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    Ok, so here's how the conversation went: GB: "Hi Fox. Fancy doing a show tonight?" Fox: "You do it GB" GB: "Whit? What could I do a show on?" Fox: "Anything. Something you're interested in, that you think the listeners would be interested in too" GB: "Oh you mean like the ..." Fox: "No, not the Sponsors' Fund" GB: "Damn!" So I wracked my brain, and finally I thought of something that I'm interested in, that you're all interested in too. And that subject is... RangersMedia So tune in tonight for the first (and maybe last) edition of "RM Review - with govanblue and you too!"
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    yeah I heard that still it was great to hear you and your take on the Dunny RM exclusives
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    Good show tonight guys special mentions to Gogzy. Dunny Govan Blue and Edminston Drive was good to hear your banter
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    I don't think he really did have a hire mate. I just think he didn't want us to get in
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    I need to phone in and tell them of our blossoming bromance
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    fucking benfica edit never mind they scored twice in injury time
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    What constitutes tapping up exactly? That interview with Lewandowski surely gives proof Mourinho has tapped him up?
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    Used to order PES from ther. Always got it 2 days before relase in retail shops.
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    40k roughly not even halfway there.we need media coverage of some sort to boost numbers maybe a season book holder shout out at ibrox at halftime?get the earlypace picked up again and get this over the line. We deserve the truth
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    Liverpool determined to start this year where they started last year, the relegation zone.
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