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    The transfer window described as a night on the pull: Arsenal - danced with a pretty lady early on but then stood in the corner most of the night too scared to talk to anyone else. Spends the cab journey home telling you the place was full of mingers anyway. Man City - unashamedly plying any potentials with the finest plonk whilst telling them all how much they make a year and how sw**ky his house is. Gets results, everyone thinks he's a sleaze, couldn't care less. Man United - also went full turbo with his wallet and seemed to be having the best night out of all of them. Got a little carried away (probably drank too much) and ended up getting laughed off the dance floor by all the pretty girls, couldn't even buy them a drink. Totally panicked and promised to pay a girls entire student loan if she went home with him. Chelsea - completely c*ckblocked his mate and landed a Spanish beauty in the process. Not content, went about demanding this girl dance with him and kept getting knocked back. Got a bit grabby and her dad had to step in. Last seen stumbling out the club with two random girls and sick on his shirt. Spurs - had a bit of success but wasn't really feeling it to be honest. Seems to have just about gotten over his last relationship and not really ready to give his heart away just yet. Managed to snag a cute Asian girl's number, feeling optimistic. Liverpool - still hasn't gotten over his ex - in fairness she was a stunner - and still very much on the rebound. Will take a swipe at anything in high heels, seemingly at random. Everyone's a bit worried about him and scared he'll cry if they bring it up. Everton - not great in a club setting, more of a 'house parties' man. Makes a bit of effort but might as well have stayed at home. Think he's got a girlfriend anyway. West Ham - simply could not miss. Even the cheesiest chat up lines were hitting the mark, no one quite sure how he managed it. Great timing too as he's moving house soon and needs a bit of arm candy to keep his parents from asking awkward questions. Aston Villa - turns up wearing Yves Saint Lauren eau de toilette, a Pierre Cardin shirt, Louboutin loafers and clasping a French phrase book he ordered from the back of Zoo. Looks like a bit of an idiot but everyone begrudgingly admits he chereched les femmes good and proper. Swansea - tight git sat there drinking soda and lime all night and somehow copped off with an 8/10 with minimal fuss. Stoke - tired of having the p*ss taken for always going for burly girls so makes a point of focusing solely on petite Europeans. Punched well above his weight but the rest of the lads noticed they clearly had issues, might live to regret this. Norwich - hasn't realised his mates worked our he isn't in to girls years ago, chatted to a couple to save face, no one buying.
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    Jo Konta puts out Wimbledon finalist Muguruza. Well do Jo!
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    And it's purely by coincidence that on the same day that we complete the renewal of the RM Football Memories Programme for another year, Rangers also announce the launch of theirs... http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/club-news/item/10022-memories-football-club-launches RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB will start a new Memories Football Club next month in association with Alzheimer Scotland. The initiative is designed to ignite memories using football – do you remember attending your first match? Or did you have a favourite player? The first meeting will be held on Friday 16 October in the Broomloan House Lounge between 2-3pm and every third Friday of the month from that point on. Rangers Football in the Community will run the project, which aims to not only help those suffering from dementia, but also their carers and provide a base of support for them. Senior Community coach Alan Boyd said: “All the community coaches are now trained as dementia friends and it is bringing people into the club with dementia. “It is not just old aged people because it can affect any age, so the aim is to bring them in with their carers or family members and they will also find a support network within the group. “We can hopefully draw them into conversation and have a bit a chat with them and bring that wee spark back into their eyes and provide support. “There are many different things you can do, I think music also helps but football is a great tool – being able to look at football cards and see old faces. “It can maybe flicker memories about being at a certain football match at a certain time, going with family and remembering the goals in that game. All that can help draw them into a conversation and get them to remember things. “We’re just hoping to bring a support network to them and their family and help, care and make people understand that the club are here to help the community. “It can be as simple as them chatting to someone else who is going through the same thing and that’s sometimes very important for people. “I think it’s important that Rangers are the thriving, beating heart of the community because we are a big club and we have a lot of fans and we can do a lot to help people. “It shows the drawing power of Rangers to bring people in and the club can be that guiding light for people to go and find something.” For further details please contact Marilyn Boyd at Alzheimer Scotland on 0141 4183943/ mboyd@alzscot.org Broomloan House Lounge, Study Support Centre (Broomloan House Stand – 2nd floor – buzzer number 4, Rangers Football Club , Ibrox Stadium, 170 Edmiston Drive, G51 2YS)
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    I'll only start supporting Scotland when the team has Rangers players in it and isn't full of tarriers.
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    Sorry to hear that mate get well soon. I'm sure the boys will perform well for you on Saturday. WATP
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    I got an email from Combat Stress earlier, thanking us for the 4 Season tickets, and letting us know that the guys had a great day, as did we all. This line caught my attention though... We should remember that many of the guys receiving treatment in Hollybush House are in more fragile mental/emotional states than we may realise, and for many of them, the noise and stress of a packed Ibrox could be a very daunting prospect. So it's good to know that we've found a good spot for them, where hopefully they can relax and won't feel the need to "watch their backs" so much. - and any Residents who are feeling a bit more comfortable in the crowd can always make use of the Single Seats, dotted around the ground, that our members donate.
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    • Could be right.
    • What we badly miss is two centre halves with loads of games between them consistently, the likes of the first goal today, katic if he plays every week with goldson would fill in behind before he lost the ball in the air, meaning he can clear it plenty time His constant chopping and changing of centre halves means they get no relationship built up, same with strikers, even our midfield 3 need to build uo a consistent game time
    • His dummy and turn in the build up to the 2nd goal was brilliant, along with his flick to Alfie.
    • Some fans seem intent on blaming the sames players they dislike every week. Some fans seem intent on defending the same players they like every week. Some fans are blaming everything on Gerrard. Some fans are defending Gerrard on everything. Some fans are blaming formations, tactics, subs. Some are using stats when it suits them and not when it doesn't. We're probably all a little guilty of it.  I get it's all opinions, we're all angry, frustrated, pissed off, probably just letting off some steam, all of which is fine. However, if we're all objective, EVERYONE at our club is to blame for our current predicament, everyone (well maybe not Kamberi). You can't criticise Gerrard and give the players a pass and you can't criticise the players and give Gerrard a pass. They are all to blame. I just think the players are a little more to blame.
    • Impressive today and great link play with Morelos and down the left flank with Kent coming inside...all very encouraging.   Unfortunately all this good stuff buried under the detritus of terrible defending at set pieces and  shoddy tidying upat the back with Katic the main culprit.
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