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    we are in the championship and we need a squad sharpish. He will be staying I'll bet. Simple pragmatism.
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    Player of the season last year.... now shite. he's not bloody Beckenbauer, but he's our most able centre half. Miles ahead of Jig, better than Zal. Funnily enough, Moshni is better suited than any of our current lot to playing a quick, passing game along the back. But Mcgregor has done well for us and he certainly will not be surplus to requirements. A solid first season in a honking rangers team. Thanks big Daz
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    I'm happy to report that the Erskine Veterans' very much enjoyed their Falkirk Wheel Boat Ride and Lunch today. I'm sure I'll get a full report and some photos soon, but until then, here's a text... And the weather couldn't have been better either!
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    Broonaldo would eat that for his breakfast
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    He'd direct movies for fun up here..
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    Warburton yesterday said that he wanted players who could go out and dominate a game. Last season, Brentford had more ball possession than anybody else in the Championship, with an average of 56.5% possession in any one game. As well as this, they had the second highest pass completion rate in the league (77.8%) and the second highest number of shots per game (15.4). Brentford achieved this with a wage bill of between £10 and £12 million. By way of comparison, Cardiff City finished six places behind Brentford with a wage bill of around £40 million. Attacking football that's value for money
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    Come on Gilette, I respect your opinion, But FFS He was far and away the best player last season. The Boy has been playing with shite for a season, He is young and can only get better. I would make him the captain never mind get rid of him. He is 100 % committed, I hear he trains like fk. The guy could be great for rangers in my opinion, I am Always impressed when I go to see the guy at the games, the way he shouts and has a great presence. I am shocked at the reaction you have got from the post, but would definately say this guy could really thrive under warburton. Davie Weir I am sure will help to turn him into a great player.
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    His other brother is at torbett towers too - feen yin kunt
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    They must have thought they were getting the deal of the century then Labour's patsy goes tits up (CO-OP re-evaluate the terms), Labour Party in Scotland implodes (CO-OP want's 10 million more in security), karma is just such a bitch!!!! Some may say, with all that (Labour) influence they thought they were untouchable, go get them PZJ.
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    Rather than a manager. Laws going to come good, surely no one wants to see this coward pull on our top again. Wallace will actually be able to keep pace with a player, and stop cross balls. Templeton's going to turn into Messi. McGregors going to turn into a defender Bell's a good goalkeeper Is this just wishful thinking or do posters really believe this.
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    The way " Warbs " as they call him, likes to play football , he wants ball playing defenders. A defender who is going to drop off at angles and take the ball off the GK and distribute to mid/Att. A defender who will take possession of the ball regardless if an opposition player is right behind him and be comfy on it and won't panic. This guy isn't the defender if that's the case Might be a bit of a debate this but for me , one of the worst defenders I've ever saw in a rangers shirt. Yes he would run through a brick wall and tackle his gran, but that doesn't mean he's a footballer! Constantly caught out of position, can't pass a ball and only looks to boot the ball into a space up the pitch. Second touch is a tackle. Would get torn to shreds by a good striker who's mobile. Hope he's moved on IMO
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    Just to point out how much of a cunt he is I think?
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    I'd love a full Ibrox on opening day ~ rocking and filled with optimism. Don't care who against.
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    This just made my day. The thought of someone believing that without the explanation we all imagine Dave king handing over a big ball of dough to warburton.....priceless
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    £35 notes ,3D stadium model with working floodlights , http://framinglegends.co.uk/ibrox-3d-stadium-model-with-working-floodlights-rangers-fc-p-3994.html?zenid=1f2024f9734854ccad0f1a3393ff8caf
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    Not sure how many 'chances' David Templeton needs. Particularly not sure how many chances he deserves if not getting along with McCoist led to performances as dire as he was putting in. I'm just not sure where people get this idea that he's under performing. He's exactly like Nicky Law; he looks great for an also-ran SPL side, but just doesn't have it in him to be a key player in a team that is expected to win week-in week-out.
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    I cant understand the constant need for people to brand Templeton as shite or rubbish, the wee man is, on his day, our most effective attacking threat, and if it wasn't for a few niggling injuries and a management team that refused to stick by him when form wasn't with him, he'd have been creating, scoring and making chances... I'll hold my hands up - He hasn't played well enough when he did get his one or two starts after being left out for large spells to merit a constant starting berth, yet lads like Vuckic, who was seriously lacking match sharpness, would play regardless of form, Jig, regardless of form, even Wallace played regardless of form, Miller, played regardless of form, Law, played regardless of form, Templeton, dropped as soon as he misplaces a pass. It also isn't fair to judge a attacking, and at times inconsistent wide man when he needs to feed of the players around him. Messi wouldn't have looked any good when he goes for a one-two with Kris Boyd. I really hope he gets a clean slate, he has been poor when giving his chance, but he's also been treated unfairly by our management teams. Complete lack of faith and trust in the lad, despite him being no more ineffective than Boyd, Foster, Law, Shiels, Clark have been throughout the season
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    They have a new cb , big jok noo
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    IS he related to Pee Doe File ?
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    If Ted McMinn had a name like Salim Kerkar he would have played for Scotland in the World cup final
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    stoap it,how can I sleep with sore ribs and years running down my face belter
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    If you need to talk we're all here, it's probably not as bad as what you may think and a problem shared is a problem halved. There comes a point when you have to stop spreading your miserableness around and open up and get the help you need.
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    Cheers mate, appreciated. I'm excited for the new season for the first time in years, good luck for the coming season hopefully you go from strength to strength
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    Davie Weir done our fist 'coup' of a Q&A when he first became Rangers captain and we were still in KP. He came all the way out and refused to take a penny and even tried to pay for his own drinks (a diet coke). He's a gent and a Ranger and you don't have a clue if you say otherwise You are either at it or you aren't like any Rangers fan I've met and I meet loads. GM
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    fuck me talking about auchenhowie as a "place of work" some of our current lot will be shitting themselves no more nando's at 1 cant wait to see this guy in action.... last time I was this excited PLG was coming on-board. I'm sure, this time, that it will work out better. I'm even looking forward to raping the filth in a cup tie
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    Dundee United would rather deal with Isis
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    They should have used this for the music - the spectacular British Sea Power.
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    And we expect our manager to give youngsters a chance when they're met with such over-the-top criticism from our own supporters.
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    I've heard he's been looked at a few times. Heard it a while back too before playoffs. Must stress I wouldn't trust the source enough to say we've offered anything but I've been trying to find out more off another guy who seems a lot more reliable.
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    I assume they're referring to the fact he's Irish.
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    I haven't seen anything of Brentford or any MW team but I have seen Mcgregor play for us any for me he was by far our best defender throughout the season and should definately be in our starting 1 for next season. What people seem to be forgetting is that we have half a squad at the moment and unless Warburton can produce magic wand then we will have to build on the players already in the squad rather than a whole new team. Personally of all our current team (Wallace and Murdooch included) McGregor is the best. Plus I'll reserve my opinion of the passing football that MW talks about remembering a similar philosophy employed by Paul le Guen not being ver successful.
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    McGregor just aint at the races. Can tackle a player right in front of him, but stiff as a board, poor passer of a ball and absolutely no positional sense. Also lacks a bit in the height dept.
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    Folk getting a tiny bit carried away.
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    As far as I remember, McGregor was signed on a year contract with an option of a second season. Did Rangers take up that option or is it still undecided?
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    Where does Warbs come in - are you his mate?
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    Warbs could turn him into a player
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    I dont care if his names Sheamus O'tarrier McDuffy, as long as he bangs the goals in.
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    Imo the guy has lost his confidence. The word is him and McCoist fell out after Templetons bird posted a picture of McCoist doing Karaoke after that Ramsden Final at Fester Rd. There is a player there and maybe Warburton is the man to get him playing again. If he is not prepared to work then punt him.
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    We need to be realistic. Lewis while not being a world beater was one of our better players last season before he moved. proven in the championship and better than any midfielder we currently have. If he is available for a loan or transfer it's a no brainer IMO.
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    No he's a scumbag and has no place here.
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    Why did i read that in a chinese accent?
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    A truly amazing time for us defensively. Mcgregor and Papac deserving a mention as well. 3 League titles and a Uefa cup final run all built on a remarkable defensive foundation.
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    Cuellar top player for us, Bougherra top player for us, Wilson exceptional young player for us. One constant Davie Weir.
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    Will never forget him at the end of the Europa League final in Manchester. Players sitting on the ground, dejected. Big Davie going around pulling them up by the hand, probably saying, "Get yourself up on your feet and be proud of where we got to". Great to have a guy like him back. A leader and a gentleman, who knows a thing or two about football.
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