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    First things first, before anybody bleats and whines about this being in the Bears Den it is relevant in here as it is about the Rangers support in general and posters on here (and other forums). I'm fully aware I'm not exactly the most popular guy on here and this post will no doubt further cement that but theres a few things that are really starting to get on my tits with regards to the supporters of OUR club. So without much further ado lets begin. Supporters Groups Where do you guys get off? Whilst I think most of them have their hearts in the right place is there really any need for 6 different supporters groups all wanting their five minutes of fame? Sons of Struth, VB, RST, RSA (X2), UB all make points occasionally that I'm sure most of us will all agree on. Some might not like the leadership of certain groups or the past actions of others but c'mon to fuck guys. Heres a novel idea. Instead of working away in loads of wee groups that the majority (and I do mean the majority) of Rangers fans couldn't give a flying fuck about. You are all pretty much irrelevant to most fans. We see statement after statement with your names attached but theres never any action from any of you. I'd love to see an exhaustive list of achievments of these groups. Do us all a favour. You say you want to help push our club forward and get back to our rightful place at the top table of football? Then put your petty fucking egos aside and work together. No doubt someone will come along and blame it all on Dingwall. I'm far from a fan of Dingwall but there are others in our support who are just as divisive. We are Rangers fans. At the end of the day I don't give a fuck about anyones politics, religions or sexual orientation. If they are a bluenose then thats good enough for me. I dont give a flying fuck if you met some no mark Norther Irish Politician for a chat on parades or if you went to great bother to organise a lovely wee publicity stunt that saw your members regularly appear on TV (invariably with nothing more than soundbites which change fuck all) Rangers isn't your wee plaything. She belongs to all of us. and our Fathers, and our Grandfathers. Stop speaking for your 200 members and work together to speak for the majority. Then and only then can we truly affect change at Ibrox. Harrassment of other Fans I've only posted hee for about 18 months but in that time I've seen some fantastic posters be forced off the board. Some that I agree with, some that I wouldn't agree with if they told me the time of day, but bluenoses nonetheless. Nobodies opinion is worth more than anyone else. This used to be a pretty decent forum where you could get a decent chat with bears from all walks of lfe and all corners of the globe. Now? Now its turned into a horrific little network of trolls, liars, fantasists and bullies. There are plenty guys on here I regularly disagree with on here (eh 1st_Jan_1994) but never should it descend into personal attacks on posters or in one instance their wifes religious beliefs. I have nothing against anyone telling me I'm wrong and showing me why, Thats the whole point of a forum but when it gets to the point where some posters only real contribution to the board is one word posts calling others 'prick' or 'cunt' or 'fenian' it gets to the point where you wonder why you even bother. If you dont agree with someone debate the point with them dont disregard their opinion and start throwing petty insults around like some fucking 8 year old. Christ, I've even had one poster on here (Resting in my account) bring up an incident from when I was 15/16 (I'm 27 in a few weeks) in an attempt to humiliate me. Sadly it didnt go well for him as after I finally remembered the mildly amusing episode from my school days I went on to share several other highly embarrasing episodes from a similar time. The very fact someone felt the need to bring up something as innocuous as me wearing a snorkel at school for a laugh (and getting plenty I might add)shows me just how highly some of the Rangers support thinks of their 'brethren'. Child Abuse Can we just fucking drop this. To make light of child rape in the manner a sizable section of our support do frankly sickens me to the pit of my stomach. Quick hypothetical question to all the parents here. Your child gets raped. Would you be quite happy for people to use it as a point scoring exercise on a FOTTBALL forum or twitter/facebook? What about having 50,000 singing a song essentially mocking the rape of YOUR child? Not like the sound of that? No? Didn't really think so. Its utterly fucking disgusting. Time for another wee story here. One of my closest friends was sexually abused by his/her mothers partner as a child (He's a bear by the way) and this is something that still affects their life to this very minute (25 years after the abuse stopped). If you feel THAT strongly about the cover up that apparently took place at Celtic then make a complaint to the cops. Dont fucking crow about it on twitter like some kind of moral fucking arbiter. You're just a cunt who uses the sexual exploitation of children as a punchline. Just for reference, some of the other groups currently being/previously investigated for cover up of the abuse of children The Royal Air Force The Boys Brigade The Church of England ITV I've never seen a single post on here by any of you pricks who are so opposed to it you need to mention it every third post. But its nothing to do with point scoring. Its almost as if you are obsessed with the thought of child abuse you sick creepy bastards. I truly hope those who I speak about (and you'll know who you are) never have kids ever as I don't know if someone whos thoughts on football instantly turn to child abuse is the kind of person who should EVER be left alone with kids. Boardroom Stuff This one will be short and sweet. Almost none of us have a fucking clue what is going on. Shut the fuck up and stop pretending like you do. If you actually do know what is going on in the boardroom then heres a novel idea. Give us the fucking truth. No soundbites. no teases. no smoke and mirrors. Give us the facts. Who knows, it might even keep you in a job come the end of October. So, no doubt I've probably pissed most of you off now (I actually planned to make this a LOT longer but decided to stop wasting my time on folk who probably struggle to spell their own name so I'll wrap it up here with a slightly more positive note. I may get the old ban hammer for this. If so, Its been fun. If not, then I'll happily back up any of the points I've made above.
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    The Friday night show is kicking off right now. http://www.rangerschat.com
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    Dragged up in a Catholic household? Yes Abused as a kid ? unsure, but is going to school in scuba gear a cry for help? from Coatbridge,Garngad? No, but he likes to drink in pubs more commonly associated with unwashed Bheasts. He is a fucked up attention seeking screwball who is 30 bob short of a quid
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    Time it was locked, the OP has already stated his intentions and it has worked. He is loving this and being spoonfed with reply after reply.
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    Well, if they are tims at least their being here has achieved something positive.
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    Profile > manage block list > Insert the name "The Dude" beside BP9 and you don't read their shite any more.
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    Its in the basement of the big house, the stairs are at the far end of the house.
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    I found a car on fire on the freeway, it had a dead body in the passenger's seat and a woman lying bleeding on the side of the road. She made me take her to a safehouse. She said they robbed a pawn shop and were on the run from the police when her partner pulled a knife on her, so she grabbed it and stabbed her then crashed the car
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    Trevor is a fucking maniac as well. The black guy seems the only one not mentally unstable The flying in this is quite decent as well. I was talking to the godfather the other day and told him I couldn't really get into it, but I love it now. It's fucking excellent. I don't know if you guys have noticed but there's a racetrack and casino at the edge of town. It has a big opening soon sign outside it, so it may unlock as the game goes on
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    most of the lads that post in the OT stay out of the BD for the same reasons as you mate
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    Seen this shop when I was driving down the beach lol,it's wee details like this that make me love this game.
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    That is completely uncalled for ranting is one thing, wishing someone cancer is just heinous considering what Sandy Jardine is fighting at present.Honest to goodness shameful.
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    There is a difference between holding them accountable and taking delight in it, as so many on here seem to. It's hilarious (read: disturbing) to see people claiming to be disgusted by Celtic's history of child abuse while crowing about how Alan Brazil's arsehole took a pounding. It actually seems like some bears are glad it happened because it gave them a stick to beat Celtic with (as if we ever needed another one). That is truly grim. OP sounds like an attention-seeking dick. He's bang on the money with this one though.
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    How the fuck did this get 26 pages since last night? Is it worth reading through ?
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    So when 40 odd thousand at ibrox are singing BJK you tell them your sob story see if they listen, the internet is a pathetic place at times
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    fo·rum (fôrm, fr-) n. pl. fo·rums also fo·ra (fôr, fr) 1. a. The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity and public business. b. A public meeting place for open discussion. c. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website. 2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation. 3. A court of law; a tribunal. [Middle English, from Latin; see dhwer- in Indo-European roots.]
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    Who made you the fuckin posting police Re child abuse - if the Boys Brigade etc were our footballing rivals then aye, we could mention them. But Celtic are guilty of covering up child abuse and should never be allowed to forget it. Btw how did you get on trawling my post history to find where I called you a handwringer for saying people shouldn't sing the Billy Boys because they risk arrest? Doubt you will get banned. Probs get the usual dozen or so wee pantie sniffers liking your post.
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    Done a 10 selection accumulator last night. If Juventus won and Birmingham Scored I was getting £750 back from a £5 stake. Doing the same tonight, bound to come up one week. Milan Atletico Barca Porto Chelsea Arsenal Schalke Napoli - Dortmund BTTS Reading QPR £5 returns £530.
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    I just killed Aliens with a Mini Gun. Your every day sort of thing. I have played it for 3 hours and haven't done alot of missions. Just driving about and going to the strippers
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