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    • Front broomie, club deck (debenture thing) Away corner (Pish)  front SJ, Bar72 100% standing as a boy in the east enclosure was phenomenal. Singing “fuck the west enclosure” was confusing though. 
    • You get a pretty incredible view from the main stand front, tbh I’d happily sit anywhere but I choose to sit there when I can as I try to make the most of it when I go up to matches. 
    • I really hate the view from there  I've never had the problem anyway, any game I've wanted to go to I've managed to get Govan or Main Stand tickets, but I would never choose to sit behind the goals over it. So I've never actually not gone to a game because they were the only tickets left. 
    • Mate surely you'd rather be at the game you're trying to get tickets for rather than not if you can only go sparingly due to circumstances?   
    • Cause I don't like the view from there I'm not a season ticket holder, I go to random games and I'm not a fan of sitting in stands behind the goal 
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