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    So Mr Lawwell is CEO of a Lanarkshire mining company which goes bust to the tune of £41m In 2002, as well being the recipient of £41 million Labour government subsidies over the previous 2 years, it was discovered by the Scottish opposition, the SNP, in Holyrood that The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Co. Ltd had been given a secret blank cheque by the UK Labour govt when the bill came through for their £4.5million liquidation and it was paid by theScottish Executive i.e. Scottish taxpayers. This guarantee was agreed in 1999, when Peter Lawwell was the company’s Group Finance Director and Brian Wilson was Labour UK Energy Minister and responsible for coal mining. Now of course Mr Lawwell is CEO of Celtic PLC and Mr Wilson is a Celtic PLC Director. How was a secret overdraft given that bound the Scottish taxpayers, without due diligence, to bail out a Private company? Where was the due diligence, parliamentary oversight & risk controls? How open ended was the agreement? Does this deserve a Royal Commission to investigate corruption or fraud? This could only have been done with the board of The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Co. Ltd. with heavy involvement of Peter Lawwell who was the Group Finance Director at the time and the agreement of following Labour Party heavyweights: We then have John Reid as head of the Labour party(who ends up chairman of septic fc ) which support the coop giving Celtic fc soft 1.5% loan that no other company has with them , including the Labour party Add to this a Mr Tom Devine (season ticket holdrr and shareholder) approves a land deal at £493k for land which should be worth over £6m . This land is the used as security for millions more THE SAME WEEK with the coop to prop their loans up. Oh and the small matter of 11 men (8 season ticket holders) voting a full street to be sold to septic fc at the sum of £1.00 costing the tax payers £1.5m to clear. All in all the crime commited against us of which we had no control over is starting to look pretty tame . If only we had some press with balls.
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    Prob more luck than judgement but stuck a couple of quid on 3 draws - Bayern, Barca and Wigan games. No bad return but was nervy towards the end to say the least!
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    another update today on the football tax havens website. more evidence from HSE document that blows apart why gcc gave celtic half the land free because of a so called blast zone when the blast zone doesnt even cover 1/3 of it. http://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/health-safety-executive-blasts-westhorn-unknown-zone-gcc-valuation-to-bits/
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    Had £50 on West Ham last night, returned £185. Any worthwhile bets on the Bayern game tonight? Gone for a Bayern win and Barca win with btts.
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    I won't be convinced that they will be charged with anything until I see the black and white of the EC report. Until then I am just living in hope.
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    Bayern 1/2, Barca 1/2 and Luton 1/2. £15 pays £50. McCormack, B. McKay, Pedro and Ribery anytime scorers. On Real Potosi at 7/1 in play just now.
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    See when you actually read all their shenanigans in a shortish paragraph like that , they truly are fuckin at it , how can they deny it ffs
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    England home is a beauty, Be nice with a nice pair of Diesel denims on a warm summer night!
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    couple more updates from the football tax havens website http://footballtaxha...hit-compatible/ http://footballtaxha...oring-proforma/ also some interesting tweets john stevens ‏@pzj_1 2h we have now conclusive proof, which will be sent to the ec, that the gcc lied about the area, at westhhorn know to the gcc as a 'blast zone' john stevens ‏@pzj_1 18h ah peter, did we stop your plans for selling westhhorn for about 8 million after the 30th april 2014? john stevens ‏@pzj_1 17h engineer drawing up his report on the so called 'blast zone' ready for the ec on monday
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    • Hardly the clubs fault there’s a pandemic on is it? What’s the alternative dont sell season tickets and concede 10 to the tarriers/players rip up contracts?  We’ll be back at Ibrox soon enough, I’m sure there will be plenty willing to take your seat on. 
    • From the BBC just now. Smacks of desperation from Doncaster possibly to avoid Hearts taking legal action? Pathetic!! The SPFL has asked clubs if they would back a 14-team Scottish Premiership for next season and, if not, how might their objections be overcome. In a letter to clubs in the top two tiers, chief executive Neil Doncaster queried if enlarging the Premiership for five years would be more palatable. He also asked clubs what other factors should be taken into account around league reconstruction. Responses have been requested by 17:00 BST on Friday. Doncaster is also expected to ask similar questions of clubs in Leagues One and Two following their divisional meetings on Wednesday. The letter comes after talks early this week over Hearts owner Ann Budge's reconstruction proposal. Budge had suggested a change for two seasons to replace the current 12-10-10-10 configuration - one which would mean Hearts would avoid relegation. It would also lead to Championship runners-up Inverness Caledonian Thistle being promoted. It has since been clarified that Budge's focus is on a 14-team top tier, with the lower league clubs agreeing on whatever configuration suits them. Hearts were condemned to the Scottish Championship in May after the top flight was curtailed. Before that was confirmed, Budge co-chaired a reconstruction task force which was abandoned when several Premiership clubs intimated that they would not support a 14-team top flight.
    • It's possibly more objective than positive,. Whatever it is its fucking alien to some about pretty much anything Rangers related for some these days.
    • You can run an HDMI cable between the 2, some TV will let you stream your Ipad on the screen as well. Some TVs will let you access RTV. 
    • So it seems we renew our season tickets to be able to watch the home games online? That’s what I take from it, if that’s the case I won’t be renewing. £700 to watch the games in the house on a computer screen, can ram it.
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