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    Sailing result just in:-
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    Sir Jessica Ennis
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    it's fucking ridiculous I reckon they should let farm animals out on the track too, to trip the athletes up.
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    Id serve the silver medal right off Robsons mug
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    Hopefully today has given Andy the mental strength required to beat one of the top 3 in a slam final. I expect him to get OBE or MBE though.
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    Fair play . Some might call you a bottler, but with your limited ability it's the sensible option.
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    Because Robson wasn't playing with her usual partner Jerome.
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    Caramel Wafer for sure.
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    Colin Jackson in the replay of the studio: "here comes the bigman" He's said that a few times before
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    Conrad Williams(GBR) - 300m World Champion.
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    I'd love to know how fast Bolt can sprint. He's a hell of a jogger
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    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I hope Liverpool get relegated
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    *** The Official London 2012 Thread ***

    You must know a few people Craig, pull a few strings!
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    ffs the mens 100m final isn't until 9.50
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    *** The Official London 2012 Thread ***

    You're not really meant to wear it.
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    From here I'd be surprised if we didn't. Hoy in the Kerin, Joshua in the Superheavyweight boxing, Stalker in the lightwelterweight boxing, Idowu in the triple jump. Plenty of chances left.
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    One more. Plus two silver and a bronze.
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    .......and smashes it!!!!!!
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    *** The Official London 2012 Thread ***

    Murray's analysis of Farah's win
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    Murray has just shown what Lendl has given him. He didn't go into his shell when he lost the Wimbledon final, he came out swinging. Brilliant Now for the doubles, then the US Open
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    How old did you think she was? 15?
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    What about the darts?
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    It's like horse riding's version of Crazy Golf!
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    Aye but I was talking about Monday and Tuesday what a fucking olympics this is going to be for cycling! Britannia rules the wheels
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    First time i've seen him in the game!
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    Robson had a cunt of a tiebreaker. Would still fuck her but would kick her on the fanny as well for losing me 50 quid.
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