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    TIME FOR UNITY NOT FOR WALKING I can understand totally why a lot of our support would like to have Walter Smith and Jim McColl on board at the Rangers FC. I personally would like nothing better than for this to happen, however I will not be part of any demo or march against the new owners of our Club, who incidentally have done nothing wrong, let’s not forget they were the only ones who stood up and put the money where their mouths were to try and get us through a CVA and also to save the Club from liquidation when all others failed to do so. I can think of 100 others like the SPL the SFA, HMRC, David Murray, Craig Whyte, BBC, the Press, most of the SPL Clubs and their Chairmen, to be honest the list goes on and on and on, these are the people who have done damage to our Club and some more than others and some are also waiting to sink the boot into us given the chance. These are the people we should be marching or demonstrating against, not our own Club, I say again I can understand how some fans would like Walter Smith and Co. to guide us forward into a new Era, but I feel sure this could still happen if all parties involved were to get round the table and join forces to make us even stronger than we were before, at the moment all we are doing is playing into the hands of our enemies. It is with this in mind I would urge everyone to keep calm and pick our battles against our enemies and not against our own Club. Before anyone says it, or thinks I am saying this because I work at the Club, I can tell you this has nothing to do with it, I am and voicing my opinion as a Rangers Supporter first and foremost. Jim Hannah
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    It's really starting to get annoying all these bully-boy tactics being used to try to force Green and his consortium to walk away. I admit that when I heard Walter wanted to get involved with a consortium involving Scotland's richest man, my first reaction was "Yes ya dancer!", but that has been tempered somewhat by the lack of noise from said group after Green offered Wattie chairmanship and the other members the opportunity to invest and have a say on the board. One would have thought that this would be the ideal situation. Now there's talk from the RST advising supporters to hold off buying season tickets, a planned anti-Green march, and even sponsors - Central Car Auctions - stopping sponsorship whilst Green's consortium are in charge. This, to me, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Stooping to financial blackmail, and stomping your feet shouldn't be the Rangers way- leave that sort of pish to the Bheastenders. And then there's the "We want Rangers men for Rangers!" brigade. I'm sorry, but look where the past few Rangers men left us. Get your heads out your arses and look at the bigger picture. Perhaps the fact that Green and Zeus are purely looking at the business aspect is the best thing that could happen? They want to steady the ship, create a well-run, profit-making club, and jump when they can make a good return. I see nothing wrong with that, and Wattie and his mob should surely jump aboard if their aim is purely to see the best for Rangers and not have the responsibility of ownership.
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    If Walters consortium do take over, people will forget Green but IMO, when he does leave we owe him alot for having the balls to do what no one else could but I think now it's time to hand it over to real Rangers men.
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    It annoys me hugely in particular when I hear our fans saying the club has been or is in liquidation. We are not, on Thursday we exited administration. When Leeds performed the exact same thing we did, the press correctly stated the club was saved from liquidation. When Luton Town NewCo'ed with the OldCo being liquidated, the press correctly stated the club was saved from liquidation. Same with Darlington and many others. Rangers FC is now sitting out of administration, with no threat of liquidation. Only the press in this country are pushing this idea that we are somehow still getting liquidated! A shell of a corporate entity, which no longer contains our football club is getting liquidated. Why would someone have paid £5.5m for something that is still under threat of liquidation?
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    No Man Is Greater Than THE RANGERS........................simple as that and no fan who cares for the club is better than any other fan. That is a strength we have had as a club.......................... Walter is a Rangers fan , no more so than you or I. Ally is a Rangers fan, no more so than you or I. Malcolm Murray is a Rangers fan, no more so than you or I The above guys may have Managed , been player also and Chairman .but this dosen't make them any better than any of us. We all want the same thing....we have heard for posters on here say they will not go back as a result of a newco......their choice to do so, as we who will go back know that this is still the Rangers Football Team fans have followed from their early days. We have heard calls from unelected self styled fans groups spokespeople say let's take to the streets....but this is not against anyone it is Pro Rangers.....yet by using this very heading they are indeed making it an anti Rangers as anyone who cares to take a step back can see it is against our new owners, our new owners who are these people , we hear as the big hooha Well they are the people who bought our club, when quite frankly no one else was really up for it(yes talk is cheap), but they are in it for a quick buck.............then we hear the very same people say.there's no money in Scottish football so taking their view on no money, well that certainly should show that the investors are in this for med/long term. Charles Green is the one who has said he will be gone as soon as his job is done, it's obvious that by this staement Charles Greens role in Rangers was to get control of the business (yes business) on behalf of the investors...why Charles Green, maybe just maybe that he did this very same thing with Sheffield Utd and did he hang around .no he left. Malcolm Murray any one listening to this guy must take from him he is a bluenose(his word) but more importantly listen to his actual words , this man will take no prisoners and will be voice to speak up for us if that is required...............also look at his business background , he controlled 25% of the shares of Man Utd anyone doubting his acumen should leave the room now............(have they gone ) How did he end up in this position not by Charles Green, he hadn't spoken with him prior to the invite to be PLC Non Exec Chairman , he was invited by Zeus Capital ,who got to know him through their involvement also in Man Utd and also take not that the other two people on the PLC board happen to be Zeus Capital people .what does that tell you? Go and have a look at http://www.zeuscapital.co.uk/index.php and see their latest acquisition. What was one of the moans about whyte from s and the media...hard to find anything about him, well not the case with these guys...we have solid business man running the business side now, what everyone has been calling out for. Walter.........they have publically offered him the Chairmanship of the one thing Walter knows the football side of things.............so instead of this Pro Rangers !! march .....why not have a march to get Walter/McColl/Parks and co to join up with the new and solid owners and make this an even stronger business and have what the majority want Walter being involved as Chairman of the football side of things. This would give us .............. PLC board.......................Malcolm Murray.Non Exec Chairman Imran Ahamd Imran Ahmad After training with Barclays De Zoete Wedd Limited in the early 90’s Imran has spent most of his career in small and mid cap broking. In September 2008 Imran founded and was Chief Executive of Allenby Capital Limited which grew from nothing to approaching 40 AIM clients by the time he sold his stake in September 2011. Imran has completed a significant number of transactions in the Resource, Energy, Engineering and Technology sectors. Imran joined Zeus Capital in April 2012 as Managing Director. Brian Stockbridge Finance Director Brian joined Zeus in January 2012 as a Director and focusses on helping directors and their companies with all aspects of corporate finance advice, including advising on takeovers and mergers and with raising money by floating their companies on AIM. Brian has 15 years experience in the City having worked in the nominated adviser teams at Grant Thornton, Noble & Company and Allenby Capital. Brian was also trained at the Panel on Takeovers & Mergers where he was the primary case officer Add on McColl and Parks to this board and we have a very strong group of people. Pus Malcolm Murray has said there will be another Scottish businessman shortly added to be the board How any Rangers fan would not go for this, is well puzzling. Only the Club will suffer by this unfounded call for not renewing season books and some of the people who have posted and question certain fans of minor clubs for threatening the same thing as hurting their club................have a look in the mirror guys, I know not based on hatred and sectarianism like those of the minor clubs.........but will hurt our club. The above is my opinion put honestly and with no other group involved , so think carefully why are you really being asked to march? Onward and Upwards on our stunning and thrilling journey following the must successful team the world has know and recognised as this by UEFA and FIFA.
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    We should be in a position today, where we suffered the anguish of the last week, being put into a situation where the plc has been liquidated and a new company formed, slowly getting over the disappointment, and starting to look ahead to the future. The chance to challenge our enemies once again, to fight for fairness from the SFA, to fight for our place in the SPL, or even the adventure of SPL3. We should be united, and trying to show our players that we will be the same force again, and that they should want to transfer to the newco, should want to be with us. Instead, where are we? We have a new consortium who have appeared out of nowhere, and there are clearly some dark arts being employed behind the scenes. Our manager is being destabilised by someone who encouraged our liquidation. Our fans are being encouraged to refuse to buy season tickets. Our players are being encouraged to refuse to transfer. The resultant negative publicity is going to encourage sponsors to consider their position, and confuse 'neutral' fans. Everything is designed to make Charles Green look like a bogeyman, to force him to sell. The strange thing, is that it doesn't need to be like this, why can't the people behind the scenes of the new consortium just operate honourably? Why can't they ask Green how much he and his consortium want to sell the club? Why can't they do their dealings in meetings and not through the media? I would be very much in support of a consortium fronted by Walter Smith, installing him into a position of real power in the club, and certainly for the next few years, the stability that would offer us, and the links to the past will make this whole transition easier, but demonising the guy who stepped up when these people were in the shadows seems at best ungracious. They could've had this club for £6m, they could've tried to get a CVA for £9m, there have been plenty of opportunities to get us on the cheap, now they may have to stump up more, that is their decision. But using underhand tactics should be beneath them, and certainly beneath what this club stands for.
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    Read between the lines? How about facing up to facts. All these so called Rangers men either did fuck all or attempted to get the club on the cheap, and of course there is one who actively encouraged liquidation. When the call came to save us, these wealthy individuals ignored our plight and now as the club is debt free, they now want to be involved but don't want to own it but do to save it (confusing, I know). Nobody is supporting Charles Green unconditionally, but the man stepped in to save us when our friends ignored us and for that he currently has my gratitude.
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    that comment right there is why we struggle to unite fans, who cares what you think of the rst, we are there to support a pro rangers, the walter smiths consortium, so he can stabalise rangers and if it does get sold on we know it is to the right people, like for example a fan ownership. Time to unite behind our united love for the club
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    Give the guy a chance... if he'd had got the CVA he'd be a legend right about now. He's trying - let him do his job and we can do ours as fans.
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    the clubs best interests at heart my fucking arse, these dirty rich bastards (mccoll and park) sat back and watched as ordinary joe bloggs put half their fucking monthly wages into the RFFF, how easy could it have been for these guys to dump a quarter mill each into the fund if they are so minted they sat back when they seen TBK werent anywhere near what needed to be done, they sat back knowing we needed funding in june when the wages reverted back to 100% they simply sat back and allowed others to do the dirty work, we could all be attending our fucking clubs funeral if it wasnt for Green's consortium Real Rangers men my fucking arse
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    It would appear that some here couldn't grasp anything positive about the set up Charlie has put in place, probably because they have no intention of even trying.
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    Pro Rangers is it? Why the need when the stadium is full for nearly every home game anyway. We buy the strips, food, corporate etc and if they had a paper cup with RFC on it we would but that to and say its better than any other paper cup on the market. Thats what the fans do day in, day out. The fans need prove nothing to anybody about being pro Rangers and this is actually quite annoying to me. People are using fans loyalty to further their own aims. Better to have Green and McColl in a studio taking questions from supporters to see which is the best for the club going forward. The fans have been pro Rangers for 140 yrs and that will never change for the next 140 yrs. Mass rally to prove you are pro Rangers, don't make me laugh. "now this is OUR big chance to win our club back" Win the club back from who? Mr Green owns it just now so that would be him, yes. Its not an anti Green rally though, or is it?
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    Just to let folk know that the rangers store website now has more stock on the unsponsored rangers top. Got an email about it earlier today.
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    Quite a few on here use this statement "Green stepped in to save us" Lest we forget, Green was not one of the origional parties interested in saving us, if Bill Miller hadn't seen the books and shat in his pants he would have been the saviour, same goes for Bill NG, like Trotters Trading Green saw an opportunity and had a cunning plan Green was nowhere to be seen until he had that oppotunity to make some money. Green never stepped in to "save us" he never gave a shit about Rangers before, he stepped in to make money, that's why Walter made his not for profit statement. The whole deal changed when the CVA was refused, that's when Rangers men made their move, if it's a newco Rangers with a new start and no debts then why shouldn't Rangers men buy it? If we go to div 3 we need to be united, how many will buy season tickets for Div3 football? we can only unite under true Blue blood Rangers Men
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    Can't believe the stick Jim Hannah is getting in thread. He is one of the good guys within the club, those that are slagging him should have a fucking word with themselves.
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    Why would you think that? A split board with different aims for the club - one wants money out of The Rangers and the other wants money into The Rangers. MacDonald lurks in the background ready to fund new players - for the good of his health do you think?
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    Charles Green: Ian Hart is an investor. Ian Hart: I am not an investor. If that isn't enough to tell us all that Charles Green is very bad news, then we have learnt nothing in the past 12 months.
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    Green did what NOBODY else was willing to do - save Rangers. The stick he is having is unbelievable on here. What has he done wrong? Sorry BT....your thread starts "Im not knocking Charles but......" so you are. I would love Sir Walter to be involved. Dream team. But he wont even be on the board. He is putting his name to the bid. If all true Rangers men really want whats best...why cant they work together? Im not an ardent Green fan...but ffs the guy has had rubbish to deal with and deserves at least some appreciation from us.
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    Other than using it as an excuse to save themselves a 6 figure sum in the current financial climate and looking like heroes in the eyes of some
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    I would like proof from everyone in favour of division 3 that it is financially sustainable playing in that league. How can the biggest team in Scotland break even in that sort of state ? Will season tickets generate enough revenue to replace the tv money and sponsorship deals ? What about the Ibrox upkeep ? Do the people in favour of going to division 3 consider the possibility of staff cuts at Ibrox and Murray Park due to this loss of revenure ? All honest questions because I'm slightly baffled as to how we would appear to rise up from the divisions to the SPL in 3 years when it seems that we will be weakened to a third or second divison level playing squad.
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    Churlish Dude. If you study Walter's statement he only agreed to join this new consortium if giving the clubs to the fans was unconditional. Im not going there to support the RST... Im going there to support Rangers.
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    Dear SPL clubs, here's our collective boaby Have a wee sook on that Except Killie. You seem alright and you clearly get it, unlike the rest.. Plus yer fellow timskelpers. No surrender
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    Hear hear man im going to leave WS out of the equation though, but im glad somebody has finally told it straight down the fuckin line. Day after day for the past 4 months ive been waiting for some multi millionaire rangers supporting businessman to put his money in, instead there was Bill Ng, Bill Miller(hang yer fuckin heid in shame Dingwall), 2 foreign investors without a love of RFC, and then the fuckin shambles that the blue knights put together. Countless investors including a guy , brian kennedy, with a personal wealth of up to 650 million, who told the admin that they had blood on their hands live on tv, because they didnt hand over our club to a bunch of rangers supporting multi-millionaires, who between them could not even raise the 500 grand for exclusivety to the books.I thought we had had it at that point. And then there is us, the thousands who put what we can in, although most of us aint got a brass farthing between us. I was standing in the megastore at ibrox with my son, we spent about 300 quid in there between us, just to put money in, anything.In walks this guy from Northern Ireland, just off the ferry, with his 2 sons. "right you 2" he said to these wee bairns" ye can have anything you want, anything no matter how much of it, its going on daddies card, but when your mum asks , we stayed in a hotel ok, but we are staying at uncle davie's tonight, agreed?"The wee yins nodded and said"we dont want nothing da, but can we not just pust the rangers money through the letterbox, and well still stay at uncle davies?" We are ordinary people from every walk of life, they 2 wee bairns must have endured a helluva journey across from ulster, but it definatley wasnt their first trip, it was their time with their da. Just like many of us in yesteryear, or maybe for some lucky bastards they still go with the old man. How fuckin dare anybody tell me not to buy a season book, or to protest against the guy who put the hours in, and rummaged up the money somehow to buy Rangers. I would not give a fuck if the guy had four heads, and six legs. I could not give a fuck if he went to watch yorkshire play cricket rather than sit in the directors box at Ibrox every other saturday.His straight talking, and when he finally had the money to buy Rangers, gave me the only piece of relief and positivety for 4 months in this whole sorry saga. The back stabbing of him has started behind the scenes already, ally being told there is a plot to sack him, being abused by idiots outside Ibrox,you all know the other bits. But he is the owner, and the guy has got at least a pair of stones between his legs, something really sadly missing from the RFC hirearchy for years. Greig, johnston, bain and p murray all just left cos the couldnt take anymore suffering, bain still managed to summon up the courage to take us to court for compensation mind, poor wee soul, johnston just scared us all from tv from the states. Rangers men my fuckin arse!!! I hope when CG decides to sell he asks McColl for 100 million to buy Rangers, then we will see if the real rangers men put their money in.Finally........... Walter, just take your seat on the board as football chairman, give us all some transparency and a chance for some respite, but most of all, stability for a while at least , until uncle jim decides whether he is enough of a Rangers man to write a cheque in 9 figures to own us. Rant over No Surrender Rab
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    No group (Walters included) wanted to be the one associated with taking us down the newco route. Miller considered it, but he wasn't willing to put up the cash to sustain the club throughout the process, neither were TBK ( although why they deserve the caps to describe them heaven knows, after all they, more than most, let us down badly ) Greens' group ( whether it's 20 investors or 4 investors ) DID.
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    For some reason I've still got the RST page on my Facebook, and I know it's hardly an official statement every time they post something, but I find some of the stuff bizarre. Season ticket money being withheld, a pro-Rangers rally (God knows what that actually is, I'm guessing it's really a pro-Walter rally?) and today they're seeing it as a success that sponsors have began pulling out in support of Walter's consortium as reported by The Herald. Is there anything this group won't do to get rid of Green, who is being treated like a piece of dirt, and quite frankly, I find it disgraceful. Has the guy really done anything wrong apart from not have a passion for The Rangers? Don't get me wrong, I do support Walter's consortium, but I think these muppets are simply taking it too far. If they don't come up with the funds that are sufficient to buy us, and Green's consortium remains on, does this group really have any credibility left at all? Can they still remain as what many see as the main supporter group, with Dingwall being "the mouth of the fans"? They'll be left in complete limbo, and I wouldn't expect Green to have any cooperation with them again.
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    Yup thats what i mean by winning every league in Scotland, we will be the only club ever to do that i believe
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    Prove it so, so was AJ, Bain, McClelland, Greig, Mini Murray and the rest of the board that overseen our disasterous financial fuck ups more than once Also Park and McColl have done less than ordinary Raners fans for the club since we went into administration, their lack of input has been nothing short of shocking In name only, Smith wont own the club, fuck sake we recently had another ex bear and someone sympathetic to our cause in a high position at our club and it mattered not a fucking jot We (the fans) need to get away from this fucking "We need RANGERS men in charge of the club" and instead think of our clubs future, which means we need someone to be ruthless and run us like a business, if it takes unrelated men like Greens mob then so be it
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    Well when it's an organised group led decision set to make another person/persons bend to your will through the witholding of funds I really can't see much other name for it.
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    Poland v Germany would have been
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    Re: the OldCo. No we will not buy it back or try to merge it. This idea comes from Millers incubator scheme which to be honest was legally meaningless! The OldCo is now just a shell that will get wound up. It does not contain anything of note. To give another example of how the history thing works, consider this non-footballing example. ==================================== Clinton Cards wins a Consumer award in 2011. In 2012 Clinton Cards goes into admin. Clinton cards assets are bought by an american firm, leaving the old corporate shell to be liquidated. The american company keeps the clinton brand operating on the high street, not changing the brand, therefor keeping the value of the goodwill. Clinton cards can still display that it won a consumer award legally, even though it is not the same company. This is an example of how the historical achievements of the 'business' are different from those of the 'company'.
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    There are two aspects to this. Firstly the physical tropheys were bought as part of the agreement, so they are legally ours. Secondly, do we retain the history. The answer is yes. This is part of the company brand which was purchased and is contained within the goodwill. Is this a decision for the SFA/SPL - No Can they choose to say they dont recognise the history - Theoretically yes, but they wont.
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    As you were in Poznan, were you looking the other way?
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    When Green became involved, he always stated that he was here to make money, he never denied that and those who criticise him for this are also the people who wanted the truth and transparency. Yes, some of his Yorkshire bluster is annoying but with the abuse he has taken, is there anything wrong in him defending his position. As for the Cardigan Consortium, where were they when Miller, Ng et al just disappeared and let us whistling in the wind? McColl and his team could easily have found the money then but they waited .... but waited for what?? For the club to be available at a cheaper price? Waited for the club to be at it's lowest ebb? Waited for(or engineered) the right PR moment when Green was at his weakest and they could take advantage !! I am a fan of Walter, I do believe that he has the best interest of the club at heart but this could have been done so much better. Rather than splitting the support, which this has done, it could have been a catalyst for good, Walter could have led us forward, together, bringing Green and his money along with McColl and his funds. Partners can eventually buy out other partners, Green could have left with his money and the thanks of a grateful support. I just hope this works out for the best .... The best for the club, the best for its support and the best for its investors.
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    Get it right up the fucking lot of them. That is all. Please feel free to discuss further....
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    They way I see it is these guys WANT to be here. Walter feels he has to. Zeus and any other investors will be in this to make money, sure, but for them to do that they need to get the club operating properly and performing/winning. If they are successful and make money then it will mean we will hopefully be successful on the pitch
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    Ditto, nothing against Charles Green whatsoever. Don't think there have been lies as much as mistruths. Just get a bit fed up with folk peddling the idea that you have to hate one man if you like the other. Shades of grey and all that. Respect for Green but would still rather Walter's folk take the helm
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    Were all still here, I love The Rangers. Onwards and upwards!
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    If McColl trusted Green or his investors then I'm sure he would consider going in with them. Nobody does. Not McCoist, Smith, McColl, the players. Anyone. Green's major investor backed out after he did due diligence on the other guys in the consortium....
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    That's Walter Smith's Blue and White Army Not Some-Other-Cunt's Green and Whyte Army.
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    So let me get this straight This "rally" is really a protest march to attempt to force Rangers current owner to hand it over for a pittance to a bunch of folk who haven't even been fully identified yet, and who's plans remain a secret.? It is also to push folk to with-hold ST money to the club. Walters mob get the club for a song. RST get their blazers and a comfy seat on the board. Green, the only man to put money into the club, gets shafted. All sounds very honourable to me. So honourable in fact, if I were Charles Green, I'd sit back and let the club die from lack of funds before I'd give in. He'll get his cash back from the assets sale later when the season has started. Green has named a fair price. If Walters mob want the club, then go negotiate it and buy the club fairly and squarely. Using mafia tactics to blackmail Green into selling for buttons is a disgrace, and most certainly not the Rangers way. If they'll manipulate the media to shaft Green, they'll manipulate the media to shaft us. More smoke and mirrors.
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    Why should Green negotiate? He's put up the cash and done the hard work so it's rightfully his. Yes it would be nice if Walter and co bought it from him but there's no way in hell I'm going to be putting pressure on Green to sell after he's saved our club. If they want it so much then pay the man, or invest and join the board, or else let him get on with his job as the new CEO of Rangers. We've had enough distractions over the past year, a power struggle putting the fans in the middle is the last thing we need.
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    Good overview........said it in fewer words than I did
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    You won't renew unless Greeen sells to Walter Smith and only Walter Smith? Don't you want to see details of the bid you're backing before deciding to walk away from supporting the club? Or will you buy anything provided Walter's name is on the masthead? Such fanaticism is very dangerous.
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    Well I hope his fukkin tie is straight when he does
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    yawwwnnnnn get over it.the man has payed millions in legal fees and stuff aswell and saved us its a shame walter and the team he leads waited till the last minute then came in,gets everyones hopes up doesnt it