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    Ok, so here's how the conversation went: GB: "Hi Fox. Fancy doing a show tonight?" Fox: "You do it GB" GB: "Whit? What could I do a show on?" Fox: "Anything. Something you're interested in, that you think the listeners would be interested in too" GB: "Oh you mean like the ..." Fox: "No, not the Sponsors' Fund" GB: "Damn!" So I wracked my brain, and finally I thought of something that I'm interested in, that you're all interested in too. And that subject is... RangersMedia So tune in tonight for the first (and maybe last) edition of "RM Review - with govanblue and you too!"
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    yeah I heard that still it was great to hear you and your take on the Dunny RM exclusives
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    Good show tonight guys special mentions to Gogzy. Dunny Govan Blue and Edminston Drive was good to hear your banter
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    I don't think he really did have a hire mate. I just think he didn't want us to get in
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    I need to phone in and tell them of our blossoming bromance
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    fucking benfica edit never mind they scored twice in injury time
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    What constitutes tapping up exactly? That interview with Lewandowski surely gives proof Mourinho has tapped him up?
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    Used to order PES from ther. Always got it 2 days before relase in retail shops.
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    40k roughly not even halfway there.we need media coverage of some sort to boost numbers maybe a season book holder shout out at ibrox at halftime?get the earlypace picked up again and get this over the line. We deserve the truth
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    Liverpool determined to start this year where they started last year, the relegation zone.
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    • I support Rangers. I am agnostic to English teams unless there is a Rangers connection When Walter Smith went to Everton I wanted them to win. There are a few players that have been Everton and Rangers over the years.  When there was no real ex Rangers connection in England, I usually wanted Alex Ferguson to do well. Tenuous perhaps but hey ho   Since Gerrard joined, and I became more aware of what a top bloke he is, I have wanted Liverpool to do well. You can’t deny the romanticism of Liverpool. It’s a proper football club. Like us, they are united in tragedy. (Man U as well).  If not for Gerrard I would have no interest in Liverpool. While he is our manager I will wish them well. If he returns the title to us (which I fully expect him to) then I will likely always wish him well. I expect he will also one day manage Liverpool and assuming nothing happens in the meantime to diminish his achievements as our manager then I will hope he has nothing but success.   
    • Cannot believe hartson still bleating on about this. Cut throat gesture is done with one finger to signify a blade,  full hand means its finished. Obviously hartson doesn’t watch any gangster movies.
    • So as soon as Morelos is back in the team he’s one booking away from another suspension?  
    • I cannot dent the notion that Morelos hasn't helped himself at times but he is unquestionably singled out now. Everything he does on the park gets highlighted and scrutinised.  The fall out over this 'its finished' gesture is absurd. It is pretty clear that is what the gesture meant, and a very similar gesture gets used - in this country - to mean the exact same thing. The cut throat gesture generally always mean switch it off, or finish up.  Sure.... if you point at somebody then gesture it - it probably could be interpreted as 'your getting slashed' Real world example: My work have a booth where we carry out sand blasting and ultra high pressure water jetting on metal objects. The guys carrying it out are in air fed suits and can't hear anyone from the outside - but there is a window in the booth so visual contact is maintained to the outside. The gesture used for them to finish and come out of the booth is...... slicing the hand across the throat (and usually point the thumb behind the shoulder immediately after)  
    • Good post. I'd also like to see an independent compliance system for refs,  where refs can be cited and carded with demotions and game bans as consequences.
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