody has been able to establish whether that was the case or not. There will, undoubtedly, be more victims of Neely that will or have already come forward and therefore the investigation should also focus on any failings at that time & ensuring all steps are now taken to protect children. we should also be calling for a full investigation at the highest level into abuse within football.
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    Thought that was superb and helped the team and crowd when it came back out in the second half.
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    Mate It was pathetic at times.a few mins in and people getting on the players backs and moaning at everything. We then kept the ball for a bit and they moaned at that. Our away support are incredible but our home support need to remember they're there to support at times as well. It's two completely different supports imo
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    He’s just beelin’ Frodo’s got his ring.
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    In a one off situation . Yes this all would fit ............. Whereas the bheasts on a wholesale scale ,had probably over 50 abusers and counting on their staff over many years . On a conveyer belt of abusing children over decades . Where hundreds of bheasts came and went unchecked , released and then accepted back . It was what we call nowadays . A paedo ring . But these words have not even had a mention, from an organisation that is historically known with the Jimmy Savile scandal . Covering up his sick and bheastly behaviour on an INTERNATIONAL scale . Check back online .The words PAEDO RING never gets a mention from this vile and corrupt organisation with double standards . What is happening in this corrupt little land is deplorable to any right thinking person . Instead of accepting responsibilities and learning from previous scandals in their own buildings . They are continuing to lie and betray the young people that have been abused in all this . Not using facts, but just lies to try and incriminate our club in this whole Bheast Fc scandal . You would almost think BBC Scotland had been part of the same PAEDOPHILE RING
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    They said it wasn't life threatening, that cunt has had his head hacked off and sewn back on.
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    Bawhair away. Idiocy of the highest order. Cunt was absolutely rinsed with boos when it happened because the majority know that’s a fucking moronic thing to do.
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    Defoe has definitely taken Morelos under his wing and definitely helped him improve is game and his mentality. It's great to have two in form strikers.
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    The whole point of this article is simply to use 'cover up' and associate it with Rangers. Its scandalous they way Daly and his Beeb masters try to tie us in with the flifth in the east. You can see Dalys agenda as he seems unconcerned towards the 'cover up' by Hibs that resulted In this creep arriving at Ibrox in the first place.
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    Complaint sent to BBC asking (let’s leave the non-committal response from police getting twisted into “Rangers lied” for one moment) why one child subjected to inappropriate language is a bigger story than a hundred kids being molested. Curious to hear their values and justification.
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    Both of those finishes are excellent the more you watch. One thing I definitely notice is we are shooting more often and not getting tied up trying to walk it into the net. We've had some big goals this year from players just having a go. Davis the other night, Jack almost scored from a deflected shot yesterday, Alfie's goes through the defenders legs right into the corner, Barisic hits the post, Kent put one wide yesterday etc. Everyone in the team is having a go and that's what you need.
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    He can't reply. Well, until he tries to make a new account.
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    Im glad you finally got to see Rangers mate. I can't wait for my first game, I've been their number one fan for years now
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    So the ahem "political wing" of the club gets all tough when they are at home and make a stand against fascism. Fairly obvious most of them won't travel. They have form for being shitebags. But now the club want to be protected and demand meetings with Uefa and Lazio. If the club had demanded that the banner wasn't unveiled then I'm sure they wouldn't have an issue. Fucking retarded precious agitators.
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    “Are you going to continue to ask me these silly questions?”
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    This coming out now tells me something big is about to drop across the city. It also makes me pretty confident that it's the only incident we're involved in with regards to this as they keep re hashing the same incident over and over again rather than coming out with anything new.
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    As far as i can make out, the boy was assualted by a prick with previous (not reported by his previous employers) and when the manager was alerted he done the right thing by both the boy and the club by sacking the culprit mentioned. Kinda cut and dried in my opinion .
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