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    • I would assume we’ll be without big Clive tomorrow seeing as we’re clashing with the Champions League.
    • Sutton has cast the narrative as celtic being..... a victim here with no culpability whatsoever for ‘their’ player who broke the rules in a spectacular manner potentially endangering two full team squads, their managerial and coaching staff plus their entire families. Sorry, ‘victim or not’ their team should now be following the guidelines and self isolate as per the rules and the club should be sanctioned as it carries vicarious responsibility for its playing staff. This will be interesting to see develop, political influence under ‘public health’ to suspend the game meantime and allow the self isolation to be carried out without hampering their title hopes or a blatant disregard despite the  Aberdeen scenario. Maybe i am far to cynical however if they do get penalised as they should I will be amazed. Scottish football aside, we should also get to see the level of influence Lawell yields in Europe here as by rights their team should not be able to fulfil the CL qualifier, their opponents should be on this as much as celtic would be if the roles were reversed...   
    • Not sure why what has been paid correlates to concern over what players have sold for. We've sold players since them. 
    • Still awaiting the media twisting it and saying “but big bad Rangers took a whole squad abroad to Germany!” They will wriggle out of this like they always do. 
    • Well a suppose if the 7 for Roofe And 5 for Itten were way off! Then with our European run they probably viable! Just a tad concerning we haven’t sold anyone in a long time. Think Garner or Waghorn he actually got a transfer fee. 
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