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    Many thanks to the following Loyal Fund Members who donated their seats for the Livi game... Ayrshire BlueBallochBearDan Deaconfolkestonegerjayzerj1mggSoldierBlue1SurreyBearTerry739TheBEST-SimplesTravelrugwestieblue
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    My auld maw has a bitch westie,crackin wee dugs. Gem as fuck as well for a wee cunt
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    :lol: SHITEBAGS! SHITEBAGS! They're that fucking thick that they forget they themselves are behind a fence Absolute fucking retards of the highest order,imagine even thinking of picking up sand/muck to throw at people
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    The taigs will spend in January if they're behind. They can buy Premiership players at will don't you know!
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    Delia is comedy gold, even if you leave his European disasters out. There must be something in the water over there, that turns everyone into an arsehole.
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    They sent this picture to the refugee controller in Hungary, saying -" look,we have lots of room for your problem refugees !!! "
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    What a great picture G B, we had a Westie for many years and he was a fantastic dog.
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    How times of changed, we don't play to our best and we still win 3 nil. It's great that the players weren't happy with their performance. MW is breeding winners in that dressing room.
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    Cherr Up Del McInnes Oh what can it be for a dirty........... Ah fuck, we got horsed by 10 men..... :D :D :D :D :D
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