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    Yes and it's my right to say you're a scab for putting money into thomson's pocket
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    Turning the other cheek over the years is what is causing us so many problems now ... it's a shame that people like you interpret standing up for ourselves as bitterness
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    Right so you talk about shitebags hiding behind a username and then won't tell me if you're going
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    I was and still am against the boycott but I'll stand by what the majority of bears have decided to do an not attend the game.
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    I hope that was a tongue-in-cheek bit of well-wishing there ED....this guy (if he's telling the truth) will, along with the other scabs, be going against the wishes of the club he purports to support. It can't be any clearer - CEO Charles Green, backed by the Rangers Board, backed by manager Ally McCoist and backed by the official supporters groups have all said "DO NOT GO!" The whole lot of these selfish-bastards should be ashamed of themselves.
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    For those going against the wishes of the club is just daft and making CG look like a tit as he is making a stand against SPL and im sure he was hoping for an empty away end not people glory hunting for being there. I would love to have gone to the game along with 1000's of other Rangers fans but we are standing tall and sticking together and showing these clubs we mean what we say but now were being made to look stupid by a few daftys! I hope the players show there not happy by not going near the away end!
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    Can't get my head around this. Every Rangers supporter went through one of the worst, if not the worst time in our clubs' history. We all witnessed the wrath of bigotry and sheer hatred over the summer from the SPL clubs, and Dundee United were up there at the top. Everyone of us on this forum stated quite rightly that we wouldn't forgive and forget, that in the past we have been way too passive, and now it was time to 'strike back'. And the boycott of their stadium was a wonderful show of intent; displaying that we won't line the pockets of those who were verbose in their undying hatred of us, and it would demonstrate that the Glasgow Rangers had at last a rampant lion once again. But I fear with several hundred supporters going, it shows a complete lack of cohesion; that we are back to the usual ways. What fucking message is it to the rest of the mob that we rightly pronounce that no fans will go to tannadice, and now we have an away support that shows up your average away support for any SPL game? Seriously, it's undoing the fucking message! I appreciate people want to get behind the team, but by not going to the game, you actually ARE getting behind the team, and showing more support!
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    Not only that anyone who thinks they can put one over on us in the future won't think twice because so many of us are falling over themselves to turn the other cheek ... this was the problem for years with murray unless the slight was personal against him he never held a grudge about anything and that only made our enemies stronger and stronger
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    You also make your club look fucking stupid with a half arsed boycott
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    FFS, we decided on boycotting Tannadice for the cup game, our CEO Charles stuck his neck out and backed us to the hilt. Now we seem to have between 200 to 400 Judas supporters buying tickets and I can see Charlie thinking - what's the feckin point of Ally and me rejecting tickets when you lot are turning your back on the majority of Rangers' supporters. OK, I agree staff and directors should attend the match because their tickets are free.
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    I don't want to create division in RM I'm just wondering if anyone is going to own up to being a scab
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    That's the village on the phone,they said they're missing an idiot.
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    People getting up on their high horse saying that I support my team, I'm going to support the team as I always will etc. Do you not see the bigger picture? IF you actually supported your team, you would respect the wishes of Rangers not accepting an allocation of tickets for the game. This was done for a reason, wake up. You attending the match gives poisonous scumbags like Thomson and dundee united your hard earned cash. Nobody is happy that we are not physically there to support the team but its the principle that matters and this is a sacrifice that has to be made. Most of us are willing to make it, others are ignorant.
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    People are free to make up their own mind. In this case though.. since the club declined our allocation and all supporters groups we united, I fail to understand why some would not respect that? Just my opinion
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    Why don't you scan your ticket and put it up then golfer
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    You're not supporting the club, the club doesn't want you there.Go to the park or something if you want a day out.
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    Fair comment ,,although a strange one when the club you love has asked fans not to go and indeed the club you love refused tickets. Strange logic in your post there.
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    Scab? Well my love for the club is greater than my hate for anyone else.. Your bitter with too much hate, I just want to go support the boys and have a good day out
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    Arsenal have made an official club eBay page: http://www.transferdeadline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/arsenal-ebay-page1.jpg
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    I will explain this again. This is about the way Dundee Utd and their Chairman colectively including their fans , treated Rangers in the past regards the postponed Match 2009 and the fact their chairman was on the SPL board and tried to force title stripping from our club. Also the 5 point plan whixh included the illegal transfr embargo. Some of our fans have short menorys. Yes some of the issue ia about money but tjats secondary, its all about the way they tried to destroy us and then they tried to shoehorn us into Div1 at the sane time quoting sporting integrity.
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    I was going to post this The only one good thing that may come of any fans going is that any non bears in the away section who are there to cause it for us will hopefully be photographed and recorded by genuine bears and will be used in our defence once the media propaganda goes into overdrive after the game. Genuine bears will have no problem with a camera in their face so it will be easy to spot the yahoos. Keep the Heid bears and don't rise to the bait
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    will be glad when this game is over, sick of reading shite from Arabs about how they're going round the pubs of dundee to batter the h**ns that turn up, even had a couple saying they were going to head down the teams hotel tonight, i hate these c**nts
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    Probably. On a positive note the wains are safe for tonight.... da is on the stolen laptop making a cunt of himself.
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    Has anyone shown their ticket yet? For those that are going... when we score I hope the players turn their backs on you as you have done to them. You are not wanted!
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    Maybe not, I just don't feel abandoning our own home comes into that category, and would seem too much like boycotting our own club, however much the reasons were known.
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    Disappointing is all I can say about the ones that have decided to go. We should have all stood united instead some have decised to go against Club/Manager/Players and most Fans. Its sad that for once we have a chance to stand together to make a statement instead the line is broken sigh
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    It's not as black and white as the way he voted. He stuck the boot right in, kicked us over and over while we were down, was a huge pusher of the 'sporting integrity' chat and condescendingly talked about how little 'remorse' we'd shown.
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    "and it's my right to call you a scab for putting money in Thompson's pocket" which 50,000 Rangers will be doing if this goes to a replay. It's as simple as that. That's 50,000 traitors and scabs by the looks of it.
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    Take your threatening pish to other Gers fans elsewhere , its not welcome in here . The fact that you and others have gave that scum money and are going to the game means you ARE scabs , end of ...........
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    Really you dont believe customers can influence companies? Not watch much news then
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    Let's see the ticket then? Easy enough to do.
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    I'm hearing Maverick's IP address has been passed onto Tayside Police just incase there's any trouble in the away end. Good call IMO.
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    No, the point of not going is to scare the shit out of the spl that we may not go to any away games when we come back and solve their financial woes
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    The replay talk is idiotic, this is about making a stand, not just about cash. The shared gate thing only happens for cup ties, when we're playing these teams again regularily it's all about regularly boycotting their grounds if we feel it's required.
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    You should turn up at celtic park Grambo instead of noising up Rangers supporters on here I would never dream of goin on a celtic forum??? you lot are mental
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    Why would we change our formation now? It will be 4-2-3-1. I just hope Jig is fit and up front instead of Sandaza. Sorry Fran.
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