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    Got £126 back for my 6quid on 3-1 1st winner of this tournament . Was bricking it though last half hour.
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    Its the way they were raised at Sunday mass
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    Just out of interest, is this Ireland, that's spent the entire game diving, fouling and refusing to put the ball out when a Croat was injured, the same Ireland that whined to high heavens about 'fair play' three years ago?
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    Agreed. Also walked past a bunch of fans after a game and refused to sign for them. Not the kinda attitude I want from our players. He was also poor in the weeks leading up to his departure IMO
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    Am I the only one who struggles to get over excited about Jelavic? The guy was desperate to leave us and never put in much effort in his last few months with us. No doubting his ability but I just get the feeling he had no love for the club at all.
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    I can't believe he's been picked in front of Rio. Racist bastards!
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    Have you seen his tattoo? WARNING - THREAT OF TACKLES
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    Agreed. Especially since he sealed Chelsea's cl final spot, or when he came on in the cl final and won the corner that they scored from.
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    The same rules could apply to believing in Santa, as long as we have faith he exists? Logic and reasoning don't apply to the realms of Santa. He's alive in the minds of the believer? If someone used your points to claim santa/unicorns/tooth fairies exist, would you believe them? There's no chance you would. It's a ridiculous argument.
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    No he doesn't ,but his boy gets it .
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    Tut tut, saying that about Dev when he isn't here to defend himself.
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    It doesnt and cant really work like that BearGer. If God was "provable".....where would that leave necessary exercise of faith ? Nor is it up to "the believer to provide the proof". That is an exercise of faith by an individual. Logic and reasoning are not passports into the kingdom of God. Nor are arguements however reasoned or co-hesive. The latter only serve to show that ones choice to believe in God is a reasonable standpoint. Its by grace alone that one is saved. Not reasoned arguement.
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    Not missing much mate. It was just her and a friend messing about with a double ender
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    You can get ITV/STV HD on sky. Press the Services Button go to the Add channels option. Change the frequency to 10.935, Polarisation V, Symbol Rate 22.9 and FEC to 5/6 will give you the option of ITV HD and the STV HD hit the store button and they will be saved on to the box.
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    You will learn mate. Been married 17 yrs this year and that is exactly why I am in this thread :lol:
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    must admit BT is a very good looking lassie,, must also admit to having my doubts the longer it was dragging on lol cracking pictures one request if your doin anymore BT,, maybe one with the hold ups on,, standing with your back to the camera and looking back over your shoulder,,, that would make this thread perfect although im gettin married later in the year and shouldnt even be in threads like this well done to all involved,, superb
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    If he was still a Rangers player he'd probly be on the bench.
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    • Guy circled in red, the boss, says “leagues may be lost if they can’t get played”. Guy circled in blue, one of the lackeys, says “it’s up to the leagues to decide”. There is obvious confusion but I will listen to the top man first.   
    • Your contempt for these bodies would soon disappear if they declared your beloved hoops as champions tomorrow so don’t start with that pish. Whether you like it or not, FIFA and UEFA are the governing bodies and they have a duty to show leadership especially in a time of crisis. ”just do whatever you like in your own countries” is a clear dereliction of duty and abdication of responsibilities. We all know that neither body is perfect but, for better or worse, they are the governing bodies in the sport.  
    • On the 30th March 1901 our Founder Peter McNeil passed at Hawkhead Asylum in Glasgow. He rests in Craigton Cemetery with his brothers William and James and parents John and Jean. On the 9th September 2009 Heather Lang unveiled a plaque at Fleshers Haugh to mark the location of the first match played by Rangers Football Club, against Callander, in May, 1872.  There was no-one more appropriate to carry out the ceremony than Heather, Granddaughter of Gallant Pioneer, Peter McNeil.  Heather and her sister Doreen Holland were the strongest link we have with Peter and his fellow Pioneers; his brother Moses, Peter Campbell and William McBeath. Sadly Heather passed at her sister’s home in London in 2016. Heather and Doreen, though, were unaware of their link with the founding of Rangers.  Grandfather Peter had a tragic end to his life.  It was probably because of this, that their mother, Gertrude, daughter of Peter and his wife, Janet, never spoke of her father.  He had died in Hawkhead Asylum, on 30 March, 1901.  He had clearly suffered from a form of mental illness, though his death was recorded as “general paralysis’’. Peter was born in 1854, a year before his brother and fellow Pioneer, Moses.  In his mid-teens, he had moved to Glasgow with other members of his family.  Peter played in the first match against Callander, in May, 1872.  He was one of the Club’s earliest captains and was a regular in the side until 1876.  It was off the field of play though Peter McNeil made his greatest contribution to the formative years of the Club.  William Dunlop tells of Peter heading to Fleshers Haugh about noon to secure the field for the Club.  The goalposts would be planted and he would then have to watch over the field until the “appointed hour”.   When his playing days were over, and he gave way to better players, he became honorary secretary.  He held this position from 1876 – 1883.  He was vice-president from 1886 – 1888.  He was a greatly respected administrator, serving as treasurer of the Scottish Football Association from 1879 – 1883.  He was known as “Genial Peter”, a much-loved and respected figure within Scottish Football. Peter had a business which he ran with his brother, Harry, “H and P McNeil”.  It was one of the forerunners of the modern sports outfitters. The business had started  in the mid 1870’s.  The original premises had been in Renfield Street but in 1883, the brothers moved to Union Street.  They were suppliers of outfits to both Rangers and  Scotland. In March, 1885, Peter married Janet.  Rangers Football Club presented the happy couple with “a beautiful inlaid marble clock and a pair of equestrian bronzes”.  Within five years, the family was complete with the birth of John Fraser and Gertrude Grace.  Despite the happy home life, it was clear the pressure of business was taking its toll of Peter.  His brother  Harry was a partner in the business .  Harry McNeil had been one of the most famous and  popular footballers of his day.  He played for Queen’s Park and had been an established Scottish internationalist.  For many years after he retired from playing, his name was frequently recorded in the sports media of the day.   The business of H & P McNeil disappeared from the PO Directory by 1896.  Bankruptcy had come to Peter and Harry.  The deterioration of Peter's mental health caused anguish to his family. In January, 1901, he was committed to Hawkhead Asylum. Peter McNeil lay at rest for many years  with his parents, John and Jean, and older brother William in what was an unmarked grave at Craigton Cemetery.  Either side of him are his brothers Alexander and James. On the 22nd June 2013 memorials to our Founder Peter McNeil and his family were erected on their final resting places at Craigton Cemetery. Peter’s resting place fittingly looks on to the front door of Ibrox Stadium. Our Founder Peter McNeil died at a young age ,he was only 47, but he lived long enough to see the Club that he helped form and nurture grow from what was essentially a boys club on Fleshers Haugh into a worldwide sporting institution. Today we remember Peter McNeil.    
    • Did he ? Oh well. My error. I was at work so never seen it.   
    • My old Uncle passed his Rangers mug onto me, gonna have to get it out of the box today & admire it.    
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