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    Predictions for tonight: Heyaman to be appointed GM so he drops his lawsuit Lesnar to F5 Stephanie Heath Slater to challenge a legend, Goldberg's music to hit but Gilberg will come out instead, Slater will sqaush him then Austin/Taker will stunner/tombstone him Segment with Rock and Cena teasing Mania next year Matt Morgan to win the IC title Ziggler to attempt to cash in but get a brogue kick again Punk to retain with the help of Heyman and Raw to go off the air with Punk, Lesnar and Heyman in the ring
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    Hopefully he doesn't sign for united . I hate seeing decent players sign for them bastards . Is like to see him sign for city and for city to dominate for a good few years . Hopefully united will crumble at the same time .
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    Here you go. Just extract in your FM2012 folder. You'll need to do this to take us out of admin too. Let me know if you're wanting anything changed.
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    Well Hemmings is out for 5months so ye can forget him hahahaha
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