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    If he was betting on himself playing pi$h he'd be a billionaire
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    The SFA have a problem here in that they are looking at a seven year period. If there was evidence of this why has it been allowed to go on for that amount of time. If the evidence has somehow just been discovered there again would have to be a question asked about the integrity of its source as to why it was not placed in their hands earlier. So have the SFA been investigating this and produced the evidence by their own means or has it been handed to them by a third party all neatly tied up with a bow? Has he been doing this or not? I don't know. Do I smell a rhat in this due to the time scale involved? Most definitely so.
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    Just before Timmy gets all excited and accuses him of matchfixing; Please note that there is no evidence to suggest any breach of Disciplinary Rule 23 (Rule 34 in updated Judicial Panel Protocol for season 2013/14). Disciplinary Rule 23, for reference: No club, official, Team Official, other member of Team Staff, player, match official or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall knowingly behave in a manner, during or in connection with a match in which the party has participated or has any influence, either direct or indirect, which could give rise to an event in which they or any third party benefits financially through betting
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    Calling a Ranger a wee wank? Who needs enemies when we've you stumbling about being judge and jury.
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    Performances wern't a disgrace he just wasn't influential enough. Don't know about his attitude he looked commited enough to me. He took a kicking every game he played and got sent of once (or twice?) People's judgements are so clouded because of their hate for the man it's unreal
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    Innocent til proven guilty. All I have to say on this.
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    If Black is guilty, he should put his hand up and claim he has an addiction, then the SFA can't do feck all against him.
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    If, as has been alleged, he has bet against any of his teams he should be sacked, regardless of whether or not he bet against us.
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    These manky bastards will put their taig stamp on the story By 8 o'clock tonight it will established that we have been match fixing for years and Ibrox should be burned to the ground Don't even listen to these wankers mate
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    To those saying that betting against your team and throwing the match are two different things, I would ask why any player would risk it unless he particularly wanted to win the bet? It doesn't strike me as plausible that a player would bet on his team losing, knowing that he would be in very deep shit indeed if anyone found out, and then try as hard as possible to win in that match. You need the reward to outweigh the risk.
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    If it was one game with us I bet it was Dundee United cup game ... Dundee United were evens... some bet I must admit Would also explain his sending off
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    Im pretty sure it is betting in any competition which you have or even might have played in. So League League Cup Scottish Cup Ramsdens Cup Internationals I notice though that no-one has thrown the paranoid angle out there yet. A certain Dermot Desmond is one of Ladbrokes single biggest shareholders with circa 3% stake in them. A close look at the rules also states that any club official is also banned from having any involvement of betting or even laying odds on competitions involving their team. I wonder if anyone is looking closely at Betdaq which for 13 years was the sole property of Dastardly Dermot. Dont hold your breath though.
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    Breaking news Ian Black makes statement 'I totally deny these allegations and just want to concentrate on playing for The Sons of William Hill'
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    It started on the 606 boards when I joined in 2005 shortly after the Porto game when Prso got bandaged up. It was DadoBringBackTheBandage and I carried it over when I joined here but it kind of lost its meaning a few years later (& I realised how sill/long winded it was) so I just got it shortened down to DBBTB for ease & to keep a bit of familiarity more than anything else
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    I've asked them if its the norm for them to release customers details etc. I told them I may not be returning as I'm not 100% sure I can trust them with personal details such as banking etc
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    My reading is that the games involving his own team, he was NOT playing in them, otherwise he would potentially be up on the second charge. It should also be made clear again, that this doesnt mean he bet against us last season as the betting is over 7 years.
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    He was piss poor 90% of the time last season. Didn't dictate the play what so ever, looked as if he couldn't be arsed. I don't think he grasped just how big a club we are, and the kind of commitment and desire we want when a player puts on that shirt. He also fannied about constantly at set pieces, his free kicks were embarrassing. His red card against Dundee United, the way he walked off joking and laughing, fannying about at the corner flag. And his constant moaning and greeting like a wee lassie about how he was getting kicked about like an empty fag packet. What did he expect ffs, he was a dirty wee bastard when he played for hearts, injured countless players, done Jelavic and injured him for 3 months, could have had an impact on our season that year. He didn't justify his wages either, and that hair doo as godfather said. So aye, I'd get him to fuck if he's guilty.
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    Betting amongst players is rife, has been for years No one else concerned about the timing of this allegation, or who the alleged offender plays for? Open your eyes people. Players are on twitter etc every weekend talking about bets and posting pictures of coupons, yet black is to be made an example of!? Not defending him, but all players involved should be investigated. Not just the ones in blue jerseys
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    This is the work of some fenian at Paddy Power no doubt.
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    Infact Albion Rovers players have bet their own team to win in my time in the bookies. I would name names but I don't have a fucking clue who they are.
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    Thats right, Jerome bet on Premiership games, FA Cup games and Europa League games, he wasn't involved in any of the matches but since he'd participated in those competitions he was charged. None of them I believe were his own team or any past teams Looks like Black bet on games he was involved in
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    Do people genuinely believe the SFA have known of this since 2006 but have waited until he was a Rangers player before taking action?
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    If hes guilty of betting against us then he deserves the sack. Especially as he was fucking rank last season.
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    If & I say if he's had any bet against us in any match then I'm sorry but he needs to go & go now.
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    If he was to take a penalty at 0-0 with the chance to win the game or get his coupon up, what would he do?
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    If he has bet on Rangers while he was playing, he would have to go, I would say someone obsessed has been sitting on this to let out when it can do maximum damage. Players are fucking stupid.
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    Way to state the obvious eh peter! The charges end on July 28th when we happened to be playing Albion rovers! Some scoop!
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    Don't get me wrong, I have bet against teams or sportsmen that I wanted to win, to soften the blow if they lose, but if you're a footballer you KNOW how it would look if you got caught doing. I just can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to bet against their own team unless they were attempting to fix matches. It would be so much easier, not to mention more controllable, to bet on your team to win and then work as hard as you can to help that happen. If you get caught doing THAT, you get a fine or a slap on the wrist and nobody thinks of you as a cheat, just that you're a bit daft and maybe greedy.
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    @PeterAdamSmith: STV understands Ian Black's most recent match bet was Albion Rovers vs Rangers in Ramsdens Cup on July 28, 2013. http://t.co/RTWKvswaCo
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    Some people need to wake up - this isn't some ploy by the big bad SFA to hammer our players - he's obviously recently been caught/ someone has put forward evidence.
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    Probably find its a recent game that's brought it to light, they've then went to his 'bookie' for info, sent all his bets info back to SFA and hey presto , it all goes back to 2006.
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    Either the sfa are so incompetent its taken 7 years for them to figure it out or they have acted now as he's a Rangers player and the headline Rangers player charged with illegal betting sounds much better for the cabal then ex hertz and caly thistle player charged with illegal betting either scenario is totally believable with the sfa
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    If guilty sack him, if not guilty then as we were
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    He has breached rule 22, but there is no evidence to suggest he has breached the other rule which involves actions to determine the outcome of a match - such as making wayward passes often, scoring own goals etc - to produce a beneficial result for himself or a third party. It's not difficult to understand.
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    He's going off to film See No Evil 2 but when he comes back I think they will have him brainwashed/converted and he will be with them.
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    I mean I wasn't going to put that post in spoiler tags Buba!
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    Not surprised they stuck the mixed tag after it, Ziggler done well to get the crowd as into it as they were.
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    Well it shocked the h*ll out of me when I nipped on. First wondered why the lobby was busy...then pressed the radio to play and out pops Fox and Dunny chatting about National Anthem I think. I kept losing sound so left.
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    After the dust has settled... I am quite happy that Strachan played what was quite an attacking formation. And before anyone cries "4-5-1?" you cannot tell me that Snodgrass and Maloney are anything but attack-minded. Ir was essentially a 4-3-3. He also has told them to try and keep hold of the ball. At the end of the day my fears that England would outjump the smaller Scots team proved correct. Two set-pieces proved to be our downfall. And having a player off the pitch at Walcott's goal didn't help... Neither did Whittaker right enough! It was a great game, a great spectacle (and a great goal by Miller) and it was played in the proper spirit. The Scottish fans deserve great credit for playing their part.
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