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    Me and my mate went round to the pub last night (tiny boozer in Kent, its the first time in about a year we have been in this one) there is a guy in there who is a huge Tottenham fan, home/away/ season ticket holder/fanzine editor,club tattoos etc, on the odd time we bump into him there is always a good bit of football banter and he was really keen in getting to see Rangers at Ibrox, he came over for a chat last night, "I've been" he said, he went to the last game of the season at Ibrox with a Scots lad he knows, done the WRC, The Louden before and after the game and a few others around, spent Friday and Saturday night in Glasgow and in his own words he was "blown away by the whole experience, I've seen Tottenham at the San Siro, Wembley, Old Trafford everywhere, followed England all over, but ive never been involved in anything like that" he was gushing in the praise for everything,the stadium the fans and the welcome he received from everyone he encountered " I got in the pub at 11 and by half past it was a mental, full on sing song" The good thing about it is its not a one off he is going to the Airdrie game next month, I was genuinely humbled by the full on appreciation of our club from a hardened seasoned football nut. Cheers Steve you made my night, a small feel good story amongst all the shit that's lobbed our way.
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    http://immortalrangers.wordpress.com/ Due to the size of this article I have deviated from the usual reproduction and only posted the link.
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    RangersMedia Sponsors’ Fund Accounts as of 31/12/13: Total funds raised to date: £6287.76 Total Spent to Dec 31st 2013: £4530.00 Total remaining to be spent: £1757.76 Sponsors Fund: £627.60 | Lunch Fund: £493.42 | Teddy Bears' Fund: £636.74 (these balances carried forward to 2014 thread) 2012/2013 Fund launched: December 2012 Initial target: £550 Amount raised season 2012/2013: £1740.52 2012/2013 Money spent as follows: £550 - Kit Sponsorship for Darren Cole Season 2012/2013 (the less said about him the better) £38 - Christmas presents (official Rangers merchandise) for Ant (hand delivered to his hospital bed on Boxing Day) £197 - 2 x Half Season tickets for Ant & his mum – Govan East Corner, Front Row. £33 - 33 Rangers Christmas Raffle Tickets – we didn’t win anything, boo! £10 - 10 Rangers Charity wristbands from Pam Jackson – these were then sold to members for £2 to buy more wristbands, which were given as bonus prizes to various raffle winners £50 - Ibrox Stadium Brick - (RangersMedia - ThenNowForever) £50 - Ibrox Stadium Brick - (RangersMedia - Ready 2012/2013) – both bricks laid, no spelling mistakes! Total spent in 2012/2013: £928.00 Total carried forward to season 2013/2014: £812.52 2013/2014 Total raised May 2013- Dec 31st 2013: Banked: £812.52 Sponsors' Fund: £2237.08 Erskine Lunch Fund: £1373.42 Teddy Bears' Fund: £936.54 £5359.76 raised May - Dec 2013 Spent May - Dec 2013: Sponsors' Fund: £945 – Match Programme Kit Sponsorship of Nicky Law (full season) £250 - Programme Kit Sponsorship of Natalie Ross (Rangers Ladies) £60 – Founding Fathers Commemorative Print – for Erskine Glasgow Care home £120 – Erskine Veterans Ibrox Tour, Ibrox Lunch and Megastore Shopping Spree (£120 from Sponsors' Fund, £110 from Lunch Fund) £55 – postage costs for 19 raffle prizes £750 - Match Programme Kit Sponsorship of Sebastien Faure (3/4 season) £50 - Rangers Paving Brick - ordered 18/10/13 - inscription: RangersMedia | Ready 2013/2014 £100 – Rangers Lotto, Rising Stars and Scratchcards £52 - Megastore sundries (Christmas cards, Christmas tree baubles, Christmas wrapping paper, Rangers bags for life, Walter Smith CDs) £40 - Rangers Commemorative photo (Ibrox 140 Years) (for our 4th Erskine Home) Total : £2422 Lunch Fund: £440 - Donation to our 4 Erskine Home towards their Christmas festivities £120 - 3 x Rangers Commemorative photo (Ibrox 140 Years) £110 – Erskine Veterans Ibrox Lunch £90 – tips to Ibrox Tour Guides, Argyle Restaurant Waiting Staff and Ibrox Megastore Staff for taking care of our 3 parties £40 - Christmas presents for Alan, an Erskine Veteran (Jim Baxter memorabilia) £80 - 20 Erskine Calendars for resale to members Total : £880 Teddy Bears’ Fund: £300 - 300 Rangers Charity Foundation Lucky Legends Prize Draw tickets Total: £300 Total Spent 2012/2013: £928 Total spend May - Dec 2013: £3602.00 Total Spend Dec 2012 to Dec 31st 2013: £4530.00 Reserved money (Sponsors' Fund) 2 x Erskine Veterans' Megastore Shopping trip - £240 Auchenhowie Brick - £150 Reserved money (Erskine Lunch Fund) 2 x Erskine Veterans Argyle Lunch trips - £240 Reserved money (Teddy Bears' Fund) ________________________________________________________________________
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    I went to school with a guy who would turn up for P.E one week in a Rangers top and the next in a peado top. Fucking rocket. Think he's dead now so it's alright.
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    Get yerself tae fuck Craig. YOUR opinion is the minority. You hijack our stadium to push your minority view, then try to make out that it's a majority opinion. No, I won't allow you your voice if you're saying you speak for me. You don't. Come back when you've actually got a good idea. Cheers.
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    It started as soon as the news broke. The usual suspects of speirs and English already stating, falsely, that the sfa rules prevent him from rejoining Rangers. The rules are discretionary, used on a case by case basis. Meanwhile we have FF, RST and the other old groups as well as SOS, that name alone should have made people distrust them never mind "spivs out", still given it large amongst the Rangers support!!! FFS when are we going to learn? Right here and now ALL fans of Rangers should be campaigning to have ALL these groups disbanded. They do nothing now for the club or the support. There is an urgent need for us, the fans, to also get our house in order.
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    You do realise the most impartial trust member I've seen post on here, Lisburnrangers has said he believed them at the meeting the other night? I'm sure he had said he wasn't keen on them but believed what they said and felt more comfortable with them. Yer a Tim or somecunt on here to stir up more irrational shite. Look mate fuck off, most of rm canae be arsed wae it, the club is being held back, either get behind it whilst remaining vigilant or fuck off somewhere else with yer pish eh?
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    Nom nom nom paul murray nom nom nom jaffa nom nom nom cakes nom nom nom
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    http://www.rangers.c...-king-statement I believe that the timing is right for me to take this step and I look forward to the opportunity to work with the current directors albeit I would have preferred to have my appointment confirmed prior to communicating my further thoughts. Unfortunately the rumour mill necessitated this short statement. If matters proceed as I hope over the next few days then I will be present at the AGM."
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    What some seem to forget, either through ignorance or intentionally, is the board are implementing a business plan on behalf of the shareholders. The plan that was put forward preIPO was going to be expensive and it was ALWAYS going to require a fresh investment round prior to going back in to the top league. The plan centred around getting back to the top league in the shortest possible time while maintaining facilities and staffing at the required level, the board are doing a good job of implementing that plan, we can all disagree with salaries and bonuses, and probably will always do so but they are on track for getting back to the top league after next season. The alternative plan I saw last year suggested a slow progress back to the top, over a period of 10 years, this IMO would have been disastrous for Rangers so I fully back the current plan and those carrying it out, more quality people on the board will help and the news about Dave king is very welcome.
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    They are as predictable as they are insidious Ian. Funny how when an alleged sex pest and war criminal took the helm at Celtic Park it didnt even warrant a murmur from them. But here's a memo to the unholy trinity of Spiers/Gibbons/English- The Rangers support couldn't give a flying robotic gerbil about the "previous" of Dave King - what we want is an owner who loves our club and has a determination to see it run properly - these are the boxes we want ticked.
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    Believe it or not mate, I would think king and rangers will have said "right he's coming in, will you block it" he won't be stopped For me this is a good day, Ff should be big enough to admit they don't like x y and z but this is the same mob who fell over themselves when Walter became chairman, but no offence to Walter as I love the old shite, king is a proper businessman and he's also ran successful business's turning over big amounts. Walter admitted he was out his depth at last I believe we can have someone we can trust who is not out his depth
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    As the years move on, some of their new age fans have not got a clue and believe everything they hear and read about us is true. And may i add just like some of our own fans.
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    OPEN LETTER TO THE ONLINE KEYBOARD WARRIORS AND KNOW IT ALLS This page started 7-8 weeks ago by 2 friends who knew things were not right within the confines of the Ibrox boardroom and like many we were riddled with guilt when OUR club went in to administration and eventual liquidation as we felt the Rangers support as a whole and us as individuals had sat back and let it happen before our eyes. We made a promise that we would not sit back and let anyone ruin our club again In a short space of time we have attracted numerous fellow bears and other fans groups who had similar feelings to ourselves. We have stood in the streets handing out leaflets at a number of games, organised production of banners, arranged and held open meetings, been continuously on the phone and internet answering questions and stating our point, tried to unite the support and supporters groups and we have done all this for one reason, to protect our club from a clear and present danger in the board room. We have always stated that not every Rangers fan would agree with us and we expect and respect that but expected the same respect back. We have received help and support from numerous sources and their help, advise and financial help in forms of suppliers giving their time and products has been priceless and very much appreciated. We could not have taken this from two pals and a facebook page to the front pages of the national press with out this massive support from many others and your assistance will never be forgotten. The board room has been shaken and the institutional investors have heard our voice. What have we received in return? On a personal level I have lost a considerable income as i am a sole trader, missed out on the limited time I have with my children and put stresses on my relationship due to this page growing arms and legs in a short period and the amount of time it has taken out of my life. I have to accept that this has happened through my own doing. What I cant accept is the verbal abuse handed out not only online but also while handing out leaflets on the street by the minority. I have been accused of being in the pocket of others and the mouthpiece for organisations i am not even a member of. I have been told I am scum, a taig, a jacobite and even most recently by a professional blogger and probably the most bizarre, a socialist. I am continually told I have a hidden agenda and not the best interests of the club at heart. I get berated online by individuals who appear to follow the party line of their forum of choice and then send me personal message saying in private that they actually don’t mind what we are saying. I get accused of not answering questions when i have answered the same questions a hundred times before but the poster cant be bothered to scan our page for the answer they demand. I have been told never to return to Ibrox. I have been accused of using youths to distribute my message on my behalf. I appear to also have been reported to the police by the board of directors in Ibrox. Why does all this happen? Because i have a different opinion to the minority who wish to destabilise our movement and leave the current proven liars in power at our club? Allow me my voice as i allow you yours. The rangers online community must be the most fragmented place in the world and thankfully doesn’t represent the fans as a whole. It is a place where the easily lead and lazy form opinions based on the forum of their choice or even based purely as the opposite of the forums and personalities they dislike. It is full of closed shop forums and secret facebook pages where they all decide who they can hate or love, agree or disagree with as a collective. Its a place where statistics are made up then passed off as fact. It is a place for hatred and bile between Rangers fans. It is a place where people can assume strange nicknames and abuse others in secret. It is a place i do not like. This community really must sort its act out and stop fighting each other because of old differences and lies about each other. There are no winners only losers in this and if you could stop this nonsense then the outside enemies and distracters could be blown away by the power of a defragmented unified support. Do you all realise the effect you could have if you ALL united against outside forces instead of the continued in fight you all seem to thrive on? GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE Agree or disagree with me on the aims of our group but allow me my opinion without threat and insult please. I will no longer get involved with debate on line as the minority waste it for the majority. I will still post when I need to and will leave this page open to allow others their opinion but I will continue to delete offensive posts and will start to ban users who continue to abuse others. Thank you again to the vast majority who conduct themselves in the correct manner but no thanks to the keyboard warriors and know it alls. Craig Sons Of Struth
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    lisburn. You are by far the best poster on here who supports the rst and more people like you could convert guys who are reluctant.
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    After all this we should see resignations from the Rangers Supporters Association, Rangers Supporters Assembly and the Rangers Supporters Trust. Every one of them have been complacent in trying to hurt and damage our club.We need to wipe the slate clean of these people for the good of our support and start afresh.I hope the club itself start a supporters club which will do away with these factions that have done nothing but show up the fans. This is a time for unity of all fans behind one governing body.
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    Why should he like PM, the guy is a clown. A diehard Rangers man? Why didn't he speak out after previously admitting he had seen the books and accounts during the SDM era? How many shares did he buy during the IPO? If he is that eager to have a role at the club, why didn't he dig deep into his pockets and stump up the money when the club was there to be bought instead of fucking about and coming the cunt. PM isn't wanted by the majority, most that do want him involved are part of a certain faction peddling certain individuals agenda's. Now if DK wants PM on the board then that's unfortunate, because I would have happily accepted DK coming on board. If PM has to be part of the equation for that to happen then I'm sorry but I'd pass on DK to avoid that shyster PM getting anywhere near the board ever again!
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    At the Tattiedome, when we won 4-2 There's only one Gary Glitter Done McGeady up the shitter Maloney too And Big Jock Knew Walking in a paedo wonderland! Heard it clear as a bell on Sky Sports
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    I for one would love a UEFA investigation into the SFA the five way agreement might be some interest to them.
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    The smaller the capacity the less Rangers fans get to go, fuck how much money Turnbull Hutton gets.
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    We have plenty of forums to get our point across to our management and we should unite in making it clear that we are not interested in playing at the home of Brit-hating,terrorist-supporting scum.
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    English, Speirs and ThreeNhames will do anything to continue putting the boot into Rangers. The idea of us rising again has these people in panic mode and there is still over a year to go until we are back in the top flight. If you think they are bad this season, wait till next - it will get worse. Fans groups should all be abandoned and a club membership scheme, managed by the club, set up. Members could join through their own local supporters club. For those of us outside the major fan-bases such as NARSA then the club could setup an 'Internet Loyal' supporters club. A club managed supporters group could then elect a 'liaison committee' to coordinate with the club. The other groups, for the interests of the club as a whole could then shut up shop. Fans seem to be calling for a man with business acumen, cash, charisma and a genuine desire to move the club forward to be on the board. King seems to fill the bill. The more negative noise from the media only illustrates that they are in panic mode.
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    Lots of them have been brainwashed by websites, one or two bloggers, and as you know some are after blazers. Then we had Sons Of Struth, when on Rangers Chat were getting muddled up with their facts. We all know that the board is not perfect, but at the moment we should let them get on with their job.
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    D'Art - his interview on Rangers Chat was embarrassing No plan B Got confrontational when asked anything he didn't like At no stage did they engage with people who were happy to give the current board a chance Now this latest rant It's not the behaviour of people looking to unify the support One trick ponies
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    Well i better put my tin hat on here - I think they are spot on re their comments regarding the conduct of forums. And whilst I dont agree with their motives because I dont believe their is sufficient info to back up their assertions - these guys deserve great credit for the way they have conducted themselves.
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    Deja Vu. Same shit, different day. BB obviously has a dislike for PM, i dont much like him myself but thats my opinion and i dont feel the urge to constantly shove it down other folks throats. Personally, i think most of the main men in this neverending saga have a big dirty question mark against their names, however is there a point in constantly regurgitating it with endless threads? I will wait and have my say at the AGM.
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    I agree with you D'A the majority who pay the most income tax and whose Mothers and Fathers fought against tyranny in WW2 are getting treated like shite and it's about time they fought back and kicked the fuck out of the terrorist scum who have creeped into power through blairs run in No 10 and are now running this country. Simples. Amen. !
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    The ramsdens cup wouldn't have got a moments thought from the Rangers support in bygone days but are you guys really telling me that the chance to win every major trophy in scottish football doesn't do anything for you? We could be the only club to hold every major honour domestically. That'll do for me
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    It doesn't get any better than that! God bless her majesty!
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    If Wallace is out I would alter my prediction to 2-1 to us, we miss Wallaces foraging runs down the left hand side, Smiths not the same class.
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    English should go and write for the Dublin Diddy Rag! Don't listen to him he is a fud and a hater - there is one for Traynor to ban. Not his employer - just him. If King is up for working with others - great! We as fans need to get rid of the loonies, bloggers and self seekers and get behind what is best for Rangers. There are divisive elements and we need to get them to f*^k! We need some sort of coalition/cooperative wher good true fans can work together to unite our silent majority behind a board of dedicated Rangers board members. Our Board in non executive positions should be contributing to The Club not leeching off it. Our staff should be well but not exorbitantly rewarded. If Dave King is up for that and can work with Mather & Stockbridge why not! If he wants Paul Murray in too and Mather & Stockbridge are up for that - great! Let's work together! It really shouldn't be hard not if everyone really wants the best for Rangers! Anyone who doesn't get them as far away as possible - don't communicate with them, don't read their pish on websites, blogs or papers - screw them!
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    Sorry, this statement, whilst obviously trying to do the right thing, goes about it in completely the wrong way. A plea to fans to unite together after calling them all keyboard warriors and know-it-all's? Whilst I agree with the sentiment that D'Art wrote in his response earlier in the thread (we are all guilty of slagging someone off online), the very fact that this small group, started as an online group no less, with idea's born out of yet another fans group seems to me to be hypocritical. What did they really expect? Please do not call us names, we are people too and then "Spivs Out"? Come on guys, unite properly or not at all. The vast majority of fans probably do not even know who the current board is, let alone demanding that the "Spivs" leave. Work with the club, not against them (PM take note). You may actually get somewhere (and some respect) then. The sooner a properly formatted Fans Group, sanction by the club, is sorted out encompassing all the fans rather than a select few, the better (in my opinion of course). Maybe it will stop all these silly little agendas/feuds. Here's hoping.
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    Just once I would be impressed with a call from unity from someone who didn't believe that we should all unify behind their idea. The irony of someone complaining that we are fragmented deciding to set up another group is laughable, and the irony of someone doing it through a Facebook page complaining about other online groups is bizarre, and the irony of complaining about keyboard warriors but then having a go at people who didn't like the leaflets given to them in the street is comical. If someone wants to set up a group to represent the Rangers support then you need to accept a lot of scepticism, criticism, disagreement and that it will take up a lot of your time, as well as some analysis of you personally. If you are not comfortable with that, don't get involved in that way.
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    Right here's a radical idea lads ! how about we start a group that goes to games every week maybe ever purchase season books,could go to games maybe even purchase some merchandise from the club ,Could have a few pints before the game and even run a bus from the local ,could go to the game cheer the team on and maybe sing a song our two ,Be happy when we win and sad when we lose and be content to follow the club ?,What we call this group ?
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    Get tae fuck then ya tadger. Nobody asks you to log in. If you wana suck his dick then fuck off to ff and tell him.
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    What's that coming over Brazil, it's Jimmy Torbett
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    Completely agree with this - Lisburnranger is a credit to his organisation
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    To me the figure look about right but I would expect other costs to drop by more than £2m as there were more one off costs in year one and this was also a 13 month accounting period. Wages should drop down by about £4m if it is true that player wages will be about 45% of turnover (45% of £22m = £9.9m) and other staff costs are about £2m. I would personally get rid of a few players in January as a 27 man squad is to big in this division. Perry, Cribari, Hutton & Dean Sheils should be moved on. Saving of about £0.75m there. I would expect next season in the Championship with the likely hood we will be joined by Hearts that season tickets will go up by 20% and take up will be about the 40k mark if the board room settles. This should see about an extra £4m in revenues. So as long as we dont spend out on new players (we have the squad to get back to the top flight now) and dont pay the execs huge bonuses we should start making some profits by year three. Back in the top flight we will need the likes of King and others to invest in the team (about £15m would do). However with increased season tickets, TV money, Sponsorship that will be generated with our return revenues will be back up towards the £35m to £40m in year 4 so we can afford the new player wages. When we get back with no debt we will be back in a great position. The manky mob may think they have millions being saved up to fight us on our return but ill guarantee you right now that they dont spend the Lion share of it as they are not as well off as the media would have you believe and they are also built on the biscuit tin mentality and the only charity they believe in i the charity that stays at home in Liarwells retirement package for financial performance!
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    Really he put £20 million into Rangers FC.
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    We are and that why everyone should be allowed to post what they want and not have it deleted or be banned to voicing there concerns
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    For years now the Bheasts and haters have been attempting to create division, hysteria, and negative propaganda about our club, They are now idle, They don't have to do it anymore, They have the RST, the other alleged irrelevant fans organisations and succulent bloggers doing their work for them. If you want to scaremonger, slur, smear and create a doom and gloom scenario then I suggest the inhabitants of FF may be more receptive to your BS
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    Normality means people like Dingwallet, Furry and the SofS will slip in to obscurity That will not suit them - turmoil gives them a reason to exist
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    Another thread started by bawbag. Getting everyone arguing with each other again. When is this arsehole going to be banned? He's not interested in Rangers get him to fuck.
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    That wasn't even funny. Darch was a tank. Taig sympathiser.
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    Preston a few years ago where getting beat one nil started to sing we're gonna win 2-1 Went two nil down. we're gonna win 3-2 Went three nil down we're gonna win 4-3 went four nil down. we're gonna win 5-4 Went five nil down. if youd settle for a draw clap your hands.
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    The man who broke the unwritten old firm rule, Lucifer himself, Dr John, generated a political assault on Rangers, from his earliest days at the San Giro. We failed to respond accordingly, the rest is history.