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    I only had a score on it I was pulling his chain he's definitely one of the best I've seen for picking out bigger priced winners! and to help fellow bears out speaks volumes, keep it up
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    Cheers bump That takes us to 45 members donated and 5 pledged. Which is 50, which is Halfway! So, we still need another 50 of you Loyal Rangers Supporting RM Members to join us. Come on. You know you want to! And for all Fund Members who Renewed from last season, to keep you amused while we wait for all these slowcoaches, here's a small selection of what you got for your Ten Blue Pounds last season. It's amazing how far a tenner can go - if you invest it in the Right Fund.
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    Too late now. The future has been marked out and it is buy buy buy. We will need "experience" to get out of this division. We will need "experience" to hold our own in the SPFL. We will need "experience" to challenge for a European spot. We will need "experience" to challenge the filth for the league title and so it continues ad nauseum. The opportunity is gone. Gasparotto v McGregor Gallagher v Miller McLeod v Black Clark v Daly McCoist is not willing to invest time in youth and has made his course. Nothing will change at Rangers in the near future while this mentality prevails.
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    The 'promising youth' will make it into the first team if they are good enough, e.g. Aird, McLeod, Gallagher etc. We're not going to win the Championship with a team of teenagers - we need, and have, youth and experience. We are Rangers, not Dundee Utd. We'll soon be sitting in our rightful place above them in the SPL.
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    This. Over the C&D mrwin has an incredible strike rate. There's no need to waste time looking at LSPs or anything, the man is just fucking good. bornabluenose, don't lump on one with a massive amount of money, just take his tips for what they are. Have a look at the card and do some work mate. He's without doubt a fuckload better than any twat of a tipster giving selections for the racing in the papers.
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    Hopefully it's as easy as Sheffield to get tickets.
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    france need to up the tempo a bit, because i have them -1
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    you're right but only because FOI's are being denied or FTH woulda had all the info they need by now.You would think that GCC would be dying to put this to bed by now if they had nothing to hide but their continual refusal to release info only adds flames to the fire.
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    Noticed that, apparently it's Colombia France are playing too. Commentators have had a stinker the whole tournament. Can't believe ITV got shot of Peter Drury & Jim Beglin and replaced them with Matterface & Clarke fucking Carlsile
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    After 54 pages were still going strong, dorooroo!!
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    Again, if that was a Mitre Mouldmaster his hand would fall off.
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    Aye lets pretend i didn't just put a fiver on Messi to score a hattrick.. better get my money back the cunts
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    Aye, it takes much quicker than this on Football Manager.
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    Argentina vs Nigeria is the first game in World Cup history where both teams scored in the first five mins.
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    Literally just re-release PES 6 with updated squads and kits... Would be the best football game since PES 6.
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    Is that not at odds with players that sign pre-contracts in January for example and announcing their new clubs I.e. they don't wait till the old contract is complete?
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    Praise the Lord, the prodigal son has returned
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    Cant see that treble coming in myself. What odds you get on that?
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    £250 on both his tips. Won £1250 in the 2.45 and lost £250 on the 7.35. Just got back from Budapest mate, cost me a grand all in for me and the missus, this just gave me my cash back. Outstanding again bud. Thank you.
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    The best was when he tuned into a strawberry yazoo on the bench
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    Sure am. You came across as a big greeting wean at the start of this thread, probably something similar in reality.
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    Well don't buy the fucking Record then
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    We still need another £500 before we can afford the player sponsorship. So yeah, they'd better get used to it. Bump. But since it's a long way till 100 members, here's some trivia to help us along the way: Last season, the following Supporters' Groups sponsored a player in the match programmes: RangersMedia (Nicky Law, Sebastien Faure) RangersUnite (Arnold Peralta) Vale of Leven RSC (Lewis MacLeod) Vanguard Bears (Robbie Crawford) (To save you counting, it's four.) I'm not sure if there are any more Rangers Fans' Groups out there, apart from those four. I'm guessing not, otherwise they'd be queuing up to sponsor our players. But if you do know of any, please let them know that there are still players needing sponsors for the new season.
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    Stick with MrWin and you'll be eating your beans on toast with gold cutlery
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    All blue home shirt will do nicely.
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    AFAIK he's on a two year deal, so not as if he's going to cost a fortune, seemingly he was prepared to take a 1 year deal, but Ally's a nice guy and gave him two. Wether it's a good deal or not I've no idea but we must get back into the premier league next season and we need goal scorers, the young boys time will come
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    A thinking and mindset that will ensure that we win our third league title in succession and achieve the aim of returning to the top tier as quickly as possible.
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    No it is not it is about a mix of youth and good experience and getting us out this fucking league.
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    • Question will soon arise as to how much are we spending on it for what return?  It wasn't setup for us to develop players only for them to fuck off down south either.
    • You misspelt Blubber  mate ..... 🇬🇧
    • Whomsoever within these fetid organisations that instigated this action against HoM and PT, has at the very least  misjudged their action, as desperate acts go this is beyond parody. The simple fact here is a High Court Judge has set out a pathway of negotiation and disclosure with three adjudicators and clearly indicated that the SFA/SPFL  has to comply with the Judges rules on disclosure, its beyond the pale to do this at this stage, it’s clearly intimidation and bullying to force HoM and PT to back down as they truly fear the truth coming out.  Contempt of court is raging through this action  (I’ve lived in England for 36 yrs, so not too sure about Scotlands contempt laws, but surely this is chafing on the verge of illegality)  and I hope that this returns to to the courts ASAP to put them in the dock over their decision making process, the disclosure at this stage should it occur should be of special interest. I also wouldn’t be at all surprised tho, if this action was also aimed at Rangers - to prevent our further involvement  (dossier aside) in exposing the corruption, deliberate malfeasance, mismanagement and  ineptitude of the Scottish footballing authorities who completely ignore all but one club.  
    • Doesn’t seem to do much for US. I suppose it would look odd for a club of our stature to not have an academy, but with one or two exceptions every 10 years or so, it’s not exactly the conveyor belt of talent through to the first team that one would wish.
    • Give Frankie Boyle a shave and he will be perfect for the part. Tarrier fuck.
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