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    I'm happy to report that the Erskine Veterans' very much enjoyed their Falkirk Wheel Boat Ride and Lunch today. I'm sure I'll get a full report and some photos soon, but until then, here's a text... And the weather couldn't have been better either!
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    They must have thought they were getting the deal of the century then Labour's patsy goes tits up (CO-OP re-evaluate the terms), Labour Party in Scotland implodes (CO-OP want's 10 million more in security), karma is just such a bitch!!!! Some may say, with all that (Labour) influence they thought they were untouchable, go get them PZJ.
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    Apart from a couple of yrs whilst clough was in charge , WTF have Forest done to merit being named as big a club as liverpool ?One league chsmpionship to the clubs name Not exactly a football hotbed is Nottingham is it! I'm sure they are massive in Asia and around the rest of the world though
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    Cheers. The whole business of c****c and their debts remind me of the game of hunt the pea. You put the pea under one of three cups and shuffle them about and then guess which one it's under. I do wonder if this is where the many names of c****c comes into play. We know they exist, they know they exist, but bhoy do they put a lot of effort into stopping it being seen
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    Out of interest, so what if he was? Using your logic they're both huge clubs who it would be an honour to play for because of their rich history. The fact that one has fallen further than the other shouldn't matter, no? They're big clubs with rich histories after all...
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