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    So much for Costa Rica being the cannon fodder in a Group of Death...
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    They were wrong about him months before they were right about him.
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    Robbie Savage is actually a disgrace. Stop fucking shouting you imbecile.
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    "Buffon is stranded" says Savage as the replay shows Buffon following the ball all the way and seeing it going miles over.
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    Yip willie haughey owns the ground oh dear and i saw a dhim on pzj twitter earlier this week say well if he did why is there a 1.3% depreciation in the accounts every year for it.http://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/so-willie-haughey-owns-celtic-park-but-the-question-for-celtic-shareholders-is-why/
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    That's the problem I have with Puma. They come up with a gimmicky collar that I assume is meant to be regarded as something "different", their "signature" if you like. And it never works - the best looking football jersey has either a classic V or round neck.
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    No-one. That's why the World Cup Final in 2010 only drew in 700 million viewers.
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    England just aren't good enough at this level. The English media doesn't make it any easier for the players and goes out it's way to make it less enjoyable for their fans.
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    Gerrard Absolutely hopeless. Serves Roy right for not dropping him.
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    Slated in the 'signing Boyd' threads. Slated in the 'not signing Boyd' threads. Whether you like Ally or not, you've got to admit this whole thing has gotten silly.
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    Would be surprised, gutted and frankly quite annoyed if that's true.