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    I don't know what it is but in the last 24 hours although we have been put into administration, I feel secure under Whyte's leadership. I really don't know what it is, I've been very fair with Whyte over the last few months pre administration, praising him for certain things and cricitising him for others, but I've got every faith in Whyte. I am sure he knows what he's doing, we've already seen that with the way he quickly acted today to HMRC appealing to court. We are in safe hands IMO, we'll come out of this a better club. Whyte may take some stick from certain quaters, but in a few years time in my mind Whyte will be the one regarded as the man who saved Rangers.
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    What a terrible day. I feel sick and numb. But we have to accept the mess we are in and pull together as one to get out of it. Come Saturday let's have 50,000 fans cheering on the club we love and show our support to the players and Super Ally. Being a Bluenose is a way of life and that will never leave us fans. Let's show the world why we are the world's most successful football club and why we will always come out on top no matter how tough things get. Forever and ever, we'll follow the Rangers!
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    Thanks to boss and ClintonGrey for painting this picture in simple terms The entire thing was a mindfuck to me but I'm starting to understand it a little bit now.
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    Both scored 53 goals, whilst Ronaldo started three more games. Let's not ignore Ronaldo scoring 11 goals in the final four league matches when the title was already over. Madrid made it a goal to get Ronaldo more goals, the whole team were clearly trying to get him to score goal after goal. Ronaldo took more penalties as well. As for being effective, when you look at the shooting comparison it's a pretty big difference with Ronaldo having 104 more shots at goal in the league/CL. That's hardly being 'more effective'.... Messi had 7 more assists, whilst his pass % is roughly 7%+ better. That's a decent sized difference, when you take into account Messi made more passes, attempts harder passes and has a much lower mins per pass ratio, then it's a big difference. Not sure how anyone can even debate that Messi isn't a superior passer to Ronaldo. Albeit both have a free role, Messi often drops deep to dictate play whilst Ronaldo is more often around the penalty area for majority of the 90 minutes, thus giving Ronaldo more opportunity to score goals. Ronaldo is an extremely good player, but to claim he's more effective due to the difference in the league table is idiotic. Whilst Messi was more effective last season, statistics alone back that up, whilst anybody who watched both regularly could have seen the difference in effectiveness throughout last season. Ronaldo is a world class player and easily one of the best in the world. Sometimes he's underrated, but other times he's very overrated and some of the comments in this thread back that up.
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    The only people going somewhere is the glory hunters. The Rangers certainly aren't. Hardcore 50 thousand there on Saturday eh? Back the team, stand, sing. Show why we are the people. Prove your loyalty. At the toughest time in the clubs history, they need us most. The dream of 4, the memory of 66, the spirit of 72, winning the 54. They'll never take away our team. Rangers is an institution, a cause, a people. We are more than a club.
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    Listen, I'm all for unity and getting behind the club. However someone has to tell me who the enemy that we are uniting against is. Tax case undecided and legal advice still favourable, 24 mil borrowed from ticketus, 5.5 mil from jela sale, no accounts or agm, no paye tax being paid since takeover and yet here we are, ready to be torn apart, in administration. Where is the enemy? Alarm bells are ringing loudly.
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    i know not enough of whyte or any of his companies wether it is a burger van or a multi billion pound a year company but our tax problems were clear from AJ's about the gorliia in the room, if i was the MD of ticketus i wouldnt touch rangers with a bargepole UNLESS there was some form of guarantee if whyte WAS to use rangers and ticketus were daft enough to give it, they would then become a bigger creditor than whyte would they not? i just think there is more to this administration than meets the eye mate, im not saying whyte is an angel, but i feel that there is an ulterior motive than to simply only pay a fraction of our debts
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    My understanding, though im only fairly certain, is that we really cant come out of administration before we get the big tax bill. As they are not technically a creditor as of today then it wouldnt count and if we came out of admin end of Feb then got the tax case result in March, then we would be straight back in again....only deeper. Willing to be corrected on that with evidence though
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    Right now Whyte is the biggest creditor to the club(£18mil to Lloyds) so if the administrators say eg "We can offer all the creditors 10p-in-the-pound back" then his decision carries substantially more weight than anyone elses. I suspect this was the reason he paid Lloyds, otherwise we would be sitting in this position with them as the biggest creditor. If, and lets face it, probably when, Rangers lose the tax case against HMRC than then would HMRC in the creditor hotseat. If the administrators offered that 10p-in-the-pound and they said no, then there's a bit of negotiation afterwards. If no deal can be reached then HMRC can demand the company goes into liquidation. Think about administration as a £1 to 1 vote type affair. If Rangers owe, say £30mil with £18mil of that due to Whyte then if the admin offers the 10p-in-pound deal with that being agreeable to Whyte then his 18million votes will always trump the other 12million votes. If, however, HMRC is suddenly awarded £75million votes then they will always trump what the other creditors want. If they figure out that what the admin are offering is substantially less than what full liquidation will bring in then that's what they'll demand. If 'before' the court releases it's decision there's a pence-in-the-pound agreement cut between Whyte and the administrators then that's the same deal HMRC get. £75mil suddenly drops to £7.5mil(using my 10p example) To my limited knowledge anyway! Oh, and "Hi folks". 'Plogies for making my first post under such a dark cloud. It's no aw ma fault, honest!
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    The fans who are blocking Whyte's car are an absolute disgrace, this is a time for unity and resilience, what they are doing are only embarrssing themselves. We are the people and always will be.
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    Off shore account ready to fund Rangers 2012 FC
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    "Rangers have had to embarrassingly admit they cannot pay their debts" Thats plenty from you Swanson ya cunt
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    Time to stick two fingers up at anyone who's ever called you a glory hunter before
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    Well, that got the tears streaming down my face.
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    A bit like Peter Sutcliffe coming out and saying he was disappointed that his victims stopped breathing...
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    Ahahaha. In that instance, 50 thousand bears could just show up outside Ibrox and sing and drink and make a nuisance of ourselves and Strathclyde's finest would have to send reinforcements anyway.
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    Its a really sad day for the club. One picture speaks thousands of words.
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    I get that feeling too, but thanks to yourself and the other guys with "The Knowledge" for spelling things out more clearly for us (tu)
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    Oh jesus. For the second day in a row I've woken up to tears. Here's a thought though: When a member of your family is ill you go and visit them. So this saturday, let's go and see our family.
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    The next step is ....................... To get fucking 'Murray' Park renamed by midnight.
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    Yes, unless Whyte chooses to liquidate us.. I think
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    http://twitter.com/#!/stvgrant Daniel Cousin's international transfer certificate was received today. He is a Rangers player regardless of events later today.
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    Those talking about a win should be certified. A sad day indeed.
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    The tax case is still ongoing to determine guilt and an amount, but the general opinion seems to be against us as HMRC could appeal and appeal and appeal for decades to come. We just can't afford that uncertainty, so by going into administration the tax case means much less to us as unsecured credit. So in a way, it is no longer relevant except for demanding HMRC's participation. As to your second question, I honestly don't know, Whyte is a bit dodgy and it could be either way.
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    There's 3 ways I can see this ending. 1. We get a deal with HMRC, our administrators pay them only part of the debt and Whyte releases us of the rest putting us back in the black and out of administration with nothing to show for it except no debt and a 10 point reduction. (AKA the best scenario) 2. We don't do a deal with HMRC, stay in administration until someone buys us and take the 10 point penalty in the hope that we aren't still in admin next year so we don't get more penalties. (AKA the kinda ok scenario) 3. Craig Whyte bought us all along in order to make a quick profit, appoints his own administrators to liquidate the club, gets his money back with interest and makes a few million quid while Rangers are left with nothing except lots of debt and no assets. (AKA the scenario where the only solution is a pheonix company, as Rangers would be defunct) Because we can appoint our own administrators, these are the only 3 options I can see happening now.
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    Very true Just got this message and shit myself!
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    I find it hard to believe you can't see that another administrator would be far, far worse.
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    Only the red brick facade is listed I think , as long as that's not touched you could do anything with the rest I think
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    Lets face it, Whyte is dodgy as fuck. He has either arranged it so that using loopholes we have a way out of this entire mess, or was planning to liquidate the club from the start as a secured creditor for a small profit.
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    Given CW track record in the transfer market, not very much
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    I don't think so. I think that people at Rangers have seen this is going nowhere and have bit the bullet. Rangers in its status quo cannot get through this; we need closure. I think it is highly possible a price is being paid for it being badly handled years ago.
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    FFS a just shouted yes at the tv cause we won our battle with hmrc in who takes us into administration very sad times for us bears
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    Well hopefully that indicates that David Murray has no intention of coming back into the club and won't be challenging the sale deal he made with Craig Whyte
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    god help the rangers if the courts allow whyte to appoint his own man
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    The big questions is why we are in to now, how can we not afford to operate currently? Where has all the cash gone? If Craig Whyte, as he says, cleared the bank debt to himself or his company, then why did we need a 4 year ticketus loan? We just sold Jelavic for 5.5 million pounds, surely this money could have helped the club to operate. I'm sorry and upset to say that Craig Whyte has lied and taken money away from the club, regardless of the tax case, we are in a worse situation than we were under the old board and ever would have been.
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