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    Paid 50p for a game of pool, the pub refused to give us the cues, so we got our 50p back, stole the triangle the chalk and aw the balls and played pool on the floor the next pub along.
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    Honestly sick of watching this pish under Ally ok we ground out another 3 points but we get worse every week Only Clark and Gallager first half got pass marks Foster is the worst player I've seen at Ibrox
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    It's definitely not Brechin V Rangers Superb game to watch so far
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    Shame they didn't knock down the Piggery and landscape the front of the school instead.
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    My stream is shaky as hell Commentary is fine just the picture is lagging
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    Been a bit of money for Phoenix de motte 3-0 Hexham overnight! The last time I flagged this up we all enjoyed a 16/1 winner!!!! Here's hoping :-))
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    Barcelona would just concede so many fewer goals with an actual centre half to partner Piqué.
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    Players must have a sweep going on him and Pepe.
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    Where the fuck does that put Madrid , they just got pumped again , at home !
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    Would make a refreshing change if Athletico can win the league good result for them tonight
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    Dont see what the arguement over the 2 pens is about clear as day IMO and Madrid shouldn't have got theirs either free kick all day long.
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    If Making comparisons it would be the other way around! Madrid are the "state" team and barca are the "separatist" team Edit - real means royal in Spanish Past your bedtime I think wee man you've got school the morra
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    Bale clearly tripped 'I'm not saying he was diving, but...' What a fud!
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    What a fucken game this is!!
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    If anyone thinks that performances such as we witnessed today is acceptable - they're at the wrong football club. We're going backwards at a fast pace under this manager and I sincerely hope the board does something about that come the summer. One last thing. If I was young Robbie Crawford's agent I'd get the lad out of there a.s.a.p. as McCoist will ruin this budding career.
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    Are yous serious?? 19 league goals he has got for Killie this season in the SPL, same as Jon Daly for rangers in the second division Can't believe some don't want him back
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    Boyd and Clark would be good IMO Boyd is a better version of Daly, so I would go Clark and Boyd
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    He is alleged to be a bear - judging by today's comments a 'lapsed bear'.
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    I would rather strap him to a chair and torture him by shaving that jungle off his face
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    Champion by The Chevin - quite a local band to me, for what it's worth.
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    Ignoring it really isnt going to make it any better though. I know guys who have followed Rangers for 30-40 years, they love Ally, we all do and we know what constraints he is working in but from a football perspective we only seem to be going backwards and it is making these guys and myself question wether ally is the right man for the job going forward... and this isnt a knee-jerk reaction based on this game.
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    No need to start the petty name calling. I suggest you stop being a Rangers supporter as it clearly doesn't make you happy and the club will never live up to your expectations.
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    you might want to reword that reply....I wouldn't be admitting to that if I were you.
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    Thats a disgraceful comment about Allys tactics. He said play it off the shoulder on the last defender.
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    Well they could have done a guard of honour or not, I think it was respectful and good on them.
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    Great HD stream here... http://www.vipboxuk.co/football/199926/1/brechin-city-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html
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    Their pitch actually looks better than ours at the moment. BT must just have money to burn.....4 "experts" to analyse the game, but overkill!
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    Ally as started to give the young guns some match time. Hadn't you noticed?
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    A small number of fans wanted him out last season not "all fans" and it was very little to do with Rodgers himself, it was more down to the fact that a section of the fanbase wanted FSG's choice to fail because they rightly sacked Dalglish, that was seen as unforgivable. Anyone with half a brain could see what Rodgers was putting in place with Liverpool last season.
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    • See that’s a load of bollocks when the team above us are 5 points clear. 
    • Still not forgiven him for scoring 60 in his last ever game and fucking me for £170 😂 genuinely think the other team was letting him score 
    • If we had even been in the game for more than the 5 mins at the start of the second half I could maybe agree but that performance from back to front was embarrassing. 
    • They didn’t have a shot on target against Ross County the game before, first win since he took over.  The answer was you work harder than they do, if they are high pressing they have to be leaving space in behind for us to find our midfield looked like they couldn’t find their arse with a map never mind find space in behind a high press  game plan. 
    • The scum have to be very strong favourites now though, pressure's completely been released from them. We're capable of it, but it's some ask to expect the players to win 8 on the spin before the next scum game and then win what would be the 9th to only go one fucking point ahead. They may very well drop points along the way that makes the job easier but psychologically that buffer is fucking massive. We've been chasing them all season and I keep hearing how shite they are but they're still fucking top and with a 5 point cushion to boot.
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