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    Got the pleasure of visiting the other day with my son to collect the Rangersmedia sponsors shirt. Arrived just as training was finnishing and got a wave from law as he was leaving. Got greeted by Omar and the rangers photgrapher who took me into the room that the press conferences take place to wait for seb faure to arrive, lee wallace was in the room chatting to his sponsor when Ian black came in and had a chat with me and my son, he came across really friendly and was more than happy to chat away and answer a few questions, my son was too shy to get a pic with him so he told me to come and find him if he felt better. Lee wallace left without chatting to my son which was a bit dissapointing. Seb came in and had a chat and got a few pics with us. I asked if Omar could get a few more players to sign my sons first top but most had left so they are gona get it signed and send back to me which was decent of them. The sponsors top looks great in the frame and will be getting put up as soon as I get home. Big thanks to Govanblue for organising it all!
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    Should auld acquaintances be forgot for the sake that Tom Lang signs?
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    Ach he's taking too long to post it. Here it is...
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    I was just on the Erskine website there, and I saw a few bluenosed faces (Veterans and Staff) I recognised from Erskine Park and Erskine Mains. Since it's on their site, we don't need any Walter Smith masks this time!
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    I'm not sure if I am posting on a joke thread or not. Well past 1st April so maybe it's actually serious in which case I would state that neither Brown nor McCoist should be anywhere near Ibrox unless they are paying to get in to watch.
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    Disappointing from Walter. The old board ran our club at an enormous loss in order in to finance Ally McCoist and his pals. Year 1 under Whyte - Spent over £4m in transfers and carried a huge title winning squad despite club running at an enormous loss. What else did Walter want? His £33m Lloyds debt back? Year 2 under Greenco - Spent £1m in transfers and £8m in wages having Scotland's 2nd highest budget in a part time league and Scotlands lowest tier with club still running at a loss. What else did Walter want? Gretna, Livingston, QoS and Alloa had all cantered that league with a budget comparable to Lee McCullochs quarterly salary. Year 3 under Greenco - Spent £7m in wages in another part time league with Scotlands 2nds highest budget and again with club running at a loss. What else did Walter really want? Just what more did Ally need? Year 4 under Cashley and the Sleazedales - Spent £7m in wages in 2nd division with club again running at a loss and still having countries 2nd highest budget. What else did Walter want? It really doesn't get much easier or much more fantasy football than what we gave McCoist. Ally and his pals got superb backing from whoever was in charge, regardless of what you think of the board/owners. In relative terms they got as much backing as any other manager in our history got, maybe even more. They were afforded 4 years to ruin us. The fact remains, Ally McCoist failed, he will forever be known as the man who delivered our clubs biggest ever on-field humiliations, the man who failed to win the Scottish 2nd Division and the Rangers man who chose to sit on his arse on the take for 12 months. Never mind the brass neck he had trying to hide his salary from fans in 2012.
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    I respect Walter for what he has done for us but to say ally wasn't given enough time is wrong. Ally had over 3 years Stuart has had less than 3 months and has managed to play youths and get us playing far better so sorry but the not enough time doesn't wash with me
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    He couldnt of been nicer to us, I will be honest in saying that there was players id of rather met before him but im glad he was one of the players I met coz he was brilliant with my son which is what mattered most to me
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    You've taken that too Faure
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    It's hard work keeping up with what your up to - nearly missed the call for a few quid more. Donation done.
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    This snp government will soon have every game played behind closed doors with their draconian laws, they have taken the fun out of Scotland ! That's if we don't vote them out at the election ! So tactical voting Brothers, and clean the country out of these dangerous deluded fantasist crackpots, you know it make sense!
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    They also turn a blind eye to paedophiles being harboured by C****c FC as well. This is what is know as a C****c problem.
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    Well it doesnt really answer the question about what makes mccoist "one of our own". I have to assume from your reply that it is just because he played for us. So does that mean Fran Jeffers, Egil Ostenstad etc should be forgiven the sickening stench of failure that u want to allow mccoist? Does McCoist contributing to our current financial predicament not bother you in the slightest? Do you think cause he played for us he is one of our own and gets to abuse us however he wants simply because of that? Would u let him sleep with ur wife? U conveniently ignore why McCoist is targeted like this. 1.Because he took credit for saving rangers - he never. I and the thousands of other season ticket holders did that 2. Because he lied about his contract 3. CG had to beg him to take a pay cut 4. He did not even try to do the job the way the support wanted it done. IE youth and a hard work ethos. 5. He still leeches from us. The list goes on. So yes he is deserving of every bit of vitriol he gets
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    he tried to upload one but the video was too lang
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    Alcester Grammer School. He went out with my big brothers best mate. He's quite a sound guy. Used to come round to my brothers flat now and then, take some shrooms and play Tony Hawks pro skater in the buff. He would only drink red wine, was a right wanker when there was only beer to drink. And he's an absolute die-hard Stenhousemuir fan. Would always be wearing the same Stenny shirt when he had clothes on, it's the only top he'd ever wear. That's probably because he was a homeless junky. Good signing imo.
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    holy fuck do you still believe the shite you peddle the playing squad and budget from the minute we started our division 3 campaign has been the one and only consistent part of the journey ally was given a double winning squad that reached the europa league quarter finals, he ADDED to it, let me say that again, ally ADDED to the squad that walter left him, and had us out of 3 competitions before halloween, and all competitons by end of january administration played a part that season, and saved his job when we kicked off in division 3 against peterhead in the first game of that season, ally began a 3 year plan that was the easiet job a rangers manager will ever have faced, and ever will face, of that there is no argument, no other manager gets a wage budget 50x their nearest competitors yet he stumbled from one cunt up to another, no ramsdens cup win, no progress in domestic cups, the fact that his fans were bleating about how "we gave united a game at ibrox in the semi final" a united team who's average age was way lower than ours, and a united team who had turned us over on our own patch, our fans were willing to accept mediocrity just to back ally and then onto the raith rovers cup final, a chance to burst the cup hoodoo ally had, and we served up quite possibly one of the most tepid, timid and cowardly performances ever seen from a rangers team, and i include PLG and Eck's reign in this ally shat himself in 2012 and went for older players, and it bit him right in the arse, he didnt try and learn any management techniques, any skills whatsoever, just throw 11 expensive players out on the park and pray it comes off a fucking shambles of a manager, and thats me being nice to him
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    Did you mean he hit the nail on the head or hit it with his head !
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    Brendan O'Fended demanded, nay lobbied, for this legislation because they thought it would only affect us. Fuck them.
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    I think it's more the fact that we play a natural CB at right back in order to accommodate a 36 year old over giving the boy his chance that frustrates folk. At least that's how it is for me.
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    But that means that little old Erskine Mains Home has been forgotten about again - that always happens to the two little Homes Erskine Mains don't have a Sporting Memories Room (yet!) so they don't need a TV - but what they do need is... So that's £200 for Erskine Mains Home too. I'll try to get a picture of the reminiscence boxes, so we'll have a better idea of what's in them. But basically they're full of memorable things from the past, like Birds Custard tins, a bar of Carbolic Soap, photos of popular pin-ups etc. These are used with serious dementia sufferers because they are particularly effective at breaking through and triggering responses/memories. Try it yourself - go sniff something smelly and it will remind you of your childhood! Thank god you moved out of the east end, eh? The DVD shelving units probably won't make an exciting photo, but they'll serve a real, useful and measurable function, which is what matters.
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    Okay, what's next?... We'll be buying 6 match tickets for Saturday's game (v Falkirk) for Erskine Bishopton and Erskine Park Homes. That'll be about £108 - (from the Sponsors' Fund, not from the Erskine Fund - because the cash goes to Rangers, not Erskine.) The seats next to our 2 Erskine Season Tickets are available, so all 8 (4 Veterans, 4 Carers) will hopefully be able to sit together and have a jolly good day. Speaking of those 2 season tickets, Erskine told me today that those 2 season tickets are even more ideally located than we planned, because they are near enough to the front (3rd row - aisle seat) to allow them to bring either a walking Veteran, or a wheelchair- bound Veteran [as long as he can manage a few small steps to the seat - about 3 steps in total.] - so whether walking, or wheelchair, they can enter via the disabled-friendly turnstile, and cut out all the stairs. As you know - wheelchair seats are like gold dust, so this is a nice wee unexpected bonus feature. And it gives us another good reason for renewing their season tickets for the whole season next time!
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    Orjan Perrson,just an excuse to post one of the best goals we ever scored against the filth
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    Our Patron and Her Majesty the Queen is 89 years old today. God bless her. When Rangers lift their 55th top tier title, it is hoped it will be under her continuing reign as monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
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    Yep....Brother William Collum (3rd degree)
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    Bomber's not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. Why anyone gives credance to anything he spouts is beyond me. As for our current gardener, Jezzuz H Christ, nearly 4 years to fuck up the playing staff and tactics while he is on mega bucks is testamony to the man's ineptitude in management. How anyone can seek to justify his previous tenure, then seriously advocate that this man is given another chance is fucking mindboggling.
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    Very sad. Thank god I don't live in Scotland anymore, as it's becoming more of a police state by the day.
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    Is that the bit near the ladder at the restricted view seats.?
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    As long as the level playing field is not artificial or affected by wind.
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    Would rather stick pins in my eyes OP
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    Get it right up them they caused this by pretending to be offended by The Billy Boys they deserve what they get as a result
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    I've now posted a cheque for £400 to Erskine. I'll let you know once the cheque gets cashed. So that's Erskine park got their new TV - They probably won't go out and buy it straight away - it makes sense to wait until the room is nearly ready to use, by which time the tv's will be cheaper and you'll get a bigger screen for the same price. But they'll send us a photo of it when they get it. And that's Erskine Mains able to get their new CD/DVD shelving units and 2 Reminiscence Boxes. Erskine Mains have been wanting a Reminiscence Box for ages. They're £45 each. There are two versions available, so rather than having to choose which one to get, they will now be able to just have one of each. And hopefully a Hat Game (??) too if they have enough left over... The Reminiscence Boxes... http://www.activitiestoshare.co.uk/search?Q=reminiscence+box&As=false&Cid=0&Pf=&Pt=&Sid=false&btnsearch=Search 16 authentic items including: 1960s pound note; darning mushroom; yoyo; lavender oil; shaving brush; skipping rope; tape measure; dummy; tea strainer; ration book; thimble; old penny on postcard; carbolic soap; dolly peg; rolling pin; spinning top; contents list and conversation cards. Box contains 16 authentic items including: Pipe; Tea Cosy; Braces; Shamy Leather; Balloon whisk; Pears Soap; Mouse Trap; Leather elbow patch; Flick book; Pastry brush; Bicycle clip; Ten Shilling Note; Maracas; Violet essential oil; Tradional pinny; Cup and Ball Contents list and conversation cards also included
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    As much as I like seeing Timmy getting caught up in this, I can't help but hate the law. Its a fucking song, its not threatening and since when should offending someone be a crime?
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    Not at all, he's a really good Scottish Premiership striker. However I doubt Aberdeen would be the easiest to do business with and they'd want a decent fee for him. I tried thinking of other targets there and it's a bit of a struggle tbh without knowing the investment plans. Hardie and Gallagher are very talented but we could get shot of Boyd, Daly and Miller this summer so we are in desperate need to quality up-front. Not that any of those three have provided much quality this season!
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    They have a huge advantage with easily being able to sign Brazilian players due to them speaking the language and nowhere near as strict work permit rules but they're capitalising very well.
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    these players out of contract at QotS are playing there for a reason if you think signing players from the scottish championship are going to push us on to challenge for cups and league titles (if we get promoted) then i have to disagree. we can sign freebies from the championship and the tarriers can go and spend 2m quid on the likes of Stefan Johansen, we are light years behind the rebuild in the summer is going to be massive and will require decent investment if we want to challenge and be competitive, sadly out of contract players from QotS aint goin to cut it
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    Old news. Isn't the live auditions, isn't even the auditions in front of the celebrity judges. It's a screening audition, before people are chosen to actually go in front of the judges at another venue. Won't even be on television. This is how you know the x-factor is a load of bollox. Bad and good singers are screened before actually being put through to appear before Simon Cowell etc, makes for good tv.
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    Hardie HAS to start, no ifs or buts. Wonder what the odds for Hardie F/S or A/T?
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    Sadly BP9- I can no longer respect McCoist. I don't give a monkeys for whom he hangs around with. However loyalty is a 2 way relationship. Ally McCoist was allowed much more leeway than others in his position because of the loyalty showed to him by fans. However his behaviour in taking the shares (effectively remuneration for handling the back room crap) and taking a salary (and a salary at such a levell) when he is no longer manager- is in my opinion a complete abuse of the loyalty shown to him over the years. Let him play his golf, let him hug Lennon. But do not tell us that the fact that a lot of us have lost respect for him makes us somehow unloyal.
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    Great stuff! Brilliant that a Rangers fans forum does so much for the community
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    McCoist is not Rangers.
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    You would think the scum got beat or something yesterday.............................. Oh wait a minute!
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    People comparing the SNP to the Nazis are morons who have already lost any argument they enter. From a conservative voter.
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