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    john stevens ‏@pzj_1 7m m.p. after reviewing 'engineer' report, and lies on the 'zone' will demand from ec a full formal inquiry
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    Here is a later tweet john stevens ‏@pzj_1 2h member of british parliament, after reviewing 'the engineer' report and the lies about the 'zone', will call on ec for full formal inquiry
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    lump on Chelsea/psg and Dortmund/Madrid over 2.5 goals double. 2.4/1
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    Any Scotsman wanting to buy an England top deserves to have their dough robbed from them.
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    I believe the commonwealth games plays a part in the silence.
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    Thank you mrwin. Took it at 6s last night. :-))
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    Hope you all took a price last night:-))) WON easy,returned 7/4 :-)))
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    I wonder if the fact that UEFA are willing to go after Barca might have the deluded of the East End worried about their situation regarding the EU investigation. It may be a different organisation and a different circumstance, but if the powers that be are willing to take on one of the biggest clubs in the world I don't think that they would be worried about tackling that bunch of wannabe's.
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    Geeaitch 5.35 Southwell Carson got jammed and never tried a leg last time out 6/1 tomorrow :-))
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    Prob more luck than judgement but stuck a couple of quid on 3 draws - Bayern, Barca and Wigan games. No bad return but was nervy towards the end to say the least!
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    I'm no full kit wanker, so doesn't bother me. The shirt on it's own is still a thing of beauty.
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    Having read about the situation Hearts are in this morning one would have to say that there is situation here that looks like running out of control of the football powers that be. If Hearts do go into liquidation it will bring the media attention right back to their door with some very awkward questions to be answered on what has gone on under their leadership. It will also put a lot of strain on their ability to keep the ongoing situation regarding c****c out of the press. If Hearts have to fall for us to get justice then so be it, one thing is for sure it will bring into focus how the remainder of the spl clubs have been surviving this season and where the cash that has kept them afloat has come from. The comities have all been stocked with like minded men who will take the c****c line, but for how long will they be able to keep the other cubs in line when they see another club closer to their financial level go bust especially if the c****c minded men have to turn their attention to dealing with questions regarding financial doping and possibly worse by the club they hold so dear. The coming months certainly look like being very interesting.
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