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    Here's a great idea for all those on here complaining about sitting at home and watching on bbc mumblefuckengumble... GET YER ARSE ALONG TO IBROX AND SUPPORT THE TEAM
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    ...When they are finally found guilty and the whole world can see them for what they are, I want them gone.....this is not just about football...they have robbed the people of Glasgow of tens of millions of pounds in some of the most austere times in recent history....this is not just a few grand in a brown envelope this is major corruption...and the dirty robbing bastards had the nerve to point the finger at us....no for me the sooner that cancerous club is cut from the Scottish game the better....tick tock you cheating lowlife scum bags....
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    While I appreciate that you and others are entitled to your opinion of how we play, it genuinely astounds me that anybody finds it remotely entertaining watching us. Like I said earlier in the year, I was not someone who would leave games early but under McCoist I will admit there have been times I've left at half time due to the general ineptitude displayed by team and manager. I'm not saying I'm an über fan who all other fans should be measured against but I would say that something is severely lacking when I walkout of games early and indeed have not bothered renewing this year. Yes, there are other factors involved which encouraged me not to renew but the turgid displays we turn out is the major one. Sadly, I know there are many others who haven't renewed, not because of board or payment issues, but simply because the football on offer is so poor.
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    Even cursory analysis suggests their corruption - the brilliant work by the likes of PZJ only affirms it. Spread the word far and wide. They are corrupt, and they are cheats. All the more despicable, given that Celtic fans will still ignorantly attempt to tell us that we're the cheats.
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    "Jose played Eden Hazard & Cristiano Ronaldo out of position, surely aht means Ally McCoist can play Sebastian Faure n Richard Foster ooty position"
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    Chanting for ally to get to fuck is below us But protesting outside ibrox for eck to go, one month before a champions league last 16 tie is fair game apparently
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    I doubt it will come to that. We can and will romp this division. People on forums crying their eyes out won't change that. We are somewhere where we don't deserve to be. The SFA, SPL, the tax man, Loyds and Murray and wyte put us here. Ally had a mountain to climb and we should be giving him our full support until such time as he is no longer our manager.
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    While I would never call a legendary Rangers player a buffoon, the Legend status is now wearing pretty thin. I was at Derby yesterday and I can say in some 40yrs watching my team play, home & away, at home or abroad, I don't think I can ever remember such a gutless, clueless and rudderless display by them. It was absolutely woeful and no plaster can cover over the huge gaping cracks there was on show yesterday....but do you know what the worst thing of the whole thing is that the headlines in some media outlets today have our manager saying he "wasn't too unhappy with the loss at Derby" Over 10,000 fans paid good money to go and see how our team is looking before the start of the new season, and for any manger of Ranger to be pleased with that performance shows a complete disregard to the fans and a complete misunderstanding of the basics of the game. Any manager, let alone the manager of Rangers would not go online and say he wasn’t unhappy with that shambles…..yes its pre season and its play time, but 10,000 reasons to put on a performance and show the fans what they have been practicing the past couple of months…..ummmm looks like they forgot to practice. If the team that started against Derby is the ‘backbone’ of what we will deem as our best 11 for this season…..it’s going to be one hellova long hard season. We should have got rid last season, we have again waited too long to do anything. When will people realise that a football legend does not make you a great manager. We have been dire for years under McCoist and will continue to be dire until he has gone…..can we get rid of him at present? Can we afford not to get rid of him at present? Lots of arguments and logic for both I would suggest but let’s put it this way, what will it cost us not getting out of this division this year? Will that cost be bearable, and we still have a crap management team after failing to win promotion? It is a double edged sword….and the decision will have to be made. If this board is serious about taking us back to the top? ….then these are the decisions they must stand up and face and how they do this will tell you how committed they are to this. From my point of view, we have waited at least one season too long to make the change and we most certainly cannot afford a failure of a campaign and still have McCoist in situ at the end. Some will argue Hibs & Hearts etc will be crap as well and that’s probably true but here is the kicker and why we are in bad shape….these two along with one or two others will, due to financial constraints, be filled with fit pacey young players…..while we have neither pace nor youth on our side. We are one paced, lethargic, clueless and will struggle to win many games by just turning up like we have the past two seasons. So while I would never call McCoist a buffoon….I sometimes think we would be better organised with a real buffoon on the side lines. Sorry Ally….we can’t take any more of this gash…..do the honourable thing if you really do love the club as much as you claim GSTQ
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    Yet the two won are quite possibly amongst the most important in our history...funny that.
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    The OP was about the case or sacking the Manager now. It's not going to happen 'now' because the objective he and the squad are working to as set by the Board in the April Review document is to win the Championship in this s2014/15 Unless it becomes evident that the objective won't be met or is under sufficient threat of not being met then despite all the threads, articles and posts Ally McCoist will be given the backing of the Board and, by implication, the benefit of doubt. You can feel the tension in the threads and the posts about the pre-season games, the abilities of the Manager, the tactics, the playing players out of position and so on. As many have said there would have been no excuse in the last 2 seasons for not winning promotion. There is no excuse this season either with the quality (on paper) and experience of the squad. But the pressure at Rangers for success this season to return to the top fight could prove to be a burden too heavy for them. That may be what many in the Support privately consider to be a real risk and which brings itself out in posts that pick up on what are justifiably perceived to be managerial shortcomings that result in games where confidence in the end goal gets dented. The spiral of vocal concern takes hold and 40 odd pages later the debate and arguments are in full flow. If the games in August go badly, or are on balance ('all in all' to borrow Ally's phrase following the Derby game) less than ideally where Rangers would want to be results-wise at he end of August, then 40 pages on here would look like the starter for 10. And its more than possible that the spiral of vocal concern is heard more loudly at game.......which would heap more pressure onto a squad where handling that pressure is (imo) far from evident at present. If any encouragement could be given it would be to back the team to the absolute hilt and save any vocal concerns for social media sites. Speaking entirely personally I want the team be given every opportunity and encouragement to deliver the results even if that is despite of and not necessary a direct consequence of the way they are set up to play.
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    It can also mean that every day he comes in to work, he has a year left on his contract.
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    I'm expecting a banning for this tbh or at the very least pre mod. My overall opinion of Ally has never changed, he is a great guy and a legend of this club. He is a truly awful manager though and I won't be hiding how bad I think he is.
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    I think we will win comfortably on Tuesday, we didn't play that badly yesterday and two stupid mistakes cost us against a team that should be playing EPL football. I've always defended Moshni but to be honest he shouldn't be in the side ever again, CB pairing for Tuesday has to be big Zal and Mcgregor and though he may not be the best, Foster is our best right back at the moment so has to play in my opinion.
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