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    • Regarding the first point, glad I could notice the difference. I would always be interested to read stuff that’s came originally from a source like that. Heart and Hand’s interviews are often picked up by the papers for quotes and could be an avenue worth exploring for yourselves. With regards to second point, I get it’s outwith your control and ultimately not what you’re there for, but more just meaning for the site in general and those in charge. I reckon if point 1 is done right, point 2 will come naturally. 🙂
    • 5th cunt the night to say they exact words. Pricks to a man every one of yous.
    • Cheers mate. Thats something we're very much trying to work on and I'm hoping is going to noticeably change soon. We've had a big shift with a few things recently and I've only been on board around six months but looking to have nore exclusive  news and interviews etc.  The headlines stuff is something that's a little out of our hands in that, as a business, we need to make money or there is no site. Unfortunately its a bit of a race to the bottom as everyone tries to get the same traffic and more and more rely on really misleading/poorly titled stories to get hits. 
    • Easter Road when we beat them in the playoffs, seeing Petrie looking like he was going to greet was outstanding. Few in the lower leagues and Ibrox a couple times. Good for a big occasion but other than that I wouldn’t bother my arse.
    • Got to respect the ability to go ahead with something despite knowing how much backlash it’ll likely get. Respect for that, and certainly the personal abuse, although I’m sure expected, isn’t necessary. Side note, Rangers News website is one I can’t take to all the time. The news aspect is a bit lost when it generally reports on things already out there, rather than hunting out stories of their own. The click-bait nature of the titles on the likes of Rangers News Now can be annoying too, but recently at least the level of detail and summarisation of stories that have been in the news has been much better. Good luck with this new endeavour. It won’t be popular with many, but that challenge doesn’t seem to faze.
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