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    Love the guy. It's just a shame he got his chance at the worst possible time with the squad completely ruined by an idiot.
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    Got this idea from another forum, I'll keep it updated throughout the season Goals Martyn Waghorn - 28 Kenny Miller - 21 James Tavernier - 15 Jason Holt - 12 Lee Wallace - 10 Andy Halliday - 10 Barrie McKay - 9 Nicky Clark - 6 Harry Forrester - 5 Dean Shiels - 3 Michael O'Halloran - 3 David Templeton - 1 Nicky Law - 1 Nathan Oduwa - 1 Danny Wilson - 1 Billy King - 1 Assists James Tavernier - 23 Barrie McKay - 15 Lee Wallace - 11 Kenny Miller - 11 Jason Holt - 9 Andy Halliday - 9 Martyn Waghorn - 8 Nathan Oduwa - 6 Gedion Zelalem - 6 Dean Shiels - 4 Nicky Clark - 4 Nicky Law - 3 Dominic Ball - 2 Billy King - 2 Michael O'Halloran - 2 Danny Wilson - 1 David Templeton - 1 Tom Walsh - 1 Harry Forrester - 1 (Scott Brown - 1)
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    My round up from Liverpool Tournament https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/liverpool-tournament/
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    Nope, still not buying into this. If we got promoted we could have been challenging for the league with the right investment, that mhob aren't that far ahead. Not getting promotion was a disaster, because now they have another free run at another league title and another chance to play CL football for more money. The sooner we're up and challenging the better I'll feel.
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    I've made this thread to find out the opinion of RM members about Wes Foderingham long term. This was brought on by a meeting I had yesterday with a few Rangers fans who had varying opinions about the ability of Wes to deal with passbacks when under pressure. There will probably be many who disagree with my summing up of the situation, which is fine because after all, this is why we have a forum. The quicker our supporters get it into their heads that the 'Keeper is under instructions from MW to play it to a team mate as opposed to just booting it up the park, the better. Yes it will cost us goals and yes it will probably lose us a game or two, but Mark Warburton will not change his philosophy on how football should be played so if it costs us a goal don't go shouting abuse at Foderingham and screaming for him to boot it anywhere up the park because if he does that he will in all probability find himself surplus to requirements under W&W. There is no argument that Big Wes has been caught out a few times so far because his kicking while under pressure (for whatever reason) has been dodgy,plus the fact it seems his right foot is only for getting on buses, but I will make a case that while Wes has to polish up that part of his game it is also up to the defenders/midfielders to adjust their passbacks and take up positions to give him options what he does with the ball. An example of the part I've underlined is to look at our second goal on Friday night; Wallace is under pressure from McMullan so Wilson comes wide, collects the ball ;gets a call from Wes and pushes it back to the 6 yard line left of the post. As McMullan rushes him and is 6 yards away, Wes has already looked up and knows exactly where he's going to hit the ball. Our esteemed Moderator ben51 posted a thread about "One Passage Of Play" that stated "Fifteen passes, one minute of possession and a single shot culminating in our second goal" Have a look at what was the first "pass" and where it came from; You've guessed it! Wes hit it perfectly to an area we were not outnumbered and had a very good chance of retaining possession. There is a massive difference between playing a ball long to a team mate as opposed to just booting it away from the penalty area in the hope it goes to one of our men somewhere on the pitch and I hope to hell we will continue to play like that from the back -> midfield instead of the shite we've mainly put up with the past few seasons. We have a 'Keeper who has cut out every high ball in his box from set pieces and quickly puts us in attack mode, which is making the opposition very wary of sending too many players up at set pieces because he gets the ball to our wide men who are fast and know if they hit a pass in the direction of Waghorn he will cause havoc anywhere near thew 18 yard box. I'll take big Wes any day of the week against a Keeper who stays on his line and couldn't catch a fucking cold never mind a ball, then when he has the ball blooters it up the park to nobody in particular. At 24 yrs of age Foderingham is years away from getting close to his peak and I'm backing him to be just as good or even better than Allan McGregor was for us if he stays with Warburton as our manager.
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    While I'm glad that Warburton got the spot in the end I have a good amount of respect for McColl. He got the team when they where at their worst and gave me hope when I had none (though it failed in the end). He will always have my respect and I hope the best for him. Hopefully he'll be given a better chance elsewhere to prove himself.
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    Good guy McCall Always speaks well, always welcome back at Ibrox
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    Towards the end of last seasons disaster this board was awash with all sorts of arguments and debates, the argument that stood out for me was the one that would we benefit from another season in the championship? In truth most people were of the opinion that promotion was a must as another season in the championship would leave us trailing further behind the tims on and off the field. Now had we got promoted I don't know for certain but my gut feeling is that Stuart McCall would of kept the job and a few of the imposters would of earned New contracts. I have even read that a lot of people are now saying if only we had brought MW in last season then it would be of been so different, again just my opinion but I doubt even MW and his magic hat could of worked his footballing philosophy on the dross he would of had at his disposal, would we then still of had the same belief in MW? As it turned out we failed in the play off and another season in the championship it was, now I don't know about anyone else but I now can't wait for the next time I see the Rangers play whether it's on the box or at the game. As I said sometimes things happen for a reason and it turns out another season in the championship was the right thing for the club.
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    The content from the club's official YouTube channel this season has been nothing short of outstanding in comparison to recent years, whoever is in charge of running it deserves a medal.
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    No to Lafferty and OP Dick Emery wants his teeth back.
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    Most fans felt that if Stuart McCall got us promoted he should get a crack at the top-flight. That's not pretend. If we went up we might not have Warburton at the club who is a far superior manager. It's obviously a blow in the short-term but long-term this may be the best thing.
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    My first ever Rangers game was a 2-0 win over Hibs at Ibrox circa 1964/65. I was there with my dad & my 2 brothers. I was stood on 2 beer cans right at the front of the terracing which is now the Copland front. Jim Baxter was playing that day , that's all I remember. Fast forward 50years & I was there on Friday night in the old East enclosure (SE5) ST holder cheering on Rangers like I did all those years ago. I still get goosebumps to this day when I see Ibrox on match days. What we've had to endure in the past 4 years has changed my mind set regarding other teams in Scotland. I used to have a sort of soft spot for Dundee for example , whose fans used to 'sash it up' with us years ago when we visited Dens Park , but now I absolutely HATE every other club in Scotland. This post started nostalgic from childhood memories following Rangers to hatred for all other teams in this country. Pretty sad state of affairs but at the end of the day I've not got a problem telling the world that I hate everyone except Rangers , in fact I'm kind of proud of myself that I've taken this stance in defence & support of our magnificent club. It's only Rangers that matter. End of story.
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    Rangers legend Fernando Ricksen talks to his wife via TEXT message as he reveals he can no longer speak properly07:08, 10 AUGUST 2015BY JOHN FERGUSONTHE 39-year-old is fighting motor neurone disease and is also losing the ability to carry out basic tasks.SNSFernando Ricksen spends time thanking the thousands of fans that filled Ibrox for his special day RANGERS legend Fernando Ricksen has revealed he can no longer speak properly and has to communicate with his wife via text messages. The 39-year-old is fighting motor neurone disease and is also losing the ability to carry out basic tasks such as driving a car and tying his shoelaces, the Sun has reported. Ricksen has told of his worsening condition in an updated version of his book Fighting Spirit. VIEW GALLERY He wrote: “My fingers started to get crooked and I noticed Veronika had more trouble understanding me. “It was becoming difficult to swallow. I could hardly tie my laces and could not even lift a cup with one hand. “I realised — damn, I am really sick. And nothing can make me better. “I know now I won’t cut meat again. Or drive a car. I don’t have the power. I know I’m doomed to only communicating via WhatsApp. My voice won’t come back.” VIEW GALLERY Despite his horrifying illness however the former Ibrox star remains upbeat. He adds: “It could be worse. A year and a half after the diagnosis I feel, under the circumstances, pretty good. “I have bad days but that’s natural. I just want to stay alive. I want to see my daughter grow up. I want to do absolutely everything. “I’m planning on the rest of my life. Not the end of it.”
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    PM the poster EskbankLoyal.. He's selling fake Broxi bears..
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    Not going up was a disaster. It's done now though and automatic promotion is a must now. The only plus side about having this season in the championship is MW gets a whole season to assess where he feels we need to improve to challenge for the title straight away and you can bet by about Febraury/March time a guy like him will be sounding out the right players for us.
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    I was 8 years old when my Dad took me to my first cup final in 1963. In a crowd of over 100,000 we thrashed Morton 5-0 (we had a team full of legends) and I remember saying to my Dad, "do you not feel sorry for all these teams that Rangers keep beating, they really haven't got a chance" and his reply was along the lines of "don't feel sorry for any of them, you'll understand one day". It didn't take long for that 'understanding' to become crystal clear, I wanted to beat every team we played. Don't get me wrong, in those 'bygone days of yore' there was hatred between 'them' and us but not really to any great extent with other teams. However, over the years that hatred from other teams has steadily grown; I can still see the 'venom' in Simpson's face when he broke Ian Durrant's leg. Now the hatred and bitterness from across the Scottish football spectrum has reached a frenzy and we all know where we stand "they ALL hate us" and I for one really don't care. My children were brought up during this increased hatred and envy and clearly understood "do not feel sorry for any team we beat"; they have experienced some great Rangers teams over recent years and now look forward to our climb back to the top. As we enter a new era in our journey and the visible potential to regularly thrash teams I have two messages for all the young Bears, "don't ever feel sorry for the opposition" and with the way our team is shaping up, "remember this season, this was the start" and you will be able to say in years to come "I remember when I was young......"
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    No bad feelings towards Stuart, tried his best even though some games were not good enough. Maybe just a case of too much to do too late with what he had.
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    Alloa are a side that we need to destroy, remove the bad memories from last season.
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    Naw, simple as that and we are better than Aberdeens level already, Celtic are fucking shite, when we return we will not settle for 2nd place, we are Rangers and winning is what we do.
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    Will the Hibs game be another sell-out? I think so , sales looking good with still 2 weeks to go. In fact, a sold out Ibrox could well become the norm for games this season.
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    This was discussed as part of another thread, and seemed worthy of its own discussion. " Foderingham went short with his distribution 74% of the time & Rangers turned that into possession in St. Mirrens half 88% of the time. Ridgers relied on a long ball 100% of the time & Rangers were able to gain control of the ball 74% of the time." from therangersreport.com Wes playing it out short appears risky at times but I think it has many advantages including increased possession, possession in more dangerous areas, pulling the opposition out of their normal positions (especially good at Ibrox, where teams tend to sit in against us) and it's entertaining/heart attack inducing!
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    Celtic fans accusing me of being a Rangers fan and sending me vile tweets, where do they get this from? Oh well off to walk my dog Albertz
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    Good point, surprised it hasn't been made several times!
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    Meet me on Rust on Modern Warfare 2. Am taking you out ya cunt
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    One of the stand out features was that he took the crosses so well.
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    Perhaps to raise awareness of a terrible illness? Give Fernando a small crumb of comfort that he's still alive and has a voice, even though he can't speak? Give worried bears and other fans of him an update on his condition?
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    How fast must those fans be moving at the start if that's it slowed down.
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    Great vid ~ Waghorn's double nutmeg is magic
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    Think of it as supporting Rangers, simples
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    NEVER want to see this pathetic excuse of a cunt darken Ibrox ever again. Hate the bastard with an absolute passion.
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    Lets not get ahead of ourselves : we still have to go up this year. We are only 3 games into the season. If the wheels come off, and they might at some point, however briefly, we need to get behind the team and Warburton. We are where we are. However it is looking infinitely better than the same time last season.
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    Is it too late to start a collection?...
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    Given that McGregor had to cover for McCulloch all of last season then he deserves a chance to show what he can do with better players around him. He is no world beater and never will be but will do a job when called upon and is worthy of a place in the squad. Will probably be moved on when his contract is up but good enough to be used as and when necessary while still with us.
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    The boy that ran on the pitch isn't our only daftie clearly. Grow the fuck up.
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    Guy was drunk, made an arse of himself, it's hardly news tbh. If i had a youtube video of me everytime I made an arse of myself when drunk....
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    I don't think Friday was as good a performance as is getting made out, it was very good in terms of the way we attacked the game early on but we lost our tempo and focus at too many points. I think had we been playing a better team than St Mirren we would have been punished We're heading in the right direction definitely and it's refreshing to watch actual footballers playing for us this year, we're going to be the best team in the Championship by a country mile and we'll do it with style but to be challenging Celtic & Aberdeen etc we're going to need more time and investment
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    Let's not all start getting a bit carried away
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    The whole lot of them should just come off it. No possible good can come of Twitter. It's the online playground of wankers and weirdos.
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    I'd give him a new contract if he grew a set of balls, learned how to tackle and stopped cowering like a 6 year old lassie every time the ball was shot in his direction at speed.
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    Calm down ? why should i be calm ? i'm fucking excited mate after the garbage we've had to endure the past 3 years and i'm not the only one to feel like this, the feel good factor is back at Ibrox. Maybe i overstepped the mark by saying 100x better but 10x anyway
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    Not sure I would go as far as to say he deserves a place at the club, hasn't earn't that as I cannot see what he will bring that will be needed with what we have at present.
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    Just getting 'Hibs' on there might be pushing it by the sound off it
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