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    Your one irritating cunt tbh We beat Bochum 12-5 today what happens? We beat Leverkusen 7-3 what happens? Fuck all, if you dont realise that pre season is for fitness your pretty dumb. Your sarcastic posts arent doing much for you but there yae go
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    The best match was the first one at Bragging Rights. Yeah, I'm a massive fan of DBD. Could watch him wrestle all day.
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    Broadfoot and McCulloch in the same team makes me cry Awful, awful players
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    I'm happy enough with the new signings and hopefully there'll be more to come. I will however, be extremely disappointed if Davie Weir is still our regular CB when the season kicks off. As much as I really like him, and I appreciate everything he's done for the Rangers, I'm starting to find it rather embarrassing that our CB and Captain is a 41 year old.
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    exactly, im also worried players thinking about signing on the dotted line are watching this preseason and thinking mccoist is not up to the job
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    Thats an opinion based on what I saw last season. Need I remind you of the Walter Smith opinions you shared ?
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    Right as a footballer i can tell you the now. The 1st 3 weeks of pre season is too burst you into the ground. By the 3rd week you feel fit as fuck and this is usualy when the friendlies start! However i dont give a shit what anyone says you can be as fit as you like but the match sharpness is never there is the 1st 2 or 3 games. The touch is usually off and even the game pace is off despite being as fit as you can. If this was halfway through our second leauge game i would be worried. As yet im not and i think we will blitz Hearts on the 1st day of the season. Then again every wee thing that doesnt go right for Rangers doesnt have me screaming conspiracy and wanting to hang myself at the sheer "embarresment" of losing friendlies
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    to the tims on here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-01C2xZrKOY
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    Just wrote something likewise, he's a cunt end of!
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    I want Teddy Long to die, he's the most annoying cunt.
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    • Is this story still going, at least certain people can't help but come out of the woodwork to show themselves up.
    • Sitting here having my morning coffee watching BBC news and there's an article about the outcry against the EPL clubs for taking the Government's money and not the mega well paid players taking a cut to guarantee the non playing staff salaries.  Morally wrong, sending out the wrong message etc. Who the fuck should suddenly appear on screen agreeing with all this morally wrong attitude............... Chris fucking Sutton. Couldn't mark his neck with a blow torch.
    • If anyone deserves his medal it's him. Glad he got a replacement sorted.  I'm just curious though, why would you take your medal on holiday with you and walk about with it? I've not seen the documentary or read the story, is there a reason for it like he was showing it at a function in a bar or something?
    • Difficult decision , fortunately I am able to pay and will take the risk as the club needs the cash. What would be helpful if the first team squad took a reduction of wages say to 80% . The club need to look at this carefully but we do need the money. What I am disappointed about is that the first team squad have not come out with some comment on this. I just wonder if something will happen on this before the renewals come out.
    • Don’t think the 4 month option is a credit agency, maybe if they could squeeze it to 6 months for 1 season they will probably help a lot of people out.
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