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    I see where you're coming from Two and a Half Men is the greatest show of all time though
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    Hopefully not a repost - this is fuckin brilliant! :lol: :uk:
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    It's funnier watching their shite attempts at being in it though.
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    In the long run it doesn't matter what UEFA, the spl or the SFA do about it if the club don't want and are confirming they will deal with it then is it worth losing your ticket over. To some it must be...
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    a song about a sectarian razor gang. cant say i miss it.
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    • Tbf it’s only an extra 20 quid if you have a season ticket and would be joining travel club anyway, don’t think there’s any perfect way to do it tbh the demand for tickets is always going to be greater than tickets available, if this is just a dressed up way to make money though thrn the club might as well have just raised season tickets 20 quid. 
    • Just read a couple of paragraphs from this book. Fuckin hell man, the poor guy. Hope to fuck this book gets the publicity it deserves, and finally gets that vile club into the dock. ANY self respecting journalist should have been all over this, but they all looked the other way...shameful, absolutely shameful.
    • What ground is that  with the bears in the covered section along the side of the park? sure its not Ibrox or Hampden. I think the Tim goalie is Denis Conaghan(sdp) 2nd big DJ 3rd no clue
    • Greg swears it’s not. Cash grab😂😂😂
    • I think I’m swerving towards the same tbh but just not seeing the myGers scheme like others. Fwiw if I decide to go to away games I’ll be alright, I usually always am, just hope the mygers thing isn’t an extra £50 for 2 games a season like usual. 
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