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    Dundee United would rather deal with Isis
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    No he's a scumbag and has no place here.
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    Coatbridge Asda will see a sudden upturn in sales of Kingsmill and Hovis.
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    Why did i read that in a chinese accent?
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    Player of the season last year.... now shite. he's not bloody Beckenbauer, but he's our most able centre half. Miles ahead of Jig, better than Zal. Funnily enough, Moshni is better suited than any of our current lot to playing a quick, passing game along the back. But Mcgregor has done well for us and he certainly will not be surplus to requirements. A solid first season in a honking rangers team. Thanks big Daz
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    At the time, when he signed I thought - wit the fuck is Walter doing signing this old man? My god, how wrong was I? Not only was he a solid defender, he made the whole defense work as a unit. He made Cuellar into an £8m defender, and won a lot in those years. A true legend, and great captain. Welcome home Davie.
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    Think that's the first RB post I've managed to read without having to get up and walk around to prevent DVT
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    we are in the championship and we need a squad sharpish. He will be staying I'll bet. Simple pragmatism.
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    You don't half talk some amount of shite.
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    I'm happy to report that the Erskine Veterans' very much enjoyed their Falkirk Wheel Boat Ride and Lunch today. I'm sure I'll get a full report and some photos soon, but until then, here's a text... And the weather couldn't have been better either!
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    Come on Gilette, I respect your opinion, But FFS He was far and away the best player last season. The Boy has been playing with shite for a season, He is young and can only get better. I would make him the captain never mind get rid of him. He is 100 % committed, I hear he trains like fk. The guy could be great for rangers in my opinion, I am Always impressed when I go to see the guy at the games, the way he shouts and has a great presence. I am shocked at the reaction you have got from the post, but would definately say this guy could really thrive under warburton. Davie Weir I am sure will help to turn him into a great player.
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    We need to be realistic. Lewis while not being a world beater was one of our better players last season before he moved. proven in the championship and better than any midfielder we currently have. If he is available for a loan or transfer it's a no brainer IMO.
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    The genuine shirts come apart in the washing machine also.
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    Davie Weir done our fist 'coup' of a Q&A when he first became Rangers captain and we were still in KP. He came all the way out and refused to take a penny and even tried to pay for his own drinks (a diet coke). He's a gent and a Ranger and you don't have a clue if you say otherwise You are either at it or you aren't like any Rangers fan I've met and I meet loads. GM
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    Isis have a player that bombs down the wing.
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    Does he know how to send an email?
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    Rather than a manager. Laws going to come good, surely no one wants to see this coward pull on our top again. Wallace will actually be able to keep pace with a player, and stop cross balls. Templeton's going to turn into Messi. McGregors going to turn into a defender Bell's a good goalkeeper Is this just wishful thinking or do posters really believe this.
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    Broonaldo would eat that for his breakfast
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    His other brother is at torbett towers too - feen yin kunt
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    Was expecting him to come out like this when i seen that...
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    If he can't find a better keeper than Bell we are in trouble Two weeks on and I still can't believe he punched that into his own net
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    Hi All, Just a heads up, there are a load of fake home shirts doing the rounds on a certain auction sites. The fakes are a darker blue, the easy way to tell is the printed inside label is red on the fakes and white on the genuine, also the "32Red" is slightly smaller as well.
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    He'd direct movies for fun up here..
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    Unfortunately William Wilton did not make it ashore from a moored boat caused by a storm . Pictures from the accident inquiry show damaged boats and driftwood . Mr Struth , wife and another couple were very fortunate to make it out alive . A wonderful manager in his day with his haul of trophies.
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    Warburton yesterday said that he wanted players who could go out and dominate a game. Last season, Brentford had more ball possession than anybody else in the Championship, with an average of 56.5% possession in any one game. As well as this, they had the second highest pass completion rate in the league (77.8%) and the second highest number of shots per game (15.4). Brentford achieved this with a wage bill of between £10 and £12 million. By way of comparison, Cardiff City finished six places behind Brentford with a wage bill of around £40 million. Attacking football that's value for money
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    I'd love a full Ibrox on opening day ~ rocking and filled with optimism. Don't care who against.
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    If you need to talk we're all here, it's probably not as bad as what you may think and a problem shared is a problem halved. There comes a point when you have to stop spreading your miserableness around and open up and get the help you need.
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    They must have thought they were getting the deal of the century then Labour's patsy goes tits up (CO-OP re-evaluate the terms), Labour Party in Scotland implodes (CO-OP want's 10 million more in security), karma is just such a bitch!!!! Some may say, with all that (Labour) influence they thought they were untouchable, go get them PZJ.
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    The result is: Fat, greedy, self serving Ashley will get his money when it suits us, not before. He can call all the senseless EGMs he likes, but he no longer controls our boardroom by proxy and never will again.
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    I didnt quite realise what he had achieved with us and this quite from stv reminded me... The defender enjoyed five highly successful seasons at Rangers, winning the Scottish Premier League three times, the Scottish Cup twice and the Scottish League Cup three times under manager Walter Smith - making over 140 appearances for the club. Welcome back to a legend indeed, some record like
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    Whoever hacked your account makes a great point. Albear out. Albear hacker in.
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    The guy pretending he's a former Rangers fan that doesn't follow this 'wretched club pretending to be Rangers' any more. Impressive levels of obsession. Expertise in the field.
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    This just made my day. The thought of someone believing that without the explanation we all imagine Dave king handing over a big ball of dough to warburton.....priceless
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    After the first goal at Fir Park he should never be allowed near a Rangers jersey again in his life. Worst goal i have ever seen a Rangers keeper lose in over 50 years of watching.
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    I really, really hope we shift Nickly Law.
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    If Ted McMinn had a name like Salim Kerkar he would have played for Scotland in the World cup final
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    This is unreal. I was just about to start a thread asking who still plays for us
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    Cheers mate, appreciated. I'm excited for the new season for the first time in years, good luck for the coming season hopefully you go from strength to strength
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    Nerja????? you lot in Airdrie are getting real posh these days. Back in the day you would be lucky to get a day oot at fucking Girvan
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    The fact is Davie Weir was signed in what? January 2007 til the end of the season to sort our shocking defence out after PLG. Him and big Ugo instantly stopped us shipping ridiculous goals, and he partnered Cuellar, Bougherra and Wilson, two of them earned multi million pound moves and where are they all now? David Weir is a Rangers legend, an absolute legendary captain aswell. A cracking defender for us and at the age of 36, played in every single game we played that season we went to Manchester. Incredible. He is what a Rangers captain should be.
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    I reckon DW's calmness, confidence and leadership ability set him a bit apart from AM. The guy is very unassuming. Reckon he's a decent guy who I doubt is much in the mould of an unfit guy who likes a drink and would think it a good idea to stand at the touchline and get players to try to hit him on the arse with a football in training. Looked after himself to still be able to play well at 41. Time will tell, just glad to have someone like the big guy back.
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    Overrated bollocks. A defensive partnership is exactly that - a partnership. What weir lacked in pace he made up for in positioning and if he failed he had Boughie to cover him with his pace. The same can be said if Boughie got caught out of position then Davie would clean up.
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    What he achieved with us, at his age, was remarkable. Nothing less. We were privileged and spoiled to have him as our captain; the epitome of leadership. Welcome back, Davie.