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    Just wondering as it seems I am the only christian on here but thought would ask how peoples religious faith is getting then through these tough and turbulent times. For me God is there as a guiding light and too many forget that and I would like to know how many of you like me pray every night to god and put their faith in him that he will help us through this. Anyone else prepared to state that in God they trust?
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    For some trying to rewrite history, Rangers weren't formed a protestant club, the protestant community took Rangers as thier club. I have no problem with our proud history and its link to protestants but Rangers doesn't belong to the protestant religion, it belongs to anyone who loves Rangers. It doesn't make you a better fan if your a unionist, protestant or which political party you vote, your born a Ranger and you die a Ranger, simples
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    Posted this on chelseafcforums: A great British institution was brought to its knees illegally by irish republican Scotland. A country that has a vendetta against a close friend of ours, Rangers Football Club. I am a chelsea supporter, moved from Scotland years ago, however I have a great affiliation with Rangers, a club whose only crime is to be proud of being British. HMRC falsified a claim, as led by the Scottish, bigoted, anti-English media, to accuse Rangers of failing to pay tax etc as some of us down here already know through our friends up north. Rangers were punished for failing to pay tax, which 9 months later has been proven false and inaccurate as Rangers beat HMRC in court. The Scottish agenda against Rangers involved their club being punished with the following: -10 points in the league demoted to third division of scottish football 3 financial fines a transfer ban for 2 years liquidation ( which was never required due to a fake tax bill argument ) victimised for waving british flags as opposed to scottish flags. Now as a fan of both clubs I ask you all to help our brothers in blue up north, name the culprits and find out who brought this great institution illegally to its knees. Rangers have been victimised by every team in Scotland, all Scottish media outlets are against them, and they are alone in their own country, a country whose high ranking officers are trying to engineer a move out of the union for which the Rangers fans are against. They have been vilified for not bowing down to the agenda. What I ask is that you get behind rangers by helping them achieve the 100,000 signatures they need on the HMRC petition they have started. Already it is the fastest growing petition in UK history and i urge all Chelsea supporters who are proud to be british, have friends who are rangers fans, or have a soft spot for our brothers of the north, to sign the petition and help them get Justice. http://epetitions.di...petitions/42143 Thank you in advance for all your help. this should also go live in the shedend forum too very soon
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    Brian Laudrup works in mysterious ways.
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    Religion is the root of all evil. "C'mon the scientists"
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    Is god helping? Well to me he is, helping me to get over the pain of losing my mum last year I like to believe my mums in heaven and one day I'll see her again, that way when I die I won't be disappointed....if deed I'm deed end of, no harm done believing in a god that doesnt exsist or ' hello big man, thanks for letting me in, alright Ma, apologies about the porn under my bed' win win
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    Read the book saw the film seems like the product of an over active imagination or somebody who had been taking illegal substances although the water to wine trick sounds like a winner to me!
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    "I don't know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn't."
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    And it wasn't him that drowed all those people in the floods or burned to death in Sodom and Gomorrah? God isn't real but if he was he isn't someone l would look up to never mind worship, in fact l would say he's a bit of a cunt
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    18720 and signed for my dad and there's 241 signed in last hour. We're also trending on e-petitions. If everyone seeks permission from at least 5 of there family and then creates them an email and signs on their behalf then we will reach 100k without any problems. The more family you can add the better and it will only take you minutes for each person.
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    Rangers has alot of protestant fans but it has just as many atheists fans if not more.Rangers doesn't belong to any religion. If it makes you fell more of a fan then good for you :)Not having a dig but fuck religion
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    Just recruited this guy into my Under 19's, think he should be playing for the Tims given his name
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    Signed. Got my mum, aunt, uncle, cousin etc to sign also. Let's get this cunt!!
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    I will personally add it to the chelsea forums and will also do the armed forces forums and facebook page. in addition my company will tweet this every day, as will i personally and on my fb. We need to stand together and make this happen. REMEMBER: NOT ALL BEARS USE FB, TWITTER, OR RM OR OTHER FORUMS, SO WE NEED TO GET THEM INVOLVED. Also I am more than happy to design flyers for us no probs, can someone arrange a collection of funds to pay for them? what i mean is bears stick in a couple quid for flyers, we can get 50,000 for £500ish checked on google, once we have it i will design the flyers and send it to whoever has collected the money, they can then upload and buy them with the money. Me my brother, fiance and father are more than happy to volunteer with the placement on seats or as handouts at the game on the 8th. I am also willing to bring laptop with wi-fi and allow bears to sign up there and then on my laptop so theres nae excuses for any of us. WE NEED TO DO THIS!! we have, as a support lay dormant for too long, and now we MUST act!
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    Less than 100 signatures away from being on page 1 (top 20) of the ePetitions. This will happen within minutes. 19 out of the top 20 ePetitions have had a departmental response.
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    Sure we would get some support if it was posted on the armed forces Facebook Page.
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    By loving a football team for footballing reasons. People do not support a team because of what religion they are . We have a Presbyterian background, but as time has gone on you will probably find more Atheists, agnostics, or nothings in our support than real Protestants(or other religions).
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    God :lol: I gave up believing in imaginary friends long ago. Religion is ludicrous.
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    Blues Brothers. Call to arms! Any Chelsea Bears get this done.
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    Grow up with the inane childish trolls. I despise religion but this is not the place to take the piss out of religious belief and those people deluded by it.
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    Of course the good lord is with us in our titanic struggle against the dark forces of popery
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    If you take my joke comment from above as a statement of my beliefs (or otherwise) then feel free. That's much more than a wee bit silly.
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    I remember as a wee boy going to a Free Church and not knowing what the difference was. I thought the "Free" bit meant I didn't have to put the collection money in the box so I spent it on sweeties afterwards instead. I was 18 when I eventually owned up to my mother about that one!
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    I don't believe in God I believe in Science
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    God hasn't helped political injustices, hasn't helped starving children in Africa, hasn't cured any diseases. So I doubt he's giving a fuck about a football team. This, of course, Is assuming he exists. Which he doesn't.
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    Jesus saves but McCoist scored the rebound. Ok I'll get my coat..
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    In answer to your question, no. He is not helping.
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