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    Can you believe these thick fucks are buying every word I'm saying?!?! FFS, this is gonna be easier than I thought! All right, Paul. We're happy to announce your and your mates' bid is our preferred option. Now just to sort out this exclusivity fee and we'll get moving... Just standard practice here, Paul. No big deal, let's just get it moving so we can make this announcement! C'mon, Paul! You got'em right where you want'em! Let's just bag this bird and get on back to our chicken fry. Mr. Murray, where are you going?
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    I don't get this attitude that if you like one bidder you've got to rip the others to shreds. Paul Murray's crowd may not have had a lot of dough behind them but anyone that says he doesn't have the good of The Club at heart is way off the mark IMO. And another thing - Bill Ng wants Rangers minded UK businessmen as his front men. He won't have his full team in mind yet I very much doubt. Don't be too critical of Paul Murray as you may well see him as one of those businessmen running our Club. That would not disappoint or surprise me in the slightest.
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    Fuck it, I'll mosey on for the night. Clearly I'm the asshole for taking shit off Mini's lot for the last two months and not laying down. GS, casey, etc etc etc... I lay it down, lads. You were somehow right the entire time. Up the Ng!
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    If it got to be an Ng why could it not be one of the wealthier Ng`s?
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    If Ng is to be the best for The Rangers - then I'd hope all the supporters groups can feel comfortable in supporting him. A bloodletting isn't going to help us in any sense at all.
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    Personally?? I don't have anything against mini minty. It's the fat profiteer that I have a problem with
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    this has to be good news. tbk bid was good Singapore's better so we should get a cva and if Singapore pulled out I am sure tbk will be back with their money. as long as its not b miller we are laughing.
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    Looks likely we're getting the Singaporeans then. I for one welcome our new Asian overlords.
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    Blue Knights = All talk no action + have no real money of their own Supporters Groups = It's more about their ego's than anything else
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    Ah, but will his large jockey fit on that back? More...at 11.00.....
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    Celebrations from Rangers fans who don't even know if the story is true, nor do they know what the alternative bids entail. Be careful what you wish for.
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    I can only think this is because of Whyte's insistence that they'll need to "thrash out a deal" with him. He really is an absolute disgrace. He is saying he doesn't want liquidation now - that's because his 'security' over the assets is virtually worthless and getting money for his shares is now his preferred route. I absolutely loathe this creep.
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    I could post an insightful yet vague comment based on some info I pretend to be privy to, but instead I'll just be honest and say I don't have a fucking clue whats going on hopefully we will find out soon.
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