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    Oduwa getting a wee bit of stick, here's my two bobs... He's got a lot more gears to get through, he's playing at half his potential, he draws players away from the rest of the team leaving space. He will get lots of players booked/sent off. He does try to be a bit Hollywood all the time but we've been crying out for entertainment for fucking how many years? Give him another few weeks and he will be fully up to speed but having a flair player like him is fantastic and he has developed an understanding with Zelelam immediately which is brilliant as they're probably our 2 most gifted players.
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    The Giant has finally awoken. Run for the hills, villagers.
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    Gallery: Airdrieonians Action http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/item/9964-gallery-airdrieonians-action?
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    It's all about Seven Nation Army mate. Ze-lalem and Odu-wa. Ze-lalem and Odu-wa. Ze-lalem and Odu-u-u-ah Ze-lalem and Odu-wah-wah-wah!
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    RM got a wee menshy on Malmo forum too. It's not just mhanky guests we have. Cheers, Malmo fans. 'At Rangers forum they wonder what FF stands for Malmo FF. One of the best proposals: Malmo Fucking Fantastic!: D: ​​D '
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    £8 pounds per pint of beer, £25 pounds for a silly Hat, £55 for a replica strip made from plastic bags, £120 a night for a hotel room, £350 return airfare. The slow realisation that, with only 1 week of the transfer window left, you're out of Europe, waving goodbye to £15m TV money, while parading your '£10m rated' centre half in the diddy stages of the Champions League, and shipping 4 goals... And then wondering if Southampton will accept £1m plus a hundred empty Irn Bru bottles You don't need me to finish this post off......over to you Malmo....
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    Zelalam is magic, he wears a magic shoe He was told to go to rangers, and show what you can do His buddy is oduwa, he's fucking dynamite And when they play together The opponents look pure shite
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    Or how about anyone who has a problem with it grows the fuck up.
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    Never seen a club that shoots themeselves in foot as much as Celtc do honestly, they're the gift that just keeps on giving
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    http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/look-state-tap-celtic-fan-6322607 :lol:
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    Some of this stuff is gold, complete with irony bypass in relation to the PLC and later on the standard of league.
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    Guys can we stop posting these thai tims its really creepy and perverse.
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    It is sinister as fuck. Genuinely needs someone to have a serious look at wtf is going on there.
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    If the place is roaring like our last visit to Airdrie then it'll feel like a home game for Rangers albeit at a far smaller ground. Lovely wee ground too. Had the chance to be in the directors boxes and have a walk around the stadium on two occasions - if they sold even just some of the signed jerseys they have in there they could make some big signings! I'd go: Wes Tav Ball Wilson Wallace Holt Halliday Zelalem Walsh Waghorn Oduwa Ideally sub Wallace, Waghorn and Holt to rest them for QotS.
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    Alan Brazil playing a small montage of sellick's glory nights! ? Now Peter Martin is on, spewing!! Just realised Malmö is an anagram of LMFAO!
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    We are being spoilt here ffs, was watching the game through a stream on kodi down at the gym, on the treadmill haliday scores I forget to run and never came skidding off he treadmill. What a debut from the yank as well, the goal from tav was outrageous to the point I expect him to be banned for disrespecting the entire league
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    Been excellent, plays like he's in his mid 20s. I think we've won a watch here with this boy, he's a standout.
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    Been as one sided a match as I've ever seen. Zela looks a stand out so far.
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    Absolutely sublime vision from Zelalem. 2 or 3 times now made unbelievable passes. Waghorn is having some 'difficulties' controlling the ball at times. He could have been in 2 or 3 times, but let the ball slip under his feet. Can't believe some of the stuff we've played....superb!!!
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    How about Alex oot, DJ oot and Tom Miller oot aswell they are all fucking push, just get 2 junior TV presenters/commentators who support Rangers and who aren't ex players to commentate it would be far cheaper and far more professional.
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    "We analysed the game collectively as a team, and with individuals." What a difference having this man makes.
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    Radio link for those who need to listen - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_scotland_mw
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    Five games in and Clark continues to feature, have faith in MW but he must be seeing something in training we're not seeing in games. He isn't , and never will be, good enough.
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    After the first leg, the Malmo players accused the Celtic players of behaving like pigs.
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    Taig in my work said the could have a group with Ajax, Rapid Vienna and Legia. Here's hoping!
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