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    Turning the other cheek over the years is what is causing us so many problems now ... it's a shame that people like you interpret standing up for ourselves as bitterness
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    Right so you talk about shitebags hiding behind a username and then won't tell me if you're going
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    I hope that was a tongue-in-cheek bit of well-wishing there ED....this guy (if he's telling the truth) will, along with the other scabs, be going against the wishes of the club he purports to support. It can't be any clearer - CEO Charles Green, backed by the Rangers Board, backed by manager Ally McCoist and backed by the official supporters groups have all said "DO NOT GO!" The whole lot of these selfish-bastards should be ashamed of themselves.
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    Can't get my head around this. Every Rangers supporter went through one of the worst, if not the worst time in our clubs' history. We all witnessed the wrath of bigotry and sheer hatred over the summer from the SPL clubs, and Dundee United were up there at the top. Everyone of us on this forum stated quite rightly that we wouldn't forgive and forget, that in the past we have been way too passive, and now it was time to 'strike back'. And the boycott of their stadium was a wonderful show of intent; displaying that we won't line the pockets of those who were verbose in their undying hatred of us, and it would demonstrate that the Glasgow Rangers had at last a rampant lion once again. But I fear with several hundred supporters going, it shows a complete lack of cohesion; that we are back to the usual ways. What fucking message is it to the rest of the mob that we rightly pronounce that no fans will go to tannadice, and now we have an away support that shows up your average away support for any SPL game? Seriously, it's undoing the fucking message! I appreciate people want to get behind the team, but by not going to the game, you actually ARE getting behind the team, and showing more support!
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    I don't want to create division in RM I'm just wondering if anyone is going to own up to being a scab
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    That's the village on the phone,they said they're missing an idiot.
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    People getting up on their high horse saying that I support my team, I'm going to support the team as I always will etc. Do you not see the bigger picture? IF you actually supported your team, you would respect the wishes of Rangers not accepting an allocation of tickets for the game. This was done for a reason, wake up. You attending the match gives poisonous scumbags like Thomson and dundee united your hard earned cash. Nobody is happy that we are not physically there to support the team but its the principle that matters and this is a sacrifice that has to be made. Most of us are willing to make it, others are ignorant.
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    People are free to make up their own mind. In this case though.. since the club declined our allocation and all supporters groups we united, I fail to understand why some would not respect that? Just my opinion
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    Why don't you scan your ticket and put it up then golfer
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    You're not supporting the club, the club doesn't want you there.Go to the park or something if you want a day out.
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    Scab? Well my love for the club is greater than my hate for anyone else.. Your bitter with too much hate, I just want to go support the boys and have a good day out
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    Arsenal have made an official club eBay page: http://www.transferdeadline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/arsenal-ebay-page1.jpg
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    Theres plenty of Rangers fans like these guys your talking about that have followed Rangers all there lifes and are not going to this. And it's not just the RST that says don't go. Charles Green has backed it, Ally McCoist has backed it and the players have even backed it and understand why it's happening. Remember Green and McCoist were at those meetings with Thomson and something must have been said for Ally McCoist to get up and walk out. This is another reason why Rangers are backing it. But i bet theres alot of fans out there don't know about these meetings.
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    I was going to post this The only one good thing that may come of any fans going is that any non bears in the away section who are there to cause it for us will hopefully be photographed and recorded by genuine bears and will be used in our defence once the media propaganda goes into overdrive after the game. Genuine bears will have no problem with a camera in their face so it will be easy to spot the yahoos. Keep the Heid bears and don't rise to the bait
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    Ok Ill text it to you. No, no, dont tell me your number......Ill get it once I contact my spirit guide.
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    Crazy thread, poor RyanGers! Lmao So basically, 3 RM posters claim to have tickets, 1 banned, another deluded and GOAT saw the light - halleluja! Before the club backed this boycott, I was dead against it. My opinion was that we must beat DUtd and progress in the cup. This imo would have been more of a punishment and would have been more achievable with a huge vocal support. Alas the Club backed the Boycott so I fully support it and I understand the reasons for this. Its not about money, jeezo - waken up Ryan. Its clearly pointed out in this and other threads on the matter. Its about making a united stand against everybody that revelled in our turmoil. Its unfortunate but given our league placing was inevitable that the first game against a more bitter rival would be in a Cup competition. We don't make the rules so how they distribute the cash in the cup competition is neither here nor there. We are boycotting Tannadice to show we can stick together as a warning for the future that we can follow through and hurt them. Its a message to other clubs that they cannot assume a drink from the Gers cash cow. We will not boycott Ibrox - Never. So, Ryan, if you are still wondering if fans will attend potential Replay at Ibrox - the answere is Yes. Does it contradict or undermine the Boycott at Tannadice - not a bit. I hope if there are other genuine Gers fans out there with tickets for this game that they too see the light and do not attend. We are the People
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    THIS JUST IN... Maverick Golfer caught sulking in his bedroom after his timely banning:
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    I think perhaps anyone going may see themselves as "the chosen few" and will be able to boast in the future about how they braved tannadump when there were hardly any other Bears there ... if that is what they are hoping for then they are very misguided
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    Look the Selfish fuckers are only putting in 5%of the gate but the club are getting 40%back for Charity so their supporters are down 35%.But this should be a warning shot to all the other SPL Chairmen ,do you think at every other game they will get their Fans turning up like Sell Out Saturday?.No chance with Little or no Support From us a slow lingering Death awaits SPL clubs . I for one cannot wait they will tumble like Dominoes .Not going to another away match in any Ground apart from Cup semi`s and Finals at Hampden .We need to starve them of cash ,total boycott would have been better but some people do not care as much for the Club as they profess .
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    The fact of the matter is, if someone wants to go, let them go, if someone wants to boycott, let them boycott. The important thing in all this is the match, I couldn't give a fuck about anything else now. As long as we win, who cares? Who is anyone to tell another person what to do? This isn't Germany 1939, this isn't Russia 1900's, this isn't Spain 1900's. We live in a free country where we can make our own choices. If someone wants to go and support their team, what gives anyone the right to have a go at that. It's not selfish, it's not going against the club, it's SUPPORTING your club. If someone wants to boycott, by all means do what you want. Honest to god.
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    Nobody scanned up any tickets yet i can take it this is all bullshit and trolling now.
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    This was our chance to stand united and show the rest of Scotland and the world we won't be treated like this ever again. To stand up for ourselves. But no we have some who are more interested in themselves and have no problem making a mockery out of our stance and the club wishes. Well played you bunch of fannies.
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    It's not as black and white as the way he voted. He stuck the boot right in, kicked us over and over while we were down, was a huge pusher of the 'sporting integrity' chat and condescendingly talked about how little 'remorse' we'd shown.
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    Not true, the abandoned game may come into it but Thompson's behaviour towards us during our financial troubles is the deciding factor.
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    Thats was Thermos argument not mine and not some of the others. Read the posts.
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    Ignoring that side of things got us into this mess.
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    Let's see the ticket then? Easy enough to do.
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    I'm hearing Maverick's IP address has been passed onto Tayside Police just incase there's any trouble in the away end. Good call IMO.
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    No just a shit stirrer with a stretched hoop
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    You should turn up at celtic park Grambo instead of noising up Rangers supporters on here I would never dream of goin on a celtic forum??? you lot are mental
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    while i don't support fans going, i support freedom of choice and you need to realise that while he may be giving dundee utd a portion of money, he is also donating equally to charity via Rangers share, and increasing dundee utds bill for security given heightened tensions and the fact they will have to police that. In all honesty i think you should STFU and keep your opinions to yourself - your basically attacking someone for supporting Rangers.
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    I'm not entirely convinced that the 400 are actually all Rangers fans. Then again, plenty of the dark side come on here so you may get a few owning up. Oh, and I'm on a bus to Blackpool right now so I'm not one.
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    I'm going, Tannadice say 455 tickets sold as of 11am this morning I want to support out young team and its my right to make the choice
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