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    Earlier today was my last bout of chemo for my ongoing problem, I would like very much through this post if I may say a sincere and most heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time to wish me well and to like my post "just now" it really and truly means such a lot and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all. Now as the saying goes it's both onwards and upwards from here not only for myself but also for our beloved Rangers.??????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    A few weeks ago a close mate of mines @Mr Sopranouncle passed away suddenly and this left a young boy without a father. Rangers have found out about this and have issued him with an invite to be their special guest on a tour of the stadium with no cost. Ryan Jack has also hand signed the letter and from.what I hear when these things have been done in the past the player will be there to meet the person they've invited. So for that young boy that will be immense meeting one of our arguably best and most consistent performers who also scored a winner v them. It's not much and won't take the boys pain away but what a gesture and when I was shown the letter then hand signed non generic print signature actually give it a pretty sincere feeling. We get slaughtered for a lot of things but for me that was a pretty moving thing to do for a young boy who'll be feeling pretty lost just now. Well done The Rangers 🇬🇧
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    Most of us knew it would happen but, personally, I thought it would take our first trophy to push them over the edge. But no, a single goal victory in a single match has done the trick. The seeds were sewn in the summer when complacency and arrogance led them to think that a squad actually weaker than the previous season (Dembele, Roberts out, Morgan in) would still be too strong for everyone else. Some of their support began to fidget but Big Peter and St Brenda had never failed them, right? Defeats to Killie and Hibs increased the jitters as our European heroics indicated a steel and determination absent for so long. The fidgeting got worse as they announced a bonus of 2.3m for Big Peter yet couldn’t shake off Rangers or Killie in the league they had come to see as their own. Their friends in the media stayed loyal, hounding Morelos at every turn and bigging up journeymen like Christie and Edouard as if they were world beaters. And of course, the loyal suppression of THAT story continued for the most part as the verdicts were reported but our courageous journalists steadfastly refused to join the dots. Then it happened. St Brenda’s first defeat at the thirteenth hurdle. Their fourth defeat of the season matching the total of the previous two seasons combined. And the manner of the defeat was even more telling than the scoreline. Totally dominated and clueless. They are creatures of habit and, true to form, they turned on the officials and the SFA (an organisation more loyal, valuable and reliable to them than a bloody guide dog to a blind man) in a major deflection operation. The rules which state that, if the referee saw an incident and chose not to act, then no further sanctions can be applied, surely couldn’t apply here. “‘Mon tae fuck” they howled. The house of cards begins to shudder. Then Rangers ramp up the pressure by strengthening further with Defoe, Davis, Jones and Kamara on their way. Shit, this is serious. And so the head of the supporters group (Mr “not enough Protestants on the Titanic“ himself) writes to the erstwhile allies at Hampden, effectively calling them cheats for following the rules. And, in what is clearly an orchestrated manoeuvre, the club follow it up with a demand for transparency. The club which has made an art form of secrecy and cover up now pushing for “transparency”. Utterly priceless. Their world is collapsing in on them and they are in blind panic. And of course, there hangs over them, THAT story. It hasn’t gone away and they may yet regret the stupidity of turning on the SFA who will hold the fate of that poisonous club in their hands. It is the perfect storm and it has been a long time coming. Their lack of class and dignity is exposed for all to see and it is not pretty. The house of cards is hanging by a thread and an act of defiance or bravery by either the SFA or a serious journalist (Mark Daly?) will surely bring the whole rancid slum crashing to the ground. I am thoroughly enjoying the show so far and would encourage all Bears to pull up a chair with, dare I suggest, a bowl of jelly and ice cream?
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    Thought posters might like to put a face to the name, checked if it was okay to do so, it is. Something most won’t know about ED is that he was at N’castle after leaving school, he was offered terms but his mother decided he was getting a real job in the bank. He was a big lump of a lad even then, typical battering ram centre forward of that era and skill to go with it, who knows what could have been, hope you like the fotie from last year, keep rockin’ big chap ?
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    Dear "Family" if I may call you all family, excuse the title of the thread but it takes me back to the fateful day (v Kilmarnock just after liquidation was announced) and no doubt like many others I stood with tear filled eyes listening to that song being played thinking my god what has happened to my beloved Glasgow Rangers, well as you all know since then my own circumstances have been affected pretty badly by the horrible C word and I have had a pretty hellish time this past while. My second last visit to see my consultant didn't really go very well with the news that there had been a slight further spread in my bowel of the dreaded "C" well after more treatment and scans I returned (yesterday Friday) to see who I class is truly a very very special (rugby supporting) person and receive the news that the "Spread Has Stopped and The Worst PART has SHRUNK" by quite a bit. As I mentioned previously I hope with all my heart to return to Ibrox soon and there will be a scoreboard announcement saying "Falkirk BEAR is BACK" and I will sit quietly in my seat again yes no doubt with tears in my eyes saying to myself yes things are Alright. To you all my dear Rangers family I thank you all from the bottom of my heart just for caring and taking the time to send messages which you will never ever know just how much they meant to me these past months.??????????????????????
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    I'm starting this thread just to inform RM that the member Edmiston Drive is now seriously ill in hospital and probably won't get out . He was diagnosed with cancer a few week ago and was told how bad it was. Unfortunately on his next visit just over a week ago his condition had escalated dramatically and his time left was weeks. As we all know he had many a heated debate and wasn't shy in giving his opinion, even when out for a few beers and I wasn't interested!!! What I can say is that the big man was 100% Rangers and that's not up for debate! Going to leave it at that. Admin if this ends up a thread on rights, wrongs or a slagging match please delete. No Surrender Big Man!
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    No it’s not a clickbait title- for once! So after 6 years of fundraising, I’ve finally decided that it’s finally time for me to finally hang up my gloves, and finally start to draw the curtain down on my overly-long involvement in what was actually only supposed to be a one-off fundraiser. There are lots of random, unrelated and non-controversial reasons behind my decision, the main one being health-related, so that’s the end of that discussion! I’m sure many of you will be delighted at the news of my retirement, because let’s face it, I’m an annoying cunt, even on a good day. What I don’t want to do though, is leave either Erskine or the many Loyal Fund Members suddenly in the lurch, so I have hopefully come up with a workable exit strategy… We have already just recently paid £2500 for 10 Erskine & Combat Stress Season tickets renewals for the coming season, and we still have a few hundred quid left in the bank to cover Europa and Cup tickets for the next couple of months, plus our previously promised donation to Bravehound, so we’re good for a while. We will shortly launch the RM Erskine Fund 2019/20 New Season Membership/Donations thread just as we had planned to do. But this time, it will run only for about one month, giving any members who wish to continue their support into next season an opportunity to do so. After which, we will stop accepting donations into the current Fund account. The money raised from that fundraiser, added to the money that we already hold in reserve, should mean that we will have enough money to maintain our spending for the rest of this season (albeit on a reduced budget), and also still hold enough money in reserve to pay for next season’s season tickets, which will be approx £2500 and will be due in May 2020, which means we will be providing continued support using just our existing (plus next month's) resources, until May 2021, which I think is not a bad exit strategy. Of course, that’s using just our existing (plus next month’s) resources. After I end my fundraising involvement, it doesn't mean that other Members can’t keep things going in all sorts of ways – it just means donations won’t go through my bank account, so you’ll need to work something out yourselves for that side of things. (off the top of my head, I can think of loads of options, so it shouldn't be too hard to come up with some fully workable ideas). I will of course be fully available to the Fund in an offline advisory capacity for as long as my input is needed. So may I take this opportunity to thank Everyone who has so wholeheartedly supported our efforts over those many years. I only made the outlandish demands I made, because I knew there were People like you there to meet them. And together, I think we made enough of a difference for it to have been ultimately worthwhile. So there you go – that’s the plan. Keep your eye out for the season 19/20 Membership Fundraiser thread which will be along soon, and let’s make it a good one. Oh and don't forget, you've got a Dug to feed too!
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    An update if I may for my "Rangers Family" (I truly feel both humble and honoured to call you all family) sorry to say that things have slipped back quite a bit over the last few days and due to sickness and weight loss plus generally feeling pretty rotten I am being admitted back into hospital tomorrow (for observation) their words not mine, without sounding a boring and repitive "old fart" may I thank you all again (again) for your support and thoughts life truly is pretty rubbish at times and no matter what it throws at you there is always much worse off. When I make it back to our beloved Ibrox I intend doing a scoreboard announcement to let "my family" know that this old man has made it back to see his beloved Rangers who he first saw a long 58 years ago.????????????
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    Thanks for all the comments lads. This belongs to me, all the way from Leicester every game. 🇬🇧
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    Actually got into an argument wae the fanny that smacked the linesman wae the coin the day and his pals. Absolute wanker, just ruins our name and brings us down to their level. Worst part is the linesman done fuck all wrong the whole game aswell.
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    A football legend who does not need the approval of our embarrassing, shameful football association.
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    My letter to the rat: On the morning of July 2, 1937, 30 coal miners lost their lives in one of England’s most tragic mining accidents at the Holditch Colliery in North Staffordshire, England. A number of fires and explosions below ground accounted for the lives of the men who had returned into the mine in an effort to rescue their colleagues who had been attempting to extinguish fires that were burning at the coal seam. News of this tragic event reached Scotland, hardly strangers themselves to mining disasters, and, in an act of solidarity, Scottish football League Champions Rangers FC travelled to the Victoria Ground to play Stoke City in a benefit match for the victims of the disaster. While the match ended goalless, it raised a much needed £2,000 for the relief fund and families of the lost miners. For their efforts, Rangers FC were presented with a limited edition Loving Cup from Stoke City President, Sir Francis Joseph, one of only 30 that had been made to celebrate the silver Jubilee of King George V. Identical Loving Cups were presented to the 22 English First Division clubs of the time, with the others going to the British Museum and various organisations. Sir Francis Joseph had only request, that the vessel should be used in perpetuity to drink to the health of the reigning monarch prior to the club’s first home match of every year. And so it is to this day, the New Year toast is celebrated in the Blue Room at Ibrox by the assembled directors and guests of Rangers FC and the visiting team at the first home game of the year. It is then with some surprise, and a not inconsiderable level of disgust, that I find you, Deputy Leader of Glasgow City Council, openly mocking the tradition, the ceremony and its significance on social media platform Twitter comparing it to an episode of Only an Excuse. Scotland has seen more than its fair share of mining disasters over the years since coal mining first began and there are many accounts of the horrible conditions these men worked in and the horrible deaths they suffered and the loss and suffering experienced by the families they left behind. Yet, you see fit to mock that ceremony. Could it be that your judgement is perhaps being clouded by your contempt for coal miners? Further observations on your Twitter account would suggest an association with a certain Mr Phil Macgiollabhain . Mr Macgiollabhain, (not his real name) was once a staff journalist with An Phoblacht, a newspaper published by the IRA and author of the contemptible anti-Rangers FC blog entitled “The Incubator”. Could it be that he despises coal miners as much as you? Mr McDonald, you and I both know that you and Mr Macgiollabhain probably don’t dislike coal miners but what we both know, and is very apparent from your Twitter account, which after your numerous vile sectarian tweets were exposed you hastily set about protecting and deleting your previous posts, is that you do share an apparent and delusional hatred of all things associated with Rangers FC and from your many Tweets, an unhealthy adoration of celtic FC. So much so that you used you abused your position at Glasgow City Council to influence your colleagues at Glasgow Life, to circumvent due process and to overturn the decision to allow a “Fan Zone” to be established at Ibrox. Perhaps you might advise me of any other entertainment licenses you have used your position to have revoked. Strange how so called “Fan Zones” would only enhance the supporters experience if they were established at Hampden and in the East of the City I believe your behaviour is unbecoming of an individual within an organisation of Glasgow City Councils magnitude. You have been elected and installed in the exalted position of Deputy Leader of the Council that you may represent all of your constituents not just the ones who share your apparent love of a particular football team and your political party. I look forward to your response.
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    Best thing the club have done in years, hopefully still in place next season.
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    My wee boy will now see a group stage. Fucking love yees Rangers up the vollies
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    There was a considerable blip in the anti-Alfredo Morelos narrative currently being driven by sections of the media in Scotland. Sadly, the predictable one-way traffic was not brought to a sudden halt by an ex Rangers player speaking out, no, Barry Ferguson and Lee McCulloch were too busy acquiescing and adding to that negative narrative with criticism of their own. In a week which showed Kirk Broadfoot raking his studs down Alfredo’s Achilles heel, you might have thought the onslaught would abate for a few days – but alas, this is Scotland we are talking about. Instead it was left to Chris Jack of the Evening Times to write an article, https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17510914.how-alfredo-morelos-has-gone-from-medellin-to-Rangers-multi-million-pound-man/ not only defending Alfredo, but in addition, humanising this young man so many have sought to dehumanise with comments such as “buffalo brains “and relating his upbringing to something from the Narcos Netflix series. Jack highlights a young man brought up in extreme poverty, who has never forgotten his roots, who remains respectful to his parents and the country of his birth, and for whom the lessons learned from such a harsh upbringing remain a driver towards success. Perhaps in any other country such a young man would be seen as a positive role model rather than the devil incarnate. But the comments of Ferguson and McCulloch really rankle – their adding to the anti-Morelos narrative serve to give it a sense of normality, when in fact it is anything but normal – it is in fact, abnormal. And no amount of ex Rangers players selling themselves to the highest bidder should allow us to lose sight of this fact. It has been a concerted campaign to demonise our prize asset and the likes of Ferguson and McCulloch, with their strong Rangers antecedents, adding their weight to the millstone being placed round Alfredo’s neck serve to give this concerted campaign a sense of credibility. Ferguson and McCulloch are by no means the worst, Kris Boyd demonstrating his ability to adapt to the anti-Rangers agenda with considerable aplomb following a series of articles and comments criticising his former club. His lack of consistency in his arguments demonstrate Boyd realises which side of the bread requires to be buttered to ensure a favourable return. You make your bed and you lie in it. I hope we as fans and in particular RSC’s will remember those who have served the dirty pieces of silver some sections of the media will pay in order to provide a sense of balance and credibility to that which is unbalanced and lacks credibility. Hopefully the club itself will add some solidarity when the same individuals go begging for tickets. “To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.
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    RangersMedia is a forum which is open to all opinions, which in itself brings criticism from some parties because we do not moderate as they feel we should. We have an approach which allows opinions from all sides, which is something we believe in and something every one of us should appreciate. Having said that, even free speech comes with boundaries, and as you all know we remove offensive content on a regular basis. Whilst our team tries to read as many new comments as possible, we largely rely on people reporting offensive content to us via the websites report system. We are disappointed that 3 of our members recently posted offensive material relating to young Jay Beatty, and we extend our apologies to him and his family. We do not condone mocking the disabled or infirm, in fact members of our not-for-profit site have raised over £50,000 in the past 4 years for donation to charitable causes including disability charities and Erskine Veteran’s Care Home. Our current fundraiser has raised almost £3,000 for a young lad Joshua Adair, who has a rare disease called Jeune’s syndrome, which has left him disabled. Unfortunately, nobody reported this offensive material to RangersMedia Admin team and we remained unaware of it until today. The content was posted in the aftermath of the Old Firm game, which is always amongst our websites busiest times. Whilst we moderate for offensive content, we are pushed to cope with the volume of traffic in the aftermath of an Old Firm, let alone one taking place on Hogmanay – recent content is quickly engulfed by new, and the offending material quickly disappears down the pages. Of course, as soon as the content was known to the Admin team it was removed. We would ask our members to use the reporting system to let us know if any such material is posted in future, so that we can remove it in a more timely fashion. Non-members who are offended by content on our site can easily contact us through RangersMedia, a member they know, or our Facebook page.
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    The coefficient wasn't an issue when You voted your strongest point gainer out of the league When you voted to hamstring the club with illegal transfer embargoes When you attacked the same club at every opportunity And finally when we lost to Progres last year's you partied for a year . so you can stick your coefficient right up yet hoops . We have the ability to be a "stand alone " club .so don't be looking for our sympathy
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    Hats off to whoever made this. Fantastic.
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    And I didn't feel I needed to ask, so... It'll be on the Top Row of the Peter McCloy Wall - installation before Christmas.
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    From the manager down to the players, unbelievable achievement getting to the group stages where nobody gave us a chance. How do we get there I don't know How do we get there I don't care All I know is we are on our way WE'RE ON OUR WAY WE'RE ON OUR WAY TO BAKU WE'RE ON OUR WAY
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    shut up ya fanny. second place many would have taken. 25 points behind basically the same Fenian team we made to look like wee lassies only 9 month back on February the 1st should never be acceptable to any Rangers fan. Argue about budgets etc all day long but a manager has to make use of his budgets accordingly. He hasn't done that. It's time to go. Rangers have played. Falkirk Hibs. Jimmy Saville FC, sheep and hearts away. We've never won a game under him against them away. In 8 games we've averaged about 1.1 goals a game and conceded over double that. So in 8 games we've scored 9 and conceded 23 That's a disgrace. Don't know if I need to remind you but Ross county and St johnstone are unbeaten against us.
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    Knocked them out of Europe, battered their fans and now we’ve taken their captain. Vintage Rangers shithousing.
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    Ridiculous finish. Goal of the season contender.
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    A guy standing in front of an IRA flag to tackle sectarianism, amazing. For what it’s worth a don’t give a toss about sectarianism, couldn’t care what they sing and couldn’t care what we sing. If you are offended with a song football isn’t the game for you.
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    If we sack him they have got 10IAR We cannot keep switching managers and entire playing squads every year. There have been improvements this year and I expect more next season with another summer transfer window. Idiotic as fuck to suggest getting rid of him
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    He's nearing his 200th game for us, just checking his stats there and he's been directly involved in over 100 goals for us. That's fucking outrageous numbers for a full back
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    From the hedge at Brechin, to being slightly disappointed with a 2-2 draw in Spain against a side worth at least £70m. What a club, what a man
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    Almost two weeks after the final whistle went on the last Old Firm game of 2018, it is incredible to think that we're still talking about the referee. The manufactured outrage over John Beaton's apparent leniency towards Alfredo Morelos is beyond a joke and you need to question the motives behind some of it. There's no anti-celtic bias; no 'Operation Stop the Ten' and no grand conspiracy against the team that have won the last seven titles on the spin. Read more: https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/celtic-meltdown-over-Rangers-defeat-13842921
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    Around three weeks ago, Club 1872 received formal confirmation from Rangers that the proposed Ibrox Fanzone pilot has been cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the direct intervention of SNP, Glasgow City Councillors Stephen Dornan, Susan Aitken and David McDonald. Very serious questions now exist over the actions of Council Leader Susan Aitken and her deputy David McDonald in this process, and that is something on which we are seeking urgent clarity from Glasgow City Council (GCC). We recently submitted an FOI request to GCC in an attempt to discover precisely what role these two councillors played in ensuring that the Fanzone application had to be withdrawn prior to a scheduled licensing hearing even taking place. We have also written to them personally to ask them why they intervened in this case and what track record they have of intervening in similar public entertainment licence applications. Having seen Mr Dornan’s public comments, as well as his submissions to the Licensing Board on the matter, it is clear that he has taken every opportunity to misrepresent the purpose of the fanzone and the excellent work which Rangers do to support the local community. Mr Dornan’s attitude towards Rangers and our supporters shows a level of ignorance and malice which does not reflect well on him, either personally or in his role as councillor for Govan. However, our understanding is that his lobbying efforts had been unsuccessful until the late intervention of his colleagues. Despite council officials and Glasgow Life - who have vast experience of holding major sporting events in the city - being fully supportive, these individuals appear to have used their positions to circumvent due process. In recent days Rangers have received support on this matter from across the political spectrum. This has shone a light on these activities and we thank those involved for having the integrity to speak out publicly. Having been in close contact with Rangers regarding the Fanzone for a number of months, and having ourselves provided a submission as part of the licence application, we are pleased that the club is refusing to accept the situation as it stands. We will continue to work closely with them to ensure that facilities for our supporters at Ibrox improve over the coming months and years, regardless of any attempts to hinder that progress.
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    Absolute fucking warrior Today we showed what has been missing against them for years - passion and desire and nobody epitomised it more than Ross. Fucking battled the ENTIRE game won the ball soooo many times to set us off again That's the potential and talent we all saw a while back hopefully he can stay clear of injuries and continue to improve
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    Miller and Wallace appear to have been agent provocateurs for ages and I think the club will be better off without them.
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    I started going to Rangers games in the early sixties unfortunately just in time for the scum from the east end to start dominating Scottish football (they also did well in Europe but you will not hear them mentioning it). I also suffered during the John Greig(manager) years and still went when our crowds fell to sometimes as low as 4 figures. I of course also had the jock Wallace,souness and watty years then came the ebt shite and demotion to the bottom of the league and I did actually think that we were fucked and would never recover but as everyone agrees the one constant in the last half a dozen or so years has been the amazing fans,we have filled every ground in the country and smashed all sorts of records attendance wise. Meanwhile at the paedodome as the scum hoovered up trophy after trophy unhindered their attendances unbelievably dropped to such an extent that they resorted to closing parts of the ground. I realise most on here will have stopped reading by now but my point is about fans having a go at the young supporters ie. the union bears and the ones who have now taken up running on to the park to celebrate,I find it mind blowing the sheer number of young fans that are now actually attending our matches when you think of all the crap we have been through and the fact we have won fuck all for years and a huge amount these kids have never seen Rangers lifting a trophy. So just think back to your early years as a supporter and give the kids a break,they might be a pain in the arse at times with their flares ect but their outstanding support for the club cannot be questioned.
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    Dundee, Hamilton, Azerbaijan and back again. It is safe to say that when Andy Halliday signed for Rangers back in July 2015, he couldn’t possibly have envisaged the series of trials and tribulations waiting for him over the next three and a half seasons. From being shipped off to Azerbaijan on loan by former manager Pedro Caixinha to being hauled off before half time by caretaker manager Graeme Murty in an Old Firm defeat, in addition to suffering the abject humiliation of celtic supporters sarcastically singing his name as they romped to a 5-0 win to win the league title, Andy Halliday’s Rangers career has in some ways personified the “Banter Era” that so many label the Ibrox club’s recent history. Every step forward has been followed by two steps back, with any glimmer of light overpowered by a tsunami of darkness. Yet as a clearly emotional Halliday swaggered off the Ibrox pitch to an embrace from manager Steven Gerrard with 50,000 supporters singing his name after being named Sponsor’s Man of the Match in the 1-0 win over celtic there was a feeling that – just like the Rangers banter era – perhaps we are seeing some form of closure to a chapter that would have unashamedly finished most players. Andy Halliday is not most players though. Setbacks are nothing new to the 27-year-old. To add some context to this tale of redemption and understand why Halliday declaring the Old Firm win as “the best day of my life” was about more than just 3 points over celtic, we have to first go back a few years. Growing up on Copland Road in the shadows of Ibrox Stadium, Halliday was born into a family of Rangers supporters. In fact, upon signing for Rangers the player told the story of how he was almost called Mark as the month before he was born his mother was in the away end at Parkhead for an Old Firm game to see a 2-0 Rangers win courtesy of a Mark Hateley double. Signing for Rangers as a promising youngster was a dream come true, but sadly that dream was crushed at age 14 when George Adams, who was Head of Youth at the time, broke the news that Rangers would be releasing the player as they didn’t feel he was good enough to make the grade. “I was working at Livingston as a youth coach and had previously worked at Rangers. I was told Andy was being released by Rangers.” Scott Allison is currently Partick Thistle’s Academy Director but previously worked as a youth coach at Livingston, which is where Halliday’s career started. Growing up on the same street, he knew Andy and his family well. He also knew that as Rangers supporters through and through, the decision by Rangers would hurt. Deeply. When Halliday signed for Rangers, he compared his release at 14 to being chucked by the love of your life, but joked that as he lived in the shadow of the stadium it was like throwing in the added torture of having to see her every day. Allison witnessed this dejection first-hand. “I called his Mum and asked how he was, but she told me he wasn’t talking to anyone and was locked in his room not ready to play football.” What he had been through as a kid was arguably little compared to what he has since gone through as a professional at the club, but it gives an early indication of why no-one should be surprised not only by Andy Halliday’s recent resurgence, but also his dogged determination to remain part of the Rangers first team amidst various culls. Indeed, since joining Rangers in 2015, the club have gone through three permanent managers and one caretaker manager over two spells, signed an astonishing further 47 senior players and moved on 43 as they desperately try to return to the top of the tree in Scottish football. Halliday made his Rangers debut in a 6-2 win over Hibs in July 2015, with just three other players from the 18-man matchday squad remaining at the club – two of those being Wes Foderingham and Lee Wallace, whose days appear numbered given their lack of involvement under Steven Gerrard. And yet despite the continuous turnover in playing squad and reports in just about every transfer window since that he is likely to be moved on by the club, Halliday remains a key part of the current first team squad three and a half years later. After being forced out as a teenager, he was never going to give up his Rangers dream without a fight, not even when Pedro Caixinha told him his time was up and shipped him off to Azerbaijan on a loan deal with Halliday reluctant to leave on a permanent basis. It took some time to get over the setback, but Allison wasn’t for giving up on the teenager. “Eventually we arranged for me to talk to him, and after a few positive words I managed to get him to come out to train with us at Livingston. When he came we set some goals for him, and one of his individual objectives was to play for Rangers at first team level. I met him a few days after he had been signed by Mark Warburton and I could see he was really excited. It was the same for his family, I could see how proud they were that Andrew had worked his way back to Rangers. I was proud to see him get there after all he had been through as a kid.” “Andy has a strong mentality. Many players would have happily moved on but Andrew has blue blood and would do everything he could to play for Rangers” Allison tells me. “I spoke to him when he went to Azerbaijan and his mind-set was positive. I’m sure whilst others maybe gave up on him at Rangers he would never have given up on the chance to play for the club again.” Following the victory over celtic, Halliday appeared to agree with Allison’s assessment in acknowledging that he has been questioned over the last couple of years, but that his performance demonstrated why he deserves to be a Rangers player – “No-one can match my character and mental strength” he declared emphatically. It would be hard to disagree. Much of the criticism of those falling through the revolving door at Ibrox over the past few years has been that they have struggled to manage the demands and pressure of playing for a club like Rangers. Talented players have crumbled and gone missing in recent years, leading to the club recording its worst ever home record in its 146-year history, with seven league defeats in one season. Which is why it is telling that despite some perceived limitations, and despite a number of technically talented players joining the club with bigger reputations, other than Caixinha the Rangers managers in Halliday’s time have invariably turned back to him when they needed to most. Halliday was an almost ever present and valuable member of the Mark Warburton side that won the Championship, but was cast aside by new arrivals Joey Barton, Niko Kranjčar and Josh Windass as the manager looked to enhance the quality of his squad for an assault on the top flight the following season. It was a decision that Warburton soon regretted following a stuttering start which saw Rangers draw with Kilmarnock before losing 5-1 to celtic in the season’s first Old Firm game, after which he promptly reinstated Halliday to the team as pressure on the former manager increased. “With Andy we thought we made the right decision” he said about dropping the player at the start of the 2016/17 season. “In hindsight it wasn’t the right decision. There is no doubt that when Andy pulls on a shirt there is no more passionate a player for Rangers.” Graeme Murty also knew the value of having someone like Andy Halliday in your corner, which is why he recalled the player from his loan in Azerbaijan following the sacking of Pedro Caixinha. “He understands what it means to play for the football club and I think you can see when he turns out every time for a Rangers team he wears his heart on his sleeve” he said at the time of Halliday’s recall. Ironically, those qualities are most likely what led to Halliday’s darkest moments as a Rangers player. After a storming start to the second half of the 2017/18 season, winning 10 out of 11 games, Rangers’ form took a dip. A defeat to 10-man celtic at home killed any remaining hopes of a last-minute title challenge, and was followed with a home defeat to Kilmarnock and a draw with Motherwell. Even in his caretaker role, Murty was coming in for heavy criticism. He needed players he could trust for an upcoming Old Firm semi-final, and turned to Halliday to spearhead his midfield, despite him having started just three games since returning from his unsuccessful loan spell and being well short of match sharpness. It was a decision that backfired spectacularly, as Rangers found themselves 2-0 down going on 6-0. Murty reacted by replacing Halliday with Josh Windass just before half time, which prompted an angry response from the Rangers player much to the delight of the goading celtic supporters who were revelling in his misery. Things didn’t get much better two weeks later in the next Old Firm game with Halliday subject to incessant jeering from the celtic support, who sang his name sarcastically as they followed up their 4-0 semi final win with a 5-0 romp at Parkhead. It is somewhat ironic that the song for Andy Halliday is derived from The KC & Sunshine Band hit “Give It Up”, as that is exactly what he must have felt like doing. For any professional footballer, this kind of indignity could be impossible to recover from. With the added hurt of being a supporter he might have been forgiven for wanting to relive the time when he locked himself in his room and decided to take a break from football. He didn’t of course. He still remembered how much it hurt when the club let him go at 14, and how much he put himself through to achieve the first objective he set himself upon signing for Livingston months later – to play for the Rangers first team. “I don’t think it was ever Andy’s intention to move elsewhere” Allison states. “He loves Rangers. He was born into a family that supports the club, he grew up on the streets around the club. He had setbacks as a kid and has had many as a professional since. All those experiences will have hardened his mentality and made him more resilient.” It’s hard to argue with Allison’s assessment today. He knows the player as well as anyone within the game and was always confident that given the opportunity Halliday would prove himself worthy of the Rangers jersey. After working hard throughout pre-season under new manager Steven Gerrard but finding game time hard to come by, that opportunity finally came in the second leg of a Europa League tie against Maribor. With Borna Barišić cup-tied and Jon Flanagan suspended, Halliday was picked as a makeshift left back much to the concern of sections of the Rangers support. They needn’t have worried – Halliday put in a sterling performance as Rangers kept a clean sheet to qualify for the next round, from where they went on to make the group stages, with Halliday going on to make 24 appearances by the halfway mark of the season. This was topped off by his recent man of the match display against celtic in the same position which prompted the manager to label Halliday his “unofficial captain”, a remarkable turnaround for a player who looked finished when Gerrard officially took charge in June. Allison believes that Rangers will see the best of Halliday if they ditch the idea of persisting with him as a midfielder and continue to develop him on the left-hand side, where he scored 16 goals in 37 games and earned a move south. “He was always a left-sided player for us at Livi and his resurgence will continue if they keep him on the left. He went on loan to Bradford and they played him in centre midfield, he scored against Chelsea and perhaps that’s where Warburton saw him. He was always wide left or left back at Livingston. He will be like a new player if played there regularly.” Having played there a few times already this season, Gerrard may appear to agree and interesting times lie ahead for Halliday. There is every chance that as Steven Gerrard continues his Rangers revolution, more glamorous names in the football world will emerge in Govan, challenged with bringing good times back to the success-starved club. Whilst Mark Allen and his squad of scouts scour the globe for footballing talent, supporters will be able to assess their potential new heroes’ impact through performance data and YouTube highlights. There are immeasurable characteristics that supporters cannot see on YouTube however, which can mean missing out on the success story and qualities of someone like Andy Halliday. Whilst youngsters look to replicate the latest tricks and flicks of the next potential loan from an English Premiership club or hot talent from further afield, it is important to remember that the talent they see is nothing without application and sacrifice. The kind of application and sacrifice that sees a 14-year-old kid go from locking himself in his room to 50,000 supporters singing his name in an Old Firm derby via Livingston, Bradford and Azerbaijan. The kind of application and sacrifice that means not giving up on the dream, no matter how difficult the road ahead is and how many obstacles lie ahead. Allison believes this is a key message in working with other young players who share the same aspirations. “I have worked with some young players who have been released by clubs who know Andy’s story and I can see it inspires them. It shows kids you can achieve your dreams if you believe in them enough and are willing to work harder than anyone to achieve them.” Andy Halliday may never receive the same recognition as more technically gifted players who capture the imagination of supporters, but there can’t be many better role models for young players who want to know what it takes to make it as a professional footballer at a big club. As Halliday left Gerrard’s embrace and strolled back up the Ibrox tunnel last Saturday, he must have reflected on some of those setbacks with a smile and realisation that he was finally living his dream. Andy Halliday he's here for 55
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    Rangersmedia has always been a loosely moderated forum and it's something we pride ourselves on. However, lately, we have seen a rise and an almost overpowering amount of personal abuse. Too many topics have been derailed by unnecessary and petty abuse. It will not be tolerated any longer. If posters continue to post abusive and threatening comments they will be warned. If this continues after their warning then they will be banned. We are all adults and we expect everyone to act like one.
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    Club 1872 Reports Glasgow City Councillors to Standards Commissioner Following the disingenuous and irresponsible behaviour of Glasgow City Councillors, Susan Aitken and David McDonald over the past few days, Club 1872 has been left with no option but to report them, along with Councillor Stephen Dornan, to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland. Despite finding the time to construct a letter to Rangers which was littered with inaccuracies, immediately leaking that letter to the press and then posting carefully selected confidential emails including private information on social media, neither Susan Aitken nor David McDonald have managed to respond to simple questions from Rangers, Club 1872, MSPs, fellow councillors, the general public or indeed their own constituents. Incredibly, despite David McDonald publishing these emails and Susan Aitken confirming in her leaked letter that she had been briefed on the Fanzone proposal, Glasgow City Council has replied to our FOI request claiming they do not hold a single piece of information on this matter. We have immediately asked for a review of this response and if necessary will then refer our request to the Scottish Information Commissioner. It comes as little surprise to us to see the pair attempt to characterise the wish for transparency and accountability as sectarianism. Playing this card is the go-to move for anyone who is taken to task over their own questionable actions towards our club and supporters. Doing so immediately ahead of an Old Firm game was beneath contempt. Given the array of political views, religions and football allegiances represented by those who have publicly questioned them, their tactics in this instance can only be categorised as a desperate attempt to deflect from the simple issue here. Why did they intervene, outside of due process, to instruct Glasgow Life to remove their consent to use the Ibrox Complex pitch for a match day Fanzone? The issue of the objections by Stephen Dornan and the Ibrox and Cessnock Community Council is a complete red herring. The correct forum for these objections to be considered was the licensing hearing. We do not believe that the objections had any merit - and in the case of the community council were lodged due to misinformation provided by Stephen Dornan - but the place to address them was the hearing, where Rangers would have had the opportunity to respond directly to any concerns. This hearing was stopped only because of the intervention of the Council Leader and her deputy. There is nothing in the emails leaked by David McDonald, which pre-date the incident in question by over 2 weeks, that disproves what we know to have happened. Their tactic of trying to muddy the waters by releasing carefully selected emails, whilst FOI requests are refused, is a clear attempt to mislead the public as to their role in this matter. We will not breach confidentiality by posting emails on the internet but for the avoidance of doubt there is clear, documentary evidence that they intervened. We look forward to the truth of this matter emerging after a thorough investigation into these councillors and the receipt of FOI material so far denied to us. Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company Club 1872
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    That's a great post. To think what we've went through since 2012 all because we had the audacity to employ a perfectly legal tax scheme in previous years, become the victims of a fraudulant takevover and then have the con man withhold tax due to HMRC ... we had our title winning side stripped, prize monies taken under duress, put to the bottom tier of Scottish football, had an illegal transfer embargo, had the authorities try to strip our titles/honours and forever called cheats. BBC done specially commissioned programmes on us that were absolute hatchet-jobs and we've given celtic free titles and x-amount of years worth of 20-25million Champions League money at a time while all this was going on. No help from anyone - only more obstacles put in our road. and there's still people that can't see it and support the Scottish national team, like seeing Scottish teams do well in Europe, want them to get their new stadiums etc you name it. We have something to go on, something tangible a clear conflict of interests in the governing body who have treated us appaulingly and within an hour they respond by saying "no case to answer" ... Scotland and Scottish football is the ultimate hell-hole for any Rangers supporter, Unionist, Loyalist. Scottish Catholics in positions of power and any single person assosciated with the SNP and higher levels of Police Scotland are not to be trusted. Fuck anyone that thinks differently.
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    Said it to the three of you privately and will say it publicly - the 3 of you have shown absolute integrity and should be proud of yourselves. I stand firmly behind you all.
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    As you will be aware following the announcement from Club 1872, all 3 of us have resigned as directors. We considered it an honour and a privilege to be voted to serve on the board of Club 1872 by our fellow Rangers fans, and those of you who know each one of us personally will understand how painful it was for us to leave an organisation we firmly believed in and worked tirelessly to establish since our election. We feel it is incumbent upon us to outline to members the reasons why we felt our positions had become untenable. As anyone who has served on a board or committee will know there will always be differences of opinion and varied interpretations on matters and the Club 1872 board was no different in that respect. However, throughout our tenure we found the conduct of one director particularly challenging, causing all of us to make considerable personal compromises at times. However last week a situation arose, which we felt compromised the organisation rather than ourselves, and that was one compromise we were not prepared to make under any circumstances. As many of you will be aware Rangers have recently advertised two job vacancies in respect of a Social Media Officer and a Supporters Liaison Officer. At Club 1872 we were informed recently that the latter of these two roles would be our main point of contact at the club in the future. Word subsequently reached some of the Club 1872 board members that one of our directors had applied for the position of Supporters Liaison Officer. However, as no notification had been received from the director in question this matter remained as nothing more than a rumour. Matters came to a head when the director in question intimated he, in addition to two Club 1872 directors who had already confirmed their attendance, would attend a meeting at Ibrox facilitated by Rangers Security personnel. This meeting was in respect of the forthcoming Old Firm fixture at which both Police Scotland and Club 1872 were invited participants. As persons present at this meeting from Rangers were to be involved in the interview and recruitment process for the vacant Supporters Liaison role concerns were raised within the Club 1872 board. As nothing had yet been received in writing to the Club 1872 board this necessitated a phone call by one director to the director in question at which time it was established he had in fact applied for the role of Supporters Liaison Officer. On such confirmation, the director in question was advised that it would not be appropriate for him to attend this meeting. In essence, we had a Club 1872 director who had applied for a job at Rangers, attending a meeting where persons from the club who were not only involved in the interview and recruitment process, but would also have direct line management responsibility for the post in question, were present. Despite such advice and the concerns of fellow board members, the director in question attended the meeting. We tendered our resignations shortly thereafter. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies to all members, and in particular, those who voted for us. However, all 3 of us believe that by resigning in such circumstances we were reflecting the standards, values and principles which saw us elected. Laura Fawkes Joanne Percival Iain Leiper
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