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    I wish Batista could come back, fucking animal.
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    Who do we fancy for the leagues this year then? Any accumulators on?
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    Hamish Husband is on suicide watch.
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    *** The Official London 2012 Thread ***

    Let's hope that freak Ki blooters his over
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    In extra time 1-1
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    Stuff of dreams for the lad Rutherford!
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    Rutherford won long jump GOLD !! please someone post the obligatory spandau ballet clip please
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    Vangelis will be able to clear the Greek natioanal debt.
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    Got my tickets in this morning for BF1. What an emotional moment it's gonna be when our heroes come out the tunnel. 4-0 Shiels (2), Little and McKay
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    Murray must have a sore back from carrying Robson to the semis
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    "Here's a screwdriver...fix it yerself!"
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    *** The Official London 2012 Thread ***

    Bert le Clos - Olympic legend!
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    Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Addressing Scotsmen, this is probably like 'teaching granny to suck eggs', but I'll chance it. I have not played golf very much, but I don't mind it and often watch the tournaments, if they are on BBC. What I find amusing is how people can get so angry with their game, that never affected me. Perhaps that is because I find the game itself amusing, think : 1} You stick a little concaved topped pin in the ground (the tee), place a little spherical object (the golf ball) atop it, stand up and collect an offensive weapon (golf club), grip the aforementioned offensive weapon (OW) and swing your body back, then forward, hoping the OW will connect with the little spherical object (LSO) and send it flying some hundred or more yards away, hopefully in the intended direction ! 2} Assuming your plan has worked, you then go for a longish walk in search of the LSO and if you find it, proceed to use the same or more probably another OW to give the LSO another whack, this time hoping to send it nearer to a flagpole you can see, some way distant. 3} Either repeat {2} above or goto {4}. 4} Assuming the LSO has landed in the vicinity of the aforementioned flagpole, you then avail yourself of another weapon, this time less offensive (the putter) to give the LSO a gentler whack, the intention of which is to send the LSO down into a little cylindrical hole in the ground. 5} Either repeat {4} above or goto {1}, but you will have to go for another (longish ?) walk to get there. Note. The above procedure is to be repeated 17 times if the Golf Course has the standard 18 Holes. P.S. There is also a '19th Hole', this is unlike all the others and is for Rest and Recuperation. Enjoy !
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    1 Hearts Hearts v St Johnstone (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 19/20 To Run 2 Arbroath Arbroath v Stirling (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 4/9 To Run 3 Ayr Ayr v Clyde (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 1/3 To Run 4 Falkirk Falkirk v Elgin (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 1/4 To Run 5 Hamilton Hamilton v Annan Athletic (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 1/4 To Run 6 Cowdenbeath Montrose v Cowdenbeath (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 4/6 To Run 7 Arsenal de Sarandi Arsenal de Sarandi v Union De Santa Fe (Full Time Result) 03/08/2012 None 7/10 To Run 8 Hull Hartlepool v Hull (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 11/10 To Run 9 Leicester Lincoln City v Leicester (Full Time Result) 04/08/2012 None 2/5 To Run 9 Folds 1 50.00 50.00 2394.00 Doing well this week with the odds on shots
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    I'm happy, Hoy and Pendleton get gold at a home Olympics. Amazing, absolutely brilliant!
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    I agree mate, upmost respect for the big man. Took some pelters both fair and unfair but he's here now when it matters and when others have jumped ship Just hope he gets given some time at CB as the boy isn't a right back. But he's a trier and I've yet to see him not give 100%. Just can't see him getting infront of Boca and Goian... if they're still here ofcourse. fingers crossed they stay
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    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    koscielny > gallas/dawson vermaelen > vertonghen sagna > walker fair doos left back is better. midfield - wilshere arteta song rosicky cazorla diaby are better than tottenhams midfield especially when modric leaves. attack - only person who would get into arsenals attack is bale but was his goals and assists not shite last season? podolski giroud walcott oxlade chamberlain and van persie shite all over tottenhams attack. also who are tottenham signing that is a better goalkeeper? Arsenal have a quality goalkeeper in sczesney who will only improve so not too bothered who tottenham sign. and when it's all said and done if tottenham had the better squad etc why do arsenal continually year after year finish above them?
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    I would rather they werent there, the sooner people who dont want to play for this marvellous club leave the better and the true rangers men can get on with playing football.
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    They should be fine, after all look how small the German girl is! Tiny.... I'll get my coat...
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