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    Cena deserves fuck all.
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    WWE decide who sells the most merch by who gets the biggest push.Cena isn't even #1 in the current roster ATM.
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    Shite start and a poor ending.
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    Triple H and Taker stole the show.
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    She just groped ryder with her foot. I would count it.
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    Daniel Bryan can take comfort in the fact that he's going home with Brie Bella tonight
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    Come on drew the bear
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    It was. Daniel Bryan just lined up the McMahon's.
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    You are forgiven then.
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    Kevin Bridges @TheRock Good luck tonight mate. Ma Uncle and the boays from the scaffoldin firm are there, any bother they'll bounce in wae hammers. YALDY.
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    'The Daniel Bryan fan boys won't like this'.
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    that was like an amir khan fight
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    Decided to buy it. My internet is pish.
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